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Taiwantrade Digital Catalogs of Taiwantrade e-Catalog of Underwear


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									   Taiwantrade Digital Catalogs
Taiwantrade e-Catalog of Underwear
     Magic Bra Pad - LACE

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 AMRES ENTERPRISE CO.,

                                                                   Model No:


               Contact Person: TONY HONG

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/amres

                 Key Features: Lace fabric material. Squeeze the mini air pump, the Magic Bra Pad will inflated automatically.
                                     Safe and effective way to enlarge your bust line ! Must have necessity in every woman's

                                     wardrobe for an evening dress or a sexy look.

   Primary Export Products: toy, housewares

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:
     Ladies Bust UP Support Short Vest

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 ANLEE SOCKS CO., LTD.

                                                                   Model No:


               Contact Person: JOHN HSUEH

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/anleesocks

                 Key Features: Ladies Bust UP Support Short VestWeave: Jacquard fabrics.Designs: Bust up with 4 Adjustable
                                     Strap.Function:Bust up Of body shaper.Material: 85% Nylon, 15 % SpandexUnder the chest

                                     Size:34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44.Color:White, Cream

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:
     Slim & lift short pants

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 BAO JYE ENTERPRISE
                                                                 CO., LTD.

                                                                   Model No:


               Contact Person: Marie Wang

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/baojye

                 Key Features: * Material: 75% nylon/polyamide. 25% spandex/elastane * computer jacquard knitting weave *
                                     Breakthrough design, not roll up pants * Made from a super comfortable miracle micro fiber *

                                     Cotton gusset keeps you dry and comfotable * Flatten tummy, hip-up, waist shaping, slim thighs,

                                     effective solution for quickly smoothing unsightly bulges and getting figure back *Comfortable,

                                     washable & durable *Size:S-L, XL, XXL, XXXL *Color: black, skin

   Primary Export Products: Fitness equp. jump rope, hand grips, aerobic exercisers, chest expanders,pull panders,
                                     dumbells, ankle/wrist weights,body trainning, yoga mat, band, balls, sportwear, socks,Neoprene

                                     products, slimming belt, top, shorts,body suits,windsurfing suits, neopre

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:
     Bio Nano Tourmaline Corset

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 BIOION IFRD NANO ART

                                                                   Model No:


               Contact Person: Judy Lin

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/ifrd

                 Key Features: ‧Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL ‧Color: Skin color, Black. ‧Material: Surface:10%Magent+25%Lycra
                                     Spandex420D+60%Nylon+5%Cotton Inner layer: (1)Bio Nano Tourmaline Corse-Gaea: 80%

                                     Anion+Far Infrared+20%LycraSpandex280D. (2)Bio Nano Tourmaline-Ceres、Venus、Hera、

                                     Hestia: 80%Bamboo Corbon+20%LycraSpandex280D. Key Features: 1. Has multi-national

                                     patent. 2. Taiwan Functional Textile Certificate. 3. Using nano technology. 4. Have Bio-magnetic,

                                     Far Infrared, Anion, Coolmax, Antibacterial Functional. 5. Can wear anytime, no matter in the hot

                                     or cold weather.

   Primary Export Products: Underwear, Men's underwear, Women's underwear,Thermal underwear, Bra,Body sculpting
                                     clothing,Corset bed, Mattres,Pillows, Cushion, Ion,Anion infrared, Bio,Nano,Functional,Sweat

                                     shirt,Magic wear,Magic under Wear,body Suit,Pants,Socks,Bracers,Kneepad,Armor

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:
     Underwear -5 (made by spandex cotton mesh)

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 CHIAO-FONG FIBER
                                                                 INDUSTRY CO., LTD.

                                                                   Model No:


               Contact Person: Andrew Fang

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/80469456

                 Key Features: Underwear -5 Material : spandex cotton mesh It made by spandex cotton mesh that is more
                                     comfortable ( with spandex ) and more drafty ( cotton mesh property ) .Aceept OEM ( your design

                                     or your logo ) .

   Primary Export Products: cotton mesh,spandex cotton mesh,embroidery fabric,nylon mesh,polyester mesh,spandex nylon
                                     mesh,spandex polyester mesh,jacquard nylon and cotton mesh,jacquard spandex cotton

                                     mesh,curtain,underwear,flocking fabric,tricot,woven,raschel mesh,tulle,filter mesh

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:

                                                                   Company Name:



                                                                 TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.

                                                                   Model No:


               Contact Person: Sabre Lin

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/27325924

                 Key Features: ITEM NO:TWN--UW—03 SPEC.:100T COTTON SIZE:M. L. XL. COLOR : BLACK, GRAY,
                                     WHITE, PINK, SKYBLUE, YELLOW, MATERIAL:95%COTTON 5% OP USD $0.99/pc

   Primary Export Products: Dr.Halo anti-bacterias Textiles,socks, underwears,Medical textiles.

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:
     Slim N Lift with Bra Strap

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.

                                                                   Model No:


               Contact Person: Julia Peng

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/everwisdom

                 Key Features: DRTV goods

   Primary Export Products: Fitness Equipments

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:
     Man's brief

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 KAO FENG KNITTING CO.,

                                                                   Model No:


                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/86111639

                 Key Features: Made by seamless machine Fit body / Dry / Comfortable

   Primary Export Products: Seamless Underwear,Socks

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:
     bra buckle

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 KATRIMS INDUSTRIAL
                                                                 CO., LTD.

                                                                   Model No:


               Contact Person: DAVID YEN

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/katrims

                 Key Features: bra buckle

   Primary Export Products: Button, Buckle, Zipper, Rhinestone, acrylic stone, garment accessories

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:
     patent diy sandwich washing bag

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 KWEEIYUH ENTERPRISE

                                                                   Model No:

                                                                 901patent washing bag

               Contact Person: hsieh yen yuan

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/kweeiyuh

                 Key Features: In order to protect the underwears' the bras and the bodices, here is a new product, patent diy
                                     sandwich wash bag. This product has a special inside: special support skeleton, which accept

                                     high pressure and wash. When you put your clothers in the product, the space will not reduce. The

                                     clothes also will not stretch taut. Therefore, your lovely clothes will also perfect. Comparing this

                                     product with a normal laundry ball, you can put the clothes in each . After dehydrating, the laundry

                                     ball will change the shape. The clothes also scatter out. However, if you use this product, you will

                                     not meet this problem anymore. The sandwich laundry bag receives the high pressure Structure

                                     improvement of the pocket that do washing Patent PATENT USA6536952 CHINAzl00252145.8


   Primary Export Products: household textile

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:
     A Shirt (Men)

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 MAZAL INTERNATIONAL

                                                                   Model No:


               Contact Person: Eleanore Yan

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/mazal

                 Key Features: Material : 100% cotton Size : S - XL Color : white / assorted Packing : 3 piece in a polybag with

   Primary Export Products: Stockings,Men's Brief,Hat,panties,Tights,Pantyhose,Boxer Shorts

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:
     Urination Pants

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 NTC PROMOTION LTD.

                                                                   Model No:


               Contact Person: Tom Chen

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/ntc

                 Key Features: Urination Pants, Undies, Woman Underwear, Women Underwear, Underwear 1. People who are
                                     unable to sit on a toilet, physical disabled, and in the outdoor with no restroom are available. 2.

                                     The product is soft and comfortable, easy to wear and carry around. 3. Clean and safe to use 4. It

                                     has a nature-look shape, no need to take off underpants, just urinate in standing position like men

                                     do. * The urination pants is reusable. * The silicon tube is disposable or reusable after cleaning. *

                                     Size of urination pants: M / L / XL * Made in Taiwan

   Primary Export Products: Medical product, Medical disposaple items, Medical related gifts, office supplies, promotion
                                     items, Toys, baby's productions

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:
     Nursing Bra Pads

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 PINHEH SILK CUP CO.,

                                                                   Model No:


               Contact Person: Carro Lin

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/84887592

                 Key Features: Fiberfill Pads Characteristics: Anti-yellowish Breathability Super Lightness Super Flexibility
                                     Softness Easy care Environmental Friendly

   Primary Export Products: molded cups,molding fabric , maternity pads, bra pads, infant pillow, bike pads.

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 RELIANCE UNIVERSAL

                                                                   Model No:


               Contact Person: Tony Hsu

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/reliance

                 Key Features: L A C E B R A I T E M N O . B R A : R U C - 3 1 8 1 2 P A N T Y : R U C - 1 4 1 3 3

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:
     Seamless Hip Shaping Panty XXL

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 SHAN JUNG
                                                                 INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.

                                                                   Model No:


               Contact Person: Emily Chou

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/deparee

                 Key Features: 85% Nylon, 15% Spanedx

   Primary Export Products: hosiery, socks, pantyhose, underwear, tights, legging, stocking, shaping wear, health care

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:
     Long Thermal Underwear

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 SIGNAL ENTERPRISE CO.,

                                                                   Model No:


               Contact Person: Esther Chiang

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/signal

                 Key Features: Style No. : SUS-1301 Item : Long Thermal Underwear Features: Lightweight for extreme activity.
                                     Basic crew neck. Anti-bacterial and anti-moisture treatment to absorb skin moisture and

                                     perspiration. Polypropylene underwear is recommended for winter hiking, climbing, skiing,

                                     mountaineering. Smart Skin : 100% Polypropylene High Performance Thermals

   Primary Export Products: ski/outdoor jacket,rain jacket,thermal underwear ski jacket,outdoor wear, polo
                                     shirt,pants,tracksuit,golf shirt,rain wear,apparel,cycling wear,soccer suit,custom designed

                                     clothing,snowboard jacket,fleece wear;Sportswear,Tracksuit,Jacket,Shirt,Polo;Sportsw

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:
     Men underwear

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 SOCKS CO., LTD.

                                                                   Model No:


               Contact Person: Evan Tsai

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/socks

                 Key Features: Fancy design, High quality, Competitive price

   Primary Export Products: socks,underwear, stocking, bath robe,footwear socks,underwear, stocking, bath
                                     robe,footwear;socks,underwear, stocking, bath robe,footwear;socks,underwear, stocking, bath

                                     robe,footwear;knitted fabrics;Hosiery

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:
     Slim Wear

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 SOXLINK CO., LTD.

                                                                   Model No:


               Contact Person: Paul Huang

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/80585173

                 Key Features: Function:

   Primary Export Products: Socks, Slim wear, Protectors, Knitted Scarves, Knitted Gloves, Sports Socks, Ladies Socks,
                                     Baby Socks, Soccer Socks, Skiing Socks, Knee Sleeves, Elbow Sleeves, Ankle Protectors,

                                     Wristbands, Headbands

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:

                                                                     Company Name:

                                                                    SPRINGDEX ENTERPRISE
                                                                    CO., LTD.

                                                                     Model No:


               Contact Person: Ms. Liu

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/80459627

                 Key Features: B A M B O O C h a r c o a l R a y o n F i b e r s e r i e s a r e m a d e b y c h a r c o a l i z i n g M o
                                     ngZong bamboounder 1000 ℃,utilizingnanotehnology,powderizin



                                     any m i c r o p o r e s a n d a d u n d a n t i n m i n e r a l s u b s t a n c e s . It i s s u p e r i o r i n




  For more detailed information, please click the link below:
     Lingerie & Camisole

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 TOM & LILY
                                                                 INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD.

                                                                   Model No:

                                                                 CLL TM18077

               Contact Person: Frank Huang

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/tnl

                 Key Features: New Fashion 2009

   Primary Export Products: Underwears, Swimsuit, Bra, Panties,Corselet, Under Pants, Under Vest, Briefs, Night Gown,

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:
     underwear,garment,gel,Magnet Underpants

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 TSUNG HAU
                                                                 TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.

                                                                   Model No:


               Contact Person: Simon Chen

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/footnurse

                 Key Features: ․Magnet has eternal electricity. It works as the same way as acu-point stimulation for improving
                                     the immune system.․Magnet work with Meridian in body via acupoints to enhance health.

                                     Features:Special Underpants with TPR-Gel and magnet to improve Maternity Diseases The

                                     relative acupoints are Qihai, Quanyuan, Zhongji, and Qugu. Acupoints improve: Neurasthenia,

                                     Abdominal distention, Stomachache, Dysmenorrhea, Enuresis, Micturition, Impotence,

                                     Leukorrhea, Spermatorrhea, Sterility…etc. DATA FROM: ACUPUNCTURE THEORY OF

                                     DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, EXECUTIVE YOAN, TW Specification:․CONTENTS:NYLON

                                     80%/SPANDEX 20%;MAGNET*2․COLOR: BLACK․SIZE: FREE, PIECE․ORIGIN:


   Primary Export Products: socks, gel socks, shoe insole, orthotics, stocking, compression socks, gel glove , shoe pad,
                                     medical socks

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:
     RTV-2 AB Silicone gel

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 CAROL YOUNG

                                                                   Model No:

                                                                 RTV - 2 AB Silicone gel

               Contact Person: Kelly Tsai

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/carolyoung

                 Key Features: RTV-2 AB Silicone gel RTV- 2AB為加成型矽凝膠,硬化後具有良好的物性,手感及緩衝性,可

                                     高級鞋墊。 硬化前物性 RTV-2 A 粘度 400 cps 比重 1.03 外觀 透明 RTV-2 B 粘度 650 cps 比重

                                     1.02 外觀 透明硬化後物性體積電阻 > 1.0 x 1015 ohm-cm 絕緣強度 > 20 Kv/mm 折射率 1.407

                                     穿透率 90% /450nm 熱重損失 20 Kv/mm 折射率 1.407 穿透率 90% /450nm 熱重損失 < 0.5% 操

                                     作方法 秤重 取RTV-2 A與RTV-2 B以1:1(重量比)之比例充份混合 (此混合物粘度約500

                                     cps) 去泡 將此混合物,置入真空設備中,真空度約在500 mmHg (小心氣泡溢出容器外),

                                     直到氣泡被完全抽出 灌模 小心地將混合物灌入欲成模之模具中,過程中注意避 免產生氣泡 硬

                                     化 已灌入矽橡膠的模具,置入80℃烘箱中30分鐘,即可 在模具中成型

   Primary Export Products: Silicone,Building material,LCD,LED,encapsulate,COB 革?毛皮,織物?衣服???????,服飾?家庭




  For more detailed information, please click the link below:

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 CHANG YIE CO., LTD.

                                                                   Model No:


               Contact Person: chin hung chiu

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/changyie

                 Key Features: Modern women often face the situation that need to hold Urination most of all is being
                                     outdoor.There are many public places with appalling sanitation. A long stand-line or a heavy

                                     traffic also make women feel inconvenient. It is true that holded Urination is not healthy. It causes

                                     not only underbelly uncomfortable, perineum sour, frequent micturition, Urinary Tract Infection but

                                     also multiplies bacteria in bladders and even worse gets kidney disorders.To solve women's

                                     inconveniency; Changyie Technology develops “Overcome" urine underwear breaking the

                                     privilege for men standing to pee. Find an easy way to solve women's nightmare.

   Primary Export Products: Split Style Electrical Wire Tubing,LATIZEN

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 CHING LAI
                                                                 MANUFACTURE CO., LTD.

                                                                   Model No:

                                                                 3040 OR 2558

               Contact Person: hsien yi hsiao

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/elastictape

                 Key Features: please check our web site for more information. w w w.elastictape.tw

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:
     Trouser hook; Hook & eye

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 CURTAIN INDUSTRIAL
                                                                 CO., LTD.

                                                                   Model No:


               Contact Person: Irene Yang

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/curtain

                 Key Features: &nbsp;

   Primary Export Products: hook, trouser hook, skirt hook, collar hook, dress hook, dress accessories, curtain hook, curtain
                                     fittings, curtain accessories

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:
     Hook & Eye Tape

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 GOLDEN CIME CO., LTD.

                                                                   Model No:

                                                                 HOOK&EYE TAPE

               Contact Person: Julia Lee

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/goldencime

                 Key Features: Hook & Eye Tape Material : Fabric & Metal Multifarious Produce Using to Garment Accessories
                                     Dress/Handbag/Shirts/Lingerie/Briadl Gowns…etc





  For more detailed information, please click the link below:
     underwear accessories / ring / buckle

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 HAO HANN ENTERPRISE
                                                                 CO., LTD.

                                                                   Model No:


               Contact Person: Karen Kao

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/haohann

                 Key Features: Material: polyacetel resin Application: underwear. Size : 6,8,10,11,12,14 and 5mm . Colour :
                                     black and colorful . Country of origin: Taiwan and China .

   Primary Export Products: Metal and plastic snap fasteners,buttons,eyelets,rivets,buckles and fastening/assembling/making
                                     machines ; Slotted Angle ,Storage System.

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:
     Garment Fabric Logo Label Iron-On Heat Transfer Printing
     Garment Apparel Clothing

                                                                    Company Name:

                                                                  IMAGE-TRANS TECHNICS

                                                                    Model No:


               Contact Person: Charles-Tsai

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/imagetrans

                 Key Features: 1.New developing Tag-less garment fabrics heat seal label heat transfer paper/ film for most of
                                     active/underwear garment clothing CARE & CONTENT instruction's label for permanent I.D..

                                     2.It's more comfortable & cheap comparing woven/printed lable,which offers brand and variable

                                     information without a sewn-in label,good washing fastness after transferred. 3.Send your artwork

                                     details then we should quote you back soon. Samples with customers' registered trademarks,

                                     logos and diagrams are for demonstration only and not available for sale.

   Primary Export Products: transfer printing,heat transfers,flock transfer,iron on transfers,water slide transfer decals,transfer
                                     stickers,transfer paper film,foil transfers.

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:
     elastic webbing , ribbon for garment , clothing , apparel

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 KS Webbing Co.,Ltd

                                                                   Model No:


               Contact Person: Jay Ko

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/80638925

                 Key Features: It fit for lingerie .

   Primary Export Products: elastic,webbing,belt,waistband,bandage,computerized,embroidery

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:
     elastic monofilament cord & tape

                                                                      Company Name:

                                                                    LUFTKING ENTERPRISE
                                                                    CO., LTD.

                                                                      Model No:


               Contact Person: Joe Wu

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/luftking

                 Key Features: elastic monofilament cord &amp; tape

   Primary Export Products: monofilament, nylon monofilament, polyester monofilament, wire pulling cable, polyester screen
                                     wire, bristle, trimmer line, golf artificial turf

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 MAPLE RIBBON CO., LTD.

                                                                   Model No:


               Contact Person: Chris

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/05913151

                 Key Features: All sizes and colors are available. Customer's designs and colors are acceptable. All the
                                     products are made of high quality SPANDEX which are excellent appearance, comfort, strong

                                     stretch. Application: shoe accessories, garment accessories

   Primary Export Products: Ribbons, Ribbon bow, Elatic tape, Jacquard tape, Knitting tape, Cord, Shoelaces

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:
     Bra Strap, Beauty Accessory

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 INTERNATIONAL LTD.

                                                                   Model No:

                                                                 DIAMANTE BRA STRAPS

               Contact Person: Christine Lin

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/mcfashion

                 Key Features: DIAMANTE BRA STRAPS MCS-D160 Clear TPU strap with jewel Width: 12mm with one plastic
                                     hook and one steel hook MCS-D150 Clear TPU strap with jewel Width: 12mm with one plastic

                                     hook and one steel hook MCS-D913 Clear TPU strap with jewel Width: 12mm with one plastic

                                     hook and one steel hook MCW- D3500 Forsted TPU strap with lace fabric Width: 12mm with one

                                     plastic hook and one steel hook

   Primary Export Products: bra pad, shoulder strap, special, silicone pad, fashion accessory, bra accessory, Healthy fabric
                                     of Ge

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:
     Ribbed(Textured) Rubber Tape

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 MIN-YUEN RUBBER IND.
                                                                 CO., LTD.

                                                                   Model No:

                                                                 Ribbed Rubber Tape

               Contact Person: Erica / Tina

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/rubbertape

                 Key Features: Item: Ribbed/Textured surface rubber tape Material: Natural or Synthetic Rubber Tape
                                     Application: Garments, swimear, underwear, gogle strap and etc. Designed to fit your high quality

                                     fabrics: No powder pollution! Easier sewing, Increased Yield/Kg

   Primary Export Products: Rubber/Elastic Tape, Thread, Loop Band, TPU Tape,

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:
     Heat seal trasnfer label

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 SING-HUNG SCREEN
                                                                 PRINT CO., LTD.

                                                                   Model No:


               Contact Person: Engenie Chen

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/22996851

                 Key Features: Gel heat seal transfer label

   Primary Export Products: heat seal transfer label

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:
     DIY Heating Pad

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.

                                                                   Model No:


               Contact Person: Emma Ko

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/topbound

                 Key Features: Characteristic 1. The heating pad (3pcs/set) has “Dual lock" that can paste on cloth to heat
                                     arbitrarily. 2.It has is used the flaky area rubber heating panel to heat, has big area heating, high

                                     heat efficiency, waterproof, ventilation, windproof, and repeatable washing. It can bend and fold,

                                     match any style clothes etc… Suitable Status: Sports and recreation - for (ice) fishing, skiing,

                                     hunting, golf and other outdoor activities. Police forces - police force members of all regions and

                                     provinces. Military forces - for soldiers as mandatory uniform to keep them warm. Government

                                     agencies - transportation, road service, ambulance service, disposal service, and other on-site

                                     government employees spending majority of their time outdoors. Elders - older generation with

                                     medical requirements for secure retention of body heat. General public - for people who are ...

   Primary Export Products: Rubber Connector, Phototherapy Device,Heating Products,Health Care, Hot bompress
                                     Belt,Gloves,Heating Vest,Braces, Support

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:
     Ball chain , ball chain cards , ball chain color , garment ,
     shoes ,fashion,logo , necklance,

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 TSAI SHIN ENTERPRISE
                                                                 CO., LTD.

                                                                   Model No:

                                                                 Ball chains

               Contact Person: Lisa Tang

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/mobilephone

                 Key Features: ball chain with many size and color planting customer design all welcome

   Primary Export Products: metal chain, mobile phone accessory,promotional giftware,fasion accessory,electronic
                                     component ,accessories for 3C products

  For more detailed information, please click the link below:
     Air Pad for Bra

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 WEII HAN CO., LTD.

                                                                   Model No:


               Contact Person: peter liu

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/weihan

                 Key Features: Specification: You can “up" either cup to the specific size you want; not only can it give you a
                                     bigger cup size it can also lifts and concentrates, giving you beautiful curves. With Magic Cup

                                     Enhancing Bra, you can proudly show off your beautiful and “natural" cleavage; clothes will hug

                                     your new curves and bring your sexy femininity to new heights. Featuring: 1. It only takes 10

                                     seconds to boost up and enhance your bust. 2. Lifts ups and concentrates your cleavage, sides

                                     are strengthen to ensure full coverage (so no side spillage for those with large and/or sagging

                                     breasts) 3. Simple to use. It's undisclosed and confidential, fits snuggly and naturally, and is

                                     light-weight and comfortable. The material is breathable and ventilating to keep you fresh and dry.

                                     4. Lightweight and odorless, made of non-toxic and non-carcinogenic materials. Will not

                                     deteriorate, durable and is able to retain its shape

   Primary Export Products: oral irrigator,Massager,Waterproof Pad,Bathroom

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     TPU Clear Elastic Tape

                                                                   Company Name:

                                                                 YEA JWU PLASTICS
                                                                 ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.

                                                                   Model No:


               Contact Person: BETSY LU

                              Url: http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw/22711335

                 Key Features: Made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane(TPU). Semi-Transparent/Transparent elastic. Good
                                     stretch 2 to 6 times based on exact dimension, higher endurance than rubber. Light, Soft, smooth

                                     and economic choice for garment making. Widely applied in: Garments/ Underwear/

                                     Lingerie/Swimwear/Mask/Cap/ Bed Cover/ Seat Cover/ Disposable underwear/ Diapers etc...

                                     Oeko-Tex Standard 100 proved. Free of azo, formalin harmful substances, safe to human body

                                     and no harm to our environment. Washable, dry quickly, Remain good after washing. Resistance

                                     to chemicals such as alkaline, oil, acid, seawater, urine, etc. Suitable for most worldwide

                                     climates. Non deformation in extensive temperature range. Extensive size collections for your


   Primary Export Products: Industrial Plastic Products and Parts, Plastic Extrusion Parts, Plastic Injection Parts, Molding,
                                     TPU Clear Elastic Tape, TPU Elastic Band, TPU Clear Bra Strap, Invisible Bra Strap, Plastic

                                     Lumber, Decoration Strip, Weather Strip, Edge Strip

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