The Vineyard by wuxiangyu


									The Vineyard
                                                                  earlier, please let the team
                                  Food Pantry                             leader know.
                           currently serves approximately      To volunteer call call the church
Food Pantry                600 needy families each month,
                             and volunteers are needed.
                                                                    office at 516-678-7888.

                               There are several areas of             Prayer Team:
                             opportunity to serve in this
                                                                Tuesdays & Saturdays during
                                                                      hours of operation.
                            food distribution; homebound
                                                               Our patrons have many needs,
                            delivery; food pick-up; follow-
                                                               and it is important that we pray
                              up phone calls and prayer
                                                                 with them if they would like.

                               Food distribution:                     Meat delivery:
                                10am-Noon Saturdays &          Meat is delivered to the church,
                                 6:30-7:30pm Tuesdays          twice a month on Saturdays, in
                            Prepare nutritionally balanced          bulk and needs to be
OVER 600 SERVED MONTHLY                                          individually packaged & for
                            bags of groceries for our food
                           pantry patrons and distribute it         stored in the freezers.
LOOKING FOR AN             accordingly. Some heavy lifting
                             is required however there are
OPPORTUNITY TO             other ways to serve that do not,         Food Shipments:
    SERVE?                    such as manning the sign-in
                            table, set-up & clean-up, some
                                                                   Once or twice a month
 The RVC Campus Food       light food preparation, stocking
                                                               Food is delivered on pallets and
                                                                 needs to be brought to the
Pantry needs your help!     the shelves and ministering to
                                                                  basement and stocked in
                                   our pantry guests.
      he Vineyard Church
                            Although the pantry is actually
                             opened for food distribution
  2The Vineyard            during the above hours, there is
                             a lot of prep work involved. If
                               you are available to come
  Homebound delivery:              A Food Pantry Donation Box is
                                        located at the foot of the
      Times are flexible.
                                    staircase on the lower level of
      Several patrons are
                                    the RVC Campus. We greatly
    elderly or handicapped
                                   appreciate donations of canned
and require home delivery. This
                                    and dry goods (powered milk,
 can be a great opportunity to
                                         juice, canned fruits and
personally minister to others in
                                    vegetables, canned meats and
                                   complete meals like ravioli and
                                     stews), as well as baby food,
      Food Pick-ups:                  diapers and formula. If you
        Times are flexible.            would like to donate fresh
Some donated food needs to be      produce, you may drop it off at
picked up in Hauppauge, RVC &        the RVC Campus during our
 Uniondale. This also involves       hours of operation, currently
bringing it to the RVC Campus,     every Saturday between 10am-
unloading and stocking it in the       12pm & Tuesday between
    basement pantry closets.                 6:30pm-7:30pm.
  Requires a vehicle with large
    storage capacity and may        We cannot accept
   require some heavy lifting.
                                       Our donation box is for
    Donation Pick-up:                   FOOD ONLY, please!
   Must commit to picking up
 donations on a regular basis      If you are interested in serving
 from local retailers. Includes    in any area of the Food Pantry
 bringing donations to church      Ministry, please call the Church     RVC Campus & Offices
        and unloading.                           office.                   251 Merrick Road
                                                                      Rockville Centre, NY 11570
                                                                           Lynbrook Campus
                                                                            180 Denton Ave.
                                                                          Lynbrook, NY 11563

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