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					Botox– What You Should Know?

First off, it is important to remember that Botox, the cosmetic aid is actually produced
from the most toxic substance known to man; from a neurotoxic protein produced by the
bacterium Clostridium botulinum.
What is administered for cosmetic purposes is of course extremely low dose and diluted,
however the following should be kept in mind for anyone who is considering undergoing
a Botox procedure:
Botox works by blocking signals to the muscles from the nerves, most often used on the
lines that fan from the eyes (crow’s feet) and frown lines. It is in fact a sort of induced
paralysis, because the injected muscles cannot contract after being injected. This is what
causes the lines and wrinkles to soften, smoothen and relax.
The procedure consists of the Botox being directly injected into the muscles of the face
and is not in itself very painful. When these injections are given, sometimes there may be
temporary bruising that will fade in a few days.
The Botox treatment is not something that you take once and have the effects last forever.
The effects of one treatment will typically last for up to 6 months and you will then need
another treatment if you want the effects to last. It is thought that with repeated
treatments, the muscles get ‘trained’ and therefore become less prone to being lined and
It is true that not everyone has side effects from undergoing Botox treatments; however
the commonly experienced side effects from a Botox procedure are headache and nausea.
Some may also find that they have side effects like a respiratory infection, flu syndrome,
etc., sometimes it could be the administration of the injection that could cause the
problems, such as bruising and swelling and pain that may take time to heal.
There are also side effects such as droopy eyelid, an uneven smile and even an inability
to close the eyes. Some people experience a strange facial expressions and an
uncomfortable feeling immobility of the facial features.
Sometime chewing solids also becomes difficult. This happens when appropriate pressure
was not put at the time of administering the injection.
These side effects fade within a few weeks, however it may be considered, that when you
get a Botox treatment done for cosmetic reasons and the results are obvious in that there
is visible facial bruising, it really defeats the purpose of the procedure. So consider all of
this if you are indeed considering Botox.