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					Managing Collateralised Trading. Enabling Regulatory Compliance.

                                Your Complete Regulatory Reporting Solution

                               Automated Global Regulatory Reporting.
                               The Cost of Non Compliance Is Too Great.
                               One of the greatest risks confronting today’s banking and financial institutions
                               is the risk of non-compliance. While many are still struggling to meet current
                               requirements, the industry is bracing for a tidal wave of new regulations.

                               Nothing but a fully-automated reporting solution is now going to enable firms to
                               meet the stringent reporting requirements. Compliance teams can expect more
                               regulations, along with more complex reporting and even more daily or intra-day
                               monitoring requirements.

                               As the pace of regulation quickens, the consequences of falling behind become
                               more serious. Missteps, may incur steep fines and may damage reputations on a
                               global scale -- a risk that no firm can afford.

                               Get ahead of time: manage regulatory risk with STB-Reporter.
Support for the Global Regulatory Challenge – Today
and Tomorrow
The smart answer is STB-Reporter from Lombard Risk, to address all your reporting
requirements – local, regional, global – right now, and into the future. As corporate
governance best practice is redefined, STB-Reporter stands alone as the solution
that can satisfy new reporting requirements and the urgent need for timely, reliable
business information for management.

A core component in your overall risk management solution, STB-Reporter improves
transparency, simplifies audits, reduces errors, and saves valuable time. Furthermore,
STB-Reporter ensures senior management access to regulatory reporting information
without investing resources to upgrade and maintain in-house systems.

Information delivered by this modular and scalable solution enables senior
management to permanently monitor the health and fitness of the firm, giving
comfort that key requirements including monitoring of stress and scenario conditions
for liquidity, capital and other key exposures are fully covered.

STB-Reporter is the fit for purpose solution for full compliance with the demands of
regulators to both report and monitor, delivering results in secure high performance
technology, setting the new international standard for management of regulatory
risk, right now:

     Improve governance and transparency, unified platform to address reporting needs across
     all your operations
     Enable compliance with all regulatory reporting requirements – prudential and statistical,
     and all other significant national and supernational initiatives
     Automate the process end to end by using modules designed for the task. Data collection,
     computation, and report output.
     Ensure readiness today and tomorrow, backed by a team of regulatory reporting experts
     actively involved in interpreting and assessing the impact of new regulations on your
     Enhance management oversight: put key trend and ratio information in the hands of
     executives on a timely basis, a hyperlink away
     Give full control to senior management and financial users and reduce dependence on
     internal IT and spreadsheet solutions.
Powerful Data Transformation for Faster, Easier

STB-Reporter overcomes the common challenge of working with inconsistent data
formats and poor data quality because it is designed to accept data from virtually any
source, in any format. This is not only a powerful time-saver, but it enables you to
interface all of your data sources quickly and easily with minimal manual intervention.
Simply put, STB-Reporter’s unique and industry-leading data consolidation interface
ensures maximum automation from your available data without compromise or

Lombard Risk’s unique data consolidator eliminates barriers to
data access and automates its transformation into report-ready
information. It:

     Transforms data from virtually any source, in any format
     Accepts raw or modeled data, including market VAR and IRB and AMA
     Automates data extraction, consolidation and normalisation
     Minimises IT overhead and cost of ownership

STB-Reporter has many other unique design features that will save you an enormous
amount of time. The system automatically computes accurate values for all your
required reports, harvesting and enriching data, applying business rules to manage
weightings or other information from either external or internal systems. Translation
mechanisms allow virtually any mix of raw or modeled data to be used to complete
computations needed to produce your reporting. Data that is incorrect or missing
from your core systems can also be supplemented by logic maintained in STB-

Automated Data Transformation Into Report Ready Information

   Customer data


                                                     Supervisory reports
  Models & Pricing              No fixed
                             data inputs in           Statistical reports
                               any format
                             convenient to
                                                        Other reports
 Account balances

  General Ledger

 Any other data…
Unified Global Regulatory Reporting

Automatic Report Configuration

Users configure what to report, and when, within the report generator calendar.
Reporting hierarchy and group structures, such as branch, business unit or portfolio,
and inter-entity arrangements for each reporting output you need may be set easily.

Automatic Report Generation

STB-Reporter automates reporting for submission to regulators and also produces
daily, or on-demand, reports for management. Make information on trends,
variances, capital utilisation, threshold monitoring, and scenario sensitivity testing an
automated part of your daily or on demand management information pack.

Having key ratios early in the day is essential. STB-Reporter achieves this with
intelligent workflow. As soon as even part of your report data is available, it is
processed and dependencies are stored in a queue. When other linked information
arrives, rules are applied and the data is compiled into the exact line and column of
the applicable report format.

Report Validation

A simple double-click provides line item drill-down showing transaction details of
each line. User-friendly queries provide search, filter and grouping capabilities for fast
and easy audit and export to office packages.

Reports may be validated to ensure fields are populated and reconciled. All
summation and validation checks are automated and any errors listed. Authorised
users may add adjustments, along with associated edit comments. All such changes
are fully protected and audited. Returns may be locked at any time and unlocked by
authorised users. Only validated returns can be transmitted.

All of Lombard Risk’s compliance automation products are designed with security as
a top priority. Each function is controlled by the STB-Reporter administrator security
module, which is standard within the STB family of Lombard Risk products.
Reporting accuracy, control, and security
     One-click, line item drill-down and user-friendly queries for filtering,
     searching, and audit trail support
     Reports may be validated, cross-validated and reconciled
     Supports electronic submission as defined by regulators or industry
     standards such as XML and XBRL
     Controlled access to all product features
     Provides exact on-screen representation of reports for immediate

            Regulatory                          Daily
            Reporting                         Monitoring

            Executive                        Management
          Responsibility                     Information

Valuable Business Consulting Services

Lombard’s Risk Business Consultancy and Project Management resources work
with your team to install and deliver STB-Reporter. Lombard Risk’s consultants have
extensive experience meeting the challenges presented by complex data issues
and timely project delivery. Operational and configuration training is provided as a
standard part of the installation. Our goal is to ensure you have every opportunity to
make maximum use of all the power available in STB-Reporter.

               Finally, Global Regulatory Reporting
               That Is Both Transparent and Simple.

             Functionally Rich, Proven Technology.
               Highly Configurable and Automated.
                Backed By Domain Experts.
                 Demonstrated Return On Investment.

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