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					Thank You for Supporting Today’s Program
            Arguendo Financial and Economic Consulting is a litigation and regu-
            latory support consulting firm combining the best of high-profile case
            and project experience with state-of-the-art data analysis and quality
            control. Arguendo's capabilities include antitrust, regulation, finance,
            intellectual property, public procurement and general damages. Ar-
            guendo senior staff have consulted and testified in matters before state
            and federal regulatory bodies and courts. Arguendo has continuing re-
            lationships with prominent academics who are experienced expert wit-
            nesses. Arguendo senior staff have extensive case experience in litiga-
            tion and regulation and hold undergraduate and advanced degrees
            from Harvard, MIT, Columbia, and UC Berkeley. Arguendo Project
            Managers are experienced in supporting clients with expert reports,
            data and policy analysis and process management. Arguendo senior
            staff continue to develop their capabilities in data analysis, quality con-
            trol and economic analysis through teaching, independent research and
            activity in professional associations. In response to attorneys’ requests,
            Arguendo has developed a case exploration service, which provides
            lower cost preliminary analysis in a variety of areas.

            Bates White is a consulting firm offering services in economics, fi-
            nance, and business strategy to leading law firms, FORTUNE 500
            companies, and government agencies. The firm’s antitrust practice is
            recognized for its application of advanced economic, financial, and
            econometric theory to the analysis of liability and damages. These ap-
            plications have arisen in a number of legal settings including: cartels,
            litigation and agency review for mergers and acquisitions, monopoliza-
            tion, conspiracies in restraint of trade, exclusive dealing, and tying ar-
            rangements. Bates White maintains a network of relationships with
            economic thought leaders and industry experts to complement its in-
            house expertise and to provide clients with the latest empirical and
            theoretical advancements. Emphasizing a customized approach and a
            complete understanding of each client's challenges, Bates White brings
            clarity to complex issues to help clients make more informed decisions
            and optimize bottom-line results. For more information, visit
CCIA is a nonprofit membership organization for a wide range of
companies in the computer, Internet, information technology, and tele-
communications industries, represented by their senior executives. Cre-
ated over three decades ago, CCIA promotes open markets, open sys-
tems, open networks, and full, fair, and open competition. CCIA serves
as an additional, and sometimes the only, eyes, ears, and voice, in
Washington for our members. Our goal is to proactively protect and
promote their legitimate interests, and to advance the broad common
interests of our industries.

CCIA's structure and wide range of expertise allow the association to
be highly responsive to our members' needs, assessing and shaping leg-
islative and regulatory activity in collaboration with executives from
member companies. CCIA strives for a detailed understanding of the
business operations for our members. Such understanding is vital in
translating their technology, business, and policy needs into action.
CCIA's member companies vary widely in size and operate both do-
mestically and globally. Members include computer and communica-
tions companies, equipment manufactures, software developers, ser-
vice providers, re-sellers, integrators, and financial service companies.
Together they employ almost one million workers and generate nearly
$250 billion in annual revenue.

The Quality Parts Coalition represents the interests of the independent
parts industry, repairers, insurers, consumers and seniors. It is the goal
of the Quality Parts Coalition to develop and secure a permanent legis-
lative change to U.S. design patent law to preserve competition and to
protect the consumer's right to benefit from quality, lower-cost alterna-
tive replacement parts. To learn more about the Quality Parts Coali-
tion, please visit

Nathan Associates is recognized nationally as a leading source of ex-
pert economic, financial, and statistical analysis and testimony in legal
and regulatory proceedings. For decades Nathan Associates has been
researching and analyzing liability and damage issues and providing
expert opinions and testimony. Nathan Associates’ staff and affiliated
academic and industry experts focus efficiently on the essence of anti-
trust issues and problems and are adept at communicating complex
concepts both orally and in writing. Clients have included numerous
law firms; federal, state, and local government agencies; foreign gov-
ernments, international lending institutions; large and small businesses;
and industry and trade associations. When a Nathan Associates expert
testifies, you can be confident of the expert’s knowledge, thorough-
ness, and integrity.

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