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House of Commons,

Dear [Name of your MP here] MP,

I am writing to ask you to support two amendments to the Finance Bill proposed
by Stella Creasy MP.

Amendments to Clauses 5 and 72 are due to be tabled this week in the House of
Commons. The amendments will ask the Government to review whether the bank
levy or corporation tax could be used to deter legal loan sharks from extortionate
levels of interest on credit which they regularly sell to vulnerable consumers.

Since the recession hit a third of families are now spending more a month than
they have coming in. 4 in 10 Britons are worried about their debt, five million are
permanently overdrawn, and 22% will carry a credit card debt throughout 2011.
The payday lending industry is taking advantage of a lack of access to credit and
the vulnerability of these consumers, by charging interest rates of up to 4,000%
or more.

The unchecked and unregulated practices of this market are causing long term
damages on thousands of families and their communities. Other countries have
introduced caps on the costs of credit which protect their citizens from these
problems. We are all too aware of the consequences of unregulated casino
banking; let’s not allow unchecked practices in this market destabilize our
consumer market.

Please add your name to these amendments to explore disincentives and expand
the Government's bank levy to reduce the extortionate interest common across
high-cost unsecured lenders such as payday, home credit and hire purchase
agreement lenders.

Kind regards,

[Your name here]

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