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									                           PARTNERSHIP DEED

   This deed of partnership made at ____________on this _______ day of __________
   by and between,

1. Mr. Abdul Razzaq (C.N.I.C.# 31102-9164473-3) Son of Noor Muhammad,Adult
   Muslim R/O Canal View Rasool Abad Colony, Tehsil Hasilpur District
2. Mst.Kamla Hasan (C.N.I.C.# 31102-8842444-4) W/O Abdul Razzaq Adult
   Muslim R/O Chak No. 14/FW Tehsil Chishtian District Bahawal Nagar.
3. Mr.Muhammad Ashfaq(C.N.I.C.#31203-2289941-3) Son of Abdul Ghafoor,
   Adult Muslim R/O Mehmood Colony, Tehsil Hasilpur District Bahawalpur.
4. Mr.Abdul Razzaq (C.N.I.C.#31203-4079142-1) Son of Abdul Ghafoor, Adult
   Muslim R/O Mehmood Colony, Tehsil Hasilpur District Bahawalpur.
5. Mr.Abdul Nasir Hameed(C.N.I.C.#31203-1730630-1) Son of Abdul Hameed,
   Adult Muslim R/O Chak # 88/F, Tehsil Hasilpur District Bahawalpur.
6. Mr.Yasir Hameed(C.N.I.C.#31203-8932495-9) Son of Abdul Hameed, Adult
   Muslim R/O Chak # 88/F, Tehsil Hasilpur District Bahawalpur.

   Where as all the partners have constituted the firm and the terms and conditions of
   partnership have been mutually settled, these present Witness as follows.

   1. Name-Place: That the names of firm shall remain Al Hamd Agri.Farm”
      Mouza Palla Tehsil Hasilpur District Bahawalpur Punjab Pakistan having its Head
      Office at _____________________________.
   2. Capital: That Capital of Firm has been and shall be provided by all the partners
      in accordance to their shares as per transfer deed (Mr. Abdul Razzaq Son of
      Noor Muhammad 1/2 {553 Kanal}, Mst.Kamla Hasan W/O Abdul Razzaq
      1/6 {184 Kanal & 07 Marlas}, Mr.Muhammad Ashfaq Son of Abdul Ghafoor
      1/12 {92 Kanal & 04 Marlas}, Mr.Abdul Razzaq Son of Abdul Ghafoor 1/12
      {92 Kanal & 03 Marlas}, Mr.Abdul Nasir Hameed Son of Abdul Hameed1/12
      {92 Kanal & 03 Marlas} & Mr.Yasir Hameed Son of Abdul Hameed 1/12 {92
      Kanal & 03 Marlas}. All partners will bring equal capital for business and will
      get equal proportion of profit and loss by their equal proportion of share.
   3. Nature of Business: That it has been decided by mutual consent that the firm will
      carry on business of production of seasonal crops on modern lines and their sale.
      Such other line of business may be adopted as mutually considered necessary.
   4. Position: That Mr.Abdul Razzaq S/O Noor Muhammad will be the managing
      partner and all the business and business policies will be run and banking
      transaction will be done Singly by him. He is also authorized to deal with sellers,
      purchasers, employees and other persons as he think necessary and may re-present
      the Firm in courts Civil Criminal, original/Applets.
  5. Accounts: That the account of the Firm shall be maintained properly and shall be
      opened to inspection for all the partners or for their agents during business hours.
  6. Management and Bank Borrowing Clause: A banking account of the firm shall
      be open immediately on the commencement of this partnership in the name of
      firm which shall be operated by the Managing Partner Singly .He will be entitled
      to with draw or issue cheque on the bank for the withdrawal of the money. And
      make contract with bank or any other financial institution and apply for in respect
      of finance/financial accommodation for the firm and to execute required charge
      and security/mortgage on security of and such accounts will only be
      closed with the consent of all partners. None of the partners shall be entitled to
      sell, transfer or mortgage its share/right of interest to any other.
  7. Liability: All partners are entitled to indemnify by the firm for all acts done by
      them in respect of debts and liabilities. Each partner will be solely and jointly
      liable of the acts of other co-partners. In case of default or loss each partner can
      be sued by his single capacity for the repayment of loan or debt of the firm.
  8. Arbitration: That any dispute/difference arising among the partners shall be
      settled mutually or refer to arbitration in accordance with law.
  9. In Case of Death: That in case of death of any partner the Firm shall not be
      revoked, and the surviving partner shall continue the business of the firm and
      shall be answer able to the co-partners, debtors, Bankers or other concerned
      persons, and shall be entitled to receive money from the debtors of the Firm as
      there might not have occurred any change in the constitution of the Firm; and the
      legal heirs and successors of the deceased partner shall automatically become
      beneficiaries in the profits of the Firm until repayment of their capital, but if any
      or all such successors adopt to become regular partner or partners of the Firm
      there shall be no prevention to him or them.
  10. Duration: That the partnership is at will which shall take effect from _________
      and any partner may quit the Firm by giving notice of three months period to the
      other co-partners.
  12. Alteration: That the terms and conditions of the partnership may be altered
      removed or added with the consent of all partners.
  13. Partnership Act: That the firm shall further abide under the provisions of the
      partnership Act. 1932 (As adopted by the Islamic Republic of Pakistan) which
      have either been described here to or not.

      IN WITNESS WHERE OF the parties have to set their representative hands in
  this deed of partnership on the day, month and year above-mentioned.

WITNESSES:                                          Signature of the partners

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