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					          24x7 Rapid Response & Reliable Supply of OEM
                       Traction & Rolling Stock Spares
              To the North America Rail Transportation Industry

Seating                Bogie / Truck Spares & Kits         Hose Kits

    Brake Actuators      Coat Hooks            Dampers    Circuit Breakers
                  SERVICE Materials Management – Overview

   GLT is a business dedicated to Rapid Reliable supply of Traction & Rolling Stock Procurement &
   Materials Management, Components parts for a broad range of vehicles.

• Our operations centre is based in Toronto, Canada

• GLT operates a worldwide sourcing policy ensuring best price and solutions for clients

• Global industry parts sourcing experience through supplier and industry contracts ensure widest
  possible sourcing solutions for our Clients

• Warehousing & Logistics solutions can be tailored to our Clients needs

• Parts supply from stock or lead-time based on contractual arrangements

• Ability to manage a broad range of products, both Consumable and Unit Exchange ( UTEX )

• Material Supply Agreements can provide guaranteed price and service lead-time

• Inventory aligned with indicative demand / MSA Agreements

• Spares parts can be traded on:
     – Fixed prices basis / Mileage performance or duration
     – Core work Specification or AAW ( Authorised Additional Work )
     – Ad – Hoc repair / overhaul

• Spares parts can be delivered on an ex works or delivered basis.
                       Examples of Products Capability

                       Consumable and UTEX Products
Seating                 Bogie / Truck Spares & Kits       Hose Kits

     Brake Actuators     Coat Hooks             Dampers   Circuit Breakers
       Planning & Materials Management – Background
                  Management Approach

Providing a TOTAL supply chain solution that covers all aspects of
              our Internal & External Client needs.

                Maintenance                        Systems Management
                Management Regime

          Management &               Asset Management             Procurement

                  Predictive Asset                      Strategic OEM
                  Management                            Alignment
                             SERVICE - Value Add

            Strategy is to move GLT and Client up the Service Value Chain

         Customer                                                  GLT

                                                          Full logistics

                                                                                 Turnkey Solutions
                                         Asset            Total Spares
                                         Management       Support

                                        UTEX Floats       IT Solutions

                                         Spare Parts      Aftermarket
         Spare Parts      Spares Kits
                                         Development      Engineering

         Product                                     Comp. Advantage
Strategy is to move from Product Focus to Comp Advantage for both Customer and GLT
                             by Proving TOTAL Service(s)
                                 GLT Capability – Categories for
                                 Traction & Rolling Stock Spares

ELECTRICAL – ELECTRONIC - COMM:                              STREETCAR PARTS
Communication Equipment & Parts                     Brake System Comp.-Knorr
Electrical Parts-Miscellaneous                      Brake System Comp.-Streetcar
Electronic Components-Misc.                         Cable-Electrical Streetcar
Electronic Test Equipment                           Cable-Wire rope Streetcar
Power Supply Equipment                              Carbon Brushes Streetcar
Radio Equip & Parts                                 Carbon Brush-holders
Telecommunication Equipment &Parts                  Carbon Inserts Streetcar
Traffic Control Equipment &Parts                    Circuit Boards Streetcar
Wire & Cable Supply                                 Coils-Rewinding Service
                                                    Coil-Traction Motor
                                                    Commutators Streetcar
                                                    Electrical Comp. Streetcar
                                                    Fuses Streetcar
Air Conditioning Recov. Equip
                                                    Gear & Pinions Streetcar
Filters HVAC
                                                    Glass Streetcar
HVAC Equip. Maintenance
                                                    Polyester Wedges Streetcar
HVAC Parts and Equip.
                                                    Resistors Streetcar
                                                    Rubber Products-Streetcar
                      TRACK                         Shock Absorbers Streetcar

Rail Fasteners-Pandrol
Track Castings
Track Fasteners to Specs/Dwgs
                           GLT Capability – Categories for
                           Traction & Rolling Stock Spares


Air Bags                    Door Parts-Vapor(subway)   Steel Wheels
Air Dryers                  Door System Components     Suspension Parts
Armatures                   Drive Shaft                Switches
Axles                       Electrical Comp-ABB        Thyristors
Batteries-Subway            Electrical Components      Transducers
Bombardier Parts            Electrical Motors          Treadle Mats
Brake Sys. Westinghouse     Electronic Components      Valves
Brake System Components     Gear & Pinions             Varistors
Brake Systems-Wabco         Gear Boxes                 Veam
Brush Holders               Glass-Tempered/Laminated   USSC Seat Parts
Cables-Electrical Subway    HVAC Parts-Stone Safety    Krupp MA Parts
Capacitors                  HVAC Parts-Subway          J.L. Howard Parts
Carbon Brushes Subway       HVAC Parts-Westcode        ZF Hurth Parts
Circuit Boards              Hydraulic Comp.(SRT &      Air Filters for Subway Vehicles
Coils                       Workcar)                   Data Display Parts
Collector Shoes             Relays                     Siemens Parts
Commutators                 Resistors                  ICT Power Parts
Compressor Parts            Rubber Products            FBO Parts
Contacts                    Seating-Otaco              Universal Fan & Blower Parts
Coupler Parts General       Seating-Recaro             Hoerbiger Parts
Coupler Parts-Dellner       Shocks                     Vibratech Rail Parts
Dampers                     Springs                    Alcate Rolls Royce Parts l Parts
Diffuser                    Springs-Chevron            Microelettrica Parts
Diodes                                                 Kiepe Parts
                               GLT Capability – Categories for
                               Traction & Rolling Stock Spares
                                BUS PARTS- GENERAL

Air Conditioning Parts           Ramps/Lifts-Lift U Parts      Eng Engine-Navistar Parts ine-
Air Conditioning-ThermoKing      Seals(Bus)                    Diesel/CNG Parts Misc.
Air System-Aeroquip              Seating/Drivers-Recaro        Exterior Panels(Bus)
Air System-General               Seating/Passenger-Otaco       Fittings-Wheatherhead
Air System-Haldex                Shock Absorbers-              Flooring-Rubber(Bus)
Air System-Ingersoll Rand        Gabriel(Bus)                  Fuel System-Emcowheaton
Axles-Front and Rear             Shock Absorbers-              Fuel System-Misc.(Bus)
Batteries Bus                    General(Bus)                  Heating Systems General(Bus)
Brake Blocks                     Steering System (Bus)         Heating-Vapor(Bus)
Brake Drums                      Structural Parts (Bus)        Heating-Webasto(Bus)
 Brake Sys.Rockwell/Meritor      Suspension Parts (Bus)        Hose Clamps-Oetiker
Brake Systems-Bendix             Transmissions-Allison         Hydraulic System General(Bus)
Brake Systems-General            Transmissions-ZF              ZF Parts
Bus Body Parts-ELF               Windows/Flat Glass            Bus Mirrors & Components
Bus Chassis Parts-ELF(Ford)      Lam./Temp.                    Various Bus Parts
Bus Parts-GM                     Windshield Washing Sprauge    Rotron Circulating Pump Parts
Bus Parts-MCI                    Windshield Washing            Bus Parts – General
Bus Parts-New Flyer              Sys.General                   Bus – Automatic Lubrication
Bus Parts-Nova                   Windshields (Bus)             System
Bus Parts-Orion                  Drive Shaft Components        Seat Belts
Buswheels                        Electrical Components(Bus)    I/O Control Modules
Interior Panels and Fittings     Electrical Components-Delco   Clamps
Luminated Signs-Bus              Engine Cooling System         Bus Clamps
Luminator                        Engine-Cummins                Deutsch Parts
Luminated Signs-Bus General      Engin e-DDP/Allison Trans.
       SERVICE – Working Together, Way Forward....

•   GLT provides a complete Service solution including aftermarket support services for:

•   Parts Supply ( UTEX & New ) under Material Supply Agreements
     – Our shop in your premises option via Vendor Managed Inventory

•   Warranty Support Services

•   Distribution Services

•   Warehousing Services

•   UTEX Float Modelling

•   UTEX Costing ( Whole life Glass case product modelling )

•   Internet Trading via our Portal

                            For more information please contact:

                                 Graham Stokes, Chairman & CEO
                                     Guiding Lights Technology
          168 Springhead Gardens, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, L4C 5C6 T:905-508-1287
       F:905-508-9507 - Mobile: 416-709-3800 new email address: