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Alstom Group Presentation - PowerPoint

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Identify the business potential

Is there a business case
in your market for tram

                                  Why not use Alstom’s
                                  scale one CITADIS
                                  mockup to introduce
                                  our offering to decision
Take advantage of Alstom’s scale one CITADIS mockup!
Target audiences

    Alstom CITADIS tram mock up is the ideal tool to demonstrate our
             urban transport products & services towards…

…political decision makers…   …members of the press…   …technical experts
How to organize your event?

Step 1.                              Step 2.                        Step 3.

 Choose a spectacular venue in the    Deploy the mockup and setup     Decorate the tram as you wish
        heart of the town                     installations          tailor-made to the city you target
How to organize your event?

Step 4.                         Step 5.                      Step 6.

 Invite VIPs, experts and the       Inaugurate the exhibit      Let your guests experience
  press to a comprehensive                                               CITADIS

Customizable interior and outlook
Decorate the tram externally to your preference
and fit route stickers to the actual market

Fully operable lighting

Fully operable interior lights and headlights
Complete cockpit mock up, optionally you may
place a screen in the tram to play videos
Logistics and Dimensions


•   Weight: 8 tons
•   Length: 14 meter
•   Height: 3,6 meter
•   Width: 2,6 meter

The set includes:
• Scale one CITADIS tram mockup
  (a copy of tram of Nice)
• Pneumatic lever
• 3 “rollers”
  for moving & proper positioning
• Transportation
  (arranged by Premier Communications)
 What you will need to arrange

1.   Tent
2.   Low floor stage and carpet                1-3
3.   Decoration (Custom vinyl)

4.   Wheelchair ramp                           Points
5.   LCD screen in the tram (optional)

6.   Speakers and other technical equipments
7.   Cordon or railing
8.   Power supply (3 X 15 A )

•   Outside vinyl dimensions
Logistics & Dimensions

Structure of the tent needed           Moving of the tram                    Area requirements

•   Width: 6 m                         • 1 crane, 35 tons capacity offload   • Width: 8 m
•   Length: 18 m                         and upload the mock up              • Length: 20 m
•   Cover: transparent                 • 1 crane, 7 tons capacity to pull    • Area: 160 m2
•   Distance of the front legs: 16 m     the tram under the cover

                                                                       The tram is located in
                                                                       Debrecen, Hungary

For more information contact Alstom Transport’s PR agency in Hungary
Premier Communications
Mr. Attila Piskoti
Managing Director
Tel/Fax: +36-1/483-1860 ; Cell: +36-30/280-06-15
piskoti@premiercom.hu; www.premiercom.hu

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