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					AGERATUM                   DUSTY MILLER               MARIGOLD-LARGE(1203)                PORTULACA
_____Blue                  _____Silver Dust           _____Marvel Orange            _____Fuchsia
_____Royal                                            _____Marvel Yellow            _____Pink
                            DIANTHUS(1203)            _____Discovery Orange         _____Scarlet
ALYSSUM                    _____Scarlet               _____Discovery Yellow         _____Yellow
_____Easter Bonnet Mix     _____Pink                   MARIGOLD                     _____Mix
_____New Carpet of Snow    _____Parfait Raspberry     _____Durango Mix              _____Peppermint
_____Rosie o' day          _____Parfait Strawberry    _____Durango Orange           _____Margurita mix
_____Royal Carpet          _____Parfait Peppermint    _____Bonanza Yellow                -Mounding habit
_____Snow Crystals         _____Cherry                _____Boy o' boy Mix
                           _____Violet                _____Disco Marietta            SALVIA
AMARANTHUS(1203)           _____Mix                   _____Disco Yellow             _____Burgundy
_____Early Splendor        _____Blueberry             _____Disco Red                _____Mix
                           _____White                 _____Disco Mix                _____Purple
                                                      _____Safari Red               _____Red Dwarf
ASTER (1203)                                          _____Orange Boy               _____Red Medium
_____Pot & Patio Mix
                           GAZANIA(1203)              _____Yellow Boy               _____Red Tall
                           _____Daybreak Mix                                        _____White
 BEGONIA                   _____Orange                 NICOTIANA                    _____Victoria Blue
_____Bronze leaf Mix       _____Pink                  _____Pink
_____Bronze leaf Pink      _____Red stripe            _____Purple/ Lime             SNAPDRAGON
_____Bronze leaf Red                                  _____Red
_____Bronze leaf Rose                                                                    DWARF
                           GOMPHRENA                  _____White                    _____Montego Pink
_____Bronze leaf White
_____Green leaf Mix        _____Purple                                              _____Red
_____Green leaf Pink       _____Mix                     PANSY(1203) + 6pk. handle   _____White
_____Green leaf Red                                  baskets (3) Per Flat           _____Yellow
_____Green leaf Rose        HYPOESTES                 1203 6pack                    _____Twinny Peach (Dbl.)
_____Green leaf White      _____Red Splash             ___ ___Lt. Blue              _____Mix
                           _____Pink Splash            ___ ___Tango Mix                  MEDIUM
                                                       ___ ___Primrose Yellow
 BROWALLIA(1203)           _____White Splash
                                                       ___ ___Mix
                                                                                    _____Ribbon Crimson
_____Marine Bells                                                                   _____Light Pink
                                                       ___ ___Sunrise               _____Yellow
_____White                  IMPATIENS                  ___ ___Cotton Candy Mix
                           _____Blue Pearl                                          _____Mix
                                                       ___ ___Matrix Rose Wing
CELOSIA                    _____Cherry                 ___ ___Majestic White             TALL
_____Jewel Box Mix         _____Cranberry              ___ ___Majestic Yellow       _____Rocket Mix
_____Ice Cream Mix         _____Lipstick               ___ ___Majestic Mix
_____Orange                _____Mix                                                  STOCK(1203)
_____Pink                  _____Orange                                              _____Rose
                           _____Pink                 PETUNIA
_____Red                                                                            _____White
_____Yellow                _____Red                        DOUBLES(1203)            _____Lavender
_____New Look              _____Blush                 _____Burgundy                 _____Mix
                           _____Salmon                _____Mix                      _____Violet
                           _____Star Mix              _____Pink
CLEOME(1203)               _____Voo Doo Mix           _____Salmon
_____Rose Queen            _____Star Red              _____White                     TORENIA(1203)
_____Violet Queen          _____Violet                _____Red                      _____Blue
                           _____White                                               _____Yellow
                                                      PETUNIA GRANDIFLORA           _____Rose
COLEUS                     _____Designer mix          _____Lavender
_____Carefree Mix                                                                   _____Burgundy
                                                      _____Pink Flare
_____Wizard Mix            LARKSPUR(1203)             _____Blue
_____Black Dragon          _____Giant Imperial        _____Mix                       VERBENA(1203)
_____Coral Sunrise                                    _____Salmon                   _____Mix
_____Wizard Velvet                                    _____Sugar Daddy              _____Waterfall Mix
_____Wizard Pineapple                                 _____Strawberry Daddy         _____Pink
                            LOBELIA                                                 _____Red
                           _____Blue                  _____Blue Daddy
COSMOS(1203)               _____Blue Splash           _____Yellow                   _____Blue
_____Sonata Carmine                                   _____Burgundy                 _____White
                           _____White                                               _____Apricot
_____Pink                  _____Rosamonde             _____Rose Morn
_____White                                            _____Pink
                                                      _____Violet                    VIOLA
                          MELAMPODIUM(1203)           _____Red                      _____Lemon 2 Blue
DAHLIA(1203)               _____Lemon Delight
_____Figaro Mix                                       _____White                    _____Sorbet Lemon
_____Orange                                           _____Designer Mix             _____Mix
_____Violet                 MIMULUS                   _____Silver Vien              _____Purple
_____Yellow                _____Magic Mix             _____Picotee Red              _____Yesterday,Today, Tomm.
_____Red                                              _____Picotee Blue
                                                      _____Star Mix
 VINCA                           -Vegetables continued           -Perennials continued              -Herbs continued
_____Blue                       _____Lettuce Salad Blend        _____Carnation, Pink               _____Lavender
_____Cooler Hot Rose            _____Onion White(1801)          _____Catananche, Cupid's Dart      _____Lavender Hidcote
_____       Apricot             _____Onion Red (1801)           _____Centaurea, Bachelor           _____Lemon Balm
_____       Grape               _____Okra                             Button                       _____Oregano
_____       Mix                 _____Peas, Snow                 _____Cerastium, Snow in            _____Parsley-Curled
_____       Peppermint          _____Cantaloupe- Iroquois             Summer                       _____Parsley-Plain
_____       Pink                _____Melon- Honey Dew           _____Coreopsis, Early Sunrise      _____Peppermint
_____       Raspberry Red       _____Watermelon- Sugar Baby     _____Coreopsis, Sunfire            _____Rosemary
_____Pacifica Burgundy Halo     _____            Crimson Swt.   _____Coronilla, Crown Vetch        _____Rue
_____Pacifica Punch             _____Squash- Yellow straight    _____Daisy, Painted                _____Sage
_____Pacifica Red               _____        Yellow crookneck   _____Daisy, Shasta                 _____Spearmint
_____Pacifica White             _____        Zucchini           _____Daisy, Snow Lady              _____St. Johns Wort
_____Pac. Cherry Red Halo       _____        Sweet Dumpling     _____Daisy, Crazy Daisy            _____Swt. Marjoram
_____Santa Fe                   _____        Butternut          _____Delphinium, Mix               _____Thyme
_____Designer mix               _____        Acorn              _____Dianthus, Swt. William        _____Thyme Creeping
_____Trailing Red (1203)        _____        Spaghetti          _____Digitalis, Foxglove           _____Tarragon
_____Trailing Apricot (1203)    _____Spinach Noble              _____Doronicum, Leopard's
_____Trailing Lipstick (1203)   _____Sweet Corn Bicolor               Bane
                                                                _____Echinacea, Purple Cone
                                                                                                   1801 Vegetables
                                PEPPER                                Flower
 ZINNIA (1203)                                                  _____Echinacea, Rose              (18) 3.5" Square Pots
_____Zahara White               _____ California Wonder
                                _____ Red Bell                  _____Echinacea, White               Tomato
_____       Scarlet                                             _____Gallardia, Arizona Sun
                                _____ Golden Bell                                                  _____Better Boy
_____        Fire                                               _____Geum, Mrs. Bradshaw
                                _____ Habernero                                                    _____Big Boy
_____        Mix                                                _____Gypsophilia, Baby’s
                                _____ Hot Wax                                                      _____Sweet 100
_____       Star Rose                                                 Breath
                                _____ Jalapeno                                                     _____Early Girl
_____       Yellow                                              _____Heliopsis, Summer Sun
                                _____ Pimento                                                      _____Roma
                                _____ Red Cayene                _____Huechera, Coral Bells         _____Celebrity
 GERANIUM (1203)                _____ Red Hot Cherry            _____Huechera, Purple Palace       _____Parks Whopper
_____Pink                       _____ Red Chili                 _____Iberis, Candytuft             _____Grape
_____Red                        _____ Serrano                   _____Liatris, Gayfeather           Heirloom Varieties
_____Rose                       _____ Sweet Banana              _____Lunaria, Money Plant
_____Salmon                                                     _____Lupine, Gallery Mix           _____German Johnson
_____Ripple Mix                                                 _____Myosotis, Forget Me Not       _____Mr. Stripey
_____Orange                     TOMATO                          _____Penstemon beardtounge         _____Brandywine
_____Violet                     _____ Better Boy                _____Physostegia, Obedient         _____Black Krim
_____White                      _____ Big Boy                         Plant                        _____Mortgage Lifter
                                _____ Beefmaster                _____Platycodon, Dbl. White        _____Great White
                                _____ Early Girl                _____Platycodon, Balloon Flwr.      Pepper
STRAWBERRY(1203)                _____ Celebrity
_____Everbearing                                                _____Platycodon, Astra Pink        _____California Wonder
                                _____ Mt. Pride                 _____Polemonium, Jacob ladr.       _____Golden Wonder
                                _____ Jet Setter                _____Poppy, Iceland                _____Jalapeno
VEGETABLES(1203)                _____ Rutgers                   _____Poppy, Oriental               _____Red Beauty
_____Asparagus Mary Wash.       _____ Super fantastic           _____Potentilla, Monarch Velvet    _____Sweet Banana
_____Beets Red Ace              _____ Yellow Pear               _____Rudbeckia Goldstrum           _____Habanero
_____Broccoli                   _____ Sunray, yellow            _____Salvia, Blue                  _____Hungarian Hot Wax
_____Bush Beans                 _____ Red Cherry                _____Santolina, Gray               _____Kung Pao
_____Cauliflower                _____ Swt. 100                  _____Saponaria, Soapwort
_____Cabbage Stonehead          _____ Roma                                                          Eggplant
                                                                _____Sedum, Dragons Blood          _____Ichibahn
_____Cabbage Flat Dutch                                         _____Sedum, Golden Carpet
_____Cabbage Red                                                _____Sedum, Silver Frost            Strawberry June bearing
_____Cabbage Chinese                                                                               _____Allstar
                                PERENNIALS (1801)               _____Stachy's, Lamb's ear
_____Collards                                                   _____Tritoma, Red Hot Poker         Cucumber
                                _____Achillea, Pastel Mix
_____Carrots                                                    _____Veronica, Creeping            _____Marketmore 76
                                _____Alcea, Hollyhock
_____Celery                                                     _____Veronica, Blue Bouquet        _____Burpless
                                _____Alyssum, Gold Dust
_____Brussel Sprouts
_____Cucumber- Marketmore
                                _____Aquilegia, Coumbine                                             Squash
_____Cucumber- Burpless
                                _____Arenaria, Sandwort         HERBS (1801)                       _____Zucchini
                                _____Armeria, Sea Pink          _____Basil- Sweet                  _____Yellow Straight Neck
_____Cucumber- Bush
                                _____Ascelopsis, Btfly. weed    _____Basil- Purple Ruffles        ________________________
_____Cucumber- Pickling
                                _____Aster, Dwarf Mix           _____Basil- Spicy globe
_____Eggplant- Black Beauty
                                _____Beebalm                    _____Basil-Sweet Dani               (6) x 6"PREMIUM
_____Eggplant Ichiban
_____Mustard Greens
                                _____Bellis, English Daisy      _____Basil- Thai Siam Queen        POTTED VEGETABLES
                                _____Bergenia, Heart Leaf       _____Catnip                        _____Tomato Super Bush
_____Gourds, small mix
                                _____Campanula, Cant. Bells     _____Chamomile                     _____Tomato Sweet 'n neat
_____Swiss Chard
                                _____Campanula, Clips blue      _____Chives                        _____Asparagus
                                _____Cardinal Flower Lobelia    _____Chives-Garlic                 _____Bhut Jolokia, Ghost
_____Lettuce Romaine
                                _____Carnation, Red             _____Corriander,Cilantro                -World's hottest pepper!
_____Lettuce Buttercrunch
                                _____Carnation, White           _____Dill
1801 Pot Accents               DAHLINA DAHLIA              OSTEOSPERMUM                 ORNAMENTAL GRASS
 _____Asparagus Fern           _____ Assorted colors       _____Symphony Lemon           _____Purple fountain
 _____Spikes                   _____Dark Angels            _____Orange                   _____Fireworks
 _____Vinca Vine                                           _____Peach                    _____Cortadeira Pink Feather
 _____Baltic Ivy               DIASCIA                     _____Purple                   _____Cypress Baby Tut
 _____Varigated White          _____Pink                   _____Sunset                   _____Fiber optic, Live Wire
 _____Varigated Gold           _____Rose                   _____Pink Bi Color            _____Stipa Mexican Feather
                               _____Red                    PENTAS BUTTERFLY              _____Blue Fescue
ASSORTED 5” PREMIUM                                        _____Cherry Red
                                                                                         _____Carex Red Rooster
                               DICHONDRA                   _____Deep Pink
       ANNUALS                                             _____Lavender                 _____Spiky Blue
                               _____Silver Falls
 ZINNIA                                                    DOUBLE WAVE PETUNIA
 _____Magellan Mix             EUPHORBIA                                                 COLOCASIA
                               _____Hip Hop                _____Pink
 _____Swizzle Cherry & Ivory                               _____Purple                   _____Heart of the Jungle
 SUNFLOWER                                                 _____Rose                     _____Coffe Cups
 _____Choco Sun                HELICHRYSUM                 _____Blue Vein
 _____Pacino Gold              _____Mini Licorice Plant    _____Misty Lilac              CORDYLENE
 _____Teddy Bear               HELIOTROPE                  _____Blue Velvet              _____Red Star Spike
 MORNING GLORY                 _____Marine Blue            _____White                    _____Ruby Pink Bi color
 _____Heavenly Blue                                        SCAVEOLA                      _____Large green Spikes
 _____Moonflower white         IPOMOEA SWT. POTATO         _____Whirlwind white
 _____Flying Saucer            _____Purple                 _____Blue wonder              DAHLIA GALLERY
 _____Scarlet O’hara           _____Margaurita Green                                     _____Assorted colors
 PERENNIALS                    _____Tri color              SUPERTUNIA
 _____Silver Mound Artemisia   _____Ace of Spades          _____Raspberry                HIBISCUS LUNA
 ANGELONIA                                                 _____White                    _____Assorted colors
 _____Pink                     POTTED IMPATIENS            _____Red
 _____Lavender                 _____Summer Ice Double      _____Bordeaux                 MANDEVILLA
 _____White                         4 Assorted Colors      _____Cotton Candy             _____Pretty Crimson
 _____Lavender stripe                                      _____Royal Velvet             _____Pretty Pink
 ARGYRANTHEMUM                 _____Fiesta Double
                                    6 Assorted Colors                                     REIGER BEGONIAS
 _____Yellow Butterfly                                     VERBENA TRAILING              _____Assorted colors
 _____Vanilla Butterfly                                    _____Coral                   ___________________________
 _____Pink Dwarf                                           _____Red Velvet
 BACOPA                        NEW GUINEA IMPATIENS        _____Pink
                               _____Assorted colors        _____White
                                                                                          (14) four inch pots per
 _____White Gulliver
 _____Blue Gulliver                                        _____Violet                             case
 _____Scopia Pink                                          _____Wild Rose
                                LANTANA                                                  TRAILING PETUNIA
 NON-STOP BEGONIAS             _____Landmark Red flame      ZONAL GERANIUM               _____Wave Purple
 _____Assorted Colors          _____ -Rose Sunrise         _____Red                      _____    Pink
 _____Mocha mix                _____Lucky Yellow           _____Rose                     _____    Blue
                               _____ Gold                  _____Pink                     _____    White
                               _____ White                 _____Salmon                   _____    Tropicana Mix
                               _____Bandana Pink           _____White                    _____Shock Wave Denim
 BRACHYSCOME DAISY                                                                       _____Opera Pink Morn
 _____Blue Zephyr                                                                        _____Plush Deep Red
                               LISIANTHUS                  _____Ivy- 4 colors
 CALIBRACHOA SUPERBELLS                                    _____Varigated Leaf           _____    Lilac Pearl
                               _____Blue                                                 _____    Rose
 _____Blue                                                 _____Lavender
 _____Pink                                                ___________________________
 _____Red                                                                                 (10) four inch pots per
 _____White                    LOBELIA
                               _____ Blue w/eye
                                                          (6) Six inch pots per case               case
 _____Tickled Pink             _____ Waterfall Blue         CITROSA
                                                           _____Mosquito Plant           KORDANA MINI ROSES
 _____Peach                    MILLET
 _____Tequilla Sunrise                                     REGAL GERANIUM                _____Red
                               _____Purple Majesty
 _____Yellow Chiffon                                                                     _____Copper
                               _____Jade Princess           (Martha Washington)          _____Pink
 COLEUS                                                    _____Chocolate                _____Yellow
 ______Gt. Mosaic marble       NEMESIA                     _____Deep Lilac              __________________________
 ______Red Ruffles             _____Blue                   _____Red
 ______Electric Lime           _____White                  _____Purple
 ______Aurora Raspberry                                    _____Salmon
                                                                                         10 inch Vegetable Patio
                               _____Sunsatia Lemon
 ______Aurora Black Cherry                                                                       Planters
 ______Saturn                  GERBERA DAISY              CANA LILY TROPICAL             _____Tomato Husky Red
                               _____Revolution Mix         _____4 Assorted Colors        _____Tomato Husky Cherry
 ______+Other assorted