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					                                    Dahlias by Les and Vivian Connell
                                    PO Box 1595, Sumner, WA 98390
                         Telephone: 253-848-6251; E-Mail:
                           Website: 2011 Offerings

Size    Name of Dahlia             Classificati   Comments                                             Tuber
                                   on                                                                   Price
AA      A C Dark Horse             SC-Pr          Showed well for us. New 2010                          12.00
Giant   Clearview Snocap           SC-W           Vigorous growth habits. New 2009.                     12.00
+10”    Inland Dynasty             SC-Y           Perennial winner.                                     10.00
        Kea Magic                  SC-W           Large show flower from New Zealand                    10.00
        Penhill Andrea’s Memory    FD-Pr          From Australia.                                       10.00
        Regina                     FD-DR          From Australia.                                        9.00
        Roque Starburst            SC-W           Strong grower. 2009 medal winner.                     12.00
A       Ayres Tequila Sunrise      ID-OR/y        Huge blooms. Should be AA.                            10.00
Large   Cyril Higgo                Lac-R          Lacy red. Winner                                       8.00
8-10”   Cyma Warrior               ID-Br          Early bloomer. Easy to grow to size.                   8.00
        Formby Kaitlin             FD-Pr          Intense purple with strong stems                      10.00
        Louie Meggos               ID-W           White. Spartacus look-alike. 2009 introduction.       13.00
        Rhanna Tammy               ID-Br/o        Large, full-flowered.                                 10.00
        Spartacus                  ID-DR          Constant show winner.                                  6.00
        Trooper Dan                SC-Y           Full flowers, show winner. 2009 Introduction.         12.00
        Vassio Meggos              ID-L           Sport of Spartacus with same good habits.              7.00
B       April Dawn                 B-ID-LB        Always a winner.                                       6.00
Med     Bracken Sarah              B-FD-Y-Pk      Edna C look-alike.                                     5.00
6-8”    Clearview Claret           SC-R           Attractive dark red.                                   8.00
        Clearview Lily             SC-DB          Form & color good. 2010                               12.00
        Clearview Misty            ID-W           Well-shaped on good stems. 2009 medal winner.         12.00
        Clearview Orca             SC-W           Great Form, many blooms.                               8.00
        Clearview Rose’            IC-Pk          Attractive pink. New 2010.                            10.00
        Corn Bride                 SC-W           South African, blooms early and often.                 7.00
        Craigowan                  SC-W           New from England.                                     10.00
        Edna C                     FD-Y           Perennial show winner.                                 6.00
        Hillcrest Candy            SC-LB-         New English show winner. Les Jackson originator.      13.00
        Hillcrest Jake             SC-R           Full deep form, great color. 2 bench scores. 2011.   14.00
                                                  Les Jackson originator.
        Hilltop Blush              SC-W           Strong growth habits.                                 8.00
        Hollyhill Cotton Candy     IC-DPk         Strong growth, great stems. New 2010.                14.00
        Hollyhill Firelight        C-R            Precise form, sure winner in class.                   7.00
        Hollyhill Flamingo         SC-DPk         Showy pink, good growth habits.                       7.00
        Hollyhill Lou              SC-O           Glistening Orange. On strong stems. New 2010.        11.00
        Jean Ellen                 Lac-Y          Outstanding new variety from England.                12.00
        Kenora Wow                 SC-DB          Standout color.                                       9.00
        Lakeview Illusion          IC-Pr          A real eye-catcher. Good IC form.                    10.00
        Narrows Dawn Marie         SC-Or/y        Great color combination. Good SC form. 5 bench       14.00
                                                  scores. 2001 Medal winner. Marilyn & Ken
                                                  Walton origination.
        Narrows Tricia             SC-Y           Cross of Hamari Accord & Light Accord.                7.00
        Northlake Heritage         Lac-Y          Lacey eye-catcher.                                    9.00
        Peach Delight              SC-Pk          Proven winner.                                        7.00
        Ruskin Andrea              SC-L           Great Form, color and stems.                          5.00
        Ruskin Bride               SC-W           Full blooms, English winner.                         10.00
        Ryecroft Ice               SC-W           Full with lots of petals. New from England.          10.00
        Ryecroft Magnum            ID-Y           Outstanding flower. Blue ribbon winner.               7.00
        Skipley Bonanza            IC-R           Great color and form. 2010.                          14.00
        Stillwater Liz             IC-Or          Free flowering on good stems. 2010.                  10.00
        Susan Gilliott             SC-Pk/w        New from England.                                    10.00
        Trelyn Rhianon             C-R/y          Great color and form.                                 7.00
BB      Bloomquist Barbara         FD-Y           One of the best dahlias I have ever grown. 8 bench   30.00
Small                                             scores. Average over 90. Originator Paul
                                                  Bloomquist. 2011 Medal winner.
4-6”      Bloomquist Tracey        C-Fl         Good growth habits. New 2010                           7.00
          Christie Dancer          IC-F         Spidery red. From Australia.                           7.00
          Crazy 4 Jessie           IC-DB        Spangenberg 2009 origination. Darrell Hart medal      10.00
          Embrace                  SC-Br/Y      Winning form. An Australian stand-out.                 5.00
          Hapet Ideal              SC-W/l       New from Europe. Good form and color.                  8.00
          Higgo Wonder             Lac-Pr/w     Wonderful form and color. South Africa.                8.00
          Hillcrest Jonathon       FD-W/pr      4 bench scores. Great color. New from England.        12.00
                                                Les Jackson originator.
          Hilltop Glo              FD-Pk/w      Lots of colorful blooms.                               7.00
          Hilltop Sapphire         DB-L/w       Attractive color. Strong growth habits.                8.00
          Hollyhill Starburst      C-P/w        Very showy. Lots of blooms. 2009.                      7.00
          Kari Fruit Salad         C-Y/Dpr      Showy cut and exhibition flower.                       4.00
          Lakeview Glow            IC-Y         Blooms early. Loads of well-formed blooms. 2010       10.00

          Ryecroft Brenda T        FD-W         Outstanding form, show winner.                         9.00
          Ryecroft Venture         FD-L         Good form new from England.                           10.00
          Scott’s R. W.            C-LB-Pk/y    Great form and color. Good for shows.                 10.00
          Shea’s Rainbow           IC-DP/y      All around great dahlia.                               5.00
          Tahoma Alan              FD-W         Purest white. Full flowers on great stems. New        12.00
          Tahoma Sheryl            FD-Pr        Scored 86.33 in Trial Garden. Brilliant color.         8.00
          Trelyn Kiwi              C-W          Can be a winner.                                       7.00
          Vista Kestyn             FD-DPk       Very attractive color. Constantly produces show-      12.00
                                                quality blooms. 4 bench scores. New Jean
                                                Heeringa origination,
          Vista Lindsey            Lac-Y        Deep laciniation. Northwest Flower of the Year.        6.00
Min       Amorous                  FD-Or/r      Eyecatching in the garden.                             5.00
-4”       Chimacum Nadjae          FD-DPk       Interesting color. Good form. 2009                    10.00
          Chimacum Night           FD-DR        Strong growth habits. 2010.                           10.00
          Formby Crest             FD-Br        Very best of form. From Australia.                     6.00
          Hollyhill Bridget        SC-Pk/y      Beautiful color, good for cutting.                     6.00
          Martina                  FD-Wh/pr     Good show flower.                                      8.00
          Narrows Erica            FD-Br        Bench score. Full blooms on strong stems.              8.00
          Ryecroft Dave’s Choice   FD-W         Well-formed show blooms. Winner.                       7.00
          Skipley Spot of Gold     FD-Pk        Good form. Gold tipped petals.                         8.00
          Tahoma Kellie            FD-L/w       Lots of full blooms on good stems.                     8.00
          Tahoma Kim               FD-DR        Will compete with Barbarry Red Dwarf. Easier to       12.00
                                                store and grow. 3 bench scores. 2011
          Tahoma Kirk              FD-L         3 bench scores. Blooms early, lots of flowers. 2011    8.00
          Tahoma Olivia            SC-W         Prolific, 5 bench scores 2009. Derrill Hart medal.     8.00
          Tahoma Shea              FD-BD-Br/y   Attractive color. 2010                                 7.00
          Tahoma Victoria F        FD-Pr        Great color with little fading.                        7.00
          Tahoma Vivian            FD-Fl        Early blooms. 5-bench scores. Average over 87.        14.00
          Verrone’s Steven D.      Var-W/pr     Always a winner in its class.                          5.00
          Weston Spanish Dancer    C-Fl         Showy blend. Often a winner.                           4.00
          White Knight             FD-W         From England. Good show form.                          8.00
Ball      Barbarry New Lodge       R            Large well-formed ball.                               10.00
3.5+      Blyton Softer Gleam      Or/Y         Deep blooms. From England                              8.00
          Cherwell Linnet          Or           Eye catching. English variety.                         8.00
          Mary’s Jomanda           DPk          Continued its winning ways.                            5.00
          Narrows Kirsten          DPk          Great color, high petal count.                         7.00
          Snoho Doris              R-Br         True ball form.                                        5.00
          Snoho Sonia              L            Good bloomer. Nice ball form.                          6.00
          Tahoma Amy               Pk           Nice color. Traditional ball form.                     7.00
          Tahoma April             L            2 high bench scores. Very good form. 2011 intro.      10.00
MinBall   Chimacum Davi            Pk-Pr        Has proven its worth. Limited stock.                  10.00
2-3.5”    Chimacum Les C           DR           Precise form. Many petals.                             7.00
          Ryecroft Laura           Y            Good ball form.                                        6.00
          Sir Richard              DPk          Winning record. 2010                                  10.00
          Tahoma Alicia            DPk          Low growing, early & profuse. 4 bench scores 87+      12.00
          Tahoma Eli               DPr          Proved to be a good show flower.                       5.00
            Tahoma Lady Oh               DPr            Great color. Reflexes to stem.                           8.00
            Tahoma Lael                  Y              Lots of bright colored blooms. Winning at shows.         9.00
            Tahoma Minnie B              DPr            Great ball form. 3 bench scores. 86+. 2011               9.00
            Tahoma Sarah B               DPr            Bright color on great stems. 3 bench scores. 2011       11.00
            Tahoma Tyler                 Fl             Orange and red.                                          8.00
Pom         Glenplace                    Pr             Proven winner.                                           4.00
-2”         Irish Speckles               V Pk/pr        Sure winner in its class.                               10.00
            Lismore Moonlight            Y              Easy to grow exhibition flower.                          5.00
            Mi Wong                      LB L/w         Exhibitor’s dream.                                      10.00
            Pembroke Patti               Pr             Recently new Pom from England.                           8.00
            Pop Willo                    Br             Oldie but goodie.                                        5.00
            Rhonda                       W/l            Many well-formed Pom blooms. Exhibition                  6.00
Water       Carmen Bunky                 DPk            Bright pink with good form. Limited.                     7.00
Lily        Kelgai Ann                   Pk/w           Great water lily form.                                   6.00
            Nepos                        W/l            Oldie but goodie.                                        5.00
            Pam Howden                   Or             Proven show winner from Australia.                       5.00
            Taratahi Glo                 Flame          From New Zealand.                                        9.00
ST          A C Aquarius                 Pr/w           Full, well-formed. 2010                                 12.00
            A C Rooster                  R              Big winner in 2010                                      10.00
            Alloway Candy                Pk             Perennial winner. Nice soft pink.                        5.00
            Hilltop Stella               BI-R/w         Showy red with white tips.                               9.00
            Irish Pinwheel               Fl             Excellent form.                                          8.00
            Stillwater Becky             DB-Pk/w        Attractive dark tones.                                   7.00
            Stillwater Carnival          Or             Bright color. Strong growth habits.                      7.00
            Tahoma Riley                 LB-Pk/y        Great stems and color.                                  10.00
            Verrone’s Richard B          Y              Good stellar form.                                       8.00
            Verrone’s Sandra J           Or             Glistening orange.                                       7.00
            Vista Pinky                  DP             Deep pink on strong stems. 2011. Heeringa orig.          8.00
Peony       Elvira                       DP             Often a blue ribbon winner.                              4.00
            Jacs Kyle                    W              Proven show flower.                                      6.00
AN          B J Rival                    Br/y           New well-formed blooms from Australia.                   8.00
            Lucky Ducky                  Y              Bright yellow, showy in the garden.                      6.00
            Mexico                       L/y            New Australia. Show potential.                           5.00
            Poppa                        P              Striking purple. New from Australia.                     8.00
CO          Alpen Diamond                L/W            Gullickson winner 2004. Frequent winner.                 5.00
            Pooh                         R/y            Showy, strong growing.                                   4.00
            Tahoma Angie                 W/w            Shimmering white. New 2009.                              5.00
            Trelyn Rebecca               R-W            Nice flat plane, plenty of blooms.                       6.00
S           B J’s Gunnar                 DPk            Lavender with purple bullseye. Low growing.              5.00
            Magenta Star                 Pr             Beautiful dark foliage. Wisley Garden award.             5.00
            Northwest Cosmos             L/pr           Beautiful contrasting colors. Good stems.                5.00
            Raeann’s Peach               DB             Salmon pink and Purple. Show winner.                     6.00
            Tahoma Eldean                Pr/w           Striking color. 6 bench scores. 2009 introduction.       7.00
O           Christie Shayla              Pr/w           Great orchid form.                                       5.00
            Midnight Star                DR             Proving to be a show competitor.                         8.00
NX          Vista Minnie                 DR/y           3 or 4 rows of fully involute petals. 3 bench scores.   10.00
                                                        Jean Heeringa origination. 2011 medal winner.
            Vista Pet                    Or/y           Petals have ticks like Thistle. 2 head table wins.       8.00
                                                        Jean Heeringa origination.
NO          Jacs Kelli                   Pk             Winning in its class.                                    6.00
            Lorona Dawn                  Pr/w           Orchid with petaloids. Strong stems.                     5.00

Note: Additional photos of our dahlias may be viewed on our website.

KEY TO DESCRIPTIONS: Find descriptions to classification of dahlias on Terms of Purchase page.
                                           Dahlias by Les and Vivian Connell
                                           PO Box 1595, Sumner, WA 98390
                                              Telephone: 253-848-6251;


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