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									          Bill Berger, President                          February, 2011                   Susan Sanderson, Editor
                                                           Print Edition

              February Program
Denver author Phil Goodstein will be the featured speaker at
the Tuesday, March 22, 2011 B’nai B’rith Denver program.
The event will begin at 7:00 pm in the Perlmutter Room at
                                                                     Social Networking 101
the Jewish Community Center. Complementary coffee and
dessert will be served.

                                                                    Facebook?? Twitter??
                                                                         The Web??
                                                                    Hosted by B’nai B’rith Denver’s Young Professionals, a
                                                                    free workshop is planned to demonstrate the use of
                                                                    current social media sites for those of us who are not
Goodstein will speak on “The Jews of the South Side and the
                                                                    yet up-to-date with these modern communication tools.
North Side”. His lecture will focus on his latest book, The
                                                                    The workshop will be held on Sunday, March13th, 2011
Ghosts of University Park, Platte Park, and Beyond, which
includes a section of the Jews of South Denver, and his next
                                                                    starting at 11:30 am at the Allied Jewish Federation
book, The North Side Story: The History of Denver’s Most            board room.
Fascinating Neighborhood which has a discussion of the
Jewish community along West Colfax.                                 Laptop computers will be available for individual
                                                                    instruction following the demonstration to help you
Denver native Goodstein holds a Ph.D. in history from the           learn to navigate through the sometimes confusing
University of Colorado, and has written extensively on              grids of Facebook and Twitter.
Denver’s past and present. He is also known for his
entertaining and informative walking tours in historic Denver
                                                                    We hope you will join us for learning, free coffee and
neighborhoods. His many books include The Ghosts of
                                                                    doughnuts, and fun while catching up with today’s
Denver: Capitol Hill, Robert Speer’s Denver, In the Shadow of
the Klan, DIA and Other Scams, and Exploring Jewish
                                                                    technology. Guests are welcome!
                                                                    RSVP: 303-393-7358 or
RSVP: 303-393-7358 or
                                                         DENVER B’NAI B’RITH
                                                         MISSION STATEMENT
                                   B’nai B’rith, the global voice of the Jewish community, is the oldest
B’NAI B’RITH 171                   and most widely known Jewish humanitarian, human rights, and
                                   advocacy organization. Since 1843 (1872 in Colorado), B’nai B’rith
                                   has worked for Jewish unity, security, continuity, and tolerance in
President                          the United States, Israel, and the world.
William J. Berger

                                          WE INVITE YOU TO BE A PART OF OUR MISSION
Vice President – Programs
Immediate Past President
Edward Koplin

Vice President – Membership        2011 Programs and Events
David Fogel

Treasurer                          "Denver Jews of the North and South Sides" is the title
Eric Rosenberg                     of Phil Goodstein's presentation on Tuesday, March 22,
                                   2011 at 7:00 pm.
Board of Directors
Ori Maller
                                   On April 28, 2011, Rabbi Joe Black, newly appointed
Marvin Meyers
Charles Michaels
                                   leader of Temple Emanuel, will be the featured speaker
Dr. Bruce Ogin                     at a kosher brunch in the Perlmutter Room at the JCC.
Arthur Potashnick                  Details to follow at a later date.
Norman Replin
Gary Saltzman
                                   Due to the amazing response to our Election Day Blood
Rebecca Saltzman-Halvorsen
                                   Drive, B'nai B'rith will sponsor another one in May. In
Office Location                    the past, we held two drives per year and would like to
350 S Dahlia Street                bring back this tradition.
Denver CO 80246-8102
Phone 303-393-7358
Fax     303-393-9155
                                   The Annual Leadville Cemetery Mitzvah is scheduled for            the weekend of June 25 & 26, 2011. This is the 15th            consecutive year that B'nai B'rith Denver has sponsored
                                   and organized the cleanup of the historic Hebrew
                                   Cemetery in Leadville, Colorado. A special edition of
Susan Sanderson
                                   The Menorah will be issued this spring with complete
            The MENORAH
      Denver B’nai B’rith 171
            350 S Dahlia St
      Denver CO 80246-8102
    Vol. 9, No 2 Date Feb., 2011
        Published irregularly,
    dependent upon the Jewish
         calendar and events
       What’s Up with the Young                                     B’nai B’rith Denver’s tutoring program (in conjunction with
  Professionals of B’nai B’rith Denver?                             the Jewish Coalition for Literacy) is in session again at Denver
                                                                    Public School’s Holm Elementary School in southeast Denver.
Ori Maller has recently been invited by committee chair             The program was started in 1999 with one school and 10
David Geller to join the National Young Professional                tutors; there are now 150 volunteers in 12 schools.
Network Committee. Congratulations, Ori!
                                                                    Karen Grossman, 3 grade teacher at Holm Elementary, and
                                                                    Nickie Tzimapitis Literacy Facilitator at Holm School, recently
                                                                    presented a training program for interested tutors. Bill
                                                                    Berger, B’nai B’rith Denver president, B’nai B’rith member
                                                                    Bruce Ogin, and his wife Sandi Ogin, coordinator of the Metro
                                                                    Jewish Coalition for Literacy are volunteers who work with
                                                                    individual children for an hour or two a week promoting
                                                                    literacy. Tutors are always needed, and training and ongoing
                                                                    support are provided to new tutors.

                Young Professionals Eric Rosenberg and
                                                                    If you are interested, email us at
                 Ori Maller at the recent Comedy Night
                                                                    for contact Sandi Ogin at
Integral to the future of B’nai B’rith International (BBI) is the
B’nai B’rith Young Professional Network (BBYPN). The goal of
the network is to attract younger members and create
programs that will appeal to young professionals and families.         2010 Quiat Scholarship Winner
BBI has geared specific programs toward young adults, ages
21 to 40.

Young people in all stages of their lives are welcome to
participate. There are endless opportunities for young
professionals, students, singles, and young families. These
include social gatherings, community service projects, and
programming based on the BBI portfolio of human rights,
public policy, disaster relief, health and family issues, United
Nations affairs, and more.
                                                                                Chuck Michaels presenting the Quiat Scholarship
                                                                                             to Rebekah Lackner

    B’nai B’rith Denver’s Tutoring                                  B’nai B’rith Denver proudly awarded its 2010 Simon Quiat
                                                                    Memorial Scholarship to Rebekah Lackner, a senior at Rocky
                Program                                             Mountain Hebrew Academy and a member of N’shama B’nai
                                                                    B’rith Girls #165.

                                                                    The scholarship is awarded annually to the most deserving
                                                                    BBYO senior and was created to provide assistance for their
                                                                    college education and perpetuate excellence in our Jewish

             Bill Berger, Karen Grossman, Nickie Tzimapitis,
                          Bruce Ogin, Sandi Ogin
Denver B’nai B’rith 171                                            Non-Profit Organization
350 S Dahlia Street                                                      US Postage PAID
Denver CO 82046-8102                                                        Permit No 226
303-393-7258                                                            Denver, Colorado

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     Rescue Torah Update
                           Our Torah is still in Florida undergoing restoration. Plans are
                           under way to have the dedication during the 15th Annual
                           Leadville Cemetery Mitzvah on June 25, 2011 at Temple Israel in

                           Donations to the Torah Rescue Fund are still needed and can be
                           made on our website: or can be sent
                           to 350 S Dahlia St., Denver, CO, 80246.

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