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									Terms of payment – WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER

Applicants are asked to transfer tuition fee for the whole academic year:
     1000 Euro.for Balchelor Degree (650.000 cfa.)
     2000 Euro for Master Degree (1.300.000 cfa)

   1. STEP 1:

       The easiest way to transfer the tuition fee is to use Western Union services.

       The person for whom the money transfer has to be addressed for is:
              Dariusz Sekiewicz

   2. STEP 2:

       After transferring the tuition fee with Western Union you are obliged to send an email
       with the following information:
               - your name and family name
               - your address
               - the amount of money you have transferred
               - code of transaction (10 numbers)
       All the above information has to be sent directly to

       It is highly important that all the information is emailed to us. Only after obtaining this
       condition your money transfer can be collected by the bursar and we are able to
       proceed with the recruitment process.

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