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                      THE PROS AND CONS OF
                         HOSTED SERVICES
                         ALL NAMES ARE
                         NOT THE SAME
                      GETTING QUALITY RIGHT

AGENT OUTSOURCING                                                              Mergers
                                                                          BILLING Telephone& Acquisitions EQUIPMENT
                                                                          BILLING SOFTWARE                             EQUIPMENT


                                                                                                                                                                                                               PROFESSIONAL Directory
                                                                              We offer     Answering Service brokering
                                                                                           and Private Business hosting. We also sell Call
                                                                                             Centers & Voice Mail Companies. Current
 ASSOCIATIONS                                                                                    listings available on our web site.
                                                                                               Steve Michaels - TAS Marketing
                                                                          BILLING SOFTWARE

                                                     AS T
AGENT OUTSOURCING                                                                        800-369-6126
                                                                                406-827-4131 • Fax: 406-827-4554

   12 Academy Avenue                                                                       Mergers & Acquisitions
                                                                                           Mergers & Acquisitions
 Atkinson, NH 03811, USA                                                         BUSINESS BROKERS
                                                                                       We offer Telephone Answering Service brokering
                                                                                       We offer Telephone Answering Service brokering

                                                                                        and Private Business hosting. We also sell Call
                                                                                       and Private Business hosting. We also sell Call
     Charlene Glorieux                                                                    Centers & Voice Mail Companies. Current
                                                                                          Centers & Voice Mail Companies. Current
ASSOCIATIONS                                                                                   listings available on our web site.
                                                                                              listings available on our web site.
                                                                          BROKERSMichaels --TAS Marketing                                                            Steve Michaels TAS Marketing
                                                                               Steve                                                               AFFORDABLE TAS EQUIPMENT

                                                                  Marketing                                                                                       TASECO
                                                                                           Mergers & Acquisitions

                                                                          Shatz and Associates 1-888-731-7002
                                                                                                                                                      FOR ANY SIZE SERVICE

                                                  T T

                            Atlantic StatesTelephone                      CONSULTING•Fax: 406-827-4554
                                                                                   offer Telephone • Fax: 406-827-4554
                                                                                We 406-827-4131Answering Service brokering
                                                                                and sell Call
                                                                                             Business hosting. We also
                                                                                                                                    LEASING AVAILABLE
                                                                                                                     and consulting.
                                                                            Telephone answering service brokeringweb site.
                                                                                           & Voice Mail Companies.
     Supervisor Training,
ASSOCIATIONS Fall Dir.    2007
                                                                                        Steve Michaelssell your business
                                                                                  4%-5% commisions to - TAS Marketing
        Academy Avenue
    12 Academy Avenue                                                                      listings available on our

   12 Dan L’Heureux /Exec

                                                                                 29 years of telephone answering experience
   Startel National Users Group, Inc.
 Atkinson, NH 03811, USA
     800-718-1712 03811, USA
 Atkinson,                                                      BUSINESS BROKERS
                                                                                BUSINESS BROKERS
                                                                                                    800-369-6126                                                    888-527-2224
           Charlene Glorieux
          Charlene Glorieux                                                  406-827-4131 • Fax: 406-827-4554                                            
 Learn how Certification can demonstrate your Value in real $$.

         L’Heureux Exec Director 800-317-8529
    Dan12 Academy Avenue
                                          EQUIPMENT                                           AFFORDABLE TAS EQUIPMENT
                                                                                                                                                 AFFORDABLE TAS EQUIPMENT


                                                                          and Associates 1-888-731-7002
                                                                Shatz and Associates 1-888-731-7002
                                                                                                                                                     FOR ANY SIZE SERVICE
                                                                                                                                                     FOR ANY RECRUITERS
   Atkinson, NH 03811, USA Atlantic StatesTelephone
                           Atlantic StatesTelephone
                          Atlantic States Telephone             CONSULTING
                                                                                                                                                  PREMIER EXECUTIVE SEARCH SPECIALISTS
                                                                                                                                                                LEASING AVAILABLE
                          Answering Association
          Charlene GlorieuxAnsweringAssociation                                                                                                                LEASING AVAILABLE

                                                                 Telephone answering service brokering and consulting.
                                                                Telephone answering service brokering and consulting.
                                                                                                                                                  • Search consultants to most of the top ten service
         Supervisor Training,Meeting - other grow.
TAS Owners & Supervisors helping each Oak Brook IL
                             Annual Fall
          Supervisor Training,Fall 2007
                                                                        4%-5% commisions to sell your business
                                                                                                                                                    agencies in the US and over 50 of the Fortune 500

                                                                       4%-5% commisions to sell your business
                                   /Exec Dir.
             Dan L’Heureux/Exec 22-24,
              Dan L’Heureux/ExecDir.
            Dan L’Heureux October Dir. 2007                                                                                                         companies. Small companies, too.

                                                                      29 years of telephone answering experience
                                                                      29 years of telephone answering experience
                                                                                                                                                   TAS 25,000
                                                                                                                                                   AFFORDABLE using a EQUIPMENT

  Startel National Users Group, Inc. CONSULTING
  Services AssociationUsers Group, Inc.
  Startel NationalNational Users Group
  Great 800-718-1712 • Director
                                                                                                                           • All custom searches
          800-718-1712 Dan L'Heureux Exec                                                                                                                         888-527-2224 resumé file


                                                                Shatz and Associates
                                                                EQUIPMENT 1-888-731-7002
         12 Academy Avenue
  Telemessaging                      888-712-9396
                                                                                                                                                    plus FOR ANY SIZE SERVICE
                                                                                                                                                         extensive proactive calling.
   Atkinson, NH 03811, USA
                  Startel  Atlantic StatesTelephone                                                                                                    
                                                                                                                                                  • Dedicated telesales/customer service searches

Learn how Charlene Glorieux in real $$.
           Certification can demonstrateyour Value
                             your Value your $$
Learn how Certification can demonstrate in realValuein real $$.

            Dan Association 800-317-8529
    Dan L’Heureux Exec Director800-317-8529
                                                                                                                                                    since 1981—the first and the best!

   Dan L’Heureux Exec DirectorExec
                           AnsweringAssociation                                                                                                                LEASING AVAILABLE
                   Learn how Certification can demonstrate
                                                                Telephone answering service brokering and consulting.
         Supervisor Training, Fall 2007                                                                                                                     R.L. Bencin & Associates
                                                                       4%-5% commisions to sell your business
                 866-896-ATSI Director
                    Southern Telemessaging
                    Dan L’Heureux
                    L’Heureux /Exec Dir.                                                                                                                                  RECRUITERS
                                                                                                                                                        440-526-6726 RECRUITERS
                                                                                                                                                EXECUTIVE• TAS EQUIPMENT
                                                                                 29 years
                                                                                Voice of telephone answering experience

  Startel National Users Group, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                              EXECUTIVE SEARCH SPECIALISTS
                                                                                                                                                 PREMIER EXECUTIVE SEARCH SPECIALISTS
                                                                                                                                                PREMIER           888-527-2224

                                                                                          Logging Recorders                                     EXECUTIVESIZEof the top ten service
                                                                                                                                                   Search consultants to RECRUITERS
     We are MORE than just a cruise, we TRAIN!                                                                                                          FOR ANY most SERVICE
             Dan L'Heureux Exec Director                                            NOT JUST ONE SOLUTION                                       •• Search consultants to most of the top ten service
                                                                                                                                                 HOSTED SYSTEMS Fortune 500
          Certification can demonstrate your Value in real $$.
Learn howLakes
                                    Meeting Oak
         800-475-0857 •AnnualMeeting --Oak Brook IL
                            AnnualDan L’Heureux Brook IL
                                                                                                                        agencies in the US and over 50 of the
                                                                                                                                                   agencies in the US and over 50 of the Fortune 500

   Dan L’Heureux              Director 800-317-8529
 Telemessaging ExecOctober 20-22, 2008
                                                                                  Recording, Monitoring, Bridges                                               LEASING AVAILABLE
                                                                                                                                                    companies. Small companies, too.
                                   Exec 22-24,
                                                                          EQUIPMENT                                                                 companies. Small companies, too.
                                 October22-24, 2007
 Great                                                                                                                                                       Hosted Systems Broker
 Great Lakes                 SALES & MARKETING                      800-369-8273                                 All custom searches using a 25,000 resumé file
                                                                                                                                                 •• All custom searches using a 25,000 resumé file
                              Dan L'Heureux Exec Director
                             Dan L'Heureux Exec Director
 Telemessaging States Telemessaging Assoc.
             Western                888-712-9396                                                                                                EXECUTIVE RECRUITERS
                                                                                                                                                    plus extensive proactive calling.
                                                                                                                                                             Receive the for a variety
                                                                                                                                                    plus extensive proactive calling. the large,
                                                                                                                                                 We specialize in recruiting benefits ofof roles in the call
 Services AssociationMeeting Sept 23-25
                  Fall    888-712-9396
 Services Association
                         Parker – Palm Springs
                     Dan L'Heureux Exec Director
                                                                           Technology                                                                        expensive systems service the costs.
                                                                                                                                                    Dedicated telesales/customer withoutsearches
                                                                                                                                                 •• Dedicated EXECUTIVE to identify the right candidate
                                                                                                                                                 PREMIER telesales/customer service searches
                                                                                                                                                 center industry. Our goal is SEARCH SPECIALISTS
                                                                                                                                                     the shortest amount most of best!
                                                                                                                                                                       first time.
                                                                                                                                                    since 1981—the firstofand the best!
                                                                                                                                                             Host or
                                                                                                                                                 • since 1981—the carpool yourthean activeservice
                                                                                                                                                 inSearch consultants to and theWith top ten resume
                                                                           Telecom Planning, Network Support,                           Fortune 500
                                                                                                                                                                  Bencin of 50 of the
                                                                                                                                                            and the 25 years& industry experience,
                                                                                                                                                    agencieson overUS and overAssociatesor the
                  Southern Telemessaging
                 877-754-4103 •Telemessaging IL
                           Annual Meeting - Oak Brook                                                                                                         in equipment& Associates
                                                                                                                                                           R.L. Bencin such astoInfinityqualified
                                                                                                                                                 BrandonWayne Group •
                   Association                                             VoIP Solutions, Workforce Management                                                                 access
                                                                                                                                                          440-526-6726 •has banner on
                                                                                                                                                    companies. Small companies, too. more
                  Association 22-24, 2007                                                                                                                    CMC. recruiting
                                                                                                                                                 candidates than anySee our firm 25,000 center industry.
 Telemessaging CEO is theExec Director
     We are MORE than just Cadcom Equipment Owners
 Great Lakes                                                                                                                                     • All custom searches using ain the call resumé file
                                                                                                                              AS T

    We are MORE than just aL'Heureuxwe TRAIN!
                            Dan a cruise, we TRAIN!
                                    cruise, Exec Director                     Voice Logging Recorders
                                                                             Voice Logging Recorders
             Dan L'Heureux established in 1993.
            Dan L'Heureux Exec Director The group is
                                                                           Chuck Boyce 866-656-6100                                                 or call
                                                                                                                                                 Our programs, rates and services are unmatched.
                                                                                                                                                    plus extensive proactive calling.
                      comprised of OnviSource (formerly
         800-475-0857 •• Cadcom)
                                     888-712-9396                                  NOT JUST ONE SOLUTION
 Services                                            NOT JUST ONE SOLUTION                                                      (800)
                                                                                                                                                      800-946-2693 •369-6126 & service
                                                                                                                                                 • Dedicated telesales/customer ask for searches
                                                                                                                                                 HOSTED SYSTEMS
                                                                                                           HOSTED SYSTEMS
                      Equipment Owners. Contact us at:
         800-475-0857                                                                                                      PREMIER
                                                                                  Recording, Monitoring, Bridges
                                                                                 Recording, Monitoring, Bridges
                                                                                                                                                                EXECUTIVE SEARCH
                                                                                                                                                    since 1981—the first and the best!SPECIALISTS
                                                                                                                                                             Steve Michaels.
                      CEO Coordinator’s Office, 703-370-9610 or
                                                                                                                                                 • Search consultants to most of the top ten service

                                                                                                                                                             Hosted Systems of the Fortune 500
                                                                                                                                                            Hosted Systems Broker
                  Southernsite www.ceowners.comAssoc.
                        our web
            WesternatStates Telemessaging Assoc.
                                                                                                                                                    agencies in the US and over 50 Broker
                                                                   800-369-8273                                         R.L. Bencin & Associates
 Western States Telemessaging Assoc.
             Western States Telemessaging                                 EQUIPMENT                                                                       440-526-6726 • benefits too.the large,
                                                                                                                                                            Receive the benefits of the large,
                                                                                                                                                             Receive companies, of
                                                                                                                                                    companies. Smallthe
 Annual MeetingAssociation Sept 23-25
                   San Fall Meeting Sept 23-25
                        Fall Meeting                                                                                                             INSURANCE   expensive using a without the costs.
                                                                                                                                                 • All custom searchessystems25,000 resumé file
 September MORE than just – Palm Springs
    We are 2008                                                                Voice Logging Recorders                                                      expensive systems without the costs.
                        Parker a cruise, we TRAIN!
                         Parker – Palm Springs
                  L'Heureux GROUP Director
            Dan PINDanL'Heureux Director
 Dan L’Heureux Exec Director Exec Exec Director
                     Dan L'Heureux Exec                                                    Voice Logging Recorders
                                                                                   NOT JUST ONE SOLUTION
                                                                                                                                                             Host proactiveErrors and Omissions
                                                                                                                                                    plus extensiveor carpool calling.accounts/service
                                                                                                                                                                       ATSI your
                                                                                                                                                            Host or carpool your accounts/service
 877-754-4103 •
         800-475-0857 •
                877-754-4103 ••                                Easily records ALL conversations—just click and play
                                                                                 Recording, Monitoring, Bridges
                                                                                                                                                 HOSTED SYSTEMS              InsuranceInfinity or
                                                                                                                                                            on equipment suchjust anProgram
                                                                                                                                                 • Dedicated telesales/customer service searches
                                                                                                                                                             on equipment such as Infinity or
                                                                                                                                                                       first and the
                                                                                                                                                    since 1981—the Its more than best!insurance policy!
                 TechnicalTrainingManchester–Sept 27&28                                    574-848-5233                                                      CMC. See our banner information
                                                                                                                                                                           For more on

                                                                                                                                                             Hosted our banner on
                                                                                                                                                             CMC. SeeSystems Broker
                      States Cadcom Equipment Owners
                     CEO is theTelemessaging Assoc.
              WesternCEO is the Cadcom Equipment Owners
                                                                                                                           T T

                 DanL’Heureux–ExecDir-763-473-0210                                                                                                          R.L. Bencin & Associates
                                                                                                      Record/PlayTek, Inc.
                       Association established 23-25
                       Association established in 1993. The group is
                                                                                                                                                    or call
                       Equipment Septin 1993. The group is
                    CADCOM / OnviSource                                                                                                                      ,
                                                                                                                                                    or call
                                                                                                                                            or call of the large,
                                                                                                                                                            Receive the
                                                                                                                                                          440-526-6726 •benefits 888-303-4297.
                       comprised of OnviSource (formerly Cadcom)
                      comprised of OnviSource (formerly Cadcom)
                         Fall Meeting Owners                                                                                  (800) 369-6126 & ask
                                                                                                                                                                   369-6126 & without
                                                                                                                                                            (800) www.RLBencin.comfor
                                                                                                                                                            expensive systemsask for the costs.
                       Equipment Owners. Contact us at:
                      Equipment Owners. Contact us at:
                          Parker – Palm Springs                                                                                                      Steve Michaels.
                                                                                                                                                    Steve Michaels.
                       CEOCoordinator’s Office, 703-370-9610 or
                      CEO Coordinator’s Office,
             703-370-9610 or
                      Dan L’Heureux — Exec. Director                                                                                                Host or carpool your accounts/service
                       at our web site
                     Dan L'Heureux Exec Director
                      at our web site
                 877-754-4103 •
                                                                                                                          on equipment such as Infinity or
                                                                                                                                                INSURANCE bannerBroker
                                                                                                                                                    CMC. included on the
                                                                                                                                                   To beSee our                  in
                   PINUSERS Cadcom Equipment
                       CEO is the GROUP
                  PIN AssociationGROUP in 1993. Owners is
                                                                                                                                                    Hosted Systems
                                  established        The group
                                                                                                                                           or call
                  PIN USERS GROUP                                                      Voice Logging Recorders
                                                                                       Voice Logging Recorders                                    Professional Directory,
                                                                                                                                                             ATSI Errors and Omissions
                                                                                                                                                             the benefits and Omissions
                                                                                                                                                    Receive ATSI Errors of the large,
                      comprised of OnviSource (formerly Cadcom)
                  SupportingPINNACLEandPIUSERS                                                                                                      (800) 369-6126 & ask for
                                                                                                                                                                   Insurance Program
                                                                                                                                                                  Insurance Program
                      Equipment Owners. Contact us Pinnacle
                  Release the POWER of your at: 27&28
                  Supporting PINNACLE and PI USERS                               Easily records ALL conversations—just click and play               expensive systems without the costs.
                                                                                 Easily records ALL conversations—just click and play
                                                                                                                                                            Its more than just an at
                                                                                                                                                    contact Valerieinsurance policy!
                                                                                                                                                    Steve Michaels. just an insurance policy!
                  Dan CEO Coordinator’s Office, 703-370-9610 or
                                                                                                                                                             Its more than
                  TechnicalTrainingManchester–Sept 27&28                                             574-848-5233
                                                                                                     574-848-5233                                   Host or carpool your accounts/service
                      at our web site
                                                                                                                                                                      For more information
                                                                                                                                                                     For more information
                      L’Heureux–Exec Dir-763-473-0210
                                                                      Record/PlayTek, Inc.
                                                                                                     Record/PlayTek, Inc.                           on 866-668-6694
                                                                                                                                                        equipment such as Infinity or
                                                                                                                 INSURANCE or call 888-303-4297.
                                                                                                                                                                      or call 888-303-4297.
                                                                                                                                                    CMC. See our banner on
                                                                                                                                           or call
Connections Magazine • www.connectionsmagazine.comVoice Logging Recorders
            PIN USERS GROUP                                                                                                                                               JUNE Omissions
                                                                                                                                                            ATSI Errors and2008 • 3
            SupportingPINNACLEandPIUSERS                                                                                                            (800) 369-6126 & ask for
                                                                                                                                                                  Insurance Program
                                               Easily records ALL conversations—just click and play
                  TechnicalTrainingManchester–Sept 27&28                                                                                            Steve Michaels. just an insurance policy!
                                                                                                                                                            Its more than
                                                                                                     574-848-5233                                                             For more information
                                                                      Record/PlayTek, Inc.                                       ,
Cover Story

 A Disaster
 Recovery Solution .....................14
 By Bill Curtin IV
 Today’s call center clients expect more      Professional Directory....................3
 from their service providers than ever
 before. They often insist on a viable        From the Publisher .........................7
 disaster recovery plan; their calls must     “The “Do-Not-Mail” Threat”
 be answered in an emergency. The first
 step towards disaster recovery is disaster   Industry News ................................9
 preparedness. The three most important
 resources for a call center to include in
                                              ATSI Update.................................34
                                              Why You Should Serve on a Board
 their plan are telecommunications, data,
 and staff. A good disaster recovery plan     Advertiser Listing ........................35
 must address all three.
                                              Mind Your Business .....................35
                                              “Q and A with Steve Michaels”

                                              Classifieds/Marketplace ...............36
                                              Coming Events.............................38

4 • JUNE 2008                                 • Connections Magazine
Features                                                                  22
                             All Names Are Not the Same ........................19    Understand What Customers Are
                             By Mary Conway                                           Saying Regardless of Language ...................27
                             Effective database modeling can predict                  By Cliff LaCoursiere
                             better performing names (that is, consumers              Learn how speech analytics can be
                             with a greater propensity to buy) through                employed to improve customer satisfaction
                             list analysis, modeling, and prioritization.             in multilingual contact centers.
                             Without this, the result can be hours of
                             nonproductive calling to consumers who                   Writing the Perfect
                             have little likelihood of buying.                        Outbound Script............................................30
                                                                                      By Matt Harless
                             Canadian Call Center Listing ......................21    By implementing four simple steps,
                                                                                      you can create the perfect script and
                             The Pros and Cons of Hosted Services ........22          improve your outbound results.
                             By Wayne Scaggs
                             Hosted services incorporate software                     ATA 2008 Washington Summit ...................32
                             running on local PCs which are connected                 By Peter DeHaan

19                           to a host system using the Internet. Wayne
                             Scaggs shares a discussion he recently had
                             with Cathi Farber about this growing trend.

                             Getting Quality Right – Part 3:
                             Motivation and Judgment ............................25
                             By Cliff Hurst
                                                                                      If you missed the ATA 2008
                                                                                      Washington Summit, you missed a
                                                                                      lot. See our overview and photo
                                                                                      coverage for this annual event.

                             As important as they are, call center
                             statistics play only a part in the quality
                             assurance program. Installment three of
                             the series, “Getting Quality Right” focuses
                             on agent motivation and the role judgment
                             plays in performance evaluations.                                                           27

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     presented by VPI                                • More Myths About Multicultural Customers, by Michael Soon Lee

Connections Magazine •                                                                         JUNE 2008 • 5
   Connections                                                                                                               from the
June 2008


                                               Volume 16, Issue 5

                                                            Peter DeHaan
   Phone .................................................866-668-6695
   Fax .....................................................866-668-6693
Display/Classified Advertising ...............Valerie Port
   Phone .................................................866-668-6694                                               The “Do-Not-Mail”
   Fax .....................................................866-668-6698
Designer/Production.......................David Margolis                         Peter DeHaan, Ph.D.
   Phone .................................................866-668-6696
   Fax .....................................................215-369-0144

              48955 Hickory Lane • Mattawan, MI 49071
                                                                                        ive years ago, the call center industry was confronted head on with the
         Upcoming Insertion Deadlines:
        Article/PR Space
Issue Deadline Deadline                Featuring
                                                                                 F      DNC (Do-Not-Call) legislation.                 As millions signed up
                                                                                        ( to block most telemarketing calls to their home,
                                                                                 the pool of prospect numbers shrank dramatically. Since then, the face of
                                                                                 outbound calling in the United States has been unalterably changed. In the
Jul/Aug June 13    June 20             Scripted Call-Processing Software;
                                       ATSI Convention Coverage
                                                                                 intervening years, many outbound centers switched from calling consumers to
Sept      July 18        July 25       Call Center Workforce Management          calling businesses. Others exchanged outbound work for inbound, or at least
                                       Software; Offshore Teleservice            added inbound into their service mix. Many call centers scaled back as
                                       Agency Listing
Oct       Aug 22         Aug 29        Remote Agents; Distributed
                                                                                 demand and efficacy plummeted, while a few closed their doors. Some out-
                                       Call Centers; Message Taking              bound call centers fine-tuned their niche or redefined their business, allowing
                                       System Software                           them to remain viable; only a few thrived.
Mission:                                                                              Today, DNC registration has surged past the 100 million mark, with
To be the principal clearing house of relevant and practical information         more residences now on the list than not. The latest development is that
for the teleservices industry.
                                                                                 phone numbers on the registry have been made permanent, not expiring after
Distribution:                                                                    five years as originally planned. All this adds up to some grave challenges
Connections Magazine is distributed monthly (with combined
Jan/Feb and Jul/Aug issues) to the TeleServices industry, including              for the outbound call center industry.
outsource call centers, telephone answering services, in-house call                   Throughout all this, the inbound side of the industry breathed a sigh of
centers, and industry professionals who actively buy and sell products           relief. “At least inbound is safe,” many a call center manager or owner
and provide service to this industry. The distribution list is
continuously monitored and updated via the Connections Website
                                                                                 thought. The only tangible change was that some of the formerly outbound-
(, industry sources, reader requests,                only call centers were now their competitors, bidding against them on RFPs
and the change of address service from the U.S. Postal Service.                  (Request for Proposals) for inbound campaigns.
POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Connections Magazine,
                                                                                      Given the immense popular support of the DNC legislation, politicians –
44895 Hickory Ln, Mattawan, MI 49071.
                                                                                 seeing an opportunity to win votes and generate good PR – began introducing all
Subscriptions:                                                                   sorts of bills to further regulate and restrict the manner and mode in which call
Connections Magazine is an advertiser supported magazine. It is sent
free to individuals and companies in the outsourcing and teleservices            centers operate, for both outbound calling and inbound response. These
industry. Subscribe at                        proposed bills stand as future industry threats, but they are not the biggest or the
Affiliation:                                                                     most ominous. That designation may be reserved for “Do-Not-Mail” legislation.
Connections Magazine is pleased to serve as the official magazine of                  According to Jerry Cerasale, SVP of Government Affairs for the Direct
ATSI (, the Association of Teleservices International               Marketing Association (DMA), there are currently Do-Not-Mail bills pending
Notice:                                                                          in eleven states: Hawaii (both in the house and senate), Illinois, Maryland,
Advertisers and their agents assume all liability for content, including text,   Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island,
representation, and illustration of any advertisement included in this
                                                                                 Tennessee, Vermont, and Washington. Soon, enough states will have joined
magazine as well as for any claims made against the publisher arising
therefrom. The publisher reserves the right to reject any advertising that is    this initiative that a tipping point will occur, prompting action at the federal
not in keeping with the standards of the magazine and to add the word            level. (Federal action is not all bad, as it will help usher in a single set of reg-
“advertisement” to any ad herein. The publisher makes no claims regarding        ulations with which to comply, hopefully replacing a patchwork of differing
the legality or condition of any goods or services advertised in this
magazine. Opinions expressed in this magazine are those of the authors           and diverging state requirements.)
and not necessarily those of Connections Magazine or any of its agents.               “What does Do-Not-Mail have to do with call centers?” you might be
The information contained herein is for informational purposes only and is       asking. Plenty, it turns out. Direct mail, the specific marketing vehicle that
not intended to provide legal, medical, tax, or any other professional advice
or counsel.                                                                      would be limited or squelched by the Do-Not-Mail bills, is a huge driver of
                                                                                                                                            (Continued on page 8)

 Connections Magazine •                                                                                               JUNE 2008 • 7
from the
  (Continued from page 7)

  calls to call centers – inbound call centers, the ones who         post offices are open, closing smaller, less used offices,
  thought they were safe from onerous legislation.                   eliminating Saturday delivery, or only delivering mail every
       Every direct mail piece is designed and sent to               other day. (One option is that half the routes would be
  accomplish a specific purpose. That purpose, or call to            Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and the rest would be
  action, is for the recipient to do something. This might           Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Another option would
  include mailing a response, faxing a form, visiting a Web site,    simply be to pick up and deliver mail every other day,
  or placing a call. Making a phone call is the most commonly        Monday through Friday.)
  selected, easiest, and quickest option. That phone call might           This is not a far-fetched scenario. Since about one third
  be to place an order, add a service, make a payment, take a        of all mail is direct mail, as Do-Not-Mail bills are implemented,
  survey, give a donation, ask a question, request literature,       the number of households to which unsolicited mail could be
  subscribe to a service, schedule an appointment, solve a prob-     legally sent would decrease. Imagine a national Do-Not-Mail
  lem, register a complaint, voice support, clarify a question, or   law with the same popularity and registration level as DNC.
  pursue a myriad of other outcomes. Obviously, direct mail          A large percentage of direct mail would cease to be sent, the
  prompts and inspires a great deal of telephone activity,           USPS revenues would fall, and huge postage increases and/or
  virtually all of which ends up in a call center.                   dramatic service cuts would be made. Just as DNC
       According to the USPS 2007 Annual Report, over 74             permanently changed outbound call centers, Do-Not-Mail
  billion pieces of mail were sent last year. Direct mail was        would forever and irrevocably affect postal service.
  cited by Cerasale to account for about one third of that. Even
  if just a small fraction of those mailings generated a call             There are three possible reactions to this situation. The
  center communication, it is still an enormous amount.              first is to do nothing, either out of apathy or denial. The
  Consider what would happen if those calls went away.               second is to assume that Do-Not-Mail is a foregone
  Billions of call center contacts would be summarily eliminated.    conclusion and begin forming contingency plans. The third
  That’s the big picture.                                            (and recommended) option is to get involved. The DMA
       Now, look at the view from within your call center.           (Direct Mail Association) is leading the fight – see
  Analyze your larger accounts to discover how they drive calls – with the ATA (American
  to your center. Is direct mail part of the mix? To what            Teleservices Association) playing a supportive role.
  extent? Imagine those calls disappearing. How would that                Don’t let DNC history repeat itself with Do-Not-Mail.
  affect your call volumes, your economies-of-scale, and your
  profitability? How would you need to adjust your call center
  to adapt? Could you make the changes required to ensure
  survival?                                                               For more comments and commentary from Peter
       Lest you dismiss this as an overreaction to an overstated     DeHaan, check out his blog, The Musings of Peter DeHaan,
  threat that may not occur, outbound call centers found             at Here are some recent posts:
  themselves at this same point five years ago. Yes, Do-Not-
  Mail legislation is a huge threat to the inbound call center       •    XP eXtended (May 5)
  industry – and to your call center.                                •    Can Self-Regulation Work? (May 1)
       The Do-Not-Mail bills also pose a more general danger         •    Travel Tidbits (April 30)
  to the cost-effective viability of the U.S. Postal Service         •    Can You Disconnect? (April 24)
  (USPS). The USPS management, staff, delivery schedule,             •    The Spin Cycle (April 22)
  and infrastructure all operate at a requisite level of mail        •    Danica Patrick Makes History (April 21)
  volume. The revenues generated from that mail supports the         •    A Disconnect Between Marketing and Technology
  current scale of operation and efficiency at the post office. If        (April 17)
  revenues drop, then the operational status quo cannot be           •    The Problem with Healthcare (April 16)
  supported and maintained. The result would be either that          •    Save Water (April 10)
  prices would need to take a huge jump or services would need       •    Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? (April 3)
  to be drastically curtailed. This could include the hours that

  8 • JUNE 2008                                                       • Connections Magazine
                                                                 64th Annual ATSI Conference & Expo in the Texas

   IndustryNEWS                                                  Boardroom. All are encouraged to attend, and breakfast will
                                                                 be served.
                                                                     For more information, visit,
                                                                 or contact Karen Black at 800-344-9944 x112 or
ATSI Announces Convention                              
Expo Vendors
     The Association of Teleservices International (ATSI) has    Startel Announces
announced that the following vendors have been confirmed as      Organizational Changes
participating in the ATSI 64th Annual Convention & Expo:              Dave Amorde has accepted the position of director of
     • Alston Tascom, Inc.                                       strategic product planning. A twenty-six-year Startel veteran,
     • Amtelco                                                   Dave’s experience and expertise position him well to lead
     • Appointment-Plus                                          planning efforts for their next-generation platform. Dave
     • ATSI                                                      reports to Elaine McMaster, vice president of research and
     • CAM-X                                                     development.
     • CenturiSoft                                                    Shamess Twardy has been promoted to director of field
     • Copia International                                       service. Shamess has been with Startel for two years as a
     • Creative Voice Solutions Inc.                             systems engineer and has ten years of industry experience.
     • Global Fone                                               Shamess will be responsible for managing the field engineers
     • Hays Companies                                            and training team. In addition, Shamess will be working with
     • Infiniti Resource Management                              Sharon Takaha on implementing customer installations and
     • OnviSource                                                system upgrades. Shamess reports directly to Sheryl Denny,
     • Professional Teledata                                     vice president.
     • SNUG, Inc.                                                     Alex Wong has been promoted to quality assurance
     • Startel                                                   manager. Alex joined Startel in 1999 as a CSR and quickly
     • Szeto Technologies, Inc.                                  moved into technical support. Alex’s Startel systems
     • TASBiller                                                 experience and technical expertise will serve him well in his
     • TasWare                                                   new capacity. Steve Abadie, quality assurance analyst, will
     • Telescan LLC                                              assist Alex to ensure that products meet specifications. Alex
     • Vacava, Inc.                                              also reports to Elaine McMaster.
     • XLScheduler                                                    For more information, call Dan Feis, Startel director of
     The event will be June 18-21, 2008 in St. Louis at the      sales, at 800-782-7835 x714, or visit
Hyatt Regency Union Station.
     For more information, visit or call            Amtelco Releases Pro Show
603-362-9489.                                                    Appointment Reminder
                                                                      Call centers can help their clients eliminate “no shows”
Enjoy Breakfast with Professional                                with Amtelco’s Pro Show appointment reminder application.
Teledata at ATSI Convention                                      Pro Show allows call centers to offer enhanced notification
     Professional Teledata will host a series of solutions       services that are completely automated or require minimal
seminar breakfasts at the annual ATSI convention in              agent involvement. In addition to appointment reminders, Pro
St. Louis. “Each year, we strive to give our clients the best    Show can send meeting reminders, class reminders, or any
experience possible at the annual ATSI conference and expo,”     type of notification needed. In addition, Pro Show can help
said Pat Kalik, vice president of Professional Teledata. “This   with generating mailing lists for reminder letters or postcards.
year, we are once again offering solutions seminars to teach          Pro Show features seamless integrations and importing
our clients new ways to use their system to improve              capabilities with existing appointment-taking software; it
profitability.”                                                  works with other applications that can supply information in

     “Our clients have always embraced the system and the        the form of a file, a database connection, XML, CVS, or HL7
additional training we provide, and it has helped a lot of our   notification. Pro Show can notify appointment holders as
clients to experience tremendous growth,” added Kalik. “We                                              (Continued on page 10)
are hopeful that our clients and anyone interested in learning
about our system will join us at one or all of these breakfast                    Want to Sell
seminars to see how they can use the Professional Teledata                        Your Business
product lineup to improve profitability.”
                                                                                  Call Steve Michaels
                                                                                  TAS Marketing (800) 369-6126
     The solution seminars will be held Thursday, June 19,
Friday, June 20, and Saturday, June 21 at 7:30 a.m. at the

Connections Magazine •                                                            JUNE 2008 • 9
                                                                   shares the landscape that inspired the Group of Seven,

(Continued from page 9)
                                                                   Canada’s best-known painters. In the late 1980s the
                                                                   Deerhurst stage inspired another emerging artist, superstar
                                                                   Shania Twain. Today, the resort that introduced
                                                                   championship golf to Muskoka stays ahead of the curve with
many times as needed, by a variety of methods: phone call,         Canada’s first ESPN Golf Schools and the Canadian National
email, and pager.                                                  Pond Hockey Championships.
     The Pro Show scheduler automates the notification                  Muskoka ( is one of the most
process by analyzing the data it receives to determine when to     visited regions in Canada for corporate meetings, incentives,
initiate the reminder service and what method should be used       and retreats. Fall in Muskoka is spectacular; the hiking trails
for each reminder. It keeps track of the outcome of each           are busy with activity, and the golf courses are in great shape.
notification attempt and includes message reporting based on            For more information, visit, or contact Linda
call and message statistical data.                                 Osip, executive director, at 800-896-1054 or
     For more information Pro Show contact Amtelco at
800-356-9148 or send an e-mail to                Mastar Telemessaging
                                                                   Increases Their Star Family
Annual CAM-X Convention to                                              KisStar, named for KISS (Keep It So Simple), is a
Color Outside the Lines                                            simple, stand-alone, completely paperless messaging telephone
     The 44th CAM-X (Canadian Call Management Association)         answering application that performs all the essentials for any
Annual Convention and Trade Show will be held at the beautiful     telemessaging call center. The design is by Rod Minarik, who,
Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville, Ontario, just north of Toronto.    after twenty-two years of installing and supporting such
The event will run from September 23-26, 2008. The theme for       systems, is releasing several new Mastar products.
the convention is “Leadership: Color Outside the lines.” It will        KisStar can manage accounts, clients, information, and
provide the setting for a fun-filled, educational, networking      messages with various delivery modes, such as page, email,
opportunity, offering attendees the tools necessary to promote     fax, and phone text. The system is simple and intuitive to
continuous growth of their businesses.                             use, requiring minimal agent training. It is driven by the
     Founded in 1896, Deerhurst Resort (   FileMaker engine and is ideal for start-ups. KisStar is
configured along with one of several Mastar applications,            or contact Karen Black at 800- 344-9944 x112 or
including the PollStar for DID or the IdStar for VoIP.     
     For more information, call 541-461-5235 or visit                                                      Startel Conference Highlights
                                                                          Startel offered a full day’s worth of free training classes
Professional Teledata                                                to all attendees at its recent user’s conference. Bill
Celebrates Twenty-Five Years                                         Robertshaw, Startel’s president, spoke to attendees, sharing
      Professional Teledata will celebrate twenty-five years in      his vision for the future of Startel. He expressed how he felt
the industry at the upcoming ATSI Convention in St. Louis.           that Startel had a strong commitment to innovation, validated
“I am pleased to find ourselves reaching this milestone. It          by the latest release of 8.0. He plans to continue Startel’s
doesn’t seem like that long ago when I attended my first ATSI        mission to be customer-focused with quality products and
Convention in Bal Harbor, Florida twenty-five years ago. The         service. He concluded with an open question forum.
first Billing and Collections System aka BCS (which evolved               Dan Feis, director of sales, gave the “State of the Union”
into today’s Total Billing System, or TBS) was signed that           address. He focused on the milestones and commitments that
year, and we have seen so many advancements since then,”             Startel delivered over the last year and provided insight into
stated Alan Hartmann, vice president of Professional Teledata.       how Startel is positioned for the upcoming year. Elaine
“Tele-Data Systems was working on mini-computers the size            McMaster, vice president of research and development, headed
of a small refrigerator, and the new ‘state-of-the-art’ personal     up the “Startel Innovation” session where she introduced the
computers came with a whopping 64K of memory and                     attendees to the new CMC 8.0 release and announced the new
enormous dual 360 kilobyte floppies for storage,” he joked.          process for the wish list, along with the twelve-step program
      Allen Kalik, president of Professional Teledata added, “It’s   that Startel will be following.
amazing to see that our company has evolved so very much and              During the awards luncheon, Ryan Chinoski was
that we are still forward-thinking to this day. The industry has     announced as TeamSNUG’s incoming president; Beth
seen many shifts and turns, and we’re so very proud that our         Cooper received the Don Berry Award.
company was built and continues to stand on such a strong TAS             For more information, call Dan Feis, Startel director of
foundation.”                                                         sales, at 800-782-7835 x714 or visit
      For more information, visit,                                              (Continued on page 12)
                                                                     For more information about Telwares, visit

(Continued from page 11)

                                                                  Amtelco Announces
                                                                  VoIP Board
Telwares Audits                                                        The latest release of the award-winning Infinity supports
Federal Excise Taxes                                              the Amtelco XDS Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) board,
     Telwares announced the results of an initiative to recoup    which eliminates the need for a third-party VoIP gateway.
federal excise tax (FET) refunds for clients. Enterprises that    The XDS VoIP Board provides native VoIP switching directly
failed to recover their overpayments through their 2006 income    within the Infinity server.
tax filings may still have the opportunity to do so. The taxes         Agent audio can be migrated from traditional analog
were collected by carriers through their telecommunications       connections to VoIP. Remote stations can connect an audio
invoices for interstate and interLATA inbound and outbound        path to their home or remote offices using VoIP, eliminating
usage, as well as wireless usage. In August 2006, the tax was     the need for and cost of a separate dedicated phone line.
abolished and is no longer collected by carriers. To obtain       Office telephones can also be based utilizing VoIP.
refunds for the eligible tax years 2003-2006, corporations were        The XDS VoIP Boards are available in multiple
required to file form 8913 with their 2006 tax filings.           configurations, ranging from 100 to 600 VoIP channels. Each
     “The Telwares Audit practice has been working with the       channel is the equivalent of an agent audio port or telephone.
IRS to document and recover tax overpayments on behalf of              The XDS VoIP Board supports connections to VoIP
our clients for more than twelve years,” said Bill Walsh,         carriers. The connection is established using the VoIP protocol
Telwares president and chief operating officer. “We are           called Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking that enables
proud to have obtained nearly $200 million in FET                 Infinity software version 5.5 to handle incoming and outbound
settlements. Companies that have not undertaken the FET           calls. With SIP trunking, Infinity-based call centers can offer
settlement process, or that may not have recovered the            nationwide local DID service and outbound dialing, allowing
maximum settlement amount by filing IRS Form 8913                 them to have a local telephone presence anywhere.
with their 2006 tax filings, may still have an opportunity to          For more information, contact Amtelco at 800-356-9148
recoup payments.”                                                 or

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                                                                                        Is the information incorrect or outdated?
                                                                                               Does it say “Time to Renew”?
                                                                                            If so, please renew or update your
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                                                                                                you don’t miss a single issue!
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12 • JUNE 2008                                                     • Connections Magazine
e-Services Group                                                  Synergy Solutions
Leads the Way in Employee                                         Expands Johnson City
Benefits Program                                                  Call Center
     e-Services Group International, a Business Process                Synergy Solutions, Inc., a provider of outsourced
Outsourcing (BPO) company, with offices in Jamaica and St.        customer contact solutions, announced the expansion of their
Lucia, has initiated employee benefit programs that go far        call center facility in Johnson City, New York. Synergy has
beyond any other employer in the Caribbean. When president        been operating in the area since 2000. In response to the
Patrick Casserly opened his doors eight years ago, a major        continued growth in demand from Synergy’s client base,
initiative was to help build the economy of the region and to     Synergy has added eighty workstations to the second floor of
improve the lives of those associated with the firm and their     their Johnson City call center.
families.                                                              The call center currently employs 130 customer contact
     The company set up a medical facility with doctors’          representatives. With eighty additional workstations, up to
offices on-site, enabling employees to tend to most medical       100 more employees will be needed. Synergy is expecting to
needs without having to leave the premises. In addition, each     expand the center’s workforce to 240 employees within the
employee is given group health and life insurance at no cost.     next four months.
     There is a wellness program and participation on-site             Corey Conklin, founder and COO of Synergy Solutions,
gym facilities. Emergency fund loans, scholarships for            stated, “For the past seven and a half years, the amazing
employees and their families, staff food service subsidies, and   people of Synergy’s Johnson City site have demonstrated
evening film events are some of the other benefits offered.       superior sales and customer support to many of our clients.
     The company also created a bus company that transports       Client demand for growth is extremely high and recruitment
employees to and from both Jamaican offices. Possibly the         is so strong that expanding to the second floor of our current
most innovative program is the e-Kids Summer Camp, created        building was an easy decision.”
to allay parents’ concerns during the school break and to              For more information about Synergy Solutions, contact
provide a learning outlet for the kids as well.                   Lori Fentem at 800-547-0504, email,
     For further information, call 876-684-9467 or visit          or visit

Anexa Teleservices Will Brand
OEM Version of Work-the-Lead
from Tele-Direct
     Tele-Direct Call Centers, Inc. announced that Anexa
Teleservices, a Mexico-based call center, will be the first to
use, Tele-Direct’s flagship call center
software, to service Spanish language calls. Anexa
Teleservices will brand the new service AnexaOnDemand,
which will target advertisers focused on the Hispanic
consumer in the United States. Anexa owns and operates two
outsourced call centers in Hermosillo, Mexico, with a
capacity of 2,400 seats.
     Work-the-Lead is a Web-based software application that
provides inbound and outbound call center infrastructure to
deliver value to the advertising process, from measurement
and call reception to lead management. The software allows
an advertiser to login and within thirty minutes have their
own 24/7 call center ready to collect leads and measure
campaign results. Work-The-Lead ensures that leads are
captured and then routed in the most profitable direction for
the advertiser.
     TeleDirect Call Centers has been supporting business
owners with inbound customer service representatives since
1961. Beginning four decades ago as a small answering
service, TeleDirect has grown into a full-service, on-demand
call center.
     For more information, visit and

Connections Magazine •                                                          JUNE 2008 • 13
By Bill Curtin IV

     ohn D. Rockefeller’s pragmatic view of disaster recovery       inbound phone path, and it can be very challenging to reroute

J    – “I always tried to turn every disaster into an opportuni-
     ty” – is one which holds true for today’s call center
industry just as it did for the oil industry of the late 1800s.
                                                                    the calls to a backup location.
                                                                          Using the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network),
                                                                    a call center’s options are limited by the services its phone
Even so, actually turning a disaster into a business opportuni-     company can provide. The call backup and call forwarding
ty involves much more than reacting to a difficult situation        services that many phone companies provide vary greatly, so
when it occurs.                                                     considering backup options when shopping for phone service
     The first step towards disaster recovery is disaster pre-      is extremely important.
paredness – identifying all of the emergencies that could con-            Alternative routing or call overflow are common product
front a call center and putting plans in place to deal with them    names that many PSTN phone companies use for describing
in a quick, efficient, and effective manner.                        their call forwarding service. How these services work will
     Most call center clients expect more today than ever from      also vary by service provider. Usually these services will
their call centers. Many even require SLAs (Service Level           allow a call center to forward all of its DID numbers to a sin-
Agreements) and proof that adequate disaster recovery plans         gle 800 toll-free number if phone service goes out.
are in place. In the event of an emergency, they want their               If a call center subscribes to an alternative routing service
calls to be answered.                                               that forwards calls to a toll-free number, it can add more flex-
     The three most important resources for a call center to        ibility to its phone routing by having the 800 number reside at
consider are the inbound telephone lines, the call center’s         a RespOrg (Responsible Organization) instead having the 800
client data for properly processing calls, and the labor to         number resident within its phone company. The services that
answer the calls. A good disaster recovery plan addresses all       different RespOrgs provide also vary – some allow a call cen-
three of these resources.                                           ter to redirect calls to its 800 number using a Web site, while
     In order for a call center to take calls, calls must have an   others require the subscriber call center to call in to make the
inbound path to the ACD (Automated Call Distribution) sys-          forwarding request.
tem. There are many disasters that can do away with this                                                       (Continued on page 16)

Connections Magazine •                                                                JUNE 2008 • 15
(Continued from page 15)                                           facility, the SIP service provider directs the calls to another
                                                                   Internet IP address. These IP addresses can be changed
     Sometimes trunk groups can be used to forward overflow        manually, through a Web site, or can be set up to failover
calls to a backup location. Every phone company uses               automatically.
different names for these services, and just finding the name           The newer VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
of the service can be one of the bigger challenges.                technologies are allowing call centers to “collocate” their
     Many call centers already are taking advantage of             hardware to off-premise data centers. When the hardware is
VoIP/SIP phone service providers – for a number of reasons         housed off-site, the entire staff can connect to the system like
and in equally as many ways. One advantage of SIP (Session         remote agents.
Initiation Protocol – an Internet transmission method)                  In addition to easing worries over power constraints,
providers is that they can have DID lines from many area           backup generator power, cooling, and Internet connectivity,
codes terminate to one IP (Internet Protocol) address.             collocation removes many of the worries of disaster recovery
     Many call centers can realize a cost savings using SIP        planning because the datacenter has already addressed them.
services instead of using dedicated phone circuits to transport    Even if you are using PSTN phone lines, a collocation facility
their DID traffic. These SIP phone providers also can aid in a     can provide you with greater reliability. Data centers have
call center’s disaster recovery plans.                             fiber SONNET rings that connect them to the phone
     When a call center gets its phone service from a SIP          company’s CO (central office). For a reasonable fee,
provider, the phone service is sent to an IP (Internet Protocol)   datacenters will allow you to run your PSTN phone lines
address. To move the phone service to a call center’s backup                                               (Continued on page 18)

 Another Use for SIP Trunking
 in the Call Center
 By Allen David Niven
      SIP trunking allows telemessag-
 ing call centers to eliminate toll-free
 numbers that clients are forwarded
 to, while maintaining a national
 service area. Instead of forwarding
 calls to toll-free numbers, clients
 forward to local DID numbers,
 wherever they are. There is no
 per-minute charge for the incoming
 call, so the cost savings are huge,
 the service often paying for itself
 within a few months.
      If the call center equipment
 does not support SIP trunking
 natively, a T-1 gateway must be
 used. Such gateways cost about
 $2500 per T-1 and are manufac-
 tured by companies such as Cisco,
 Linksys, and Quintum. They have
 only two ports: an RJ-48 that connects to the T-1 port on the call center equipment and an RJ-45 that connects to the Internet.
      Few companies that sell SIP trunking actually own the points of presence nationally themselves – most are resellers.
 Usually, the more thorough their nationwide coverage is, the higher the price per trunk. Niche players can often give good
 coverage at great rates. Contracting with more than one provider can produce a good mix of niche and nationwide coverage.
      Companies that sell SIP trunking qualify as CLECs – competitive local exchange carriers. This means that by law they
 must allow numbers to be ported. The call center fills out a form for local number portability, and the
 numbers must be transferred within thirty days.
      Allen David Niven is CEO of GlobalFone (

16 • JUNE 2008                                                      • Connections Magazine
PInnacle and Contact One:
30% revenue growth and
gunning for more

With the same owners since 1980, Contact One Call
Center has earned national and international awards
for industry leadership and exceptional service.
But lately times have been especially good; since
switching to PInnacle 2.1, CEO Judy Wood
says revenues are up 30%. Combining the
industry’s most powerful scripting and
order-taking program with innovative
TAS messaging and dispatch software,
PInnacle has allowed Contact One to crack
new markets, expand its services, add new
clients—and gain more business from existing
ones. With its state of the art military-grade
hardware, this powerful turnkey solution
can do the same for you. So get growing!


                                                                     Call Center Angels
                                                                                left to right:
                                                                               Jeff Wood
                                                                   VP Technical Development
                                                                              Judy Wood

                                            AT I N G
                                                                      Jennifer Hoffman
                                                                Director of Human Resources
                                                                       and Customer Service
                                                                                                 See us at Booth #15

                                        rs                                                             at ATSI

                                  25 yea


                                   O                   L
(Continued from page 16)                                                              locations that are often geographically
                                                                                      removed from the area that would be
from the CO to the datacenter on their          Many call centers can                 potentially impacted by an emergency.
SONNET ring, which provides                     realize a cost savings                     In the event of a disaster that interrupts
two paths for your phone calls to travel                                              the primary database or ACD, service
from the CO to the datacenter. If one of           using SIP services                 can be restored within minutes by turning
the paths disappears, you won’t notice               instead of using                 on your backup server at the data center.
any loss of service.                                                                  With service rerouted to the backup
     With this network architecture, the            dedicated phone                   server, an agent can connect and process
main disaster concern for a call center is        circuits to transport               calls without noticing any difference
maintaining agent workstations. Since                                                 from being connected to the primary
SIP connections can be initiated from                their DID traffic.               server.
any workstation with a live Internet con-                                                  Reliability is fundamental to the
nection, this is a powerful operational                                               reputation and success of any call center.
model for reducing a call center’s risk in                                            Being fully prepared for a disaster, with
disaster situations.                                                                  devoted resources and plans of action in
     Based on a similar principle, real-time                                          place, ensures that when a disaster
data backup can be a powerful disaster                                                occurs, the visible effect to the call
recovery tool for any call center. Utilizing existing ISDN or   center’s clients and callers is as minimal as possible.
T1 telephony connections, an off-premise data center can             When a call center’s clients realize that even though a
receive a live update whenever there is a change to a call      disaster has occurred, their service has not been affected in
center’s primary database. Several software solutions exist     any way, the call center has turned that disaster into a good
that allow database backup over the Internet. Instead of doing  client retention opportunity. ¤
a full database backup, these backup software solutions
backup the real-time changes. Every time a change occurs,            Bill Curtin IV is director of corporate IT services for

the data is sent to the backup database through the Internet.   Amtelco and manages Amtelco’s hosted services enterprise
The backup databases can be located in scattered and separate   offerings.

                                                                        Logging Digital Recorders

                                                                      Founders of Record / Play Tek, Inc, John Haines, Mike Stoll,

                                                                      Edward Krepps, Circa 1977 in the “Reel to Reel” Days!
                                                                      Now it’s the Simple Computer Logger SCL 8900
                                                                      • Answering Services, recording phones, head sets, mics.
                                                                      • Search by Startel®, Telescan®, Morgan®, Amtelco®,
                                                                        SMDR numbers, with 175 days of history on hard drive.
                                                                      • DVD-R backups, playable on LAN, WAN, Email, fast.
           Association of TeleServices International

                                                                       110 East Vistula Street, Box 790, Bristol, Indiana 46507
                                                                 • 800-809-5233
           12 Academy Avenue, Atkinson, NH 03811
           Toll Free (866) 896-ATSI

                                                                                          Now Recording VOIP Phones
                                                                            Soliciting Interested Parties for Purchase of the Company

18 • JUNE 2008                                                        • Connections Magazine
All Names Are Not the Same

                                                   By Mary Conway

         ll names are not the same. That’s the basic truth        be reliably predicted through careful list analysis, modeling,

A        underlying successful customer acquisition
         campaigns. Yet many marketers overlook this fact
when they embark on a telemarketing program. They accept
                                                                  and prioritization.
                                                                       It’s said that past performance is not a guarantee of future
                                                                  results, but it’s one of the most effective predictors of a
a shockingly low response rate from a customer or a prospect      successful telemarketing effort. Surprisingly, most teleservices
list as a “necessary evil,” instead focusing their attention on   programs overlook the prior performance of names on a list,
developing the most creative promotional concept and/or           failing to glean invaluable insights about how those leads are
presenting an offer to the consumer via the vendor with the       likely to respond in the future.
lowest hourly cost.                                                    Analysis of a list’s prior response rates reveals important
     The result in far too many instances is hours of             insights by answering questions like these: Does one
nonproductive calls to consumers who have little likelihood       geographic area, such as the northeast, respond better than
of responding to the offer. This wasteful practice can be         another region, such as the southwest? Do urban markets
greatly improved by tapping the growing power and                 outperform suburban ones? Do consumers residing in single-
sophistication of database modeling protocols, now increasingly   family dwellings respond better than consumers living in
being deployed in advanced teleservices programs.                 multifamily dwellings? Do credit scores correlate with
     Effective database modeling is built on the premise that     response rates?
all names are not the same – that better performing ones can                                               (Continued on page 20)

Connections Magazine •                                                            JUNE 2008 • 19
All Names Are Not the Same
(Continued from page 19)                                           Metric            Original Strategy New Strategy % Improvement
                                                                   Sales per Hour:        0.60            0.77            28%
     The analysis doesn’t stop there. Here’s another factor to
consider: How recently has a name been called? Over-               Contact
                                                                   Penetration:          48.84%         50.63%             4%
contact is a red flag in telemarketing. If a properly coded list
indicates a household has been called recently – say within        Contact
                                                                   Conversion:            5.5%           7.0%             27%
the last month – that name should probably be suppressed, as
the likelihood of a positive response is low.                      Cost per
                                                                   Enrollment:           $46.67          $36.38            22%
     Many companies devise their own coding schemes for
names on their customer lists. These too can be analyzed for       best leads and under-penetrate the worst ones.
varying response rates – even without knowing exactly what              Unfortunately, as the campaign unfolded, there were
they mean!                                                         frequent instances where the performance scores did not
     Database modeling programs consider all these inputs          correlate with actual results. Consequently, a significant
and then apply a scoring mechanism that ranks expected             degree of sales opportunity was not being realized. The
response rates from highest to lowest. This evaluation is          company clearly needed a better database modeling strategy.
invaluable in guiding the hourly efforts of telemarketing               By overlaying additional modeling criteria on the list, a
teams – focusing them on fully penetrating prospect names          revised segmentation/scoring scheme could be generated. As
with the best potential for sales success. Importantly, the        the table below illustrates, the new campaign achieved
assessment process must be continuous. For optimal results,        significantly higher conversion rates, resulting in a cost-
as waves of a campaign are completed, the modeling program         per-enrollment that was $10 lower than the previous strategy
must evaluate performance on an ongoing basis, re-ranking          – a savings of over 22 percent.
remaining names before they are called.                                 As businesses relentlessly seek the best return-on-investment
     This database modeling was recently employed for a            for their marketing investments, database modeling – skillfully
credit card issuer. The client supplied a list of customer         applied – offers an impressive solution. ¤
names, which it had ranked for expected propensity to enroll
in a value-added program. This ranking was intended to drive          Mary Conway is chief marketing officer for DialAmerica
the campaign’s list penetration strategy: over-penetrate the       (

20 • JUNE 2008                                                      • Connections Magazine
Canadian Call Center Listing
     The Canadian call centers in this listing go by various labels, such as teleservice agency, outsource call center, telemessaging
company, telemarketing firms, and telephone answering service. Regardless of their label, all provide various call processing and
phone answering services. They customize their services to meet client needs, providing overflow coverage, after hours support,
or complete 24-7 call center services.

24-7 INtouch                                    Encore TeleSolutions Inc                         Re: Messaging Solutions Inc.
219 Dufferin St Ste 14C                         Barrie, ON                                      202 - 2636 Montrose Ave.
Toronto, ON M6K 3J1, Canada                                Abbotsford, BC, V2S 3T6, Canada                                                                   
Contact: Jonathan Smith,                        Extend Communications Inc.                      Contact: Casey Smit, President and CEO,
     Sales Manager, at 800-586-0790 or          49 Charlotte St                                       at 888-993-1144 or                     Brantford, ON N3T 2W4, Canada               
Services: Inbound, Email, Text Chat, IVR                              Services: Inbound, Email
Multilingual: English, French, Spanish          Contact: Scott Lyons, President,                Telephone answering services since 1980,
Award-winning, multi-channel contact center          at 800-265-9975 or                               specializing in Western Canada.
     outsourcer; specializing in inbound call
     support, email, and live chat.             Services: Inbound, Email, Text Chat, IVR        Robertson Telecom
                                                With three inbound call centers in Ontario,     270 - 1075 West Georgia
AnswerPlus Inc.                                      Extend serves clients across Canada and    Vancouver, BC V6E 3C9, Canada
122 Hughson St S                                     the U.S. with dedicated and overflow
Hamilton, ON, L8N 2B2, Canada                        programs.                                  Contact: Ron Barker at 604-664-7640 or                                                                            
Contact: Barbara Bradbury,                      FineLine                                        Services: Inbound, Outbound, Email, Text
     Vice President, at 905-522-4737 or         Winnipeg, MB                                          Chat, IVR                                     Multilingual: English, French, Spanish, Punjabi
Services: Inbound, Outbound, Email, IVR                                                         Vertical Markets: Government referral services,
Multilingual: English, French                   Intercon Messaging Inc.                               IT help desks, automotive repair customer
Vertical Markets: Real Estate, HVAC, Home       Drayton Valley, AB                                    satisfaction surveys
     Health Care, Property Management                        Specializes in content-rich, complex contact
AnswerPlus is a 24/7 call center specializing                                                   centers ranging in size up to 75 seats.
     in emergency response and real estate      KorenIt
     applications for over 40 years.            Montreal, QC                                    Telelink Call Centre
                                                                       St. John’s, NL
AnswerNet-TelePartners                          Memberworks Canada Corp.
Toronto, ON                                     Montreal, QC                                    Tele-Page                                                3901 Jean Talon St W Ste 200
                                                                                                Montreal, QC H3R 2G4, Canada
ClienTEL Plus Contact Center Solutions          PDL Contact Centres Ldt               
Cornwall, ON                                    2420 42nd Ave NE                                Contact: Gary Blair, Vice President,                            Calgary, AB, T2E 7T6, Canada                         at 514-342-3611 or
Connections Call Centre                         Contact: Desiree Bombenon at                    Services: Inbound, Outbound
101-37710 2nd Ave                                           Multilingual: English, French
Squamish, BC V0N 3G0, Canada                    Services: Inbound, Outbound, Email, Text        Tele-Page, Quebec’s call center and paging                        Chat, IVR                                       experts since 1970.
Contact: Lillian (Lil) Lyle, Owner,             Multilingual: English, French
     at 800-667-7588 or                         PDL, an award-winning contact center that       TigerTel/UTR                           designs programs customized for clients’   Toronto, ON
Services: Inbound, Email, Multilingual               requirements.                    
Offers outsourcing, order-entry, work alone
     programs, emergency response, data-        Professional Answering Service                  We An-Ser Communications
     base management, virtual receptionist,     877 Exmouth St                                  Lloydminster, AB
     and total answering service needs.         Sarnia, ON N7T 5R3, Canada            
Durham Contact Centre                           Contact: Dale Mason, President,
Oshawa, ON                                           at 519-332-2320 or                           Services: Inbound, Outbound, Email

Connections Magazine •                                                                       JUNE 2008 • 21
By Wayne Scaggs

         osted services or SAAS (software as a service) is              Cathi: I like the privacy of our closed system. Another

H        an up-and-coming technology concept; it’s the
         integration of licensed software running on local
computers connected via the Internet. The software is no
                                                                   customer can’t try to login to our system to see what I have,
                                                                   or inadvertently do something that will crash the system.

longer purchased but leased, and you are connected to a larger          Wayne: Any good hosted service provider must provide
system that is able to share the available resources. Driving      you with the security and privacy you would have on your
this technology is the economics of paying only for what you       own system. Secret information concerning your clients or
use. Many on-premise systems are underutilized, yet the            your business should be as secure as in your premise-based
complete system must be maintained by the end user. Hosted         system. No one other than you, and of course, the technician
services eliminate that waste.                                     who maintains the system (on a need-to-know basis) should
     I recently had a chat with Cathi Farber regarding hosted      have access to your customer information. Your information
services in the telemessaging industry. Cathi and her husband      is completely secure. Subscribers never have permission to
Brad own A-B Communications in Lafayette, California, and          access the system in such a way that they gain access to any
the Farber family was one of the early pioneers of the industry.   other subscriber or to do anything that will harm the system.
They do not use hosted services for their business.                     Cathi: I like that I own the equipment; it can’t be
                                                                   changed without my approval, and I decide the level of
    Wayne: Cathi, what are some of the things that concern         technology we are working on.
you regarding hosted services?

22 • JUNE 2008                                                     • Connections Magazine
     Wayne: Every service provider wants to provide the                     Cathi: It would cost a ton of money to give up the
best service possible. When a system falls behind in                    current system, and then have to try and put one back together
technology it costs more to support that system, and often the          or buy another one if I choose to go out on my own again.
cost to bring an out-of-date system current is more than if the
system had been kept current right along. Most updates                       Wayne: The decision to move to a hosted system or services
make the system operate more efficiently and provide easier main-       should be based on a need to make a change in the status quo.
tenance. If there is a feature you do not want, you can ask if it can   Perhaps your profits have dropped, your technology has
be disabled. Or you can choose not to pay for unwanted technology.      become outdated, your operating costs have sharply
     Cathi: I like that I own the equipment, and I like the fact        increased, there’s conflict with your vendor, or you no longer
that no one can raise my rates to run that equipment.                   want the headache of maintaining the system you have.
                                                                             Now the question becomes: “How much will a mistake
     Wayne: Rates for hosted services must always reflect a             cost me?” If you buy another premise-based system, along
savings to the subscriber. Hosted services are only successful          with all the infrastructure costs needed to make it work, and
when the subscriber gains benefits from the hosted services,            later realize it was a mistake, how much will that cost, and
which must include monetary gains for that subscriber. The rates        how long will it take to recover? If you select hosted services
to operate your own system include your service contracts. When         and later decide to make a change, you have spent a lot less
the service contracts are up for renewal, the rates can be raised; it   money and time from which to recover.
is the same in a hosted service environment.                                                                    (Continued on page 24)

Connections Magazine •                                                                 JUNE 2008 • 23
The Pros and Cons of Hosted Services
(Continued from page 23)                                             to give that up.
                                                                          Wayne: Hosted services (systems) are housed in profes-
                                                                     sionally run “collocations,” which are located in data
    Cathi: I think that the value of selling my business is          centers or phone companies. They have redundant power,
higher if I have everything in place for the buyer to take off       air-conditioning, and backbone infrastructure; plus, they are
running. They will have everything they need to be in business       manned twenty-four hours a day and have secured entry.
without paying someone else or having to buy a completely                 Cathi: I like being in control of the contract between our
new system.                                                          company and the phone company. I like being able to deal
                                                                     directly with phone company regarding problems and changes.
     Wayne: The value of your business is not based on your
equipment; it is based on the revenues your customers generate.           Wayne: One of the benefits of hosted services is that
When a business buys equipment, they often pay top dollar            the infrastructure is shared, which provides more services
for good equipment. When a business is sold, however,                for less money. This is accomplished through the wholesale
the client accounts are often moved to the buyer’s existing          purchase of infrastructure, which lowers the cost of service,
system. In other cases, the old equipment is used for as long        and this means that the savings are passed on to the
as that equipment continues to produce the revenues the buyer        subscribers. Also, because the accounts are larger, providers
contracted for in the purchase of the business. This is also         of hosted services have direct access to the NOC
true for the business that uses a hosted service provider;           (Network Operations System), and the technicians that know
the new buyer will continue to use it if the expected revenues are   what they are doing.
generated. The buyer will use whatever produces the desired               With all these advantages, hosted services can be the best
results.                                                             option for many call centers. ¤
     Cathi: I don’t like the idea of having system outages that
are beyond my control, and I don’t like the idea of my (or                Wayne Scaggs is president of Alston Tascom, Inc.,
someone else’s) ISP/Internet connection determining if I am          which offers an end-to-end contact center solution using
up and running on given any day. I also have a backup power          digital telephony. For further information, contact Alston
system, which means that we have zero problems due to                Tascom at 909-548-7300,, or
power outages. I like being set up for that. I would not want

24 • JUNE 2008                                                        • Connections Magazine
Getting Quality Right
Part 3: Motivation and Judgment
By Cliff Hurst

More than Statistics

                                   tatistics are important to call center quality, and it is

                            S      critical to apply sound statistical precepts to our
                                   work. However, stats are only part of the picture;
                            by themselves they won’t allow you to “get quality right.”
                            Let’s look at the principles behind a meaningful approach
                            to call center quality management.
                                                                   (Continued on page 26)

 Connections Magazine •                                            JUNE 2008 • 25
More than Statistics
(Continued from page 25)                                                                    extrinsic, and the intrinsic modes of

      Motivation at Work:
                                                         What an                            valuation. These three terms provide a
                                                                                            helpful lens through which to see the
      The results from quality monitoring
practices will be determined – and
                                                         intrinsic                          different ways to make value judgments.
                                                                                                 Systemic evaluation is the realm of
constrained – by the prevailing paradigms
of the organization’s leaders regarding
                                                       perspective                          “yes/no” judgment. A specific part of
                                                                                            the monitored call is whether the agent
people’s motivation to work.
      I advocate a view of human motivation
                                                       gives us is a                        did or did not do or say something that
                                                                                            was required; there are no shades of
which holds that people seek work that is
challenging and helps them grow. Doing                 reminder to                          gray in systemic evaluation. Systemic
                                                                                            components of a call are the easiest to
good work is inherently satisfying. It’s                                                    select when monitoring and the easiest
the job of leadership (the job of a quality             look at the                         to calibrate among different raters.
program) to help agents bring the best                                                      They are most helpful in identifying
of who they are to what they do. This                     call as                           baseline criteria that all calls must
perspective is the bedrock of quality                                                       achieve. They are not useful, however,
monitoring and performance feedback                      an entity.                         when you seek to “raise the bar” to
practices. The roots of this perspective                                                    higher levels of engagement with the
lie in the field of humanistic psychology.                                                  caller. To do that, you need to evaluate
      A different school of psychological                                                   extrinsically.
thought is that of behaviorism. Pure behaviorists say that the            Extrinsic evaluation is the realm of varying degrees of
only reason people work is to gain the external rewards              fulfillment of a concept. This is the world of “good, better,
offered by their employer – pay, benefits, and so forth.             best.” Here there are shades of gray; you might use various
Behaviorist theory leads to an approach of quality monitoring        types of Likert scales in the evaluation process. Let’s say that
by focusing on consequences – incentives for performing              one of the criteria that you decide to evaluate through
well and punishments for not doing well. Although                    monitoring is the degree of professional courtesy exhibited by
punishment and rewards make a strong seasoning, a little             your agents. You may decide to rate these degrees of courtesy
goes a long way, while too much ruins the whole meal.                in the form of a one-to-five scale, where one is unacceptable,
Behaviorism, in its various manifestations, should play only         two is below average, three is average, four is above average,
a supporting role in quality programs. Its role is at the edges,     and five is excellent. Extrinsic evaluations comprise the greater
not at the core. Behaviorism, at most, is the buffing wheel          part of most call monitoring forms. They are more difficult to
on the statue of call center performance; it is neither the chisel   calibrate than systemic evaluations, as the scores are more
nor the sculptor.                                                    subjective and prone to argument between analysts and agents.
                                                                          Intrinsic evaluation is a different animal altogether.
    Three Types of Judgment:                                         Intrinsic evaluation plays a major role in coaching but only a
                                                                     minor role in call monitoring. This will be addressed in a
     A question heard often from call center quality managers        future article. Most of what we do when we monitor calls is
is, “What should our monitoring form look like?” Everyone            to analyze them by breaking the call into its component parts.
is seeking the best monitoring form. There’s even a book             What an intrinsic perspective gives us is a reminder to look at
with sixty sample forms in it. It makes an interesting read,         the call as an entity. Ask yourself, “On the whole, from the
but don’t lean on it too heavily, because there is no such thing     caller’s point of view, how well was this call handled?”
as a best monitoring form.                                           Ask, “Was this customer delighted, satisfied, mollified, or
     There are, however, a small handful of precepts that will       disgruntled with the process and the outcome of the call?”
enable you to create a form that best serves your purposes at        The answer you get from an intrinsic evaluation may be quite
your call center, because these are based on what is important       surprising when you compare it to the rest of your analysis.
to you and to your callers. With these precepts, you can be          The parts do not always add up to the whole. ¤
assured that your form will be both valid and reliable.
     When you monitor according to valid and reliable                    [In the next issue of Connections Magazine, Cliff will
criteria, your agents, your supervisors, and your senior             discuss levels of measurement, reliability, and validity.]
managers will have greater confidence that the monitoring
scores you report really mean something valuable.                         Cliff Hurst is president of Career Impact, Inc, which he
     So, how do you develop a monitoring form that gives             started in 1988. Contact Cliff at 207-499-0141, 800-813-
you valid and reliable data? There are several steps involved.       8105, or Sign up for his free email
The first step is to recognize that there are three types of         newsletter or order his book, Your Pivotal Role: Frontline
judgment involved in evaluating a call: the systemic, the            Leadership in the Call Center at

26 • JUNE 2008                                                        • Connections Magazine
Understand What
                                                           hifting demographics are changing the mix of

                                                     S     spoken languages in the U.S. The 2000 U.S. Census
                                                           Bureau survey found that 18 percent of the total

Customers Are
                                                     population, or approximately 47.0 million people, spoke
                                                     languages other than English. These figures were up from
                                                     14 percent, or 31.8 million, in 1990 and 11 percent, or

Saying Regardless
                                                     23.1 million, in 1980. These trends are expected to
                                                     continue and will compel contact centers to offer service
                                                     in multiple languages. This adds an additional layer of

of Language
                                                     complexity to a business’ understanding of their
                                                     customers’ needs, and it can challenge their ability to
                                                     achieve key performance metrics. Sophisticated speech
                                                     analytics technology that supports multiple languages can
By Cliff LaCoursiere                                 positively influence not only contact center operations, but
                                                     also business processes as a whole.
                                                                                        (Continued on page 28)

Connections Magazine •                                           JUNE 2008 • 27
Understand What Customers Are Saying
(Continued from page 27)
                                                                          The ability to switch between
BACKGROUND:                                                             languages and accents is critical
The Benefits of Speech Analytics
     Speech analytics can be employed in contact centers to                for businesses that support a
identify key topics that point to customer dissatisfaction,
such as naming a competitor or asking to speak with a                       diverse customer base with
supervisor. The more advanced speech analytics solutions
capture silence, tempo, and stress in a call along with topic                     multiple languages.
identification algorithms. These applications enable businesses
to understand what customers are saying as well as the intent
of what they mean, providing a complete picture of all calls.     this company had used speech analytics to uncover why
This capability enables businesses to identify customer           customers were leaving, then some percentage of those
dissatisfaction trends before they become issues that could       customers might have been saved, and company-wide tactics
dramatically affect the company’s bottom line. In addition,       could have been implemented to save future customers as well.
these solutions produce reports that allow businesses to               Using the above communications services provider
respond quickly to create and implement programs that will        example, implementing speech analytics to modestly improve
satisfy and retain customers before they decide to take their     customer satisfaction by one quarter of one percent would
business elsewhere.                                               save $5 million in revenue from dropping off the bottom line.
     The following is an example of how leveraging speech         Increasing customer satisfaction and reducing cancellations
analytics technology could have helped a leading U.S.             by a meager 1 percent boosts that figure to $20 million.
communications services provider. This company reported
losing $720 million in 2005 due to customers canceling their      TAKING IT A STEP FURTHER:
services. While most of those customers did not cite              Speech Analytics Technologies in a
customer satisfaction issues as the main reason, a sizable        Multilingual Contact Center Environment
amount did attribute their cancellation to competitive                 As you can see, speech analytics technologies have the
providers that offered better pricing and better products. If     ability to enable contact centers and the businesses they
support to reduce costs, increase revenues, and improve
customer satisfaction. Adding multiple languages into the
mix makes achieving customer satisfaction goals a daunting           PROMPT…
task unless the speech analytics technology can address the
issue of multiple languages.                                       CONFIDENTIAL…
     This can be accomplished with speech analytics technology
that uses the appropriate language and acoustic models to
drive customer interactions into the database for analysis.
However, while some speech analytics vendors support
multiple languages, they do so in a monolithic fashion               IF YOU ARE THINKING
and only support one language recognition model per
application. Switching language applications is usually
                                                                        OF SELLING YOUR
accomplished through the contact center’s IVR. More                   TAS OR VOICE MAIL
advanced speech analytics solutions, on the other hand, are
using a combination of IVR and CTI data to trigger the correct         BUSINESS—WE ARE
language application.
     To benefit outsourced contact center providers that need       INTERESTED IN BUYING

                                                                    If you are considering selling your business, we
to support multiple languages and accents, oftentimes via
multiple contact centers, in particular the speech analytics

                                                                    would welcome the opportunity to discuss your
solution implemented should be able to tag the origin of the

                                                                    needs and the direct purchase of your business.
contact center audio and execute the appropriate language
model for converting those recorded calls into data that can

                                                                   We will be happy to coordinate with you and your
be mined. The ability to switch between languages and

                                                                   tax advisor, if necessary, in determining effective
accents is critical for businesses that support a diverse
customer base with multiple languages. This gives the

                                                                    and sensible tax strategies relating to the sale of
outsourced contact center a flexible tool to deliver

                                                                      your business, whether the transfer is on an
value-added services to their clients. This capability is

                                                                          all cash or deferred payment basis.
particularly of interest to outsourced contact centers since the
value-added services have good profit margins and can

                                                                        Prompt quotes for full service centers
differentiate the outsourcer from those that don’t offer

                                                                    including fixtures and equipment or account
sophisticated call analytics.

                                                                                  only transactions.
     Future implementations of speech analytics will possess
the capabilities of handling different languages spoken on a
call automatically by having the application recognize the

                                                                                  Joe Truszkowski
language and each word to trigger the appropriate function.

                                                                                   Vice President
                                                                                   John Sophocles
Undeniable Results

    It’s clear that speech analytics can positively affect
contact center – and overall business – operations. By
providing the ability to analyze every aspect of every
customer interaction, regardless of the language being
spoken, sophisticated speech analytics technology that
supports multiple languages enables call centers to better
understand all of their callers’ needs, wants, and concerns.
With this knowledge, companies can then act accordingly to
enhance customer satisfaction, reduced churn, and improve

                                                                       Message Centers
customer loyalty. This, in turn, can help companies
reduce their overall costs and increase revenue. ¤

                                                                   Toll Free: 1-888-558-2726
    Cliff LaCoursiere is a founder and senior vice president
of business development at CallMiner, provider of quality

management, analytics, and call center solutions. CallMiner is

a speech analytics solution that extracts customer intelligence
from recorded conversations. For more information, call
239-689-6463 or visit

Connections Magazine •                                                      JUNE 2008 • 29
                                                                    Writing the
                                                                    By Matt Harless

       he outbound telemarketing script is your manuscript          sets than the eight dollar an hour telemarketer who works part

T      for success on the telephone. Regardless of the
       products or services you sell, the outbound telemarketing
script trains the new employee, refreshes the veteran team
                                                                    time. Sure, every telemarketing script needs an introduction
                                                                    and a benefit statement, but not every professional is trained
                                                                    and skilled to say things the same way. So, build the script
member, and turns prospects into customers. Best of all, it         around your staff. Tie your outbound telemarketing script
defines the offer and brand better then any mail piece,             into the hiring program. Ask your team to help craft the
advertising campaign, or direct response program ever will.         perfect script. After all, it’s for them.
     What constitutes a successful outbound telemarketing
script? What elements go into creating the perfect script?          3. Create a grid in order to
These two simple questions lead to very complex answers.               understand your prospects.
However, there are true and tried answers that every                    Your outbound telemarketing script is written for your
telemarketing organization can follow. By implementing              prospects. It is delivered by your team, so clearly they need
these four simple steps, your call center can improve their         to embrace and learn the script, but the script is written to
outbound telemarketing results.                                     your prospects. They receive and act through what they hear.
                                                                    They hear statements, features, questions, and inflection
1. Understand the limitations.                                      based on the script.
      Even the best outbound telemarketing script is based on           So, create a “needs-based” grid in order to define your
failure. Just like a successful baseball player who hits .300       prospect base. What motivates your prospects to say “yes?”
and fails at the plate seven out of every ten at-bats, the best     What are the two or three acceptable end-results from a tele-
telemarketing script will only result in “conversion” from          marketing call? How does the script guide prospects to do
between three to fifteen percent. Much of the correct number        what they want to do. Here is the most important thing to
is predicated upon the audience, the product or service, and        remember: The script starts with the professional who places
the training agents receive. Every product and service is           the telephone call. However, a good script allows the
different. So, you create the perfect telemarketing script, and     prospect to take control. The script is prospect focused so
still, as many as ninety-seven percent of your prospects say        wherever the prospect goes, the script goes right along with
“no.” It is quite daunting. Why then, if outbound telemarketing     them.
is based on failure, is there such a focus on the perfect script?
Because, the improvement in even one percent can easily             4. Include five key elements to your
push a campaign to the stratosphere of success. Outbound               outbound telemarketing script.
telemarketing is predicated on improving just a few percentage          Your outbound telemarketing script should encompass
points in order to gain success. A powerful script easily can       about twenty-five areas. Each one leads to the next. The per-
turn a three percent success ratio into a seven percent success     fect telemarketing script requires five key elements.
ratio. The variation, those four percentage points, makes a         Incorporate these elements into the script. If even one ele-
world of difference.                                                ment is missing, then the whole script should be reworked.

2. Understand the skill sets of your agents.                            1.   Ask questions in order to get the prospect to ask
     The outbound telemarketing script should be written                     questions. Outbound telemarketing professionals
based on the skills and expertise of your agents. Not every                  tend to talk about themselves, their products or
script is the same. The outbound telemarketing professional                  services, and their features and benefits. They also
selling hardware components to CEO’s of Fortune 100                          ask questions that are programmed to elicit certain
organizations who earns $100,000 per year has different skill                responses. This is bad news. Ask a question and be

30 • JUNE 2008                                                       • Connections Magazine
         quiet. Ask a fascinating, thought-provoking                          they should, but that is okay. As long as they see a
         question and let the prospect become the expert.                     payoff, then you have the perfect telemarketing script.
         Ask questions that spark the prospect to ask questions
         of you. When they ask questions, you have won.                  5.   The prospect says “no” if they feel they will lose by
         Why? First, you have captured interest and broken a                  saying “yes”. Virtually every outbound telemarketing
         barrier. This is shown by the prospect’s inquisitiveness.            script fails when it does not take into account why
         Second, it provides you with opportunity to answer                   the prospect says “no.” Traditionally, the outbound
         and provide information in your answer. Get them                     telemarketing professional views the “no” as a
         to talk, and get them to question you.                               straight objection and then attempts to uncover why
                                                                              the objection occurs. This is a recipe for disaster.
    2.   Differentiate your call from other calls they receive                The reason the prospect objects is because they feel
         every day. You may feel unique, but only you feel                    they are going to lose. That is your objection every
         that way. Your outbound telemarketing call is an                     time. So, address that feeling up-front, and build a
         ideal call defined by nobody but yourself. So,                       script that drills deeper from there. When the
         differentiate. Prospects say “no” because they see                   prospect says “no”, the prospect is saying they have
         no difference or value between yourself and others                   not heard enough to be convinced. A “yes”, to them,
         calls. Make your call different. Create this from the                would be a tragedy. So, bring that up. Tell the
         very beginning. Acknowledge the fact your call                       prospect you sympathize, can recognize their fears,
         appears to be the same as everybody else’s. If it                    and do not blame them. Then, take the telephone
         really is, and, your organization has no differentiation,            call to the next level. Don’t handle the objection.
         then fall back on the strongest differentiator                       Handle the objection behind their feeling of loss. ¤
         imaginable. Yourself!
                                                                         Matt Harless is Vice President of Sales for PhoneWare,
    3.   Provide the prospect with a reason to act. The              located in San Diego, CA. PhoneWare is a service agency
         perfect outbound telemarketing script encourages            with expertise in outbound and inbound sales and customer
         action. You would be surprised to learn that most           care campaigns. Contact Matt at 800-243-8329 or
         outbound telemarketing scripts provide little or no
         reason for the prospect to act. They do not have a call
         to action in the beginning, middle, or end. Indecision
         should never live with the telemarketing professional.
         So, blend clear benefit statements with even clearer
         want statements. These want statements are based on
         emotions. Paint the picture and the concept.
         Generate want feelings. Prospects become customers
         because they want to; this want is their reason to act.

    4.   Introduce the purpose-process-payoff to the call in
         the early stages. Every telemarketing script should
         have a purpose-process-payoff program attached.
         “The purpose of my call” clearly states why your
         call is different and why it is beneficial for the
         prospect to listen. “The process is simple” defines
         what goes into the action sequences. Must the
         prospect say “yes”? Must they fill out a form? “The
         payoff for you” presents the win-win for the
         prospect. How many prospects become customers

         without believing in their payoff? The answer is
         none. They may not believe in the payoff you feel

                 Want to Sell
                 Your Business
                 Call Steve Michaels
                 TAS Marketing (800) 369-6126
Connections Magazine •                                                               JUNE 2008 • 31
         W           ashington Summit
       he ATA 2008 Washington Summit was held on April            and its members can make a difference, introducing its new

T      27-30 at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City. After an
       opening reception on Sunday evening, Phil
Grudzinski (chair, ATA board of directors) welcomed
                                                                  initiative, Call Centers Care. After that, a panel of Allan Hile
                                                                  (assistant director, Division of Marketing Practices, Bureau of
                                                                  Consumer Protection) and John Krebs (FTC attorney,
attendees to the Summit’s first full day. Tim Searcy (ATA,        Bureau of Consumer Protection) discussed regulatory
CEO) followed with an overview of the ATA SRO                     priorities at the FTC. Then, keynote speaker Paul Begala
(Self-Regulatory Organization), with Rick Stauffer (COO,          mesmerized all with his political acumen and commentary on
PossibleNow) and Ken Sponsler (general manager,                   the U.S. presidential election.
CompliancePoint) providing details about the program’s Web             After another working lunch, Howard Nusbaum
interface. The first certified SRO auditors are expected in       (president and CEO, American Resort Development
early fall, with accredited call centers to be announced at the   Association – ARDA) shared his organization’s success in
ATA Convention & Expo in San Antonio, October 5-8, 2008.          growing its PAC to become one of the largest trade association
Steve Ligouri (CMO, GE Money Americas) then discussed             PACs in the nation. This was followed by a panel discussion
regulatory positions and the impact on customer touchpoints.      on compliance issues. The panel consisted of Dean
A working SRO lunch was led by Joe Sanscrainte (attorney          Garfinkel (chairman/CEO, Call Compliance), Reid Houser
for Bryan Cave).                                                  (VP/compliance officer, Sitel), Noreen Kaminski (VP,
     After lunch, Tim Searcy and Jerry Cerasale (SVP,             Government Affairs and Legislative Compliance, Dial
Government Affairs, DMA), shared a vision for ongoing             America), Michele Shuster (managing partner, MacMurray,
cooperative legislative advocacy between the ATA and              Cook, Peterson, and Shuster), and Ryan Thurman (director
DMA. Next, Lois Greisman (director, FTC Bureau of                 of sales and marketing, Contact Compliance). The regulatory
Consumer Protection, Division of Marketing Practices) made        update by the team of Mitch Roth (ATA council) and
a positive and encouraging presentation, including topics such    Joe Sanscrainte was equally interesting, especially regarding
as DNC privacy issues and telemarketing fraud. Monday’s           state issues, as there are some misguided bills pending that
sessions concluded with Jerry Kilgore (former Virginia            need attention. The day concluded with a Capital Hill
attorney general) offering his perspective of consumer            networking reception; Wednesday was reserved for
protection at the state level. The day was capped off with an     legislative appointments.
ATA-PAC dinner cruise.                                                 For more information, see our coverage at
     Tuesday began with Tim Searcy’s vision of how ATA  

32 • JUNE 2008                                                     • Connections Magazine
 (Pictured left to right) Jerry Cerasale, Lois Greisman, Paul Begala, Phil Grudzinski, Steve Ligouri, Tim Searcy

                             (Pictured left to right) Allan Hile, Dean Garinkle, Howard Nusbaum, Joe Sanscrainte

                     (Pictured left to right) Lisa DeFalco, Mitch Roth, Jerry Kilgore, John Krebs, Michele Shuster

Connections Magazine •                                            JUNE 2008 • 33
ATSI Update
Why You Should
Serve on a Board
By Dennis O’Hara, ATSI president-elect

    “It’s all just politics.”                                    always come out the way I would have done them by myself,
    “I just don’t think I have the time.”                        but in joining with a group of committed individuals
    “I’m not sure what I can bring to the table.”                something of value, something of worth was created. In
    “Maybe when I have more time....”                            essence, I paid back the group with my time and in return was
                                                                 repaid with a lifetime of fond memories and the knowledge
                                                                 that, in my own small way, I made a difference.
     Do these quotes sound familiar? Perhaps you have even            Can you be a difference-maker for your group? Can you
used some of them yourself. I’m sure that at one point or        be an agent of positive change who others will seek to work
another most of you have heard this kind of thing. Let me        with and accomplish what seemingly cannot be done?
add a couple of other quotes for you to digest:                       I say, “Yes, you can.” There is no magic formula for
     “No man has a right to withhold his support from an         having success when working with a group. No matter what
organization working on his behalf,” said Teddy Roosevelt.       your level of commitment, if you are an agent of positive
“Every man owes a part of his time and money to the              change, then you are a difference-maker! Having served on
business or industry in which he is engaged.”                    an executive level with a variety of groups, I can tell you that
      Vincent Lombardi affirmed, “Individual commitment to       any president can only be as good as his or her board. It is
a group effort: that is what makes a team work, a company        the collective energy of any group that fuels the engine of
work, a society work, a civilization work.”                      productivity.
     “The purpose of an organization is to enable common              Are there obstacles that will be placed in your way?
men to do uncommon things,” stated Peter F. Drucker.             Certainly. We have all served with bullies, know-it-alls, and
     Alexis de Tocqueville declared, “America’s strength is in   do-nothings, but in the end they are just rocks in the river
its groups.”                                                     –you flow over them, around them, and ultimately the work is
     In any industry, or indeed in any group, the privilege of   done.
service comes with burdens. Some are real: time, expense,             So the issue is not should you serve on a board, but can
and extra work; some are self-generating: personal image,        you serve on a board? Consider these three questions, and
self-doubt, and insecurity. But what thing of substance comes    you will know what to do.
without a price?                                                      1) Do I want to be an agent of positive change?
     Think back on your life and recall the accomplishments           2) Do I want to work within a committed group of
of which you are most proud. Where they easily accom-            individuals to accomplish something of value?
plished? What do they all have in common? I suspect that in           3) Do I have the fortitude to say “yes” when everybody
most, if not all, cases what they have in common was your        else says “no”?
ability to overcome obstacles and to achieve your goal when           Remember the saying, “Many hands make light work.”
no one, perhaps not even you yourself, thought you could.             Elihu Root sums it up nicely: “It is only through the
     “Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the      power of association that those of any calling exercise due
end,” said Margret Thatcher. “It is not a day when you           influence in their communities.”
lounge around doing nothing, it’s when you had everything to
do, and you’ve done it!”                                              Dennis O’Hara of Associated Call Centers serves on
     Some of the best memories I have of my business career      ATSI’s board of directors and is president-elect. He will
center around the work that I have been privileged to have       be installed as ATSI’s president at the June convention in
been a part of for my industry. The results may not have         St. Louis.

34 • JUNE 2008                                                    • Connections Magazine
Alston Tascom, Inc...........................20             Record/Play Tek, Inc. ......................18
13512 Vintage Place                                         Voice logging recorders

Chino, CA 91710                                             574-848-5233
866-282-7266                                                fax: 574-848-5333
fax: 909-517-3670                                 
                                                            Shatz and Associates ........................24
Amtelco .......................................12, 40       Brokering and consulting services
800-356-9148                                                888-731-7002                                                                                           Christine Michaels (not

or 608-838-4194                                                                      By Christine Michaels                     pictured—that's Steve) is an
fax: 608-838-8367                                                                                                                                                  associate of TAS Marketing.                                            Startel ................................................39                                             Her main area of expertise is                                  17661 Cowan Avenue                                                                                     assisting buyers and sellers to
                                                            Irvine, CA 92614                                                      I am purchasing a
                                                                                                                                                                   draft the legal documentation
ATSI ..................................................18   800-782-7835                                                          telemessaging call center
                                                                                                                                                                   necessary for closing the sale
12 Academy Avenue                                           fax: 949-863-9650                                                     and will be retaining the
Atkinson, NH 03811                                                                                                                    of a business. Steve Michaels
                                                                                                                         existing staff. Since the purchase        is a business broker with
603-362-9489                                              Szeto Technologies .....................10, 11               has not yet closed, what should           TAS Marketing and can be                                                Call Management Equipment                                    I be aware of in terms of my              contacted at 800-369-6126
                                                            888-421-3737                                                 obligations and the seller’s              or for

CenturiSoft........................................28                                                obligations regarding the                 questions. His Web site is
800-866-1929                                                                                       employees?                                                               TAS Marketing.......................9, 31, 37
                                                            Business Brokers                                                       If you will be retaining the staff, one of the most
Mastar ...............................................24    800-369-6126                                                           important things needed from the seller before closing is
541-461-5235                                                fax: 406-827-4554                                                      a list of all the employees detailing their salary work                                                                             history, schedule, accrued vacation, sick pay accruals, benefits,
OnviSource ...............................31                                                                             and hire dates. A buyer should be as familiar with the employees
2300 N. 10th                                                TASbiller.............................................2      as possible before the actual closing date.
Enid, OK 73701                                              800-545-1535                                                       In addition, the purchase agreement should state that the
800-311-3025                                                                                     seller will compensate the buyer for the employees’ earned and                                                                            accrued vacation and sick pay. This can either be in a separate
Outsourcing International                                   Tasco..................................................29    check at the closing or deducted from the purchase price.
Services Inc. ......................................13      888-558-2726                                                 The agreement should also state that the buyer assumes no
24-hour agent outsourcing                                   John Sophocles                                               responsibilities to previous employees regarding pension plans
800-785-4766                                                                       and other related commitments. The seller should also be
                                                            Joe Truszkowski                                              responsible for all wages, bonuses, state and federal withholdings,
Professional Teledata, Inc................17      
175 Canal Street                                                                                                         group medical and life insurance (if existing), benefits, and other
Manchester, NH 03101                                        Telescan, LLC.....................................6          taxes through to closing. The seller shall also continue to remit all
800-344-9944                                                10679 Midwest Industrial Blvd                                sums due to governmental entities or any other parties arising out                                       St. Louis, MO 63132                                          of such employment through the closing date of the sale.                                         800-770-7662                                                       At closing, the buyer should receive from the seller all copies
                                                            fax: 314-426-1357
                                                                                               of personnel files of the employees and any restrictive covenants
                                                                                                                         signed by the employees. The buyer should have all
                                                                                                                         documentation prepared for the new employees, such as W-4s,
                          FOR MORE INFORMATION                                                                           I-9s, employee manuals, and nondisclosure and confidentiality
   about advertisers in Connections Magazine, visit our website:                                                         agreements.
                                                                                                                               The main intent during a business sale is to have a clear and click on “buyers guide.”                                                              understanding of the responsibilities of both seller and buyer.
                                                                                                                         Having a list of responsibilities for each party, along with the
             Our Advertisers make                                                                                        needed completion dates, helps keep the process orderly and
                                                                                                                         efficient. This also helps eliminate any gray areas of doubt with
        Connections Magazine possible.
                                                                                                                         new employees and gives them a good impression of the
     Please thank them for their continued
                                                                                                                         capability and quality of the new owner, hopefully ensuring a
          support for this magazine.                                                                                     good future working relationship.

Connections Magazine •                                                                                                                      JUNE 2008 • 35
ASSOCIATIONS                                                HOSTED SERVICES                                          out, ADA compliant, built for Hewlett
ASSOCIATIONS                                                HCarpool yourSERVICESaccounts on the                                 2000. Excellent
                                                                                                                     Packard in compliant, builtlocation with
                                                                                                                     out, ADA compliant, built for Hewlett
ASSOCIATIONS                                                HOSTED SERVICES                                          out, ADA                     for Hewlett

                                                                      T  AS
                                                              OSTED new service or
                                                                                                                     Packard in 2000. per 1,000location with
                                                                                                                     6 parking spaces Excellent location feet,
                                                               latest, state-of-the-art equipment for only           Packard in 2000. Excellent          with

                                                                      T  AS
                                                                                                                     available spaces per 1,000 Call Karen
          12 Academy Avenue
                                                              Carpool your new service or accounts on the
                                                              Carpool per seat &service or accounts on the
                                                                 $200 your new $.05 cents per minute.                6 parking spaces per 1,000 square feet,
                                                                                                                     6 parking                    square feet,
      Atkinson, NH 03811, USA
                                                               latest, state-of-the-art equipment for only
                                                               See thestate-of-the-art equipment for only
                                                                latest, banner at               Warner or Lew Manglos 208-345-9000.
                                                                                                                     available immediately. Call Karen
          12 Academy Avenue
            Charlene Glorieux
                                                                                                                     available immediately. Call Karen
          12 Academy Avenue
                                                                 $200 per seat & $.05 cents per minute.
                                                                 $200 per seat & at (800) 369-6126.
                                                                     or call them $.05 cents per minute.

      Atkinson, NH 03811, USA
     866-896-ATSI • 03811, USA
      Atkinson, NH
                                                               See the banner at                Warner or Lew Manglos 208-345-9000.
                                                                                                                     Warner or Lew Manglos 208-345-9000.

                                                               See the banner at

            Charlene Glorieux
            Charlene Glorieux
                                                                     or call them at (800) 369-6126.                 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES
     866-896-ATSI •
                                                                     or call them at (800) 369-6126.

                                                                                                                     BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES
                                                                                                                     BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES
                                                                                                                     Start an compliant, service Hewlett
                                                                                                                     out, ADA answering built for without
      Canadian Call Management Association
                                                            E OSTED                ECRUITING                         POSITIONS WANTED
       24 OliveCAM-X
                                                            HELP ANTEDW
                    Street, Unit #10
                                                                                                                     operators, equipment, service without
                                                                                                                     Packard inanswering or a location with
                                                                                                                      Start an 2000. Excellent
                                                                                                                     Start an answering service without      building. As
      Canadian Call Management Association
      Canadian Call Management Association

    Grimsby, ON L3M 2B6, Canada
                                                            HELP WANTEDSEARCH SPECIALISTS                            a “Check of the per Calla square feet,
                                                                                                                     6 parking spaces Month” Club member,
        24 Olive Street, Unit #10
                                                            PREMIERyour new service or accounts
                                                              Carpool EXECUTIVE
                                                            HELP WANTED equipment byon the                           Seasonedequipment,1,000 building. As
                                                                                                                                          Cold         or Marketer:
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        24 Olive Street, Unit #10
       Linda Osip 800-896-1054
                                                            Expand your help wanted searchfor only
                                                               latest, state-of-the-art

    Grimsby, Canada
          12 Academy 2B6, Canada
    Grimsby, ON L3MAvenue
                                                            • Search consultants to most of the top ten service      you own immediately. Call Karen
                                                                                                                     available of the Month”business and
                                                                                                                                       your Communications,
                                                                                                                     a “Check of in: own Club member,
                ON L3M 2B6,
                                                            your adyour seat &wanted50 of tominute. 500              Experience the Month” Club member,
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                                                              agencies per US Reach
                                                                  $200 in the
                                                                        here. $.05 cents the Fortune
                                                            Expand your helpand over outper qualified,
       Linda Osip 800-896-1054
      Atkinson, NH 03811, USA
                                                            Expand banner atwanted search by placing
       Linda Osip 800-896-1054
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                                                                See the       help
                                                                                          search                     Marketing your of the208-345-9000.
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                                                            experienced, industry employees. Email your               you own                   own
           Charlene Glorieux
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                                                                      or call them using 25,000 qualified,
                                                            • All custom searchesat (800) 369-6126.                  Economical and simple. With guaran-
                                                                                                                     Personal Lines of Insurance, aNetwork
     866-896-ATSI •
                                                            ad to Connect@ your             outsource all of the work to us.
                                                                                                                      outsource all of the work to us.
                                                            experienced, proactive employees. Email your
                                                            experienced, industry calling.
                                                              plus extensive industry employees. Email
                 CALL CENTERS                                                                                         Economical O
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                                                                                                                                                           With a
                                                            ad to Connect@
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                                                            POSITIONS first and the best!
                                                              since 1981—the WANTED
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        Contact One Call Center
                                                                                                                     Mortgage Financing-(FSBO leads).
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BILINGUAL CALL CENTERS                                                                                               Email an800-369-6126.
                                                                                                                                     answering service without
                                                                                                                     Start at 800-369-6126.
         Canadian Call Management Association
                   Dan Rogers Center
                                                            POSITIONS WANTED                                         today marketing campaigns and phone

        Contact One Call Center
                                                            POSITIONS W & Associates
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         Contact One Call #10
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          24 Olive Street, Unit
                                                            SeasonedANTED Call                                       SEEKING ACQUISITIONS
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                                                                                                                     operators, equipment, orin building. and
                                                                440-526-6726 •

                   Dan Rogers
                   Dan Rogers
       Grimsby, ON L3M 2B6, Canada                                                                                    SERIOUS your
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                                                                       in communication (2 way                        SEEKING A Month” Club member,
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OCenters that provideC 03811, ENTERS
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   Personalized Communications                                                                                  usSeeking full are a TASstrong Employee-Owned
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Call Centers that provide services to other call centers.                                        aserving
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                                                            Looking for per month.billing a whop-
    Personalized270-7030 Today!
                                                            CauseForce has offices billing a whop-
           Call800-232-3321                                                                                            share closings on cash or deferred payment As
                                                                                                                                                financial building.
                                                                                                                  transactions. the ongoingcenters or accounts of the
                                                                                                                nowPromptinWe will oncenterwith your $500,000
        Canadian(800)Management Association
                                                                                                                     Prompt closings                          payment

                Stan Gardner
                                                            average per $180+ with onlyyour ad to
                                                                              client million for cancer
                                                                                               1% $345
                                                                                                     med-           Seeking medical, growing, without

                 Stan Gardner
                                                            has job search month. That’s $345
                                                             ping $39K per month. That’s
                                                            your raised per here. Email
                                                                                                                company. equitycoordinate with your tax advisor.
                                                                                                                                         TAS                       only.

                                                             ping $39K •
                                                            HELP WPosition with only 1% med-                                                         seeks
                                                                                                               metropolitan call cash or deferred payment
          24 Olive Street, Unit #10
                                                            charities.per client manages equipment
                                                            ical. Utilizing sophisticated 4 regional                  Prompt closings
                                                                                                               operators,established company since 1938.
                                                             average per client with only 1% med-                         Long equipment, or a


     Grimsby, ON L3M 2B6, Canada                                                                                          ownestablished 800-955-9888
                                                                                                                Contact: Grant Sibleycompany since 1938. email
                                                                                                               art equipment, great 888-558-2726. or and
                                                                                                                  transactions. We will coordinate with your tax advisor.
                                                                                                               minimum of Sophocles or email to discuss.
                                                            with PRIs, this 15+ year in Canada,
                                                            operations managers based answering
                                                             ical. Utilizing sophisticated equipment                     Call John will Month” State-of-the-
                                                                                                                    “Check We the investor.Club member,
                                                                                                               atransactions.established company since 1938.
                                                                                                       to discuss.
                                                             ical. Utilizing sophisticated by placing
                                                            Expand your help wanted searchequipment
         Linda Osip 800-896-1054

                                                                                                                          Long Confidential management,
                                                            BUSINESSES FORyear answering
                                                                      is supervise SALECanadian
                                                            service turnasking 15+staffor 12.4 times
                                                                                   $495K in 7
                                                             with PRIs, this 15+ year qualified,
                                                            who in here. Reach out toanswering                 you Call Johnyour ownemail to discuss. and
                                                                                                                              Very                   business
                                                             with PRIs, this
                                                            your ad                                                      Call John Sophocles or email
                                                                                                                                    Sophocles or
OUTSOURCE CALL CENTERS                                      but worth asking a 33% or 12.4 times
                                                             service is
                                                            offices. is asking $495K or 12.4 times
                                                                              with $495K develop/retain
                                                                          it Director will profit margin.      staff. Poised for explosive growth.
                                                                                                                                     all of 888-558-2726.
                                                                                                               outsource Confidential the work to us.
C           C                            H                   service The
                                                            experienced, industry employees. Email your                       Very Confidential 888-558-2726.
CallALL that provide services to other call centers.
    Centers ENTERS FOR                  IRE
                                                             but worth with a business margin.
                                                            Profitable itturnkey 33% profit serving
                                                            Broker 800-369-6126. effect, telephone             Great investment/return for right
                                                                                                               Economical and simple. With a guaran-
                                                            ad to Connect@who are, 33% profit margin.
                                                             but worth with a in
                                                            teammates, it                 
                                                                                                                TASCO MESSAGE CENTERS
                                                                                                                    fair offer company. CENTERS
                                                                                                               A TASCO MESSAGEContact Call at
    Personalized Communications
                                                            only 123 customer service representatives.
                                                            sales and accounts and billing a whop-             teed buyout, how established, reputable
                                                                                                               individual orby an can you lose? Rick us
           Randy Anderson 800-508-9936
BILINGUAL CALL CENTERS                                       Broker 800-369-6126.
                                                             Broker 800-369-6126.

                  Stan Gardner
                                                                                                                   Seeking full service TAS centers or accounts only.or
                                                                                                               company for your commercial
                                                            List your
                                                            CompetitiveBusiness Here; go to
                                                            ping $39K perWANTEDw/benefits.
                                                            POSITIONS month. That’s $345                       800-272-6933. an established, reputable
                                                                                                               today at 800-369-6126.
                                                                                                               A fair offer by an established, reputable

        Contact One Call Center 24/7
                                                                                  salary                        A fair offer by
           Randy Anderson 800-508-9936
            Randy center providing exceptional
  Boutique contact Anderson 800-508-9936
                                                            average per client with only 1%go to     med-            Prompt answering deferred payment
                                                                                                               medicalclosings on cash orcommercial or
                                                                                                               companyWefor coordinate commercial or service (with
                                                             List your Business Here; go to                     company for your with your
                   Dan by phone,
customer service and salesRogers live chat & e-mail
                                                            Requirements: 5-8 years experience
                                                             List your Business Here;                                               will your

                                                            ical. Utilizing sophisticated equipment
                                                                                                               SEEKING AQUISITIONS tax advisor.
                                                                                                               S without equipment). 1938. (with
                                                                                                               orEEKING ACQUISITIONS (with                     Contact
  Boutique contact center providing exceptional 24/7
                                                    ads in
                                                            Seasoned Cold Call Prospector:                                       answering service
                                                                                                               medical established companyservice
    chat & e-mail
  Boutique contact center providing exceptional 24/7
                                                            managing sales-oriented teams                       medical answering since
                                                            AVAILABLE C 15+CENTER Sads

customer service and sales by phone, live chat & e-mail                                                         SERIOUS BUYER
                                                            with PRIs, thisALLTravel answering      PACE
                                                                                       year to Canada                     toll-free at or email to
                                                                                                                        Call John Sophocles 866-388-0772
                                                                                                               Ronwithout equipment). discuss. or
customer service and sales by phone, live
                                                            Experience in communication (2 way
                                                            remote locations;                                  or without equipment). Contact
                                                                                                                or                                             Contact
                                                                                                                Well known and reputable nationwide
                                                                                                      call center
                                                            radio, paging, CALL CENTER SPACE
                                                             AVAILABLE CALL CENTER Stimes
                                                            service is asking $495K or 12.4 PACE     
               Spanish / ERVICES
                                                             AVAILABLE cell Space Available For
                                                            (position based phones) and message
                                                                                     in Los Angeles);                         Very Confidential 888-558-2726.
                                                                                                               Ron toll-free at 866-388-0772 or
                                                                                                                looking to acquire inbound call centers/answering
   To be included in the                                                                                        Ron toll-free at 866-388-0772 or
                                                            Call Center
                                                            but worth it Office 33% profitrate plus
                                                            Background with a  Charges: hourly margin.            

                                                                                                                services for         quality accounts. place
                                                                                                               closing forby Everything to remain inLong
                                                            dispatching. in telesales/telemarketing   
                                                                                                               Premium price and prompt cash
   Marketplace listings,
    To be included in the                                             Turn-key call
                                                            Lease. 800-369-6126. center locatedFor
                                                             Call Center Office Space Available in     in
                                                                                                              A fair is: location,an established, – the lot! If
                                                                                                               established, equipment,
                                                                                                                and as
                                                                                                                Premium price and agents reputable
    To be included in at                                    Broker expenses. Contact BertCohenFor
     contact Valerie the                                     Call Center Office Space Available
                                                            preferred; Bachelor’s degree and valid
                                                                      Idaho. 20,000+ square feet,
                                                            Boise, Turn-key call center located in                         offer price and prompt cash
                                                                                                               closing fortoquality accounts. Long
                                                                                                                what happens
                                                                                                              company foryour employees is as important
    Marketplace listings,
    Marketplace listings,                                    Lease. Turn-key call center or                                                   prompt cash
        Randy Anderson 800-508-9936
        866-668-6694                                         Lease.
                                                            passport; AZ, at bmc41782@ located in
                                                            Tucson, French-speaking a plus. Contact:                                    reputable Minnesota
                                                                                                               established,a fair price, service to call
                                                                                                                to you as getting reputable Minnesota
                                                                                                              medical answering then you need(with
     contact ValerieCENTER
      contact Valerie at                                     Boise, Idaho. 20,000+ floor mccor-
                                                            raised data cable accessHere; through-
                                                            List your &Business search@ gofeet,                                          your commercial or
                                                                                            square to
                                                             Boise, Idaho. 20,000+ square feet,                 closing for quality accounts. Long
                        THE CALL at                         520-818-3785.
                                                            McCormack Associates:
                                                                                                              or first. We are equipment). Contact
                                                                                                                us without a • strong Employee-Owned
                                                                                                  www.connectionsmagazine.com350 Connections Magazine
        866-668-6694                                                                                            established, reputable Minnesota
  Boutique CTOBER 2007
36 • Ocontact center providing exceptional 24/7
        866-668-6694 INDUSTRY'S PREMIER            ads
                                                             raised data cable access floor through-
                                                             raised data cable access floor through-
                                                  , 323-549-9200; details

36 •Custom Bilingual Callphone, live for Jobse-mail
customer service and sales by & Search chat & Free!
36 • OCTOBERResumeCenter and Answering
  24/7 O Post Your 2007                                                                                         Company (ESOP)
                                                                                                              Ron toll-free where your employees will
                           EMPLOYMENT WEBSITE

                                                                                          • Connections Magazine
                                                                                         at Connections Magazine
                                                                                                                                          • 866-388-0772 or
                                                            Looking for call center work? Start
                                                                                                                now share in the ongoing financial strength of the
              Call (800) 270-7030 Today!
                                                                                        ENTER S ad to
                                                            AVAILABLE CALL CEmail yourPACE
 Candidates: CTOBER 2007                                    your job search here. • States &in the
   Tothroughout the
      Employers: Post Available Job Opportunities         
                                                                                                                Contact: Grant Sibley 800-955-9888 or email
          be included Canada.                               Expand your Office Space Available For
                                                            Call Center help wanted search by placing
             FOR A LIMITED listings,
   Marketplace TIME…                                        BUSINESSES FOR S to qualified,
                                                            Lease. Turn-key call center located in
                                                            your ad here. Reach out ALE                       Premium price and prompt cash
      Buy One Job Posting, Get One Free.                                                                      closing for quality accounts. Long
       contact Valerie at
          Jobs Stay Active for
                                    CENTERS                 Boise, Idaho. 20,000+ square feet,
                                                            experienced, industry employees.
Call Centers that provide services to other call centers.
 1-800-946-2693 •             Profitable turnkey business serving
                                                            raised data cable access floor through-           established, reputable Minnesota
                                                                                                                TASCO MESSAGE CENTERS
                                                                                                                    TASCO MESSAGE CENTERS
   • OCTOBER Communications
36 Personalized2007                                                                                                 Seeking full service • centers or accounts only.
                                                                                         TASConnections Magazine
                                                            only 123 accounts and billing a whop-

           Stan Gardner
                                                            ping $39K per month. That’s $345

                                                                                                                      Prompt closings on cash or deferred payment
36 • JUNE 2008                                              average per client with only 1% med- • Connections Magazine

                                                                                                                  transactions. We will coordinate with your tax advisor.
                                                            ical. Utilizing sophisticated equipment

                                                                                                                          Long established company since 1938.
                                                            with PRIs, this 15+ year answering                           Call John Sophocles or email to discuss.
                                                            service is asking $495K or 12.4 times                             Very Confidential 888-558-2726.
          and as is: location, equipment, agents – the lot! If
          what happens to your employees is as important
m or

          to you as getting a fair price, then you need to call
                                350 Connections Magazine Classified Ads are on-line:
          us first. We are a All strong Employee-Owned
                                                     DID YOU KNOW?
          Company (ESOP) where your employees will
          now share in the ongoing financial strength of the
 d to

          Contact: Grant Sibley 800-955-9888 or email
                                                To place your classified ad, go to


ving                                                                 Established telephone answering serv-
           TASCO MESSAGE CENTERS                                                                                                             Web and Desktop
hop-                                                                 ice is interested in purchasing your
 345         Seeking full service TAS centers or accounts only.                                                                Caller-ID and Messaging Applications
                                                                     answering service accounts. Offering
med-          Prompt closings on cash or deferred payment                                                                       Paper & Paperless Systems
           transactions. We will coordinate with your tax advisor.   top dollar, quick closing and smooth
ment                                                                                                                           Introducing   WebStar, KisStar, PollStar, IdStar
                  Long established company since 1938.               transition for you and your clients.
ring             Call John Sophocles or email to discuss.            Contact John at 866-639-2957 or
 mes                  Very Confidential 888-558-2726.
                                                                                        USED EQUIPMENT FOR SALE
          A fair offer by an established, reputable                  SERVICES                                                 CadCom LineMaster 3600 (2 cabinets)
          A fair offer your established, reputable
          company forby an commercial or medical                                                                              complete 8-position system, with voice
     to   company service commercial or
          answering for your(with or without                         Do you provide services to call centers? Place
                                                                                                                              mail, spare cards, pieces, and parts.
                                                                     your ad at
 s        medical answering toll-free (with
          equipment). Contact Ronservice at 866-                     ads/info.html.                                           Make an offer. Call 888-277-6440
          or without equipment). Contact
          388-0772 or
ACE       Ron toll-free at 866-388-0772 or                                                                                    Startel 5700, 8 positions, 2 T-1 cards,

                                                                     EQUIPMENT WANTED
          Reputable nationwide call center owner                                                                              with order entry, email & fax or only
 For      interested inprice and your company.
d in      Premium purchasing prompt cash                             Used AXON voice mail in working                          $16k. 800-369-6126.
          closing for your clients the attention
          We will give quality accounts. Long                        condition also zip drive for 8000;
eet,      they deserve.reputable Minnesota
                              Contact Nicholas                                                                                Teledata FMDS fax and email server,
ugh-      established,                                               please contact John at 978-977-
          at 888-422-7352 ext 1500 or                                3888 and leave a message or email                        $2,400 obo. Call 800-932-8032. • Connections Magazine
                                                                                                                              Startel model 2050: 4 positions, good
           I NEED YOUR ANSWERING SERVICE                             Are you looking for used equipment? Place your           working condition, also 2 Motorola
           Established telephone answering service                   ad here! Go to              alpha mates. All sold as is: $3500.00 or
               is interested in purchasing your                      ads/info.html.                                           best offer. Call 662-378-2255.
              answering service and/or accounts.

            Offering top dollar, quick closing and a                 NEW EQUIPMENT FOR SALE
           smooth transition for you and your clients.

                Contact Sandra at 800-698-0830                               Voice Logging Recorders                                         DID YOU
                                                                       Easily records ALL conversations—just click and play                  KNOW?
             TAS Owners, time to retire                                        574-848-5233                                   All Connections Magazine Classified Ads are on-line:
                  or cash out?                                                 Record/Play Tek, Inc.                 

                                                                      GET YOUR AFFAIRS IN ORDER!
   , has been                       
           providing quality service since 1974. We
             wish to acquire established answering
           services on generous terms and for a fair
               price. Our goal is to continue your
             reputation of quality and service. Your
                                                                      TAS Marketing is offering a FREE EVALUATION for any
            staff can become our staff. Confidential.                 telephone answering service. We understand how
                 Call Michael at 954-969-2336.                        important it is to have your business as well as your
                                                                      personal affairs in order in cases of:
                                    • Death in the Family • Separation
                                                                      • Divorce                 • Estate Valuation
             We PAY CASH For Your TAS.                                Don’t leave your loved ones vulnerable to unscrupulous Buyers who
               We, ACCC, have been in                                 may want to take advantage of a situation. Get a FREE Evaluation of your
                 business for 21 years.                               company from TAS Marketing. Offering you peace of mind… just in case!
              Call Doris 1-800-785-9436.
                 References available!
          Top Dollar paid for your answering
          service. Qualified cash buyers looking
          for entire businesses or accounts only.
                                                                         Marketing (800) 369-6126
                                                                      Serving the TAS industry with integrity, honesty and professionalism for over 29 years
                                                                      233 Whitepine Creek Road • Trout Creek, Montana 59874 • •
          Call us first! 800-369-6126.
          Connections Magazine •                                                                                              JUNE 2008 • 37
coming                                      All new listings or changes are italicized

Events                                                  See the most recent updates online:
                         To have your group’s events included in Connections Magazine’s
                                         “Upcoming Events” calendar and on our Website,
                      please email your information to:

                      June 18-21, 2008                       October 5-8, 2008
                   ATSI Annual Convention               2008 ATA Annual Convention
                            & Expo                                & Expo
                 Hyatt Regency Union Station              Grand Hyatt San Antonio
                        St. Louis, MO                        San Antonio, TX
                       For info contact                  For more information, visit
                        866-896-ATSI                or
                                                              call 317-816-9336.
                    September 17-19, 2008
                       PIN Fall Training                    October 13-15 2008
                      Manchester, NH –                     ASTAA Annual Meeting
                          Radisson Hotel                      Baltimore, MD –
                   Contact Dan L’Heureux at                   Sheraton Towson
                         763-473-0210 or                  Contact Dan L’Heureux at
                    September 21-23, 2008
                    WSTA Annual Meeting                    November 9-11 2008
                      Hilton San Diego –                    STA Annual Meeting
                        Gas Lamp Quarter                 The Inn at Christmas Place,
                   Contact Dan L’Heureux at                  Pigeon Forge, TN
                           877-754-4103,                 Contact Dan L’Heureux at
         , or visit               800-475-0857,
                   , or visit
                    September 23-26, 2008
                 CAM-X 44th Annual Convention                March 15-18 2009
                        & Trade Show                     TeamSNUG Annual Meeting
                       Deerhurst Resort                        Chicago, IL –
                  (                   Hard Rock Hotel
                        Huntsville, ON            
                     Contact: Linda Osip,                 Contact Dan L’Heureux at
                     Executive Director at                    763-473-0210 or

38 • JUNE 2008                   • Connections Magazine
                                                                                     Change Service Requested   Presorted Standard
                                                                                                                   U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                    Permit #21

   48955 Hickory Lane • Mattawan, MI 49071
                                                                                                                  Freeport Ohio
                                                                                                                      43973 •
      To Update Mailing Label Call 866-668-6695

                                                                Client Management Intelligence and CMI Diamond
                                                                can Double or Triple Your Revenue when you turn
                                                                each message into Web-based contact management
                                                                records for your accounts.