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Leadership Conference for Duke Women Faculty                                                  Issue 13

Although PWIM has spon-        in the workshop this                                           Spring 2009
sored several women fac-       Spring, with topics includ-
ulty each year to attend the   ing leadership style self-
AAMC faculty develop-          assessment, developing
ment conference, we have       teams, conflict manage-
also been inspired by other    ment, collaboration and
institutions that have held    influence, finances funda-                                     What’s New and Important
local professional develop-    mentals, and communicat-                                       • Leadership Conference for
ment workshops for fac-        ing effectively. The confer-                                     Duke Women Faculty
ulty, so that a greater num-   ence is facilitated by Dr.                                     • New Faculty Orientation
ber are able to benefit.       Kristine Sullivan, who has                                       Handbook
Thanks to the leadership of    led similar professional
Sabina Lee, we are excited     development programs           leadership positions. We        • New Department of Medi-
                                                                                                cine Tracking Database
to sponsor the first           across the southeast, and      hope to continue offering
“Women in Medicine,            has a long-standing com-       such opportunities for          • New Chair Search Update
Pathways to Leadership”        mitment to promoting           women faculty in the
                                                                                              • Medicine Intern Match
conference. Twenty-five        women’s leadership. At         future.                           Results
participants from the          the first session, Dean
School of Medicine (most       Nancy Andrews shared
from the Department of         her reflections on how she
                                                                                              Inside this issue:
Medicine) are participating    has obtained and thrived in
                                                                                              New Department of Medi-     2
                                                                                              cine Tracking Database

New Faculty Orientation Handbook                                                              New Chair Search Update     2
Did you ever wonder how to get your uniforms altered? Submit an IRB protocol? Find            Medicine Intern Search      2
information on the Duke Daycare program? Do you remember how stressful your few
weeks at Duke were, trying to figure out how to get a browser password and a parking          Recently Promoted; Wel-     3
permit? Recently, a working group led by Laura Svetkey developed a Department of              come 2009 Duke Interns
Medicine Faculty Orientation handbook, to provide answers to frequently asked questions,      Good News Corner            4
helpful links, and key contact information for both “old” and new faculty. This is a terri-
fic resource for you when such “how to” questions arise; the book covers AP&T ques-           Good News Corner            5
tions, processes at Duke, Durham VA, and Durham Regional. It can be found at:                 (continued)                                 Upcoming PWIM Activi-       6
                                                                                              ties; Upcoming Faculty
                                                                                              Development Seminars
Page 2                                                                       PROGRAM FOR WOMEN IN INTERNAL MEDICINE (PWIM)

New Department of Medicine Tracking Database
Those of us who have been through          have been received, and the antici-
the AP&T process in the last few           pated dates of the next key mile-
years appreciate how complicated it is     stones. The Department will be able
to keep track of all the required steps,   to use it to track the time required for
and frustrating to be in the dark about    each step, in an effort to improve the
where your application stands. A new       speed and quality of the process. It
tracking database is currently being       will also allow us to track the time in
pilot tested to help ameliorate these      rank and advancement of women and
problems. Ultimately, the database         underrepresented minorities in the
will be entered using your Duke ID         Department of Medicine. Thanks to
and password, and will allow you to        Laura Svetkey for spearheading this
track which application components         effort.

New Chair Search Update
Representatives from PWIM and              to create and maintain a supportive           “The Search Committee
the Minority Recruitment and Re-           environment for women and                     appears to be on track to
tention Committee have been                under-represented minority faculty            complete interviews in
meeting with the candidates for            and trainees. The Search Commit-
Medicine Chair during their sec-           tee appears to be on track to
ond visits. The questions you gen-         complete interviews in April.
erated at the Fall PWIM meetings
are being used effectively to ascer-
tain the candidates’ ideas on how

Medicine Intern Match Results
The Department of Medicine has matched a spectacular
intern class for 2009-2010, including 50% women. Con-
gratulations to Diana McNeill and Dave Butterly for
leading this highly successful recruitment season, and
thanks to the many faculty who participated in the inter-
view days and ranking.
Issue 13                                                                                                      Page 3

Recently Promoted!
   Professor of Medicine:
   Carol Dukes Hamilton (Infectious Diseases) December 1, 2008
                                                                           Welcome 2009 Duke Women Interns!
   Associate Professor of Medicine:                                        Andrea Archibald
   Amy Abernethy (Medical Oncology) (Tenure) December 1, 2008              April Barnado
   Gowthami Arepally (Hematology) December 1, 2008                         Adia Bradley
   Ann J. Brown (Endocrinology) (Tenure) December 1, 2008                  Megan Brooks
   Cathleen Colon-Emeric (Geriatrics) December 1, 2008                     Rebecca Burke
   Cristina Gasparetto (Cell Therapy) December 1, 2008                     Tiffany Callaway
   Sabina Lee (DUAP/Medicine) March 1, 2009
                                                                           Johanna Chan
   Deborah Muoio (Endocrinology) December 1, 2008
   Karen Steinhauser (General Internal Medicine) December 1, 2008          Jacqueline Dzau
                                                                           Lauren Fritz
   Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology:                       Kristen Gandee
   Ann J. Brown (Endocrinology) December 1, 2008                           Blair Irwin
                                                                           Stacy Johnson
   Associate Professor of Pharmacology & Cancer Biology:                   Christy Kaiser
   Deborah Muoio (Endocrinology) December 1, 2008                          Tara Marsh
                                                                           Mariam Naveed
   Associate Professor of Nursing:
                                                                           Wole Odunusi
   Amy Abernethy (Medical Oncology) December 1, 2008
                                                                           Toma Omonuwa
   Associate Professor of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology:             Ashleigh Owen
   Carol Hamilton January 1, 2009                                          Vashali Patel
                                                                           Carly Podnos
   Assistant Professor of Medicine:                                        Cheryl Robertson
   Heather Adkins (Neurology) March 1, 2009                                Emily Ruden
   Svati Agrawal (Hospitalists) February 1, 2009                           Reshmi Srinath
   Jane Bellet (Dermatology) February 1, 2009                              Ashley Wysong
   Anne Beaven (Medical Oncology) December 1, 2008
                                                                           Tian Zhang
   Carla Brady (Gastroenterology) December 1, 2008
   Sylvia Costa (Infectious Diseases) April 1, 2009
   Eva Culakova (Medical Oncology) February 1, 2009
   Katja Elbert-Avila (Geriatrics) January 1, 2009
   Terry Ann Fortin (Cardiology) January 1, 2009
   Melissa Garrett (Gastroenterology) January 1, 2009
   Beatrice Hong (Endocrinology) January 1, 2009
   Maria Joyce (Infectious Diseases) January 1, 2009
   Radhika Khwaja (Medical Oncology) January 1, 2009
   Caroline Rao (Dermatology) January 1, 2009
   Jyothi Rao (Endocrinology) February 1, 2009
   Tracy Setji (Endocrinology) January 1, 2009
   Laurie Snyder (Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine) February 1, 2009
   Donna Wilcock (Neurology) January 1, 2009

   Assistant Consulting Professor of Medicine:
   Sangeeta Joshi (Pulmonary) January 1, 2009

   Consulting Professor in the Department of Medicine:
   Carol D. Hamilton January 1, 2009

   Medical Instructor:
   Alejandro Castillo-Roth (Gastroenterology) April 1, 2009
Page 4                                                                         PROGRAM FOR WOMEN IN INTERNAL MEDICINE (PWIM)

 Good News Corner!
                                                Major Research Awards
 Elizabeth Finch (Cardiology) received renewal of her grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH); Project Title: Ca
 Release Pathways as Integrators of Synaptic Signals.

 Njira Lugogo (Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine) was awarded the institutional K12 award from the Duke Mentored
 Clinical Research Scholar Program (MCRSP) under the direction of Dr. John Hamilton.

 Courtney Van Houten (General Internal Medicine) is the PI of a new grant, Steven H. Sandell Award, Social Security Ad-
 ministration through Boston College, ($45,000) entitled “Spousal Health Shocks and the Timing of the Retirement Decision in
 the Face of Forward-Looking Financial Incentives” with Normal B. Coe, PhD., effective May 2009.

                                                  Special Recognitions
 Amy Abernethy (Medical Oncology) was recently appointed to the Senior Leaders’ Board of the Duke Comprehensive Cancer

 Toni Cutson (Geriatrics) was appointed to the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) Board for 2009.
 The NHPCO Board brings a highly-skilled group of professionals that represent the broad range of hospice and palliative care
 providers and related disciplines.

 Susan Gurley (Nephrology) is a member of the AAMC Women in Medicine Coordinating Committee. This group guides the
 AAMC in issues that affect women in medicine and plans the WIM program for the annual meeting. This year’s annual meet-
 ing will be in November in Boston, MA.
   Barton F. Haynes Early Career Grant Awardees 2009:
   Katherine Garman, MD, will be joining the Division of Gastroenterology after completing her fellowship in June 2009.
   Her research interests include the use of gene expression data to improve clinico-pathologic staging of patients with
   colon cancer, and her research project is entitled “Patterns of Gene Expression Predict High Risk Phenotypes and Pro-
   vide a Rational Approach to Therapy in Early Stage Colon Cancer”. Her mentor is Dr. Anil Potti, Assistant Professor
   in the Division of Medical Oncology and the Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy, and her co-mentor is Dr. Joseph
   Nevins, Barbara Levine Professor of Cancer Genomics in the Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy.

   Kathleen Lambert, M.D., will be joining the Division of Medical Oncology after completing her fellowship in June,
   2009. Her research interests focus on the identification of key molecular mechanisms in multiple myeloma that can be
   targeted for new therapies, and her research project is entitled “The Role of the Type III TGF-beta Receptor in Multiple
   Myeloma”. Her mentor is Dr. Gerard Blobe, Associate Professor in Medical Oncology and in Pharmacology and
   Cancer Biology, and co-mentors include Dr. Jon Gockerman in Medical Oncology and Dr. Cristina Gasparetto in

 Evangeline Lausier (General Internal Medicine) was named the Director of Clinical Services at Duke Integrative Medicine,
 effective January 1, 2009.

 Sabina Lee (DUAP/Medicine) and Dawn Brezina (DRH-Hospitalists) initiated the Durham-Orange County Medical Society
 of Women Physician’s Section. The first formal meeting will take place on May 27, 2009.

 Diana McNeill (Endocrinology) has been elected to the National Association of Program Directors in Internal Medicine
 (APDIM) Council for a three-year term.
Issue 13                                                                                                                   Page 5

Good News Corner (continued)
 Courtney Van Houten (General Internal Medicine): National Oral Presentation accepted at the Academy Health Annual Meet-
 ing, “Health Effects of Caring for Elderly Parents” in a session entitled “Issues in Community and Institutional LTC” chaired
 by Helena Temkin-Greener, Phd, July 29, 2009, Chicago, IL.
         Article accepted with Karen Steinhauser (General Internal Medicine): Van Houten CH, Taylor DE, Steinhauser K,
 Tulsky JA. In Press. “Is a Home-Care Network Necessary to Access the Medicare Hospice Benefit?”. Journal of Palliative

                                                       New Arrivals
 Christina Barkauskas (General Internal Medicine) had a baby girl April 19 named Alice Elizabeth Haney...first chief resident
 to have a baby while currently a Chief.

 Katja Elbert-Avila (Geriatrics) welcomed a son, Calvin Avila.

                                                     Welcome Home
 Toni Cutson (Geriatrics) – Dr. Cutson’s son, Devin McBride, returned from serving his tour of duty in Iraq in the US Army in
 January 2009.

      Did we miss your great news or accomplishments? We are sorry! We are dependent on you or your col-
      leagues to share these with us. Please send your good news items to:
      LaVerne Johnson-Pruden (
Duke University School of Medicine
Department of Medicine
                                                                  Upcoming PWIM Activities
Box 3703                                                          •    Join us for the next Women’s Advisorship Committee Luncheons:
Durham, NC 27710                                                       April 27 with Radha Goel discussing “Negotiating Your Career as a
Phone: 919-681-6386                                                    Physician”12:15-1pm and May 13, 12:15-1pm, Leonor Corsino will
Fax: 919-681-5400                                                      present a faculty development topic from her AAMC conference
E-mail:                                             experience.

                                                                  •    Watch for Duke Garden Tour later this Spring!

      PWIM                                                        •    Clipp-Speer Visiting Professor Linda Fried from Columbia University
                                                                       will be here in the Fall.

                                                                  •    PWIM Faculty Meetings:

                                                                            Monday, May 18, 2009          8-9am     Room 1103DN
PWIM Spring Newsletter compiled by
                                                                            Tuesday, May 19, 2009         12-1pm MCBR1170B DS
Cathleen Colon-Emeric, MD
Designed and Edited by LaVerne Johnson-Pruden

Upcoming Faculty Development Seminars
Ann J. Brown, MD, MHS (Please register for the seminars online at under the “upcoming events” tab).
 Getting Promoted in the Clinical Sciences at Duke: A Guide for Junior Faculty
 Presented by Ann J. Brown, MD, MHS, Associate Vice Dean for Faculty Development
 Date: Thursday, April 30, 2009
 Time: 5:30-6:30pm
 Location: Medical Student Amphitheater, Duke South

 Spring Faculty Meeting and Dinner
 Date: Thursday, May 7, 2009
 Time: 5:30-8:30pm
 Location: Sarah P. Duke Gardens, Doris Duke Center
 Audience: Faculty in the Schools of Medicine and Nursing

 Presenting with Pizzazz
 Presented by Alisa Nagler, Assistant Professor of Medical Education, Office of Graduate Medical Education
 Date: Tuesday, May 19, 2009
 Time: 5:30-6:30pm
 Location: Medical Student Amphitheater

 Productivity 2.0—Free, Fun Tools to Make Your Job Easier
 Presented by Megan A Von Isenburg, Associate Director of Information Services and Connie Schardt, Associate Director of Education Ser-
 vices, Medical Center Library
 Date: Tuesday, June 2, 2009
 Time: 5:30-6:30pm
 Location: MLEC Computer Lab, downstairs in the Medical Center Library

 E-Submission of NIH Grants
 Presented by Mollie Sykes, Associate Dean of Research Administration
 Date: Monday, August 3, 2009
 Time: 5:30-6:30pm
 Location: TBD

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