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									Epson Stylus NX625

The Epson Stylus NX625 is what Epson is claiming to be the world's fastest wireless all-in-one printer.

The feature that is most eye-catching with the NX625 is the fact that it's wireless. This model also
allows for shared printing from multiple computers. Speed is also another feature that the NX625 is
proud of. It follows an ISO standard of 7.2 ISO pages per minute for colored prints, and 15 ISO pages
per minute for black and white prints.

The Epson Stylus NX625 also comes with the ability to print on two sides at the same time. This
feature also speeds up the printing time and helps in saving paper. This model also allows you to
place up to 150 sheets in line for printing.

Another unique feature of this Epson printer is the built-in 2.5 inch LCD screen that allows you to edit
and view your files before they get printed.

The Good

Users of the Epson Stylus NX625 have given a large number of positive reviews for the product. The
first feature that users loved the most is the wireless capability. One user even noted that even though
he was 76 years old and had an 8 year old computer, the NX625 was still an easy install for him.
Another noted how patient the Epson's tech support was with him and how easy the installation was
through their help.

Users also delighted in the print quality that is characteristic in most Epson printers. One user even
commented that she made the prints for her husband who was a photographer and that he was thrilled
to see the prints.

Many users and professional reviewers also believe that the NX625 is an excellent printer money-
wise. Currently, the printer can be bought at less than $100. A reviewer even noted that the NX625
costs less than its competitors, but has better print quality.

The Bad

One thing that people disliked about the Epson Stylus NX625 is that it appears "flimsy". One user
even noted that he wasn't confident in filling it with too much paper because it appeared weak.

Some users also commented that this printer is a bit noisier than other printers. Other users have also
had some difficulty in installing it with their Macbooks.

One user also commented on the cost of the ink. Although she liked the idea of replacing only the
cartridge that is empty, she still believes that it would have been cheaper to have the option to refill it.
She also said that buying toner for it was expensive.

The Bottom Line

Overall, this is an excellent printer and it stands true to the quality that Epson has imbibed in its
printers for all these years. The printer is cheaper than most all-in-one printers. It's also easy to set-up
and work with. Average users and professional users alike have given it an average score of 4 out of
5. It is a great new addition to a long line of Epson printers and it's steadily invading many homes.

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