Vermont Telecommunications Authority by pengtt


									League of Cities & Towns Conference

                           March 2008
                            To promote:
                             ◦ Econ. Development
Affordable, upgradable
 broadband & mobile          ◦ Web based commerce
      voice/data             ◦ Education for young & life-
in EVERY part of VT by         long learners
     end of 2010             ◦ Cost-effective health care
                             ◦ Public safety
                             ◦ Participation of citizens in
                               civic life

The white space
indicates no
coverage at all.
The other areas
show broadband
coverage based
on service
provider data.
    the entire state has fixed high speed Internet
      access, nomadic Internet access & mobile
            phone coverage by end of 2010

   fixed Internet access is at least 1.5meg per sec. in
    one direction
   infrastructure supports affordable service
   infrastructure be upgradable
   both public & private resources used
   open access encouraged
   All State agencies WILL ASSIST VTA
   $40M in revenue bonding
   $200,000 loans, grants to local, regional,
    public & private entities
   Access, at reduced prices, to facilities owned
    by the State, i.e. right-of-ways, tops of
    buildings, property, easements
   Easier environmental approval of towers
   Invitation to return to Legislature with ideas
    for future legislation to help cause
   Work with incumbent national phone companies
   Work with Vermont independent phone companies
   Work with local and national cable companies
   Work with power companies
   Work with colleges and hospitals
   Work with new entrants like Google, M2Z,
    ClearWire, Sprint, AT&T
   Work with community organizations
   Work with corporations
   Search out federal money
   Build out what is left with State Revenue Bonds
   Declare your town an e-community
   Learn about Act 79 (Chapter 91 of Title 30)
   Apply for Broadband Grant
   Conduit installed with new construction
   Make town property available at low/no price
   Build network of 3 towers & rent to carrier
   Identify people in town willing to allow a tower
    on their property
   Use E-rate
   Local content
   Officially declare
   Small budget
   Appoint committee
   Set goals
   Hold neighborhood educational meetings
   Take a town inventory
   Identify what is acceptable level of internet & cell
    phone coverage
   Map areas without access
   Determine the most economic & timely means of
    extending service
   Assess the level of demand within areas now
    without access
   Assist companies providing internet & cell phone
    service to extend service
   Communicate to landowners, regulatory bodies and
    other entities the importance of universal access to
    the general well-being of the Town
◦ Act 250 trigger increased to towers/antennae of
  over 20 ft above building or 50 ft from ground
◦ 3+ tower network before PSB
  Built in 3 yrs & support structures over 50 ft
◦ De minimis impact clause
  Town may issue permit “regardless of size if no impact
   or merely a de minimis impact” Cabot, Maidstone
◦ Property owner may attach an antennae
  If largest face is not more than 8 sq ft.
  If antennae and mast does not extend more than 12 ft
   above roof of that portion of bldg. to which attached
◦ Antennae in ski area and under 20 ft. - unregulated
ISP’s Wireless Antennae on Residence
Tops of buildings
Recycling facilities
•Build3+ towers in carefully
chosen locations around town
•Apply for permit to PSB

•Let Telecom Authority help
you rent the space to phone
companies and ISPs
   $200,000 allocated for 2008
   Municipal organizations, corporations,
    groups may apply
   No grants over $100,000 given
   Should leverage other participation
   Should serve everyone in affected area
   Federal reimbursement of cost of broadband
   Provider must be registered
   School or library gets reimbursed at end of
    year for % of expense, amount dependant on
    sliding scale
   Following year bandwidth can be increased
   Some school districts share buildout of
    needed infrastructure with provider…Lamoille
   Create policy of           Require for all new
    putting in during all       development
    road construction
                               Required when
                                burying phone lines
   Podcast selectmen’s meetings
   Meter reading
   Issue town report electronically
   Advertise openings on committees
   Email reminders for tax payments
   Email reminders & payment of licenses
   Town records converted to electronic gradually
   Road work or accidents sent out as text messages
   Public safety en route communication, better
    burglar alarms
Vermont Needs All of Our Help!
Vermont Telecommunications Authority
       One National Life Drive
        Records Center Bldg.
    Montpelier, VT 05620-3201


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