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					                         3GPP2 PMT and Workplan Questions/Issues – January 2011

     TSG   Question/Issue                                           Open Since      Notes

1.   PMT   Which work item will be supported by C.S0070-0 v1.0      October 2010    Document sent for V&V 10/26/10
           (BCMCS Codecs and Transport Protocols)
                                                                                    Per C02 (12/10 meeting): C.S0070-0 v1.0 supports
                                                                                    3GPP2-2000-002 (IP Broadcast and IP Multicast
                                                                                    (BCMCS)) was included in the UMB-1 release and
                                                                                    is no longer active in the workplan. Shall I create
                                                                                    a 3GPP2-2000-002-A work item or include
                                                                                    C.S0070-0 v1.0 as a supplemental reference?

2.   C     Is there an updated schedule for C.S0073-A v2.0                          Document associated w/3GPP2-00231 (Expanded
           (Signaling Test Specification for Mobile Station                         UIMID – A replacement for 32-bit UIMID)
           Equipment Identifier (MEID) Support for cdma2000
           Spread Spectrum Systems).

3.   C     Is there an updated schedule for C.S0011-D               November 2010
           (Recommended Minimum Performance Standards for
           cdma2000 Spread Spectrum Mobile Stations)?
           Document is associated with following work items:
                 3GPP2-00051-A (1xEV-DV Capabilities -
                  Revision A)
                 3GPP2-00210 (Minimum Performance
                  Specifications (MPS) Update Due to Changes
                  from Band Class Specification)
                 3GPP2-00232 (Test Related Specifications for 1x
                          3GPP2 PMT and Workplan Questions/Issues – January 2011

     TSG   Question/Issue                                            Open Since      Notes

                  3GPP2-00268 (Revise MS/AT Minimum
                   Performance Requirement Due to AMPS

4.   PMT   Is there an updated schedule for C.S0092-0 v1.0 (Inter-   November 2010   Per C02 (12/10): There is no development work
           Working Specification for cdma2000 1x, High Rate                          planned for C.S0092-0 v1.0. There are documents
           Packet Data and Ultra Mobile Broadband)?                                  for 1x and HRPD interworking. UMB
                                                                                     interworking is not being pursued.
                                                                                     3GPP2-00192/TSGC-105 (Interworking of
                                                                                     HRPD/1x with UMB) – A.S0021-0 v1.0 (Inter-
                                                                                     Technology Handoff for Ultra Mobile Broadband
                                                                                     (UMB) Radio Access Network Interfaces) is also
                                                                                     associated w/work item and was published 8/08.
                                                                                     Can the work item be considered complete
                                                                                     without the TSG-C document or should the work
                                                                                     item be “retired/canceled” and A.S0021-0 v1.0
                                                                                     included as a Supplemental Reference in the
                                                                                     Release 6 SRG?

5.   C     Is there an updated schedule for C.S0064-A v1.0 (IP       December 2010   Per C02 (12/10): C.S0064-A v1.0 has not been
           Based Over-the-Air Device Management (IOTA-DM)                            assigned by TSG-C. There are currently no work
           for cdma2000 Systems)                                                     28 items, proposed or approved, related to
                                                                                     C.S0064-A v1.0.
                                                                                     Additional information needed: C.S0064-A v1.0 is
                                                                                     listed on the work item worksheet for 3GPP2-
                                                                                     00203 (UMB System Selection) and 3GPP2-00074-
                                                                                     A (Enhancements to IP based over-the-air Device
                                                                                     Management.) Are there other TSG-C documents
                                                                                     that will support these work items, if no work on
                                                                                     C.S0064-A v1.0 is planned?
                          3GPP2 PMT and Workplan Questions/Issues – January 2011

     TSG   Question/Issue                                           Open Since      Notes

6.   C     3GPP2-00280/TSGC-111 (IOTA DM Management                 December 2010   Per C02 (12/10): The Work Item worksheet lists
           Object ID (MOID) bug fix to IP Based Over-the-Air                        the proposed completion date for C.S0064-0 v2.0.
           Device Management (IOTA-DM) for cdma2000                                 3 This date was the best estimate when the WI
           Systems) notes that the document in support of the                       was proposed. The majority of work related to
           work item (C.S0064-0 v2.0 - IP Based Over-the-Air                        this work item was completed in 2007. However,
           Device Management (IOTA-DM) for cdma2000                                 there were resource issues related to completing
           Systems) was published in December 2007.                                 the incorporation of that work into a document.
                                                                                    Currently the point release for C.S0064-0 is in
           I do not have record of this document being published.
                                                                                    V&V comment resolution. It is expected this
           Should C.S0064-A v1.0 be associated to the work item
                                                                                    document will be approved for SC level review
                                                                                    during the January 8 2011 3GPP2 meeting. 9
                                                                                    7 part 2. Should C.S0064-A v1.0 be associated to
                                                                                    the work item instead?
                                                                                    Please see additional information request above
                                                                                    C.S0064-A v1.0 has not been assigned by TSG-C.
                                                                                    There are no approved or proposed work item
                                                                                    worksheets related to C.S0064-A v1.0.

7.   PMT   Per TSG-X October 2010 workplan update, no               November 2010   Question to remain open until Thursday 12/9/10
           additional development work on 3GPP2-00204
           (Supplementary Services for PSVT in MMD) will be
           done. Work item has been open since 2007.
           The following documents are associated:
                  C.Sxxxx – document number yet to be
                  S.R0125-A v1.0 – never published
                  X.S0055-0 v1.0 – published May 2008
                           3GPP2 PMT and Workplan Questions/Issues – January 2011

     TSG   Question/Issue                                            Open Since      Notes

                  X.Sxxxx
           Recommend we include X.S0055-0 v1.0 in the SRG as a
           supplemental reference and retire the work item.

8.   X     Is an updated schedule for X.S0051-0 v1.0 (Multimedia     January 2009    (3/09) MMD to answer – will be TBD for a while.
           Priority Service (MMPS) for MMD-Based Networks)                           Waiting for TSG-C to let them know they’re
           available?                                                                ready for Network support.

9.   X     The following documents are noted in support of           November 2010   (Vic – finish updating workplan with complete
           3GPP2-00279 (Accounting at HA/LMA for cdma2000                            information, once available.)
                  X.S0011 cdma2000 Wireless IP Standard
                  X.S0061 Network PMIP Support
           Please provide the revision and version numbers of the
           supporting documents.
           Also, will all parts of X.S0011 support this work item?

10. X      Which work item will be supported by X.P0064-0 v1.0 –     January 2011    Document sent for V&V 12/13/10
           cdma2000 SMS/IM Interworking

11. X      Per X00-20101206-104BR1 PDS_Workplan, X.S0058-0           January 2011
           v3.0 (HRPD Interworking: Core Network Aspects) was
           published in July 2010. I have no record of V&V or
           publication for this document.
           Should all of the dates provided in the contribution
           reflector 2011? If so, please remove all dates from the
           “Actual” column.
                             3GPP2 PMT and Workplan Questions/Issues – January 2011

        TSG   Question/Issue                                         Open Since      Notes

              Also, is this document required for work item 3GPP2-
              00196 (Inter-Technology Handoff Support for HRPD-
              WiMAX) to be considered complete?

12. X         Is X.S0062-0 v2.0 (Policy and Charging Control (PCC)   January 2011    If document is required, work items will be
              for cdma2000 1x and HRPD) required in order for the                    removed from Release 6.
              following work items to be considered complete?
                    3GPP2-00229 (Network-initiated QoS Support
                     in cdma2000 Packet Data Network)
                    3GPP2-00246 (PCC Support for MS-initiated
                     QoS in cdma2000 1x and HRPD Networks)

The following work items have unidentified documents showing on the 3GPP2 workplan. Please identify the documents
in support of the work item.

Work Item #     Work Item Title                                                                           TSG(s) with Unidentified

00204           Supplementary Services for PSVT in MMD                                                    TSG-C, TSG-X (X.S0055-0
                                                                                                          v1.0 identified – at least 1
                11/16/10 - Work item may be retired
                                                                                                          additional TSG-X document
                                                                                                          still unknown, per X40-
                                                                                                          3/24/09 – TSG-C document
                                                                                                          number not yet assigned

00224           Coexistence Between 3GPP2 Systems And Non-3GPP2 Systems In Shared Service Frequency       TSG-C
                         3GPP2 PMT and Workplan Questions/Issues – January 2011

Work Item #   Work Item Title                                                                           TSG(s) with Unidentified

              Bands                                                                                     3/24/09 - Document number
                                                                                                        not yet assigned.

00225         3GPP2/3GPP Alignment for LTE-eHRPD Interworking                                           S.R0037-X vX.X

00241         Interworking between the Short Messaging Services and OMA Instant Messaging               TSG-X

00245         Multiple PDN and multiple IP address support in cdma2000 1x and HRPD Networks             TSG-X

00256         HRPD-Based Air Interface to Allow Range Extension – Supporting Documents                  TSG-C (7 documents)

00257         Support for Emergency Call Callback (ECCB)                                                TSG-X

00258         Machine-to-Machine Communication Study                                                    TSG-C, TSG-X

00259         Green Revised Energy Efficient Network Study                                              TSG-C, TSG-X

00263         Unstructured Supplementary Services Data Support (USSD) for cdma2000-1x mobile stations   TSG-S, TSG-X

00264         1x Calling Party Number Presentation (CPNP) during CSFB and eCSFB                         TSG-C, TSG-X

00269         Machine to Machine (M2M) Communication for cdma2000 Networks                              TSG-A, TSG-C, TSG-X

00271         Zero-Byte Header Compression for xHRPD                                                    TSG-C