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					                Lethbridge Christian School
                                                            Oct. 29, 2009

                 School/Fall Break                                                “A Public Education”
                                                                       A television series about achievement, innovation and
                                                                            personal growth in Southern Alberta schools
There will be no school Nov. 11, 12 & 13
as we will be closed for Remembrance                                  Episode #2 of “A Public Education”.
Day and the fall break.
FYI: The office will also be closed.                                         Saturday Oct. 31 at 6:30 pm on Global
______________________________                                                Lethbridge
                                                                             Re-broadcast Thursdays at noon and
                                                                              5:00 pm on Shaw TV
       Report Cards/Parent Teacher
                                                                             View online, beginning Oct. 29, at
               Interviews                                                     www.a-public-education.ca

Nov. 25 report cards will be sent home                                This episode is hosted by Math teacher
with your child.                                                      Katherine Pritchard from Kate Andrews High
Parent Teacher Interviews will be held                                School in Coaldale. Katherine is also the
                                                                      president of Palliser ATA local #19.
Thursday, Nov. 26 from 6 – 8 p.m. and
Friday, Nov. 27 from 8:30 a.m. – 12:30                                Show line-up:
p.m. There will be no classes Friday,                                      1. Teacher Mentorship Program at
Nov. 27 due to the interviews.                                                 the Faculty of Education, U of L.
Phone the office to schedule your                                          2. CTS Trailer Palliser Schools
appointment.                                                                   traveling shop class at Noble
                                                                               Central, Nobleford
                                                                           3. Literacy First, a successful AISI
                                                                               project at Ecole Agnes Davidson
                    Sock-It-To-Em                                          4. Tina Delinte, a teacher profile of a
                                                                               teacher at St. Michael’s School in
It is time once again for the annual                                           Pincher Creek
Sock-It-To-Em campaign. From Nov. 2                                        5. Mike Hornsberger, retires after 35
                                                                               years of teaching at Coalhurst High
– Dec. 11 Lethbridge and area schools
                                                                           6. New Grade 9 Math curriculum
are collecting NEW SOCKS to be                                                 piloted at L.C.I.
donated to local charities for Christmas.                                  7. Welcome Back BBQ, parents talk
Please join in and make someone’s                                              about their children’s education with
Christmas a bit warmer.                                                        teachers at Our Lady of Assumption
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!               school
                                                                      For further information contact:
     Daylight Saving Time Ends This                                   Producer, Erv Fehr
                 Sunday                                               efp@shaw.ca

                                                                          Don’t forget to download the Nov..
                                                                         prayer guide & the K.I.D. Time guide
                                                                               from www.acsi.org/~pub
                       Book Fair

    Thank you all for your support of our recent
    Book Fair. Thanks to your generosity we
    were able to raise $830.00 worth of books.                           Oct. 30     Girls Volleyball
    Thanks also to Mrs. Pennington for her                                           Tournament
    hard work in running a successful book fair.                         Nov. 2      Parent Council
    =================================                                    Nov. 10     Picture Retakes
                                                                         Nov. 11     Remembrance Day
   Parent Council Meeting - Monday                                                   Holiday
                                                                         Nov 12-13   Fall Break – No School
Monday, Nov. 2 is the next regularly scheduled                           Nov. 25     Report Cards
parent council meeting at 7:00 p.m.                                      Nov. 27     Parent-Teacher Interviews
Everyone is welcome to attend.                                                       – No Classes
--------------------------------------------------------------           Dec. 4      Professional Learning Day
                                                                                     – No Classes
Dear Parents:                                                            Dec. 10     Middle School Music
Lethbridge School District is working closely with                       Dec. 16     Elementary Christmas
Alberta Education and Alberta Health                                                 Concert
Services to provide information to school                                Dec. 18     Last Day of School for
communities regarding Pandemic H1N1 2009.                                            2009
Our school is encouraging students to use basic                          Jan. 4      Classes Resume
infection control practices such as proper
handwashing, and coughing and sneezing                             ===================================
protocol. At the recommendation of Alberta
Education, we will also be installing alcohol-
based hand sanitizer dispensers in adult                                   Office Depot Purchases
supervised areas such as classrooms and other
instructional space where sinks for
handwashing are not readily available. Alcohol-
                                                                   Remember to give the school’s name or ID
based hand sanitizers are the only type of                         number (80000978) to Office Depot when you
hand sanitizers being recommended to prevent                       are making purchases.
the spread of the Pandemic H1N1 2009                               The school receives 5% back of qualifying
virus.                                                             purchases.
If you would like information regarding the virus,                 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
you can find excellent resources on the
Alberta Education website at
q&aforparentsandstudents.pdf or at the
Alberta Health Services website at

         The office/school is open from:
        8:00 – 4:00 Monday to Thursday
                8:00 – 2:00 Friday
      The school email is lcs@lethsd.ab.ca
 The website is http://moodle.lethsd.ab.ca/lcsweb/
           Curriculum Handbooks
                                                       What is a Student?
The General Curriculum Handbooks for Parents,
Curriculum Summaries for Kindergarten to Grade 9       A canvas to be filled
and senior high school and the Curriculum Express      A field to be tilled
for Parents, Kindergarten to Grade 3 are now           Clay to be molded
available on the Education website at                  A bulb to develop
www.education.alberta.ca/parents/resources/handbo      A diamond to be cut
ok.aspx. They may be downloaded for viewing and        A challenge to be met
printing as required. The handbooks are also           A poem to be written
available for purchase from the Learning Resources     A song to be sung
Centre at 780-427-2767 (toll-free by first dialing     A fragrance to be released
310-0000). An order form can be found on the           A life to be saved
website.                                               A friend to be made
                                                       A gift to the future
Updated on an annual basis, the Curriculum             A bridge to the stars
Handbooks for Parents offer in-depth information       A rain in the heart
about what students are expected to learn at each      A tear in the eyes
grade level of the curriculum; the Curriculum          An energy to be chained
Summaries provide concise grade-at-a-glance            A candle to be lit
information; and the Curriculum Express for            A gift from God.
Parents gives a short explanation of the curriculum
for parents who are English language learners. The
handbooks, summaries and Curriculum Express will
continue to support successful communication with

Your comments and insights on the content and
format of the handbooks, summaries and
Curriculum Express are appreciated and will help
us ensure they continue to meet parents’ needs. An
electronic feedback form is available on the website
or in print at the back of each handbook.

For further information, please contact the
Curriculum Sector, Program Development and
Standards Division, at 780-427-2984 (toll-free by
first dialing 310-0000).
               School Bus Safety

Twice a day, almost 200 times a year, school buses in Alberta are responsible for the safe
transportation of nearly 300,000 young Albertans. School buses in Alberta travel a total of more than
400,000 km every day. This is the equivalent of travelling over 10 times around the earth!
The greatest time of danger to students and for others on the roadways is during the loading and
unloading of a school bus. Most school bus collisions involve a bus being struck by another vehicle from
behind or children being struck while exiting or approaching a school bus.

              Here are some safety tips to share with children to ensure safe travel.
While waiting for the bus, stand in a group with the other students. You should stand at least two giant
steps away from the road and pay attention to traffic.

When the school bus approaches the bus stop, line up with the smaller children at the front. Stay away
from the bus until it stops.

After the bus has stopped, get on the bus one at a time. Holds on to the handrail while climbing the
steps, then go directly to your seat.

While riding the bus, follow these safety rules:

      Remain seated and face the front of the bus
      Talk quietly
      Keep the aisle clear
      Keep your arms and head inside the bus
      Do not throw things around the bus or out the window
      Do not drink or eat
      Wait until the bus stops before standing
The people at the front of the bus should leave first. When it is your turn to get off, carry all of your
things in front of you, to the door. Hold on to the handrail when stepping off the bus.

Walk away from the bus so the driver can see you. Once you are off the bus, stay away from it. If you
drop something, get the driver's attention immediately, before going to get it.
                                   Prevention is the key to safety.

                  For more information, contact the Public Health Nurse in your school:
                                         Lori Zillman 388-6655
Adapted from www.saferoads.com
A number of Lethbridge Dentists are collaborating on a unique initiative that would see
young people being paid in exchange for candy they might collect on Halloween. The candy
is then shipped to Canadian troops serving abroad. Below is the information that was
provided to the School District.

Bring your Halloween candy to the following dentists on November 2, 2009 and they will pay
you $1.00 per pound!!!

Dr. Richard Boehme Family Dental                          Candy drop off time 4:00-5:00 pm

London Road Dental across from YWCA                       Candy drop off time 9:00-4:30 pm
-Dr. Jack Sherman
-Dr. David Lowry

Lethbridge Dental Surgical Suites downtown 5th Street     Candy drop off time 8:00am-8:00 pm
-Dr. Bryan Murray
-Dr. Dan Anderson
-Dr. Jan Lavkulik
-Dr. Nathan Muirhead
-Dr. Jared Nelson

Dr. Ryan Johnson & Dr. Bob Kinniburgh                     Candy drop off time 10:00-5:00 pm
Behind Kentucky Fried Chicken, Mayor Magrath Drive

All West Dental Taco Time/Pizza Hut Plaza West side       Candy drop off time 12:00-4:30 pm
-Dr. Debbie Mulroy
-Dr. Mitch Champney

Dr. Bruce Lamb- Shoppers Drug Mart Westside Plaza         Candy drop off time 8:30-4:30 pm

Dr. Devon Kutsch- 5th Street South                        Candy drop off time 9:00-5:00 pm

Dr. Shaun Heggie-Raymond                                  Candy drop off time 2:00-5:00 pm

Dr. Troy Bond- Fort Macleod                               Candy drop off time 8:00-6:00 pm

Thank you to our sponsors for delivering our candy at no cost!


Please call Connie at 403-327-7227 if you have any questions!

Keep brushing and stay safe on Halloween!

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