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					HGSE Commencement 2011
       HGSE Degree Candidates!

This celebration is a milestone, marking the
  hard work and effort you have put into this
  academic achievement. At HGSE, we want
 this to be one of the most memorable events
                 of your lives.
            Today’s Agenda
• HGSE Office updates
• Important Deadlines & Dates
• Overview of Commencement Week
• Disability Accommodations
• Regalia
• Overview of Commencement Day
• Important Tips
• Q&A
     Important Information from
     HGSE Administrative Offices

• Career Services Office, Rachael McDermott

• Alumni Office, Natalie Newcom
                 Alumni Relations
www.alumni.harvard.edu                       http://www.gse.harvard.edu/alumni_friends/

 - Harvard-wide (log-in required)            - HGSE only
 - Keep your information up to date!         - LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube
 - University-wide Alumni Directory          - Event Calendar, regional alumni events
 - Crimson Compass Career Networking Tool    - Volunteer opportunities
 - Receive Harvard Magazine                  - Library access, transcripts, taking classes
 - Invitations to Global Networking Nights   - Ed. magazine; submit class notes

        Contact Us: 617-496-3605 | gse_alumni_relations@harvard.edu
              Registration Office
           Congratulations on your upcoming graduation
                 from the Office of the Registrar!

 Any changes of name, program, and privacy levels for May
  Commencement must be submitted by April 29.
 Please be sure to complete all your evaluations for spring and yearlong
 Term bills must be paid by May 13th . After that date, any payment
  must be made in cash, money order, or certified bank check.
 If there is an outstanding course evaluation or account balance on
  Commencement morning, your diploma will be withheld.
           Financial Aid Office

• Please ensure that if you borrowed loans while enrolled at
  HGSE that you complete the required online exit
  counseling requirement for Financial Aid.

• The FAO will send instructions and reminders to your
  HGSE e-mail address regarding the process.

• This requirement must be completed by May 20, otherwise
  your diploma will be withheld at Commencement!
         Access & Disability Services

Students must request accommodations for both University and HGSE exercises.

1. University Exercises in Harvard Yard
This seating is by reservation and ticket only.
Marie Trottier, University Disability Coordinator,
Holyoke Center, room 547. 617-495-1859/TTY 617-495-4801

Deadline to make requests: Friday, April 29, 2011 at 5 PM.

2. HGSE Exercises in Radcliffe Yard
Eileen Berger, Assistant Director
Longfellow Hall, 046 617.495.8035
osa@gse.harvard.edu or bergerei@gse.harvard.edu

Deadline to make requests: Thursday, May 19, 2011at 5 PM.
               April Deadlines & Dates
April 22
    COOP deadline to purchase Regalia (rental deadline was April 6)

April 27
    Last day of classes.

April 29
   Last day to request disabilities accommodations for Harvard University Commencement Ceremony, contact
    Marie Trottier, University Disability Coordinator, Holyoke Center, 5th floor, room 547 (telephone: 617-495-
    1859/TTY 617-495-4801 or via email at marie_trottier@harvard.edu).
   Deadline to submit Commencement Ticket Orders/RSVP's, 5 PM. (poll opens April 14th). IMPORTANT:
    OSA cannot guarantee that orders received after this date will be filled.
   Last day for name, program, and privacy changes to Registration Office for May Commencement (Please
    note: this affects whether/how student names appear in the Commencement program).
   Auditions for HGSE Speech Contest: 10:00-12:00, Larsen G08

Late April/Early May
     Financial Aid online exit interviews for student loan borrowers available on the Financial Aid link on
     MyGSE. Online exit counseling must be completed by May 21. More information.
                May Deadlines & Dates

May 13      Deadline for payment for all term bills in order to receive May degree.

May 16-20
     •        Pre-ordered Commencement tickets available for pick-up in Conroy Commons. HUID required,
              students must pick-up their own tickets. After May 20, tickets will be available only from the
              Information Booth.

     •        Students who have been granted disability seating for the Harvard University
              Commencement Exercises must exchange their regular tickets (issued through the Office of
              Student Affairs, as cited above) for disability seating tickets with Marie Trottier, University
              Disability Coordinator, Holyoke Center, 5th floor, room 547.

May 19      Deadline to request special seating for guest at the HGSE Diploma Ceremony. Students should
            contact Alex Galindo or Eileen Berger (osa@gse.harvard.edu).

May 20      Deadline to complete Financial Aid online exit interviews for student loan borrowers available on
            the Financial Aid link on MyGSE

May 19-26 Pre-ordered, reserved academic regalia available for pick up at the Harvard Coop.

May 24-27 Limited number of extra gowns and hoods available for rental at the COOP on a first -come-first-
          serve basis. There is an additional $25 late fee for these rentals.
         May: Information Booth

          Commencement Info Booth Schedule

May 23    Commencement Info Booth open
          (10:00 am – 4:00 pm)

May 24    Commencement Info Booth open
          (10:00 am – 4:00 pm)

May 25    Commencement Info Booth open
          (9:00 am – 5:00 pm)

May 26    Deadline to pick-up pre-ordered and pre-reserved Academic Regalia
          at Harvard Coop.

          Commencement Info Booth open
          (7 am – Noon)
       Overview of
Commencement Week Activities

           Tuesday, May 24

Reception for Graduating International Students
                  Eliot Lyman
                 4:00-6:00 p.m.
                  Wednesday, May 25

9:30-11:00 a.m.   Doctoral Brunch. Radcliffe Yard
                  for doctoral graduates and their guests.

11:30-1:30 p.m.   Robing Ceremonies. Askwith Hall and GCC
                  for doctoral students and their guests.

3:00-4:30 p.m.    Convocation. Radcliffe Yard
                  The student-elected HGSE faculty speaker, and the winner of
                  the HGSE Student Speech Competition will speak. The
                  recipients of the Intellectual Contribution Awards, the HGSE
                  Alumni Council award, and the Phyllis Strimling Award will
                  be presented. Marshals will be recognized.
Commencement Celebration Dance!
        Wednesday, May 25

      8:00 -11:00 p.m. Radcliffe Yard

Featuring Music, Hors d'oeuvres, and cash bar.
             Proper I.D. required.
      Families are encouraged to attend.

            Come and celebrate!
                            Commencement Day
                             Thursday, May 26

6:45 a.m     Harvard Yard Gates open for guest access. Guests use Gate D on Mass. Ave.

7:30 a.m     Appian Way Academic Processional. Rain or Shine.
             Graduates gather and process in full academic regalia to Sever Hall Quadrangle (outside Harvard
             Yard.) Graduates must be in academic regalia to enter the yard and have a student ID!

9:45 a.m     Harvard Yard, University Commencement Exercises.
             The ceremony is televised on monitors underneath the tent in Radcliffe Yard and in Larsen G-08.

12:15 p.m    Radcliffe Yard, HGSE Presentation of Diplomas and Certificates. Ceremony will begin
             immediately after graduates have returned from Tercentenary Theatre. All guests are encouraged to be
             seated well before noon due to limited seating. Graduates go immediately to their respective gathering
             areas for Diploma Ceremony.

12:00-3:30 p.m. Harvard Yard Commencement Bagged Lunch.
             In the Old Yard after Diploma Ceremony until 3:00 p.m. $15.00 per person. Lunches distributed until
             3:30 p.m. Graduates must purchase tickets for themselves and guests in advance.

2:30 p.m.    Harvard Yard Tercentenary Theatre: University Alumni Exercises
             Features the Harvard University Commencement guest speaker, Justice Souter, alumni procession, and
             address by President Faust. Graduates and guests require tickets, which must be ordered in advance.
                IMPORTANT NOTES FOR

•   7:30 a.m. Appian Way: Line up in pairs and process to Harvard Yard. Marshals lead the
    processional. Line up with the people you want to sit with at Appian Way. You will not
    be allowed to change the processional order once you are in Harvard Yard!

•   Pick up your lanyard and insert your HUID.

•   Appian Way will be divided down the middle and shared by HGSE and the Extension
    School. HGSE Graduates must line up on the Gutman/Larsen side of Appian Way. The
    Extension School will be processing (on the Longfellow Side of Appian, with bagpipes)
    AS HGSE students are arriving and lining up. Do NOT begin walking until HGSE staff
    make the announcement to walk on the microphone. HGSE grads will be led by a

•   Leave Tercentenary Theatre immediately following Harvard University ceremony.
    Marshals help direct students back to Appian Way.

•   Immediately following Harvard Yard ceremony meet at designated program meeting
    locations. It is important that you return to Appian Way as quickly as possible in order for
    our Diploma Ceremony to start on time. Graduates will then process with their programs
    through Longfellow and into Radcliffe Yard to receive degrees.

•   When in doubt, follow your marshal.
Process from HGSE to Sever Hall
    Harvard University Morning Exercises

•   Keep in mind that Tercentenary Theatre will be extremely crowded.
    32,000 people are expected to attend. Children and elderly are
    discouraged to attend because of safety concerns with a crowd of this
    size. The ceremony will be simulcast live under the tent in Radcliffe
    Yard and in Larsen 106.

•   Bathrooms in Tercentenary Theatre are available, but limited. There
    are only two locations with 2-3 stalls each!

•   Large bags/backpacks are not allowed.

•   Due to security measures, attendees may be subject to security
    searches/ metal detector wands
               University Policy on
                Academic Regalia
• Harvard University full regalia, including masters hoods is
  required for the morning exercises.

• Harvard University full regalia, including doctoral hoods is
  required for the morning exercises.

• Tassels can go either side - left or right.

• No backpacks or bags.

• No children or strollers in processionals!
HGSE Master’s Regalia
HGSE Doctoral Regalia
 University Policy on Strollers with
  Guests for Morning Exercises

Limited to:
Sections D5, D6, D7 and D8
(behind Graduate and Professional schools seating)

Graduates WILL NOT be allowed to process into
  Tercentenary Theatre with their children!
          Commencement Tickets for
            University Ceremony
•   Two tickets for Harvard Yard ceremony per graduate.

•   You are not allowed to sell your tickets.

•   32,000 people are expected for ceremony. Better viewing of the ceremony is
    available on simulcast under the tent in Radcliffe Yard and in Larsen 106.

•   Ticket distribution dates at HGSE are: May 11th after the Commencement
    Information Session in Askwith Hall, May 16-20 in Conroy Commons; After
    May 20st, at the Information Booth, May 23-26.

•   Each graduate must pick up their own tickets with a valid Harvard ID or
    driver’s license.

•   Guests should enter Tercentenary Theatre using the “D” gates on Mass Ave
    (gates will be labeled, and guest tickets will indicate entry information).
Entrance to Harvard Yard Ceremony
           3 Requirements
1. Appropriate Regalia: Robe, hood, cap

2. Lanyard – distributed on Appian Way for
   processional to the Yard.

3. Harvard ID– inserted in the lanyard.

 While not required, children’s books will be
  provided for students to wave.
                       Important Tips
•   Be on time! The Ceremony will not wait for you!

•   Wear comfortable shoes. It is a long day and you’ll be standing/walking on
    (possibly wet) grass.

•   The dye from regalia may bleed if the weather is rainy or hot and sunny. Keep
    this in mind when choosing what to wear underneath your robe. Tassels can
    fall off easily, so make sure you get one in your COOP rental, and hang onto it
    Commencement day.

•   Commencement happens, rain or shine.

•   Parking will be extremely limited, so plan to take the “T” if at all possible.
    Very limited parking will be available across the river at the Athletic Center or
    Business School, but often fills up early in the morning. Extremely limited
    additional parking may be available for guests with disabilities. Contact Marie
    Trottier by no later than April 29th for more information.
           HGSE Diploma Ceremony
             Meeting Locations
• After returning from Tercentenary Theatre, proceed to
    your designated program meeting location.
        • While at your meeting location, you should:

              •   EAT: Food will be available
              •   Use the restroom
              •   Line-up in alphabetical order
              •   Listen to your Program Coordinator for updates
              •   Process into Radcliffe Yard

•   You will not return to the meeting locations, and they will not be
    locked, so do not leave any personal items behind.
    HGSE Diploma Ceremony
      Meeting Locations
•   Ed.D.       Longfellow Hallway (H.R. side)
•   AIE         Longfellow 225
•   EPM         GCC, Area 3
•   HE          Conroy Commons
•   HDP         Askwith Hall (HR side)
•   IEP         1st Floor Gutman – Reading Area
•   L&L         2nd Floor Gutman Lobby
•   L&T         Longfellow 319
•   MBE         Askwith Hall (Dean’s Office side)
•   PSP         GCC, Area 1
•   SLP         Conroy Commons
•   Spec/Ind.   GCC, Area 2
•   TEP         GCC, Area 4
•   TIE         Longfellow 308
•   CAS         Longfellow Hallway (H.R. side), behind EdD graduates
        HGSE Diploma Ceremony
•   Programs will enter Radcliffe Yard in alphabetical order, with doctoral
    students processing first.
•   Guests may begin sitting under the tent at 9 a.m.
•   Guests may only save seats if one person remains with the seats at all times.
    Leaving personal items on seats to reserve them is not allowed.
•   The ceremony will be simulcast in Larsen 106 for those guests who wish to be

•   Strollers may be parked under the diploma tent on the Brattle Street side of
    Radcliffe Yard.
•   If attending, please be respectful of your fellow graduates: plan to stay for the
    entire program and refrain from using your cell phone during the ceremony.
HGSE Diploma Ceremony
 Ed.D Marshals leading the Faculty
HGSE Diploma Ceremony
  Ed.M graduates led by Marshal
              Children in the
          HGSE Diploma Ceremony
Harvard Graduate School of Education welcomes the participation of children under 18
   years of age in our Diploma Ceremony. Please note the following:
1.   If you plan to bring your child with you on stage you must make arrangements in
     advance with a friend or family member who will be in charge of the child. This person
     will bring the child to the side of the stage as graduates line-up to cross the stage. The
     child will then be handed off to the graduate, who will hold his/her hand as they both
     process across the stage. The responsible friend/family member must then meet the child
     on the opposite side of the stage to recollect the child and bring him/her back to the
     guest seating. Alternatively, a second friend/family could be responsible to collect the
     child as he/she exits the stage.
2.   Interested students must RSVP in advance, as part of the RSVP/Ticket Ordering poll.
3.   Children will not be allowed to process into Radcliffe Yard with the graduates, nor may
     they sit with graduates.
4.   Please note that children may not accompany graduates to the Harvard University
     Commencement Exercises, nor during the procession.
                 HGSE and Photos

•   Photos are difficult to capture during the Harvard University and
    HGSE Commencement exercises, and pathways must not be blocked
    by photo-takers.
•   Photo areas will be set up for guests to take pictures as graduates leave
    the stage.
•   HGSE has reserved professional Commencement photographers, and
    students may purchase photos directly from “Commencement Photos,
    Inc.” Information will be mailed directly to students’ homes.
  Alternative Viewing Locations
• HGSE will simulcast the Commencement Exercises for
  each event in the following locations:

• Morning Exercises: Under the tent in Radcliffe Yard and
  in Larsen 106. Guests may enter at 9 AM.

• Diploma Ceremony: Under the tent in Radcliffe Yard and
  in Larsen 106.

• Afternoon Exercises: Larsen 106.
•   Melissa Duphily, Student Affairs Associate
    duphilme@gse.harvard.edu or 617-384-7491.

•   Liz Thurston, Director of Student Affairs.

•   Alex Galindo, Staff Assistant

•   All Commencement information is available on the Commencement
    pages of the OSA iSite, which can be accessed from the home page of

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