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					                                  Jonny Kim (Dongjoo Kim)
Address: Fullerton CA 92833       Cell Phone :714-501-1920       Email:

                                   Professional Experience

AMKOTRON Inc, Cerritos in Los Angeles CA : June 2009 – December 28, 2010
Position: Operation Manager & Engineering Manager
Division: LCD Panel Division

▶ Contributed to improve the RMA process for the LCD Panels by customers.
 -Authorized LCD repair center for AMLCD of SAMSUNG CPT and BOE-OT. (as In warranty)
 -Authorized LCD repair center of SAMSUNG Monitors as Out of warranty.
 -Authorized Service Center of HP Monitors.

▶ Contributed to setup the RMA Operation and Ware House Organization based on
 New Test configuration matched with the slim LCD panels.

▶ Contributed to setup the functional RMA Operation and Ware House Organization based on.

YEON JI Inc, Los Angeles CA: November 2008 - June 2009
Position: General Manager

▶Yeon Ji Inc. Family owned business “ Restaurant for Korean food “ as General Manager.

LG Electronics Inc, South Korea, October 2007 - June 2008
Position: Senior Power design Engineer for slim LCD TV Project
Division: LCD TV Development Team

▶TFT member as engineering leader for the slim Power Supply for large LCD Panel with LED backlight.
▶Contributed to develop slim LCD TV with thickness of 12mm, 50” Screen size.

LG Electronics Inc, South Korea, June 2004 – September 2007
Position: Project Manager
Division: GAM (Global Account Manager) - LCD TV/ LCD Monitor Division

▶Reduced the LCD monitor’s development lead time by two months from design to approval production from
 11months to 9months . One million units shipped to worldwide for Sony brand.
▶Launched the 19” Monitor with LED backlight module successfully for European Market in 2005.
  LED backlight LCD Monitor was innovative technology that brought good profit for LGE.
▶Setup the Toshiba LCD TV business with Toshiba Singapore based on MLOP structure (Material cost,
 Labor, Overhead and Profit) cost structure in order to decide the production location among Korea, China,
 Poland, and Mexico.
▶Share the development Information with client and modify the target implementation schedules based
 on development situation, so LGE could achieve success.
▶Provided the opportunity lesson and learn the Digital Broadcasting System in Japan, led to pathway to Brazil’s
  digital TV market in South America.
▶Provided Project for Hitachi OEM Digital LCD TV Hitachi OEM Business 20” for Japan Market
▶Strong Management skill is needed to fulfill the customer’s requirement such as TIME TO MARKET and Quality
 and Price.

LG Electronics Japan, Tokyo Japan, January 2000—May 2004
Position: General Manager (Sourcing and Alliance Group
Division: LGE Japan, Sourcing & Alliance Group

▶Contributed to obtain critical Parts for Personal Computer product and performed Technical support to customer.
▶Developed the mechanical components of Magnesium alloy for Laptop cover and heat pipe to dissipate
 internal heat to outside.
▶Established the Joint Venture Company (HLDS) that was the World No.1 Sales Company in the Optical Driver
 industry. Maintained strong relationship with them based on biz cooperation reinforcement program.
▶Reported monthly and weekly report on the Japanese PC Market especially Apple’s i-Mac and also HDD and
 LCD Panel related with Personal Computer including PDA and Note PC industries.

LG Electronics Inc, South Korea, January 1996-December 1999
Position: Chief Research Engineer
Division: PC Business Unit

▶Developed DC-DC converter, Inverter for CCFL Backlight and Charger for Li-Ion Battery and Adapter for
 Laptop Computer series. (IBM X-20 SERIES)
▶Developed the Power System of Laptop PC as OEM Model for DEC / Compaq / HP / IBM Note PC and Desktop
 PC for domestic Market.
▶Developed the Power Management Program to extend the Battery Running Time with same capacity as Battery
 Pack and applied to IBM Note PC X-Series.
▶Charger for Li-Ion Battery and Adapter for Laptop PC.

LG Electronics Inc, South Korea, November 1992- December 1995
Position: Chief Research Engineer
Division: Information System SBU (Strategy Business Unit)

▶Senior Research Engineer in Power Supply Team in Information System SBU. (SBU = Strategic Business Unit)
▶Developed Switching Mode Power Supply for the products such as Mini Computer and Office Automation units
 such as copy machine, printer , e-typewriter and desktop Personal Computers.
▶Developed the charger for Li-Ion battery and Adapter for Laptop PC. (DEC :Digital Equipment , Compaq)
▶Maximized the effect of the Synergy through combination of divided POWER Engineers in each three OBU in
 SBU organization. Directly led 20 engineers and developed power supply machine.
▶Achieved the power supplies for banking machine (Cash Dispenser 2K Watts, ATM Machine 2K Watt) , OA
 Machine such as Facsimile, Dot Printer / Laser Beam Printer and Copy Machine.

LG Electronics Inc, South Korea, December 1985- October 1992
Position: Research Engineer
Division: Office Automation Division

▶Developed Switching Mode Power Supply using Half- Bridge / Flyback topology for O.A Machine
 ( FAX / Printer / Ink Jet Printer ) and Desktop Computer product
▶System Hardware Engineer for MWO / Facsimile Machine.

                                    Education and Training

Professional training and Disciplines
▶ R & D development course --- Power Supply Design course , Circuit Design course ,
                                 E M I / E M C course , Digital Circuit Design course

▶ Career development------------ LGE Assistant manager course , LGE Engineering leader course ,
                                 LGE Engineering manager courses.
                                 LGE Senior Manager Course .

▶ 6 Sigma Black Belt certified

▶ Korea University, South Korea
 Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering
                                Technology Competencies

 ▶ Hardware : DC/DC Converter , Flyback , Boost , Half Bridge
 ▶ Battery Management for Li-Ion Rechargible Battery

                                Management Competencies
▶ Communication : Decision Making , Wide and Strongrelationship in Ex-Power Engineer Group.
▶ Team Working or Team Building

                                        Language Skills
▶ High Fluency in Spoken and Written Japanese and English
▶ High Fluency in Spoken and Written Korean

                                    Reference and others
Professional reference will be available upon request.
I’m willing to trip to domestic and/or international travel as required.
I am authorized to work for any employer in the US---Permanent Resident.