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					“In the future, everyone will be
    famous for 15 minutes.”
           Andy Warhol
   Andy Warhol


Early Life   The 60’s    The 80’s
                 Early Life:
• Born August 6, 1928 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
• Parents were Ruthenian immigrants from Slovakia.
• Studied Commercial Art at Carnegie Institute of
  Technology: 1945-1949.
• Began working as a freelance magazine illustrator in
  NYC in 1949.

 Pictures                                  Andy Warhol
Some of Andy Warhol’s early illustrations:

 Early Life                        Andy Warhol
                 The 60’s
• The 1960’s: Warhol begins work in Pop Art.
• His best known series done during this time
  period include:
•     “Campbell’s Soup Cans”
•     “Celebrity” paintings
•     “Death and Disaster” series
•     “Flower Paintings”
• The 60’s also marked the birth of Warhol’s
  “Factory” and his “Superstars”

   Paintings       The Factory        Andy Warhol
           Paintings of the 60’s

The 60’s        More Paintings   Andy Warhol
More Paintings of the 60’s

The 60’s              Andy Warhol
“Andy Warhol”
By David Bowie
                 The 80’s
• The 1980’s were the height of “Artist as
  Celebrity” for Andy Warhol.
• Andy continued with his commissioned
  “Celebrity” portraits as well as moving into
  realms such as self-portraiture, T.V., and his
  iconographic “Last Supper” series.
• Andy Warhol died February 22, 1987 in New
  York City following routine gallbladder

                   Paintings            Andy Warhol
           Paintings of the 80’s

More Paintings     T.V.      Andy Warhol
  • In the 1980’s Andy Warhol injected himself into
    mainstream media.
  • He starred in many television commercials as well as
    having his own T.V. shows “Andy Warhol’s T.V.” in
    1982 and Andy Warhol’s Fifteen minutes” for MTV in
  • Below is a clip from a TDK commercial done in Japan
    in the mid 80’s.

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                         H.263 decompressor
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The 80’s                                               Andy Warhol
More Paintings of the 80’s

The 80’s            Andy Warhol
                  The Factory
 • Andy Warhol established his art studio “The Factory”
   in 1962.
 • He employed many different assistants at “The
   Factory” to help him mass produce his silk-screen
 • Many of the “hangers on” at “The Factory” became
   what was known as Warhol’s “Superstars”.
 • The films that Warhol produced during this time
   period were cast with Andy’s “Superstars”.

Superstars                                   Andy Warhol
                   The Factory 1962
• Andy met Gerard Melanga in 1963. He was
  Andy’s first assistant. He starred in “Kiss” in
  1963 and “Couch” in 1964

             Andy & Gerard Melanga
  Next                                   The Factory
• Andy met Edie Sedgwick in January of 1965.
• The two often dressed alike and appeared
  everywhere together for a period in the 60’s.
• Edie starred in such films as “Poor Little Rich Girl” in
  1965, “Beauty No. 1” in 1965 and starred as Andy
  Warhol in “The Andy Warhol Story” in 1967.
• Edie Sedgwick died November 16, 1971 of a drug

    Next             Andy & Edie               The Factory
• In 1966 Andy Warhol produced the Velvet
  Underground’s first LP.
• They would provide songs for several of Warhol’s
  films as well as perform in the happening “The
  Exploding Plastic Inevitable”.
• The Velvet Underground was fronted by Lou Reed.
  The band also consisted of Sterling Morrison, John
  Cale, Maureen Tucker, Doug Yule and Nico, another
  “Superstar” who Warhol basically forced on the
  already established group.

               The Cover of
               “The Velvet
               & Nico”                   The Factory

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