Spring by wuxiangyu


									                       2004 ITS Accomplishments
Academic & End-User Technology
 Completed 1370 Help Desk calls
 Created 101 courses for Blackboard
 Held 4th annual Technology Buffet for faculty (10 faculty stations and 2 vendor stations, 73 attended by faculty
   members and staff participants)
 Submitted a Title III Grant application for an Advising Center for faculty and students, and Teaching &
   Learning Center
 Hired a PC Technician for assisting with support of AV equipment and labs.
 Realigned PC Technician position to support evening courses in the classroom.
 Provide students with the capability of printing in color at a color laser printer
 Engage in an agreement with AICUP for discounted software pricing for the university and the students
 Replaced 50 computers in PC Allocation

Administrative & Infrastructure Technology
 In-house ASP training (goal: IV)
 Presentations at Datatel User Group (Goal: IV)
 Enhanced features of GU Xpress
   o Constituent Profile (for Advancement Officers) (Goal: III)
   o Advisor Access to Student Grades (Goal: VII)
   o Enrollment Verification (Goal: VII)
   o Integration of Time and Attendance (Goal : VII)

 Evaluated Cellular providers; received enhancements to extend relationship with current provider.

 Participated in Spring Open House
 Conducted online student satisfaction survey at Senior Salute (results on the ITS web site)
 Revised the charters of the Technology Advisory Committee (TAC), Teaching & Learning with Technology
   Roundtable (TLTR) and Administrative Computing Committee (ACC)
 Developed an Electronic Communications policy and unveiled the MyGannon web portal
 An incubation expert developed a feasibility report and operating plan for the Erie Technology Incubator (ETI)

Academic & End-User Technology
 Completed 900 Help Desk calls
 Replaced computers in two student labs; Beyer 209 and Zurn 121
 Purchased and installed new instructor podiums; Zurn 333, Palumbo 3206C, and one in Nash Library
 Purchased and installed mini-laptop podiums; Beyer 212 and Beyer 312
 Upgraded several existing instructor podiums with new computers and projectors
 Updated several departmental labs
 Helped to support a successful Arts Educator Conference and Data-Driven Conference
 Streamlined new employee hire/employee move procedures
 Replaced 5 university network printers with duplex printing
 Donated over 50 computers to charity organizations
 Designed and installed the Waldron Center Electronic Kiosk system
 Presented at new student orientations
 Evaluated online assessment/survey software for faculty to perform program assessments
 Conducted ‘Faculty Summer Institute’ to assist faculty with Blackboard, plagiarism, library resources, Tablet
   PC, and Dais training
 Prepare for the beginning of the academic year with a ‘Resource CD’ documentation and Norton Anti-Virus for
   all students
 Assisted with the Governance Policy Manual for the university
 Support for the increase in PDAs purchased on campus
                      2004 ITS Accomplishments
Summer (continued)
Administrative & Infrastructure Technology
 Implemented a Document Management system for Registrars to convert all paper records on-line (Goal: VII)
 Benefactor, Solaris and Unidata upgrades (Goal: VII)
 Converted Payroll processing to Daily Time Tracking (Goal: VII)
 Implementation of Electronic Report Distribution (Goal: VII)
 Automated import of Credit Card (PCI) and AMS payments to Datatel (Goal: VII)
 Integration of Exchange 2003 with myGannon Portal (Goal: VII)
 Lights Out Operations (Goal: VII)
 Interfaced campus copiers to GU Gold (Goal: VII)

 Connected the Courthouse Commons and Gitnick Manse to the campus voice, data and Cable TV networks and
    wired both buildings internally
 Wireless data network extended to the Palumbo Academic Center and Schuster Theatre
 Developed RFP and selected a vendor for Remote Access and Internet Service

 Conducted third disaster recovery test at SunGard facility in Philadelphia
 Completed the architectural design documents for ETI

Academic & End-User Technology
 Completed 1300 Help Desk calls
 Received the Title III Grant
 Created an RFP for course management software. Evaluated four vendor presentations.
 Upgraded 100 computers to Windows XP
 Submitted an RFP for Helpdesk software; evaluation will take place over Spring 2005
 Pilot ‘Eval Tool’ software for online student program assessment
 Upgraded Blackboard to version 6.2.3
 Created new Blackboard help site with FAQs

Administrative & Infrastructure Technology
 Implemented laser printing for payroll checks, which included enhanced redesign of the check stub (Goal: VII)
 Implemented web-based time entry to eventually eliminate timecards and timeclocks (Goal: VII)
 Implemented Managed Norton AntiVirus for Students (Goal: VII)
 Implemented Active Admissions Interface to Datatel (Goal: VI)

 Converted to Velocity.Net for Internet Service (twice the bandwidth at 1/3 the cost) and Remote Access (dial-in
    with virtually no busy signals and 24/7 support).

 Introduced a revised version of the IT Code of Conduct, reviewed and accepted by nearly 80% of students,
   faculty and staff.
 Received additional funding for the renovation of the former Boys and Girls Club into ETI, bringing the total
   funds available for construction to over $800,000.
 The TAC prioritized technology-related Unit Plans and presented the top 5 to the Provost Council and Finance
   & Administration Directors.
 Key individuals attended Leadership Training (Goal: IV)
 Implemented new On-Call Tier 1 and Tier II level of support (Goal: VII)

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