Dahlia Esther Perez is Survived by by MikeJenny


									            Dahlia Esther Castillo is Survived by                                         In Loving Memory
        Ramon A. Perez & Sylvia A. Perez – Parents
                Robert G. Castillo – Husband
                         Her children -
   Samuel R. Naeja and his wife Natalie, Jemila A. Naeja,
  Cassandra R. Castillo, Robert G. Castillo, Jr., Melanie R.
                  Castillo, Sarina A. Castillo
                           Siblings -
Raymond S. Perez and his wife Rosamaria, Velia R. Tarr and
                 her husband Harold D. Tarr,
 Reymundo C. Perez and his wife Antoinette, Daniel Perez,
             Victor Z. Perez and his wife Karen.
     Grandchildren – Gabriel L. Naeja, Amiah J. Picaso,
                        Noah R. Naeja
Aunts, Uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, in-laws and countless

Please join the family after the service in the fellowship hall for              Entered into this world October 19, 1957
lunch. Special thanks to Alta Mae Cavanaugh and David Thaler                    February 20, 2010 Went to be with Our Lord
for coordinating the meal. Thanks to Wheatridge United
Methodist Church. Thank you for taking time out of your day to        Let Solace be taken in knowing that we gave the best we had to
join us in celebrating the special life of our daughter, sister,       our Loved one, and that she knew that she was deeply loved.
mother, aunt, Grand mother, mother in law, sister in law, and
love of our life!                                                     For, beyond all else, this is the greatest gift we give, and in turn,
                                                                                         the greatest gift we receive!
In lieu of flowers, the family is asking for donations.
Donations should be made out and sent to:                             Memorial Service Location
Berkeley United Methodist Church                                      March 4, 2010, doors open: 10am, Service 11am
Care of: Dolly Castillo fund                                          Wheatridge United Methodist Church
5200 W. 43rd Ave                                                      7530 West 38th Ave.
Denver, Co 80212                                                      Wheatridge, CO 80033
Order of Service                                                                                            Our Dolly

                                                                                   Wherever you went, whatever you did, because of the love in
Prelude           “The Lord’s Prayer”                   by Mary Lawrence          your heart, people were drawn to you. When you invited us to
                                                                                    visit, we were treated as Royalty. Your smile, your warm
Opening Prayer                                       Rev. Aaron M. Gray            embrace, your kindness was immeasurable. The core of the
                                                                                 family. In times of Joy, celebration, you were involved, in times
Special Music            “Amazing Grace”                by Kama Mitchell           of grief, sorrow, advice, you were sought out. Anytime, you
                                                                                                          were asked for.
Scripture                  Jeremiah 18:1-6                             Pastor
                                                                                 Now, although the physical presence may no longer be there, to
Message              “God is Our Master Potter!”                                 reach out and feel, the comfort of your words, the mere lighting
                                       Pastor Terry McLaughlin                    of a room with your smile and those dimples… we have to trust
                                                                                 in our Father above, and know that your spirit is there. It is not
Special Music         “It is Well, With my Soul” by Juanita Pisano                 easy to accept, and may be a while yet until we will no longer
                                                                                       mourn your absence. This is simply a testament to the
Some Thoughts and Memories                 by Dolly’s Sister & Brothers                             tremendous impact you had!

Open Forum for Family and Friends                                                  Never Goodbye, those words will not be uttered. Our faith
                                                                                 teaches us that soon and very soon, we will meet again, but for
Closing Prayer                                   Rev. Terry McLaughlin              now, I will shed a tear, manage a smile, and treasure the
                                                                                                          memories. …
Postlude           “I’ll Walk with God”                 by Mary Lawrence         God, thank you for the gift of life, thank you for the time we had
                                                                                    with our Dolly, in time, may the peace that surpasses all
Following the service, if you are able to stay for the meal, please proceed to   understanding touch our hearts. In the name of the Father, the
the Fellowship hall.                                                                             Son and the Holy Ghost… Amen

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