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Taylor: Singing Mean (You with your words like knife and swords and weapons that you
use against me………)

Me: Taylor swift, an absolutely normal girl, who had been bullied by her friends at

Taylor: Singing Back to December (And I go back to December turns around and
change my own mind, and I go back to December all the time)

Me: Who had done something and regretted it. Who had wanted to go back to time to
change her mistakes.

Taylor: Singing Invisible (We could be a beautiful, miracle, unbelievable, instead of just

Me: A girl who had loved someone without him loving her back. Who had wished to be
loved but didn’t get what she wanted.

Taylor: Singing A Place in This World (I don’t know what I want, so don’t ask me, cause
I still try to figure it out)

Me: Sometimes, she is clueless about what her life just like everyone else.

Me: Yet, she had become an extraordinary girl who a lot of people are looking up too. By
looking up to her, people believe in themselves more. They can believe more about
themselves, that they archive their dreams which seem to be unbelievable.

(Taylor Swift’s concert, the crowd went wild)

Random Person 1: Wow, that’s great.

Random Person 2: I am a big Taylor Swift’s fan too. She is my hero.

Random Person 3: She is my hero.

Me: Taylor Swift’s life and songs have been great inspiration to everyone. For me, I have
personally learned a lot after hearing Taylor’s songs. I am thankful to Taylor Swift for
inspiring many people and making their life a wonderful life. I love Taylor Swift.

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