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					                                              R. MICHAEL DUDLEY
                                           1241 Adams St., #603  Boston, MA 02124
                        Office: (617) 298-0123  Mobile: (617) 470-9734  Email:

                                     SENIOR MANAGEMENT EXECUTIVE
 20+ Years of Experience in Executive and Leadership Positions, with Focus on Sales and Business Development
      Stellar Track Record of Achieving Multimillion-Dollar Revenue Increases in Robust and Difficult Markets
          Substantial Success within the Medical Device Industry through Confident, Decisive Leadership

Entrepreneurial senior executive with proven leadership credentials and year-over-year success in achieving revenue, profit,
and business growth objectives within start-up, early-stage, turnaround, and rapid-change environments. Deep understanding
of critical business drivers; highly successful in driving business development and conducting in-depth analyses to resolve
problems. Build employee motivation and morale by establishing open communications and setting clear expectations for
performance. Diversified industry experience through working within multiple medical device markets.

  Corporate Mission & Vision / Acquisitions & Integrations / Executive Relationships / Strategic Planning & Analysis
 Staff Development-Promotion / Customer Satisfaction & Allegiance / Business Development / U.S. and Global Market
   Expansion / Team Building & Leadership / Regulatory Approvals / P & L Management / Product Line Positioning
            Start-Up Development & Leadership / Problem Identification & Resolution / Market Assessment

                                             PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
                                     Innerfit Solutions, Inc., Boston, MA 2008-Present
                                                     Managing Director

Founded and manage this fitness/nutrition centric company which specializes in business consulting and executive coaching
for wellness companies and individuals in the US and abroad.
Selected Contributions & Accomplishments:
 Grown business to nearly $5.0 million in revenue in just 3 years
 Currently coach/consult with nearly 2 dozen firms throughout the US
 Completed business plans and assisted raising capital for 2 start-up organizations and served on the board of an active
    wear clothing company seeking funding
 Designed and launched multiple web sites to aid in branding and marketing for three companies

                                     MEDCHANNEL, LLC, Boston, MA, 2004-Present
                                     Chairman / President / Chief Executive Officer
Founded company that specializes in sales and marketing outsourcing for medical device products. Hired and supervised
staff of 7 direct reports and established a sales force of 52 independent sales representatives. Established contracts with 4
general surgery companies to act as sales and marketing agent for MEDCHANNEL. Implemented sales training program,
marketing direction for each product, CRM NetSuite system to track sales, and design for company web site. Assembled
Board of Directors from preeminent players in the market; raised $2.2 million in angel funds; currently active board member.
Selected Contributions & Accomplishments:
 Launched 25 new products within the U.S. General Surgery market over 16-month period; built brand
  recognition through product packaging, collateral materials, and web site while growing business for partners that had
  virtually no presence in the U.S. market. Grew customer base from zero to over 600 hospitals across the U.S. within 24
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                        Office: (617) 298-0123  Mobile: (617) 470-9734  Email:

 Introduced series of systems and programs to strengthen data management and operational efficiency,
  including CRM system, fully compliant quality system (internal audit verified), and highly efficient sales training program.
 Functioned as the key catalyst in launching start-up operations, including capture of million-dollar funding,
  opening of main office, contracting with warehouse and legal/accounting firms, and built sales-marketing organization.

                                     ONUX MEDICAL, INC., Hampton, NH, 2001-2004
                                        Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Brought on board to direct all sales and marketing efforts worldwide for start-up medical device manufacturer, managing
expense budget of $1 million-plus and supervising team of 35. Oversaw strategic and commercial marketing, sales training,
and development of markets in the U.S. and abroad. Executed business plan and hired 3 Area Sales Directors and Directors
of Marketing & Training to drive forward business development efforts.
Selected Contributions & Accomplishments:
 Played key role in growing sales from zero to ~$10 million, transitioning sales model from independent sales
  representatives to direct sales force as key factor in sales success. Implemented sales training that held sales force to
  high standard and ensured consistent sales message throughout the U.S.
 Grew market share to 35% for main product. Expanded product offering to 4 disposable types, increasing
  average selling price from $235 to $365. Established strong market in 4 European countries to expand Onux brand and
  key opinion leaders in hernia repair worldwide to expand brand, including 3 of the top U.S. general surgeons.
 Set company up for acquisition by CR Bard through achievement of forecasted sales revenues. Trained sales
  force of acquired company that resulted in continued growth of product line to nearly $16 million in 2005.

                                            ADHERIS, INC., Woburn, MA, 2001
                                         Vice President, Business Development
Recruited and hired to manage eBusiness strategy and product line for emerging database marketing company for
medication compliance. Oversaw sales and marketing of new products to eBusiness teams for pharmaceutical companies.
Designed web-based demonstration tool of expanded capabilities and collateral materials for new products. Analyzed
company’s strategic direction and assisted them in deciding to seek capital partner for growing their business.

                           ROBERT M. DUDLEY & ASSOCIATES, INC., Bedford, NH, 1998-2001
Managed distribution company centered around spine products for surgery in hospitals throughout PA, NJ, and New York
City. Hired, trained, and managed team of 8 within geographical area. Additionally consulted with new medical device
technology companies, assisting with business plan development, sourcing capital, product development, and marketing
solutions. Managed relationships with key top surgeons in the area.
Selected Contributions & Accomplishments:
 Grew business by 18% within the 1st year and led company to convert 8 key accounts in NJ and PA for 2 of the
  3 represented companies, translating into an increase of $200,000+ in annual sales.
 Assisted 6 different organizations in developing their business plans and marketing strategies, including
  incontinent product developer/manufacturer, wheelchair manufacturer, orthopedic implant and instrument manufacturer,
  PACS company, software company, and spine/neurosurgery product developer.
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                        Office: (617) 298-0123  Mobile: (617) 470-9734  Email:

                                  SURGICAL DYNAMICS, INC., Norwalk, CT, 1996-1998
                                           Senior Director of Sales (VP)
Initially hired as Eastern Area Regional Manager and earned subsequent promotions to Director and VP positions,
respectively. Held full responsibility for all sales activities, as well as training new surgeons in the surgical technique.
Hired first 7 distributors with 35 sales representatives to cover Northeast market, with emphasis on selling recently approved
Ray Threaded Fusion Cage for degenerative disc disease. Built sales force of over 300 to cover the U.S. territory. Divided
company into 2 divisions for Spine and Arthroscopy products. Challenged to engineer turnaround for under-performing
sales/marketing function.
Selected Contributions & Accomplishments:
 Led turnaround within 4-month period. Hired top 3 distributors that contributed ~65% of the total revenues from
  Surgical Dynamics. Company achieved annual sales quota of $58 million by the 6th month of 1997.
 Drove increase in annual sales from $3 million in 1996 to over $100 million in 1998, positioning company as #2
  player in the Spine product industry. Led the acquisition of a $17 million Spine division from major healthcare company
  and integrated products/personnel successfully within SDI.
 Oversaw training of over 600 surgeons within 2 years. Directed training of over 300 sales representatives in 88
  days to launch key product following regulatory approval.


Eastern Area Sales Director, Smith & Nephew Endoscopy, 1995-1996
 Achieved #1 ranking among 9 managers nationwide, growing the business 24% from the previous year.
 Reached 106% of quota in 1995 and 17% ahead in 1996, with sales at nearly $34 million for the region.

Vice President of Sales & Service, Director of Strategic Development, Mennen Medical, 1992-1995
 Managed 5 direct Regional Sales Managers, sales representatives, distributors, and clinical nurse specialists.
 Led team to increase sales by 57% to reach $22 million from previously declining product line.
 Reduced hospital product complaints by 70% in the 1st year and cut inventory costs by 70%.
 Increased margins by ~22% by streamlining product lines.

Director, Manager, Representative, Spacelabs Medical, 1987-1992
 Opened new Northeast office and led team in generating $39 million in annual revenues.
 Led New England/Midwest regions to finish #1, #2, #5, and #1, respectively, over 4-year period.
 Earned ranking as the #1 sales representative nationwide among 60+ and established record for total sales.

** Prior positions include sales management/representative positions and as Cancer Research Associate with the Harvard
Medical School. Consistently achieved “Top 5” ranking in multiple sales roles. As Cancer Research Associate, conducted
immunology and biochemistry research for cancer treatment, providing insight into how “blocking factors” mask tumor cells
to avoid attack by the immune system.


Bachelor of Science in Biology
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                        Office: (617) 298-0123  Mobile: (617) 470-9734  Email:

** Additional information regarding experience, professional development, and skill sets can be provided for review.

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