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CPG News                                                                            November 09

                                 Clarion Partnership for Growth Annual Meeting
                                                     Thursday, November 19th
                                                      Clarmond Country Club
                                                  Featuring Special Guest Speaker
                                                         *Deadra Stanton
                                                           5:30- Social
                                                           6:00- Dinner

                                         *Don't Shoot Skinny Rabbits
 Deadra Stanton, Creative Communications, Mason City, Iowa
 Before we can grow professionally, we need to learn to survive personally. As the
 pace of change quickens every day, we sometimes end up chasing too many skinny
 rabbits. When we do this we lose our energy and our focus on what's really impor-
 Coming from an "in the trenches" perspective, Ms. Stanton draws on real life exam-
 ples and humor to reaffirm that your choices in life are good ones. Plan on leaving
 this presentation with many new ideas, a revitalized sense of self, and NO SKINNY

 Don’t forget to make your reservations! It’s going to be a great evening!
                                                                                  Schedule of Events

                 November                                                      ♦ Nov 1- Daylight Savings
                                                                               ♦ Nov 3- Blood Drive 1-6

                                                                                - Election Day
    SUN         MON         TUE        WED       THU        FRI        SAT       -Beef Stew Luncheon
                                                                               ♦ Nov 4th- Chicken &
1           2          3          4          5         6          7                Biscuits & Bake Sale
                                                                               ♦ Nov 5- Ambassadors 9

8           9          10         11         12        13         14           ♦ Nov 12-14th- Holiday
                                                                                   Open Houses
                                                                                 Nov 12th- Free Chili at
                                                                               ♦ Nov 14th- Bazaar at
15          16         17         18         19        20         21               Krysilis
                                                                                 Carnival @ High School
                                                                               ♦ Nov 15th- Celiac Mtg

                                                                               ♦ Nov 19 Annual Meeting
22          23         24         25         26        27         28
                                                                               ♦ Nov 20th- CPG Board 8
                                                                               ♦ Nov 25- Commercial
29          30                                                                 ♦ Nov 26- Thanksgiving

                                                                               ♦ Nov 27th- CPG Office

             Beef Stew Luncheon                                               Quote Corner
      Election Day, Tuesday, November 3rd                                The art of progress is to
      Clarion United Presbyterian Church                                preserve order amid change
                                                                        and to preserve change amid
          Beef stew, salad,
          apple crisp, drink      $6.00                                  -Alfred North Whitehead

          Serving from 11:00 a.m.- 1:00 p.m.
                  Carry Outs available
C P G Ne ws

                        Many stores open
                  Thursday, November 12
                              until 7 p.m.

Grand Opening- Open House                                  Welcome New Clarion
 Wright Choice Chiropractic                                Partnership for Growth
   Enjoy free hot beverages and desserts during            Members:
   Clarion’s Holiday Open House Event:
                                                           Hearts & Flowers
   Thurs, Nov. 12- 9:00 a.m.- 7:00 p.m.
   Fri, Nov 13- 9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.                       Heaven Scent
   Sat, Nov 14 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
   Enter daily to win drawings                             Wright Choice
   Prizes from local merchants                             Chiropractic

Come Join the Fun!
Who: Everyone is Welcome!        Prizes, Face Painting,
What: Carnival (games,           Balloons, Games,            If an individual or organiza-
food, & fun)                     Cotton Candy, Food          tion would like to sponsor a
When: November 14th 5:00-                                    child or family, tickets and/
8:00 p.m.                        Come for Supper!            or wrist bands can be pur-
                                 BBQ Pork Sandwich and       chased ahead of time.
Where: Clarion-Goldfield                                     Tickets 4 for $1. Wrist-
High School                      Hot Dog Meals will be
                                 available to help raise     bands unlimited fames for
Why: SOS Sorority raising        funds                       $15.
funds for school and schol-
C P G Ne ws

   Positively Celiac
                                                       New Boot Camp Classes
   Come check out the new support group                At Clarion Health & Fitness
   for people living with celiac disease or
   intolerance to gluten.
                                                       6 weeks starting Mon. Nov. 2 through
   WHAT: “Meet n’Eat” first meeting                    Wed Dec. 9 5pm-6pm with Ashley
   WHEN: Sunday, November 15th, 2:00-                  Hamilton
   3:00 p.m.
                                                       Prepaid classes - members $48 non
   WHERE: Boardroom B at Wright
                                                       members $60.00.
   Medical Center
   WHY: Share ideas and experiences of                 Call 532-3500 or stop by the Clarion
   living gluten free in a positive environ-           Health & Fitness center to sign up

   RSVP/’s: Call Tiffany at 515-851-8350
   or Annette at 515-532-9271

 First United Methodist Church
 Wednesday, November 4th
 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.                                               Carry outs available-
                                       Chicken &
 Chicken & Homemade                                         call 532-2846- you may call as early
 Biscuits, Salad & pie                   Biscuits            as 10:00 a.m., and can pick up be-
 $7.00/adults                       Dinner & Bake             tween 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.
 $3/children 3-11
 Under 3 free

 Holiday Bazaar
 Date: November 14
 Time- 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
 Location: Krysilis Support Center- 210 2nd St NW
 Krysilis is hosting a fundraiser and has invited local vendors to come ands sell their product to meet
 your shopping needs. There will be items for children, things for the kitchen and home, jewelry and
 handbags, beauty products, and even something for special hobbies.
 Come and shop for the holidays!
 Fundraising opportunities allow us to purchase items for the persons we support that Medicaid fund-
 ing does not reimburse. Proceeds will allow us to provide a nice Christmas to those we support that
 are without family.
                                 CPG Report
Clarion Partnership for Growth

      302 South Main
      Clarion, IA 50525             committee-Steve Burkheimer
                                 IT committee
                                 New website is up and running.
    Phone: 515-532-2256
            email:               Enhancement-
                                 Enhancement- Steve Simonin-      Enhancement Committee met with Melissa Schoneberg with Habitat for
                                 Humanity for their last meeting.
                                 Sponsored a city wide clean up October 11th. Several Volunteers met,
                                 and picked up trash in Clarion.
                                 Housing-Carol Haupt
                                 The committee is still working in smaller focus groups. They are still re-
                                 searching the possibility of community gardens.
                                 They are also researching what can be done with foreclosures in Clarion
                                 Commercial Development Sherri O’Brien-
                                 Continue to promote the Revolving loan fund account.
                                 Discussion on Business Succession continues
                                 The Committee will be encouraging non-member businesses in Clarion to
                                 join the Partnership for Growth.
                                 They are working on getting the available building book on the Clarion
                                 Promotions-Barb Mussman
                                 They will have free chili on November 12th to tie in with the retailers
                                 Christmas Open Houses.
                                 Will be sponsoring group advertising in the Humboldt Reminder for inter-
                                 ested retailers. They will also promote upcoming events in Clarion in local
                                 The Committee would like to have a Christmas event at the Library. They
                                 are working with the library to see what can be planned.
                                 Ambassadors-Norm Carlson         The Ambassadors had a business meeting and discussed the group and
                                 what their goals for 2010 would be. One thought was to try to better pro-
                                 mote the Farmers Market, Craft Vendors, and Monday Night Music in the
                                 Park by trying to combine the three.
                                 Attended the ribbon cutting at the library
                                 They will be helping serve chili at the Holiday Open Houses
                                 Will be visiting at least one business a month
                                 Industrial Sales & Marketing Les Loecher
                                 Met with Team Effort for a business visit.
                                 Continue to market the Spec building.
                                 Recreation/wellness committee- Cory Abels-
                                 Continues work on Festival in the Park.

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