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					                                 On the Square

                                      From the East

                                     Dallas Booth, Worshipful Master

             Lodge #64 F & AM

                                   The warm weather is       here to stay for
                                quite some time. Best to     stay indoors and
                                keep cool, keep the yard     work and heavy
                                outside chores to basic       necessities and
                                hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

                                   Evansville 64 is still marching along with
                                degree work. We’ve had something to do
                                almost every Monday night in July and would
                                have had every Monday night were it not for
                                the fact that the A/C went on the fritz. No
                                amount of cold water would have helped us
                                that night!

                                    Ducks on the Ohio will have come and
         A. L.
                                gone by printing as will the Grand Master’s
         6010                   Reception at Scottish Cathedral. So, if you
    The Worshipful              attended the reception or had a duck in the
    Dallas Booth                race, I hope you had a great time. See you
  Master of the Lodge           at lodge!

                                                                    ~ Dallas
                              From the Secretary

                                   Greetings, Brethren!

                                Dues Increase
The following is Blue Book regulation 37.0 Sect.(a):

“Lodges shall include in their by-laws the first stated meeting in June as the designated
meeting at which dues of the Lodge shall be discussed and the amount set.”

In accordance with this regulation, dues were discussed and raised during the June
Meeting. The By-laws have thus been updated. The new Dues rate beginning for yea r 2011
shall be a total of $150.00 (133.50 dues + 16.50 Grand Lodge Assessment). The Dues
notices which will be mailed to you this November 2010 for next year will reflect the new

As you were notified by mail, the amount of the Initiation Fee was to be considered at the
July Stated Meeting. The result is that the Initiation Fee will remain the same $160 ($150
Lodge + $10 George Washington Memorial fund); and a check for that amount ($160)
MUST be turned in with the Signed Petition.

Please be advised that the Initiation Fee in no way impacts annual dues. A newly Raised
member’s annual dues will be pro-rated for the number of full months remaining in the
year of his Raising at the rate of $13.50 per month.


                                                                         Jim Jones, PM,
            "THE FARMER'S ODE"
   In going through life-- plow a clean straight furrow,
        Burying all hatred deep down in its burrow;
           Covered and hidden forever from sight,
    With the soil of true friendship, cheerful and bright.
           Level the high spots, fill in the hollow,
      Cultivate virtues that are worth while to follow.
    As a guide to mankind, and an aid in his blindness;
    Temper your actions with love, faith, and kindness.
     In life's great field, with its pleasures and sorrow,
               Gather the grain, leave the chaff,
            You will have no fear of the morrow;
Bright memories will serve you, and through all time endure
    In sowing the seeds of God's truth, clean and pure.
  Then, Brethren, when you no longer are gay and young.
 When the dreams and songs of youth are past and sung.
      When the world seems dark, dreary and cold----
            Remember these tenets will ever hold.
  Then, when your pleasures and troubles in life are o'er,
 When the boatman has called for you, from yonder shore,
         To take you back to be grim death's guest,
           Loving hands will lay you away to rest.

                Being There…

     Grand Lodge Ritual Workshop
                      August 14
             Lodge of Instruction
                     August 23

            Contact Jim Jones, PM, for details!

        Evansville #64 can be proud of the fact that they went "foot to foot” to help worthy brothers from a
neighboring lodge. Evansville members opened not only their hearts, but also their sheds, basements and closets to
help Cynthiana Lodge #710 raise some much needed money toward the replacement of their lodge roof.
        On Saturday, July 10th, Cynthiana Lodge took part in its town's annual city wide yard sale. During this sale,
lodge members sold several truck loads of donated "treasure" to many an anxious bargain hunter who lined the streets
of their fair city. The large number of visitors for that one morning managed to turn the quiet streets of this
Posey County town into the bustling streets of a small metropolis.
        As Cynthiana sold their wares on the front lawn, in their dining hall the ladies sold hamburgers, hot-dogs
and sausage dinners to the hungry shoppers who wanted to take a few minutes to sit and refresh themselves. Brothers
from Evansville Lodge #64 joined in; we set up our IdentiKit stand inside the cool of the air conditioned dining
hall where we spent time swapping stories and making a few new friends! A great day for Masonic Brotherhood!!

                                                                                                          ~ Ken Roy

                                          Brother John E. Peerman

                                           08 February 1943
                                              01 July 2010
                                     Evansville Lodge #64 F & AM
                                   Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite
                          Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine

                                               Requiescat in Pace

                                                     Psalm XI v 3
                                          The Apotheosis of Washington
                                               Constantino Brumidi (1865)

                                                   First in Their Hearts
           ike many other great leaders who inspire their followers, George Washington increased human value in the culture
           he was responsible for leading. The historian Edward G. Lengel described Washington’s leadership…as
           “sacrificial.” Historian Henry Steele Commager noted Washington’s sacrifice for America was supported by the
           facts that he served as commander of the Continental Army without pay and was nearly bankrupt by the time he
returned home to Mount Vernon after serving as the country’s first president. On one occasion when approached by soldiers
who wanted to overthrow the wartime government and set up Washington to lead the country, he met with them and made it
clear that the thought of overthrowing the colonial American government was repulsive to him and under no circumstances
would he consider it.
         When King George III of England heard the news that Washington resigned his military commission without seizing
power following the Revolution’s conclusion, he was said to have commented, “If it is true, George Washington is the
greatest man in the world.”
         The selfless behavior of Washington connected people with him as their leader because it promoted trust. When a
leader demonstrates that he is leading for the sake of the mission and the people, rather than fo r self-serving purposes,
people naturally become more trusting.
         Washington was committed to the cause of independence and frequently referred to it as “our glorious cause.” His
love of America and personal sacrifice for it inspired others. With all the brilliant individuals surrounding him—John Adams,
Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, and others—Washington was the one to whom they indisputably
[regarded] as the greatest leader among them. Under Washington’s leadership and the culture he helped create,
connection among the colonists united them to defeat the preeminent military power of their age and set the stage for a new
nation to emerge.
         [W]]hile researching Washington I came across a story about Barbara Tuchman, the two-time, Pulitzer Prize
winning historian. Mrs. Tuchman, as she liked to be called, had a sharp mind and passion for the truth. Fellow historians
such as David McCullough, hold her and her work in high esteem for the quality of her writing, her unrelenting pursuit of
truth in history and what wisdom we can discern from the victories and mistakes of our past. While writing her final book,
which was about the American Revolution and entitled The First Salute, Mrs. Tuchman struggled and was frustrated with
failing eyesight. During the times when she struggled, Mrs. Tuchman and her daughter adopted a motto to boost their
spirits. The motto was “Think of George.”                                                             ~ Michael Lee Stallard
 (Excerpted from a presentation at the Vancouver Grand Masonic Day, October 16, 1999 by Bro. Gary Leazer)

      am first of all a theologian and a churchman. I spent more than six years in graduate schools and for
     over twenty years have studied church growth: why some churches grow and some die. There are a
     number of well-known reasons, some as simply as changing communities. But a key reason found in
all studies is that churches which grow move outside their walls into the communities, to identify the
needs of the people they are trying to reach and of meeting those needs. Churches that die do not do this.
I contend that Freemasonry must move outside our lodge halls and into our communities, to get involved
in helping to solve the growing social problems we face. The men out there are the men we would like to
see in here. If I could change one thing about the fraternity, I would insist that every lodge have at least
one hands-on project in its community every year where the men of the lodge are seen doing something
for their community. It might be something as simple as raking leaves in someone’s yar d, or painting
someone’s house or sponsoring a youth ball team. The possibilities are endless—and the rewards are
immeasurable. Put on your thinking caps and let’s get busy sharing our light in our communities.

       The 14th of July was our night to shine at the Dream Center. Our cooking team
all arrived about 4:30 and went straight to work. They quickly whipped up a hearty
spaghetti and meat sauce dinner with garlic bread. Everyone enjoyed the meal; many
even enjoyed it two or three times over!
       Our cooking efforts were really enhanced when we were joined in our efforts by
our brother, Kerry Magee. Brother Magee is a one year member of Evansville #64 and
the executive chef of SMG, Inc. Kerry's culinary skills really added that little extra that
turned a good meal into a wonderful dining experience.

                          Thanks, Team! You hit another HOME RUN!!!

You know that the boys and girls who attend these programs at the Dream Center are
deeply grateful to all of you who help down there. They’re young and they might not
know how to show that gratitude, but your reward should be in the knowledge that you
are stepping out of yourself and giving to another less fortunate person. We also
appreciate all the help you’ve given us! Remember that all are welcome. Here is that
information again:

  The Dream Center is located at 16 W. Morgan Avenue across from Bosse Field. We meet the second
                 Wednesday of every month from 4:30-6:00. Hope to see you there!
Evansville Lodge #64
301 Chestnut Street
Evansville, IN 47713-1248

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