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					                                                              ACCEPT CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS
                                                              Without the Hassles

As a small business operator, the availability of cash and                            KEY FEATURES:
maintaining strong cash flow may be your single biggest business
concern. Poor cash flow often results in undesirable situations like needing to
borrow from banks, establish credit lines, carrying high interest credit card debt,
missing special purchasing options and making poor business decisions.                myServiceCC is extremely easy to use, and enables
                                                                                      you to get up and running with an investment of’s myServiceCC is the answer. With the assistance of
                                                                                      under $60 in a credit card swiper, and the application
TransFirst, our processing partner, we have developed an inexpensive program
                                                                                      fees associated with the TransFirst program. The only
for members of Because of the size of our user base
                                                                                      other thing you need is a cellular connection for
we are able to act as a single, very large company, to negotiate the lowest swipe
                                                                                      real-time processing. myServiceCC has all of the
rates in the industry. This ensures that you keep the largest portion of your
                                                                                      features that you would expect including:
payments possible, while eliminating the headaches, costs and administrative
burden of traditional billing methods.

                                                                                      100% WIRELESS ANd SAFE:
                                                                                      Security and liabilities are taken care of for you.
            KEY bENEFITS:

myServiceCC gives you everything you need to effectively bill                         PRovIdES CREdIT CARd RECEIPT:
customers right as you complete a job, eliminating the headache                       Gives customers confirmation of payment onsite.
of a slow collections process. Key benefits of myServiceCC include:

                                                                                      WoRKS AS A STANdALoNE SoLUTIoN:
       Improve cash flow – nearly immediate                                           Wherever, whenever you need to swipe a card.
       cash in bank

       Instantly know if a card is approved
                                                                                      INTEgRATES WITH mYSERvICEPRo:
       or declined
                                                                                      The easiest way to manage your total work order
       Eliminate slow collections issues and costs                                    from start right through to collections, and provides
                                                                                      a notice in your QuickBooks customer statement
       Increase AHS Points                                                            for easy updating in the office.

       Lowest possible processing costs

       Working with a better business bureau                                          PRovIdES oNLINE & doWNLoAdAbLE REPoRTS:
       A+ rated processor                                                             Consolidates all of your credit card actions to assist
                                                                                      your record keepers.
       Reduced liabilities and
       data processing times
                                                                                      oUTSTANdINg PRoCESSINg RATES:
       Provides a great                                                               Lower than anything you can find on your own.
       customer experience

       AboUT mYSERvICEFoRCE.Com

   myServiceForce is an award-winning developer of service automation
   solutions that leverage the Internet and wireless technology. In combination                       1-866-966-6111
   with ‘best of breed’ business management software, we enable service
   companies to improve productivity, reduce operating costs, increase revenue
   and enhance customer service by eliminating manual, paper-based business                   
   processes, and creating real time, onsite transactions including invoicing.