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					                                    James A. Bonant

Objective: To obtain a software engineering position.

University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh PA
Bachelor of Science degree- Computer Science
April 2009

Community College of Allegheny College, Pittsburgh, PA
Associates Degree- Software Development
December 2006

Technical Skills

UML ,SDLC                        Windows 2000/XP/7                 Computer hardware
Java/             Windows 2003 server               Switches/Routers
PHP/perl/javascript/ajax         Unix/Linux                        Public/Secret cryptography
SQL/MYSQL                        Front page / Dream weaver         DES/AES/RSA/
Html / XHML/XML                  VisualStudio                      Md5 /SHA
Wxs installers                   Eclipse/MS office suite           Ivy/Mercurial /Hudson
COM/RegfreeCOM                   Ant/Nant                          Clearcase

Professional Skills
       Excellent problem solving skills
       Able to efficiently multi-task
       Skilled at developing efficient solutions for various types of problems
       Great communication skills
       Works very well in a team environment
       Excellent time management skills
       Special interests in computer security / security over networks and programming
        algorithms and their practical implementations.

Work Experience

Multi Modal Technology
Custom Solutions and Development Team – Software Engineer
June 2010 – Present
    Support M*Modal product integrations into existing customer transcription platforms.
    Lead custom tailored coding workshops to meet the client’s needs and demonstrate how
       to integrate the selected speech understanding products in which the client has selected to
       integrate into their platform.
    Maintain and handle software integration support for “Medical Doctor Workstation
       application”, known as MDW. This is one of M*Modal’s products which combines
       traditional back end batch speech recognition with real-time back end SR, and an
       integration client side recognizer which can be used for dictation or to speech enable an
       Work with developers to create releases and patches for the MDW product
       In my self-directed engineering time I created a tool that solved problem faced by our
        clients which upload may types of audio files to M*Modal for speech recognition. It is
        relied upon the client for providing correct meta data to accompany the audio so that it
        could be handled by the system properly. My tool was a small library that could quickly
        analyze audio and generate the correct meta data for it. It is still a proof of concept but we
        are discussing plans to put in the back end of the system to centralize its use in the future
        to eliminate risk of clients incorrectly marking their data causing a failure of that job.

 Operations team
 June 2009- June 2010
     Supported client integration technical questions and programming issues while
       integrating our speech recognition products.
     Administrated MModal’s Atlassian Confluence web site, and Jira ticketing system which
       uses the Atlassian SSO authentication system Crowd. This involved administrating
       several unix machines and mysql databases for each application.
       1. Migrated the Jira ticketing system out of an old security sensetive location and made
           it directly internet facing, updated the systems software, and hardened it against the
           internet’s security threats using ssl, and relpaced the f5 that was used previously to
           route traffic with Apache.
       2. Upgraded all the existing installations with current versions and added additional
           system features to aid workflow.
     Updated the existing network based watchdog application that monitored M*Modal’s
       various web services availability used by clients for multiple data-centers to
       accommodate the changing monitoring needs for the system as new products were added.
     Created and deployed several tools to assist operations personal. Most of these tools
       were web based which allowed for easy access to internal users and made them easy to
       maintain and keep up to date with needs. An example was a utility that allowed an
       operations technician to simulate speech recognition jobs in various modes for all clients
       with the ability to launch them at any data-center using M*Modal services which was
       usefull for troubleshooting system issues.

University of Pittsburgh
Capstone Internship - Advanced data Management team
January 2008 - June 2008
    Assisted in the design and implementation of a RFID based system that assisted users in
       efficiently guiding them through a graph of stations. The stations were at a computer fair
       of booths equipped with client terminals and RFID readers communicating with a server.
    Onsite installation, configuration and testing of the terminals and server for the system,
       and the systems software.
    Provided onsite technical assistance to the systems users.

Community College of Allegheny College
Computer Technical Support
June 2004 - September 2004
    Provided onsite technical support for end users in the CCAC computing labs.
    Responsible for maintaining computer facilities in the computer lab including networking
       components and computer hardware.
Available upon request.

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