Blood Vessel Map Assignment by keralaguest


									         Blood Vessel Map Assignment
To learn the Anatomical location of the major arteries and veins of the human body

Each group will get be drawing 2 diagrams: a map of the major arteries, and a map of the major veins. You will
start by tracing the outline of one of your group members onto two pieces of butcher paper. I would do this in
pencil first because neatness counts! Your group will be responsible for mapping and correctly labeling the
name and function of ALL of the blood vessels listed.

      2 pieces of large butcher paper
      Red Markers (used to draw arteries)
      Blue Markers (used to draw veins)
      Black Markers (used to label veins and arteries and outline the body)
      Green Markers (used to label the location that is served by each artery/vein)

      Work in groups of 3-4
      Collect your materials from the front of the room
      Trace the outline of one group member’s body onto BOTH sheets of butcher paper in pencil first!
      Once you are happy with your outline, go over the body in black marker
      Write the names and class period of each group member on the back of both of your maps
      Title your maps at the top as “Major Arteries of the Human Body” and “Major Veins of the Human
      Using your notes, figure 19.21 on page 725, and figure 19.26 on page 737 of your textbook, map the
       major arteries and veins listed in the table on the back of this sheet
      Label each vessel with black marker
      Near the label, write the region of the body served by the artery/vein in green marker
      Make sure all labels and functions are legible!
                                MAJOR ARTERIES
               Head & Trunk Arteries                                Upper Limb Arteries
     BLOOD VESSEL            REGION(S) SERVED           BLOOD VESSEL             REGION(S) SERVED
                          Orbits, 80% of            Subclavian artery         Head, neck, upper limb
Internal carotid artery
                          cerebrum                                            Axilla, chest wall,
                                                    Axillary artery
                          Most tissues of head                                shoulder girdle
External carotid artery
                          except brain and orbits                             Anterior flexor muscles,
                                                    Brachial artery
Common carotid artery     Head & neck                                         upper arm
                          Vertebrae, cervical                                 Lateral muscles of
Vertebral artery
                          spinal cord, deep         Radial artery             forearm, wrist, thumb,
                          structures of neck                                  index finger
                          Head, neck, upper                                   Medial muscles of
Brachiocephalic trunk     limbs, part of thorax     Ulnar artery              forearm, fingers 3-5,
                          wall                                                medial aspect of index
Subclavian artery         Head, neck, upper limb                              finger
Aortic arch               Entire Body               Deep palmar arch          Fingers
Ascending aorta                                     Superficial palmar arch   Fingers
Coronary artery           Myocardium                Digital arteries          Fingers
                          Liver, gallbladder,
Celiac trunk              spleen, stomach,
                          esophagus, duodenum
                                                                    Lower Limb Arteries
Abdominal aorta           Abdominal organs
Superior mesenteric       Small intestine, large         BLOOD VESSEL            REGION(S) SERVED
artery                    intestine                 External iliac artery     Lower limb
Renal artery              Kidney                                              Anterior and posterior
Gonadal artery            Testes, ovaries           Femoral artery
                                                                              thigh muscles, femur
Inferior mesenteric                                 Popliteal artery          Knee
                          Large intestine
artery                                                                        Extensor muscles in
                          Lower abdominal wall,     Anterior tibial artery
                                                                              lower leg
Common iliac artery       pelvic organs, lower                                Flexor muscles in lower
                          limb                      Posterior tibial artery
                          Pelvis, buttock,          Arcuate artery            Foot
Internal iliac artery     reproductive organs,
                          internal thigh
                                       MAJOR VEINS
               Head & Trunk Veins                                     Lower Limb Veins
Dural venous sinuses       Brain                      External iliac vein       Lower limb
                           Superficial head and       Femoral vein              Deep thigh structures
External jugular vein
                           neck                       Great saphenous vein      Lower limb
                           Cervical spinal cord and   Popliteal vein            Knee joint, thigh, calf
Vertebral vein
                           vertebrae                                            Posterior compartment
                           Dural venous sinuses of    Posterior tibial vein     of lower leg and plantar
Internal jugular vein
                           the brain                                            surface of foot
Brachiocephalic veins      Side of head and upper                               Anterior compartment
                                                      Anterior tibial vein
(Right and Left)           limb                                                 of lower leg
Superior vena cava         Above diaphragm            Small saphenous vein      Posterior lower limb
Great cardiac vein         Heart                      Dorsal venous arch        Foot
Hepatic veins              Liver                      Dorsal metatarsal veins   Toes
                           Spleen, parts of
Splenic vein
                           stomach and pancreas
                           GI tract, spleen,
Hepatic portal vein
Renal vein                 Kidneys
                           Entire small intestine,
Superior mesenteric vein   part of large intestine
                           and stomach
                           Distal portions of large
Inferior mesenteric vein
                           intestine and rectum
Inferior vena cava         Below diaphragm
Common iliac vein          Pelvis and lower limbs
Internal iliac vein        Pelvis and lower limbs

                 Upper Limb Veins
Subclavian vein (Right
                           Head, neck, upper limb
and Left)
Axillary vein              Upper limb
Cephalic vein              Upper limb
Brachial vein              Upper limb
Basilic vein               Hand and forearm
Median cubital vein        Upper limb
Ulnar vein                 Forearm
Radial vein                Forearm
Digital veins              Fingers

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