Menarche (DOC) by mikeholy


									Ovarian function:                                   abdominal pain due to the tumor        the adnexa organs (include ovary
     The ovaries are attached to the                torsion or rupture                     or fallopian tube) after menopause,
uterus, one on each side. It is the            4.   irregular menstruation period          then the laparotomy operation is
female reproductive organ. The                 5.   abnormal vaginal bleeding              strongly recommend.
functions of the ovaries are to produce        6.   palpable lower abdominal mass by
oocyte (eggs) and to secret hormone.                self or by doctor                  Discharge planning:
After the menopause, the ovary cease           7.   upset gastrointestinal symptoms,   1. If you received oral medical
to function and its cortex become                   such as poor appetite                 treatment, you must visit the out
fibrosis.                                                                                 patient department regularly.
                                               Treatment:                              2. After surgery, you should return
The cause of benign ovarian                    1. If the patient is not old, may try      to hospital about one week after
tumor:                                            oral contraceptive use to inhibit       discharge
The etiology is still unknown.                    the ovarian function and to reduce   3. After bilateral oophorectomy, you
Generally speaking, the most common               the risk of functional ovarian          may consider hormone therapy; if
ovarian tumors were benign. The                   cancer.                                 you do not received oophorectomy
ovarian cancer may have some related           2. If the tumor is small, you may          then you may follow up by
risk factor such as low parity, infertility,      consider follow up at out patient       ultrasonography regularly.
early menarche and late menopause.                department. If the tumor grows       4. Excise and diet: same as your usual
                                                  quickly, multiple cysts or              daily life. You should avoid
Clinical feature:                                 abnormal blood flow noted under         stimulus (hot & spicy) food.
1. usually no specific symptoms                   ultrasonography, then suggest        5. If you noticed the following
2. dullness pain or discomfort at the             operation (laparotomy or                discomfort symptoms, return to
   infected side                                  laparoscopic method)                    the hospital immediately:
3. sometimes it cause severe                   3. If the rapid growth mass noted at       (1) fever up to 38 degree C
   (2) severe lower abdominal pain           Ovarian benign tumor
   (3) abnormal discharge from
       operation wound, such as foul
       odor discharge

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