Thank you for attending the 8 Annual Go Girl Gala_ Enjoy the music

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					Thank you for attending the 8th Annual Go Girl Gala!

     Enjoy the music, the food and the drinks.
 Spend a little time strolling past the auction tables.

       There is something here for everyone.
     So there must be something here for you.

       Just remember as you place your bids,
        as much fun as this event is for you,
      this event is really and truly for the girls.

                      So please…

                 Bid high. Bid often.

                      Thank you.

                 The Gala Committee
                                  Silent Auction Rules & Procedures


    •   A bid sheet accompanies each item. The bid sheet includes the name of the item, the minimum bid, and
        the minimum bidding increment.
        o Bids submitted below the specified minimum will be invalid.
        o Bids submitted with disregard for the minimum bidding increment will be invalid.

    •   You must clearly print your name and telephone number on the bid sheet in order to remain eligible for
        the item.

    •   There will be a 5-minute warning before the auction closes. The silent auction closes at 9:00 PM. There
        will be no bidding allowed after the silent auction closes.

    •   The highest qualified bidder at the time of the close wins the item. Winning items are to be left on the


    •   The silent auction check-out area is located in the northeast corner of the Yates Gallery.

    •   GOTRC accepts cash, checks, and credit cards (MasterCard or Visa). Please make checks payable to “Girls
        on the Run-Chicago.”

    •   Payment is due for all items on November 16, 2007. If payment is not received, the item will be awarded
        to the next highest bidder.

    •   Upon paying for your item(s), you will receive a YELLOW copy of the bid sheet as your receipt. You will
        need this receipt in order to claim your item(s).

    •   If you are unable to carry your item tonight, it will be held at the GOTRC Office (1415 N. Dayton Street)
        until December 7, 2007. If you have not retrieved your item by that date, GOTRC may offer it to the next
        highest bidder.


    •   GOTRC reserves the right to withdraw any item at any time prior to the actual sale.

    •   GOTRC offers no warranty or guarantee and assumes no responsibility for the validity of the description,
        authenticity or condition of any item offered.

    •   All services (trips, tickets, gift certificates, etc.) are subject to availability and, unless otherwise stated,
        expire November 16, 2008.

    •   By purchase, the buyer waives any claim of liability against GOTRC and/or the donor of the property or
        services. Neither GOTRC nor the donor is responsible for any personal injuries or damage, which may
        result from the use of the property or services awarded during the silent auction.

    •   All sales are final.
Outbid on the road bike? Don’t play golf? Someone beat you to the autographed
 Maddux jersey and baseball? Don’t need another personal training session or
                           massage gift certificate?

  You might leave the Silent Auction empty-handed but you can STILL make a
 difference in the life of a girl! Please stop by the GOTRC information table and
                  make a donation to Girls on the Run-Chicago.

          It costs GOTRC about $200 per girl to deliver our programs.
In some areas program fees help us offset these costs, but many of our programs
             rely entirely on donations from individuals and grants.

   There is a waiting list for GOTRC programs…so please help us bring more
             programs to underserved areas by making a donation!

   Stop by the Girls on the Run table at the east end of the room and drop
something in the bowl – cash from your pocket, a check, or a pledge card. What
     makes a little difference to you can make a BIG difference to a girl.

                                   Thank You.

                           Girls on the Run – Chicago
                           1415 North Dayton Street
                                Chicago, IL 60622
                                       Auction Categories

100s                    Work It Out
In the 100s you’ll find mostly race entries, but look carefully. There are quite a few other things here!
Tennis lessons, Pilates & yoga, golf lessons and a TIMEX watch or two. Go on…work it on out!

200s                    It’s All About YOU!
You deserve a break. Not just a night out. Pick up a gift certificate to a new salon and update your look
or get a massage. Look at 200s. These are things you would never spend the time or money on for
yourself. Go on…pamper yourself and feel good about it because you are helping the GIRLS!

300s                    Experiences of a Lifetime
Do you have a need for speed? Do you find any excuse to play a great golf course? Want to see the
skyline from Lake Michigan? Do you just love Vegas? Stroll through the 300s and you’ll find something
you’ve dreamed of, or something you never dreamed you’ve dreamed of, but once you see it – you are
going to want to experience it!

400s                    All Around Town
We know our guests play hard. On the courts, on the streets, and on the fields. But really, we know
that when you play hard, you also like to play hard. Here are some items for the ‘players’ among us.
We’ve got nights out at romantic spots and clubs, in-town escapes and a little culture. You’ll find fun
ideas for yourself and your friends, or spots for those folks from out of town who want to see ‘the
Windy City.’ Step on over to the 400s so you can step on out later!

500s                    Home Gym

No more excuses. Here is the fitness equipment you’ve always wanted. Now get out there and bid!

600s                    Sports Memorabilia
The 600s are items for collectors or fans. We’ve got autographed jerseys, baseballs, footballs, bats and
more from the current stars to the Hall of Famers: Armstrong, Butkus, Craig, Favre, Hinrich, Jenks,
Maddux, McMahon, Santo, Sandberg, Singletary, Thome, Urlacher and the list goes on…

700s                    Tickets Tickets Tickets
You need tickets? We got ‘em! Tickets for Illinois, Michigan and Notre Dame Football, the Cubs, the
Bulls, the White Sox, and the Blackhawks. If you are looking for a GREAT sporting event – head over to
the 200s!
800s                    That’s What Friends Are For
Move through the 800s with some strategy and you just might be the most popular person in the room
at the end of the night. This category is full of experiences for you and your friends, old and new. Beer
School, wine tasting, Ravinia tickets, Arlington Race Track, and Happy hours from some fine Chicago
Taverns. Bid wisely and you can raise your social standing.

900s                    Wrap It Up, I’ll Take It!
Every auction has to have some impulse purchases, and you’ll find ours in the 900s. Here you’ll find
handbags, darling kids’ clothes, a CD collection and more. Claim you’re doing your holiday shopping, but
pick up a little something for yourself. We won’t tell!

         If you are looking for something in particular,
       but just can’t find it, please ask a Girls on the Run
             volunteer for help and well be happy to
               direct you to the appropriate table.

     Remember, you’re here to support the GIRLS!

                                   Happy Bidding!
100   Run & Relax

So you're thinking about running a marathon? Nothing could better prepare you than training with
Chicago Area Runner's Association with this 2008 CARA Marathon Training Program and a TIMEX
IronMan watch. And, once you've crossed the finish line, pamper yourself with some first class
relaxation: a one hour massage at Chicago Spine and Sports. It's all about you, and the R& and

Donor: Chicago Area Runner's Association, Chicago Spine and Sports, TIMEX Corporation
Value: $385

101   Run one, Run All

Come on - you can do it! Challenge yourself to participating in Cleveland's greatest annual race, the
RiteAid marathon May 18, 2008. You can keep yourself on pace with a brand new TIMEX i-Control
watch. 26.2 sound like a bit much? Sign up for the half marathon instead.

Donor: Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, Half Marathon & 10 K, TIMEX Corporation
Value: $215

102   A Year of Happy Feet From Fleet Feet

What could be better than a package from Fleet Feet to keep you moving all year long? Fleet Feet is
proud to offer you free shoes for a year ($270 value), a Garmin Forerunner 305 and a free 1-hour set up
training session. Once you are geared up from head to toe, take those happy feet to any or all Fleet
Fleet-sponsored 2008 races (Ravenswood Run, Soldier Field 10 Mile, Women's 5K, 10K & Festival, Elvis is
Alive 5K; Pumpkins in the Park 5K) where you, with this package, recieve entry access.

Donor: Fleet Feet Sports
Value: $820

103   Rhythm is going to get You!

The rhythm is going to get you! It’s going to get you running and groovin to the tunes on your new Ipod.
Package includes an Ipod Nano 4GB, Nike armband, carrying case, and Ipod sensor kit.

Donor: Nike, Inc.
Value: $240

104   Physical Therapy

Sport counseling and mental toughness training can help you relax, reach motivating goals, and inspire
you to be the athlete you want to be! Michele Kerulis, MA, LCPC is a sport and clinical therapist who
specializes in individual and group sports, as well as the performing arts. She has donated a sport
consultation that includes a thorough assessment of your current sport performance as it relates to your
mental game, as well as three individualized sessions to help your obtain your specific goals.

Donor: KCM Psychotherapy & Counseling
Value: $525

105   Bicycle Built for Two

T.L. Fritts Sporting Goods in Winnetka has donated the use of a tandem bicycle for one day. Grab your
honey and head to the lakefront!

Donor: TL Fritts Sporting Goods
Value: $50

106   It's a Group Thing

Ever needed someone else to get you motivated to work out? Get ready to train hard with a group
training session for up to 6 people. You and your friends will have the workout of a lifetime as you sweat
together in this 90 minute session sponsored by Real Running. Before the work-out enjoy supplement
maximizer to feel the best during your performance; during your run enjoy performance sports drinks;
and if you're hurting afterwards use the joint and muscle pain cream.

Donor: Real Running, Healthy, Wealthy and Alive
Value: $235

107   Race Ya!

You and a friend are going to take on the most popular half-marathon in the country! The race is
Saturday, May 3, 2008. Don't wait for spring to get yourself in running for this race
with your snazzy new i-Control sport watches will keep you motivated through the winter months! This
package includes 2 entries to the Indianapolis Mini Marathon and 2 TIMEX i-Control sport watches. On
your mark, get set, GO!

Donor: Indianapolis Mini Marathon, TIMEX Corporation
Value: $350

108   All That with a Basket of Fit

Get Fit with all the Equip! Take advantage of six personal training sessions and 30 minute consultation at
Crossbridge Strength & Conditioning coupled with a Blakely F.I.T. personalized training gift basket.
Before you know it, you will be all that, with a basket of F.I.T.!

Donor: Blakely F.I.T. Inc., Crossbridge Strength & Conditioning
Value: $590

109   Tennis Anyone?

Want to work on your tennis game? Time to make a private lesson with a tennis pro at Midtown
Lakeshore Tennis Club. Lesson is for one hour and good for a beginner adult or child.

Donor: Lakeshore Athletic Club
Value: $65

110   Healthy Results

Set your goals and let Healthy Results help you reach them. The goal of HR coaches is to provide the
best triathlon, duathlon or single-sport coaching out there. You will recieve an 8-session personal
training program that will meet your needs for the upcoming season. Integrate this 3-month weight
management program into your lifestyle. HR will work with you to set challenging, but realistic goals,
and will be there to help you reach them. It' s time you GET RESULTS -- healthy results.

Donor: Healthy Results Ltd.
Value: $950

111   Yogi Pamper Package

Calling all Yogis: Enjoy your yoga practice and yourself with 2 yoga classes and a one-hour wellness
massage at your convenience. Who knew working out would leave you feeling so good!

Donor: North Shore Yoga, Bloom Yoga Studio
Value: $110

112   It's Worth it when you work it

Nothing shows results like the one-on-one attention you'll get from training with Ron. Give yourself 3
personal training sessions to prove to yourself, it is worth it--when you work it-- with Ron.

Donor: Train With Ron
Value: $150

113   Get a Better Handicap
Wish you had the guidance of a professional to help you take strokes off your golf game? With a golf
performance enhancement evaluation, you will be swinging, chipping and putting like a pro before you
know it. You'll get a physical evalution, golf swing analysis, and a balance assessment. It's time you give
yourself a better handicap.

Donor: Body Balance for Performance
Value: $250

114   Pilates

"With all those mochalattes, you got to do pilates"... Get in shape at Chicago River North Pilates and
partake in some pilates/gyrotonic sessions.

Donor: Chicago River North Pilates
Value: $150

115   Get a Grip!

GET A GRIP!... with a Comprehensive road/aerodynamic bike analysis. A properly fitted bicycle is an
extension of you as an athlete. With Get a Grip's extensive education and experience, they will address
the seven critical bike elements: Comfort, Stability, Balance, Power, Breathing, Nutrition, and
Biomechanical Efficiency. The information gathered through the fit process allows Get a Grip to design
your dream bike, or breathe new life into an old trusted friend.

Donor: Get A Grip Cycles
Value: $325

116   Triathalon Fun

Sick of marathons? Looking for a new work-out to feel satisfied? Look no's a COMPLETE
package to get you set for your best triathalon ever! This package includes an assessment and six
months of professional triathlon coaching, an Apollo triathlon bag, two slingback packs, and 8-week
email training program with monitor AND a new TIMEX IronMan watch! This package will help you
swim faster, ride further and run stronger than ever before!

Donor: Max Multisport Coaching, TIMEX Corporation
Value: $1,415

117   Marathon Package
Join I-Run Illinois I-Runs Training Program for the 20-week Chicago Marathon Training (June-Oct). Also
includes 5 educational clinics on how to train, shoe selection, injury prevention, nutrition and race day
strategy and recovery. You'll be right on track with the TIMEX i-Control watch.

Donor: llinois Runs Training Program, TIMEX Corporation
Value: $250

118   Half Marathon Package

Join I-Run Illinois I-Runs Training Program and get ready for the best half marathon of your life! Training
includes mid-week and weekend training runs along with 5 educational clinics on how to train, shoe
selection, injury prevention, nutrition and race day strategy and recovery. You'll be right on track with
the TIMEX i-Control watch.

Donor: Illinois Runs Training Program, TIMEX Corporation
Value: $250

119   Subaru Women's Triathlon

Interested in entering a triathlon this summer, ladies? Let us entice you a bit. Here is a entry to the
2007 Subaru Women’s Triathlon in Naperville along with a Ladies’ TIMEX IronMan watch. What's
stopping you now?

Donor: CAPRI Events, TIMEX Corporation
Value: $195

120   Accenture Triathlon

Thousands will enter Chicago’s Accenture Triathlon this summer. Be one of them! Here is an entry to
the event along with a TIMEX IronMan watch.

Donor: CAPRI Events, TIMEX Corporation
Value: $190

121   Pick up Pilates!

How many times have you said you want to learn Pilates? Well stop froggin' around and get to the Frog
Temple! This package includes four (4) group mat classes and one (1) private Pilates lesson. You'll be
worshiping the Frog in no time!
Donor: Frog Temple, Inc.
Value: $150

122   Find Your Center

Find your center when you get one-on-one attention during this 60 minute private Vinyasa yoga class
with Jennifer Boeder. She's been teaching yoga for seven years (currently at Yoga View) and will come
to your home or meet you in a studio. Take a deep breath and start bidding!

Donor: Jennifer Boeder
Value: $100

123   Flying with FILA

You will fly along the lakefront path in your new women's FILA running outfit with a small shirt, medium
shorts, size 8 shoes, socks, hat!

Value: $175

124   Pass the Baton

Are you ready for this? You and up to eleven of your friends can pass the baton as you participate in the
Madison-Chicago 200 Relay. That’s right - 200 miles! The running race starts June 6th in Madison,
Wisconsin and finishes on June 7th in Chicago. With a little help from your friends we know you are going
to LOVE this race!

Donor: Tom Hepperle
Value: $800

201   30 Minute Massage

Muscles need a tune-up? Enjoy this 30 minute massage from Massage Envy in Wilmette.

Donor: Massage Envy (Wilmette)
Value: $40

202   Double the Freshness

Thousand Waves Spa in Chicago is a Japanese style relaxation spa for women offering massage therapy,
herbal wraps, and unique spa bath facilities. Double your freshness with two gift certificates for 2 spa
bath visits.

Donor: Thousand Waves Spa for Women
Value: $40

203   Makeover Mania

Calling all Ladies: it's time to go mad! Get this makeover mania package and bring some sanity back into
your life. Package includes: manicure and pedicure (Sean Patrick's Salon & Spa); haircut and facial
(Fringe) and even a makeover for your closet with a half-day closet consultation that will turn your
wordrobe upside down Julie Watson Style. This head-to-toe makeover will have you ready for ladies'

Donor: Fringe, Sean Patrick's Salon & Spa, juliewatsonstyle
Value: $550

204   Relax the Back

Enjoy a $50 gift certificate to Relax the Back. Put this certificate to use by updating your sleep comfort,
seating comfort, office comfort or relax with massage therapies.

Donor: Relax the Back
Value: $50

205   Deep Tissue

Chiro Medica is a state-of-the-art chiropractic and wellness center with an unparalled commitment to
the highest level of patient care and treatment. Enjoy either a 90-min deep tissue massage or a
complimetary consultation package.

Donor: Chiro Medica
Value: $110
206 Let it Gro

Don't let it grow -- Let it Gro! Head to Gro Salon in Bucktown where his and her bonding takes on new
meaning! You both get new do's. Receive a complimentary ½-head of highlights for a women (from
Allison) and a man's total new hair cut (from the salon owner, Gro).

Donor: Gro Salon
Value: $210

300   West Baden Springs getaway

For those looking for a truly luxurious experience, this high-end historic landmark, is considered the 8th
wonder of the world because of its seemingly implausible architectural dome structure. Located south
of Indianapolis, the hotel just received an incredible $382 million historic restoration and expansion.
Enjoy a weekend stay (Friday and Saturday), including spa treatment (up to $220 total) and golf for two.
It's a getaway you won't want to end!
Donor: West Baden Springs Hotel
Value: $1,000

301   Go West!

Kick your weekend off right with a day of activity followed by relaxation. Start by enjoying a round of
golf for two at Butterfield Country Club. After working up an appetite golfing, head to Carraba's Italian
Grill in nearby Naperville for a delicious Italian dinner with two $45 gift certificates. With tummies filled
with pasta and other italian delights, head back to Oakbrook to relax at the Oakbrook Hills Resort.
Finally, top off your weekend getaway with a delicious breakfast before heading home.

Donor: Butterfield Country Club, Carrabba's , Oakbrook Hills Resort
Value: $540

302   Goin' Back to Indiana!

Road trip to Btown! Where will you go out Saturday night...Nick's, Kilroy's, Bear's Place, The Irish Lion,
and/or Crazy Horse? Regardless, you can walk through the Sample Gates and past the Well House on
your way to the Indiana Memorial (IMU) Union. On Sunday, go for a run on campus and then enjoy
bruch at the Tudor Room before heading to Assembly Hall to wach Eric Gordon & DJ White take it to the
Nittany Lions! This package includes one night’s lodging at the IMU and Sunday brunch for four in the
Tudor Room, plus four tickets to the Indiana vs. Penn State men’s basketball game (Section FL, Row 22,
Seats 5-8) on Sunday, January 20, 2008. Go (back to) IU!

Donor: Indiana University Foundation, Indiana Memorial Union
Value: $340

303   Golf at Grayhawk

In 2007 Grayhawk Golf Club was named for several awards including Top 10 Dramatic Holes in Arizona
and called a 'nicely polished trophy course' by GOLF magazine. As one of the most popular public
courses in Scottsdale, Arizona and a recent stop on the PGA tour.... are you ready to golf where the pros
do? Enjoy a round of golf and lunch for four at this spectacular golf course.

Donor: The Burns Family Foundation
Value: priceless

304   Life in the Fast Lane

Experience life in the ultimate fast lane with a Richard Petty Driving School Rookie Experience. You'll
take 8 laps around the speedway in a 358 cubic inch V-8 NASCAR style racecar that roars with 600
horsepower. Before you hit the speedway, you'll go through 2 elements of safety training with in-car
and on-track instruction. After driving like "the King" you'll receive a graduation packet that includes a
time sheet with a breakdown of each lap driven, suitable for framing.
Donor: Richard Petty Driving Experience
Value: priceless

305   Dinner, Theatre And Hotel Escape

This certificate includes one night at the Linconshire Marriott Resort, dinner for two at the King's Wharf,
two tickets to the current production at the theatre, and breakfast for two the following morning in the
Fairfield Inn or Champagne Brunch Sunday morning.

Donor: Lincolnshire Marriott Hotel
Value: $330

306   Kohler Resort getaway

The American Club is the Midwest's only AAA Five Diamond Resort Hotel providing unique, luxurious
décor that creates a singular experience room by room. Guests of The American Club will enjoy a one
night stay for two in a standard guestroom and two passes to the Kohler Spa (valid Sunday through
Thursday, Oct-May)

Donor: Destination Kohler
Value: priceless

307   Golf at White Hawk Country Club

Experience White Hawk Country Club, one of the most highly-rated semi-private golf courses in the state
of Indiana. Less than an hour's drive from downtown Chicago, it is easy to get to and ranked as one of
Indiana's ten most difficult courses. The 7,300-yard, par-72 course will test the skill level of any golfer.

Donor: White Hawk Country Club
Value: priceless

308   Wine Excursion

Headed to California to explore wine country? Dive deep into the caves with a Robert Sinskey Vineyards
Wine Informant who will introduce you to the subtleties of winemaking and the sweat and toil that goes
into the winegrowing of RSV wines. End up at the bar facing a flight of fancy wines at 1:00 p.m. Mon
through Fri or 11:00a.m. Sat and Sun.

Donor: Robert Sinskey Vineyards
Value: $120

309   Great Golf!
Can't make it to Scotland? You can get a taste of St. Andrews just an hour outside of Chicago at Aldeen
Golf Course in Rockford, IL. "Keith Creek winds through the front nine past our signature 8th hole with
its island green and replica of the Swilcan Bridge at St. Andrews." Aldeen has been rated one of the
CDGA's toughest 25 public courses. So what are you waiting FORE! Grab three of your golfing buddies,
because this package includes greensfees and cart rental for four golfers.

Donor: Anonymous
Value: priceless

310   Chicago Golf Club

The Chicago Golf Club was named among the "100 Most Prestigious Private Clubs in America" in the
Spring 2006 issue of Golf Connoisseur magazine. Here is your opportunity to spend the day there. A
member of the Chicago Golf Club will host you and two friends for a round of golf and lunch at this
intensely private club that attracts the city's most elite golfers. You and your friends will NEVER forget
this experience.

Donor: Anonymous
Value: priceless

311   Vegas Baby!

Grab three of your close friends and pack your running shoes, party shoes, and a little bail money! This
trip to Vegas includes two race entries into the 2008 Las Vegas Marathon, dinner for two at N9ne, VIP
access to Rain, Ghostbar and the Bunny Club (all in the FABulous Palms Casino Resort), 2 rooms for 2
nights at the Mandalay Bay Hotel (Friday and Saturday), and $450 in airfare vouchers within the
continental US. This is Vegas, baby!

Donor: Devine Sports, GOTRC Board, N9ne Group
Value: $1,890

312   Reach for the Sky!

Here's a chance for an aspiring basketball player to "reach for the sky!" Package includes access to a
Chicago Sky practice, followed by tips from one of the professional players and a Chicago Sky Inaugural
Season Autographed photo. Think you've got game now? After you win this package, the Sky's the limit!

Donor: Chicago Sky
Value: priceless

400   Private Wine Taste Right in your Own Place
Invite up to 15 friends and fellow wine aficionados to attend a two-hour private wine tasting in your
home. PRP Wine International will provide 8 bottles of wine, an expert wine consultant and the
guaranteed of a most memorable wine tasting experience.

Donor: PRP Wine International
Value: $400

401   Chef for a day at Moto

This is an unrivaled experience! Moto is an asian influenced, degustation-focused restaurant. You will
have the opportunity to be "guest chef for a day." You will work side-by-side with Chef Homaro Cantu
and the Moto team preparing the evening dinner service. You will have the chance to see and learn the
varied and unique preparation that Cantu is known for. In addition, you will get to taste and experience
the unique food of Moto.

Donor: Moto Restaurant
Value: $300

402   Gage a Night of Delight

Enjoy one of the city's hottest new Irish restaurants just steps from Millenium park. With a $200 gift
certificate to The Gage you'll really be able to sample the menu! After a tasty and fulfilling dinner, head
to the Chicago Symphony to enjoy a concert (certain dates available) before turning in at Hotel Allegro
for a one night stay at one of Chicago's most unique hotels. This is the perfect spring getaway, as the
hotel stay is valid 2/1/08 through 2/1/09 and the Symphony tickets expire June 2008.

Donor: Allegro Hotel, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, The Gage
Value: $780

403   See Chicago

Experience Chicago in an all-inclusive way. Enjoy a guided tour for 2 of downtown Chicago and see all
the sites of the city while aboard your individual segways. Re-energize with lunch at the Signature Room
on the 95th Floor of the John Hancock building ($50 gift card) and get yet another amazing view of
Chicago. Finally, after perusing around Michigan Ave, complete the day with a night's stay at the
Renaissance Hotel.

Donor: Renaissance Chicago Hotel , Segway Experience of Chicago, Signature Room at the 95th
Value: $540

404   Dinner and Drinks
Enjoy a high-class evening of dinner and drinks at two of Chicago's hot spots, Suite Lounge and Devon
Seafood Grill. Package includes four $25 gift certificates to Suite Lounge and a $100 gift certificate to
Devon Seafood Grill. Can be used together or seperate for multiple evenings of fun.

Donor: Devon Seafood Grill, Suite Lounge
Value: $200

405   Ultimate Date Night

Give your date a night they will never forget! Start the evening off right, with a fresh look, as your date
receives an unforgettable makeover. She'll get pampered at the Charles Ifergan Salon- with a shampoo,
haircut/style, followed by a manicure and topped off with an eye make-up application. Once looking
fabulous, wine and dine her at David Burke's Primehouse where you will both enjoy a first class dinner
($150 gift certificate). Wrap up this ultimate date with an overnight stay at the James Hotel. This is sure
to be a night of enchantment and romance.

Donor: Charles Ifergan Salon, The James Hotel
Value: $600
406 Day at the Bank: East Bank

Enjoy the luxury experience of Chicago's premiere workout facility. Spend the day on the indoor track, in
a professional fitness class, on a machine, or by the pool. However you want to workout, East Bank
offers it all. Top off your workout in the steam room, then get cleaned up for a lunch at their gourmet
restaraunt. Package includes two 1-day passes and a $50 gift certificate to the club's restaraunt.

Donor: East Bank Club
Value: $90

407   Get your Urban Fill

Headed to Geneva? Enjoy this $25 gift certificate for the city's greatest new restaurant, Urban Grile.

Donor: Urban Grille
Value: $25

408   Cooking for Two

Is it possible that you have a friend who is as hopeless as you are in the kitchen? The Chopping Block
can take care of you both. You’ll each get TWO demonstration classes – they offer classes in everything
from preparing holiday feasts to choosing the right wine.

Donor: The Chopping Block
Value: $80

409   Chef for a Day at Gabriel's
Gabriel Viti, chef and owner of Gabriel's Restaurant in Highwood, graduated from the Culinary Institute
of America in 1986 and has been on the fast-track to an illustrious and successful career ever since.
Spend a day by his side in the kitchen as a guest chef for a day and experience a culinary dream.

Donor: Gabriel's Restaurant
Value: $250

410   Kayak Cruise

Take a guided kayak cruise for 2. Come sail away…

Donor: H2O Fun
Value: $90
411 On Top of Chicago

Located on the 80th floor of the Aon Center, the Club offers award-winning cuisine along with a 360-
degree panoramic view of the city. Enjoy this $150 gift certificate which includes a choice from the
Chef's Table menu, pre-dinner cocktail and House Wine will be included with your dinner.

Donor: Mid-America Club
Value: $150

500   Kayak

Wish you could paddle 24/7? Want to quit your day job and explore the waterways of the world? We
can help! There is a beautiful Dagger Kayak waiting just for you!

Donor: Windy City Sports
Value: $500

501   Spinning Bike

Ready to go Spinning at home? Need another addition to your at home gym? Look no further than this
Spinning bike!

Donor: East Bank Club
Value: $400

502   Treadmill

Now you're able to exercise in the comfort of your own home with Horizon's RST 5.6 treadmill. With a
high-quality motor that's extremely quiet, you can watch TV or listen to music during your workout.
When you're finished, a hydraulic lift makes folding and storage safe and easy.
Donor: Horizon Fitness
Value: $900

503   Exercise Bike

Experience the Life Fitness difference! The R1 recumbent Lifecycle exercise bike for the home is easy to
use, durable, and features several workout programs. This model provides a comfortable biking
experience that’s easy on the back; you’ll feel the difference the moment you start pedaling. It’s a
perfect introduction to the renowned family of Lifecycle exercise bikes for the home.

Donor: Life Fitness
Value: $1,200

504   His and Her Head Helmets

Going biking? Ride safely with these his and hers helmets! No bike ride is complete without them.

Donor: Trek Bicycles on Michigan Avenue
Value: $100

505   Ride in a Higher Gear

Get ready to ride in a higher gear with this Specialized Globe adult hybrid bicycle.

Donor: Higher Gear
Value: $460

506   Try a Tri...

This is a three in one bikers dream: get the Specialized Allez road bike, a bike helmet, and even a bike fit
session. You will be more than ready to ride….Try this Tri!

Donor: Johnny Sprockets
Value: $880
507   It's in the bag!

Have you been wanting to take up golf and just didn't know where to start? This package will help you
get your game in shape. Includes a women's golf bag, putter and an introductory golf lesson.

Donor: Golf Galaxy
Value: $240

508   Watch Out!

Everyone on the running path will have to WATCH OUT for you as you keep track of your pace with this
TIMEX IronMan 50-Lap solar watch.

Donor: TIMEX Corporation
Value: $100

600   Ogunleye Jersey

Official #93 Bears jersey autographed by the Pro Bowl defensive end and co-defensive captain, Adewale

Donor: Anonymous
Value: priceless

601   Harris Jersey

Official #91 Bears jersey autographed by defensive tackle, Tommie Harris.

Donor: Anonymous
Value: priceless

602   Hester Jersey

Offical #23 Bears jersey autographed by the NFL's most explosive player, return specialist Devin Hester.

Donor: Anonymous
Value: priceless

603   Urlacher Jersey

Offical #54 Bears jersey autographed by 6-time Pro Bowl linebacker Brian Urlacher.

Donor: Anonymous
Value: priceless

604   Hester Superbowl Kickoff Return Photo

Devin Hester ran so fast you may not remember much of his opening kick off return in the 2007 Bears
vs. Colts Super Bowl. Let us refresh your memory...and upgrade your wall of fame. If you can outbid the
competition, you'll own a framed, matted, autographed photograph of the infamous kickoff return - the
ONLY one in Super Bowl history. Devin Hester is undoubtedly headed to the NFL Hall of Fame...will he
be hanging on your wall when he gets there?

Donor: Steve Sullivan
Value: priceless

605   Urlacher Mini Footabll

Mini football autographed by Brian Urlacher #54.

Donor: Chicago Bears
Value: priceless

606   McMahon Jersey

Authentic NFL jersey matted, framed and autographed by Jim McMahon #9.

Donor: Hobby Hut
Value: priceless

607   "Monsters of Midway" Football

Football autographed by Bears greats: Brian Urlacher, Dick Butkus and Mike Singletary.

Donor: Hobby Hut
Value: priceless

608   Craig Football

Official NFL football autographed by 3-time San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl winner Roger Craig #33.
Donor: Jill Goebel
Value: priceless

609   Favre Jersey

Authentic NFL jersey matted, framed and autographed by 3-time NFL MVP quarterback Brett Favre #4.

Donor: Hobby Hut
Value: priceless

610   Maddux Jersey

Authentic MLB jersey autographed by 4-time Cy Young winner (oh, and 17 Gold Gloves) Greg Maddux

Donor: Finley Dunne's Tavern
Value: priceless

611   Maddux Baseball

Baseball autographed by future Hall of Fame pitcher Greg Maddux #31.

Donor: Finley Dunne's Tavern
Value: priceless

612   Santo Jersey

Cooperstown Collection 1969 jersey matted, framed and autographed by Cubs legend Ron Santo.

Donor: Hobby Hut
Value: priceless

613   Ramirez Jersey

Authentic MLB jersey matted, framed and autographed by Cubs 3rd baseman Aramis Ramirez #16.

Donor: Hobby Hut
Value: priceless
614   Bobby Jenks Baseball and Photo

Baseball and photograph autographed by Bobby Jenks #45.

Donor: Chicago White Sox
Value: priceless

615   Thome Bat

Rawlings bat autographed by Jim Thome #25.

Donor: Hobby Hut
Value: priceless

616   Ramirez Bat

Rawlings bat autographed by Aramis Ramirez #16.

Donor: Hobby Hut
Value: priceless

617   Sandberg Baseball

Baseball autographed by Cubs Hall of Famer and 9-time Gold Glove winner Ryne Sandberg #23.

Donor: Hobby Hut
Value: priceless

618   Konerko Baseball

Baseball autographed by White Sox captain, Paul Konerko #14.

Donor: Hobby Hut
Value: priceless

619   Hinrich Jersey

Authentic NBA jersey matted, framed and autographed by Kirk Hinrich #12.

Donor: Hobby Hut
Value: priceless

620   Light my Fire Chicago Fire Soccer Ball

Throughout their first nine seasons, the Chicago Fire have proven to be a force in Major League Soccer.
Secure this ENTIRE team autographed Soccer Ball, including star player Cuauhtémoc Blanco's signature,
and celebrate their success. It's time you let them light your fire!

Donor: Toyota Park
Value: priceless

621   LIVESTRONG with Armstrong

Let Lance inspire you to workout STRONG! Package includes a Nike bag, 2 technical Nike LIVESTRONG t-
shirts, LIVESTRONG wristband and a LIVESTRONG hat autograhed by Lance Armstrong...the greatest
cyclist in history! LIVESTRONG and look good doing it!

Donor: Nike, Inc
Value: priceless

623   Young Bat

Calling all baseball fans! Before center fielder Ernie Young joined the White Sox coaching staff he played
for the A's, Tigers, Reds and White Sox AND helped the US bring home a gold medal from the 2000
Olympics in Sydney. Amp up your sports memorabilia collection with the awesome addition of this
autographed bat.

Donor: Pete and Peggy Byrd
Value: priceless

624   South on State

Be inspired all year long by this Pete Doherty original photograph of runners headed south on State
Street in the Chicago Marathon.

Donor: Doherty Images, LLC
Value: $300
700   Meet me at Wrigley

After an amazing 2007 season you just can't wait to get back to Wrigley, right? Enjoy four Field Box
tickets and pre-game photos on the field to remember the excitement. Go Cubs Go!

Donor: Chicago Cubs
Value: $250

701   Bulls Road Trip

Make it a road trip for 4 to Cleveland. Enjoy what is sure to be an exciting game as you watch the Bulls
take on the Cleveland Cavaliers on March 2, 2008.

Donor: Team Wendy, LLC
Value: $360

702   Power Play

Grab a friend and enjoy some deep dish pizza at Lou Malnati's ($25 gift certificate) before heading to see
the Bulls play at the United Center 1/29/08 against the Timberwolves.

Donor: Jasculca/Terman & Associates, Malnati Organization, Inc.
Value: $285

703   Hit the Ice

Hit the ice to watch the Blackhawks duke it out. Enjoy 2 tickets to the 12/5/07 game versus the Canucks.

Donor: Jasculca/Terman & Associates
Value: $550

704   Don't just go to the game, get in the game!

Imagine you and a guest in the 9th row, right behind the bench at an NBA Game. With 2 tickets to the
Phoenix Suns vs. the San Antonio Spurs game, Thursday Jan. 31st, you'll really be able to get in the
game. Tickets behind Sun's bench.

Donor: The Burns Family Foundation
Value: $270

705   South Bend Bound
Calling all Fighting Irish Fans: See Notre Dame take on Syracuse in what will surely be an exciting game!

Donor: anonymous
Value: $150

706   Go Orange! Go Blue!

Come watch the Fighting Illini take on the Michigan Wolverines at the Big House in Michigan for
homecoming weekend on October 4, 2008! Go Orange! Go Blue!

Donor: K. P. Ravikrishnan
Value: $150

707   Who's Your Team?

Come watch the top two teams of the NBA, the Pistons and Cavaliers, duke it out at the home of the
Detroit Pistons in Auburn Hills March 29, 2008. You'll enjoy these great seats which are only 9 rows back
across from the visitors bench and parking is included!

Donor: K. P. Ravikrishnan
Value: $400

708   Scout it Out

Scout it out this year at U.S. Cellular! Package includes 4 Scout Seats to the April 12, 2008 game, a
parking pass, plus food and beverages. This is basically a baseball scout's dream!

Donor: Illinois Sports Facilities Authority
Value: $800

709   Go Cubs Go!

A Cubs double header! You get 2 pairs of tickets so you and a friend can see Lou, the team and Wrigley
at least twice in 2008. Tickets are Section 239, Row 4.

Donor: Anonymous
Value: $140

710   The Sky's the Limit

Get in the action and see the Chicago Sky. 4 Tickets to any game in the 2008 season.
Donor: Chicago Sky
Value: $120

711   Dribble it, pass it, Bulls want a basket

Time to head to the United Center and see those Mighty Bulls take on the Indiana Pacers. You get 4
tickets to the Saturday March 22, 2008 game. Game at 7:30 p.m. Section 220, Row 8, seats 5-8. Watch
them dribble it, pass it, and take it to the basket!

Donor: MB Real Estate - 181 West Madison
Value: $320

712   Courtside Seats!

Watch UP CLOSE as the Bulls take on the San Antonio Spurs! You'll have two seats close enough to see
every charge, blocked shot and slam dunk. Package includes two tickets (Section 107, Row J, Seats 7-8)
to the Thursday, March 20, 2008 game (7pm). Go BULLS!

Donor: Larry Birch
Value: $230

800   Party at Denim Lounge

A private after hours shopping event for you and nine friends at The Denim Lounge located at 2004 W.
Roscoe. The Denim Lounge focuses on up-and-coming designers you aren’t likely to find at other
boutiques around town, so all your friends can look like the hip, urban sophisticates we know you are!
While enjoying pizza and wine provided by the store, you and your friends can shop for the latest in
denim and fun tops for your wardrobe! Everyone will receive 20% off regularly priced merchandise
purchased during the event and the host will receive 50% off one pair of Jeans!

Donor: The Denim Lounge
Value: $250

801   Beer, Beer and More Beer

So you thought your school days were over? Not when you come to the Map Room. Get back to school that is...and get a fun-filled education coupled with all the school supplies you need.
Participate in a premium beer school experience (with 5 of your friends) and enjoy a premium beer
basket, medium size t-shirt, and 2 $25 gift certificates. When you're all done, you’ll be able to think
beer, drink beer, and sport the styles of beer.

Donor: The Map Room
Value: $415

802   Instant Wine Cellar

With the help of the lovely ladies at Lush Wine & Spirits, the Girls on the Run Go Girl Gala committee
have picked out an impressive selection of more than 16 different wines from Oregon, Spain, Argentina,
and more!!! Whether you're stocking up for your holiday parties or shopping for the wine lover on your
list, we've got you covered!

Donor: GOTR & Lush
Value: $250

803   Wanna Bet?

Place your bets and travel down to the Arlington Park Racecourse. This is the track where Citation ran,
Dr. Fager set a record for running a mile on dirt and Cigar won his 16th straight race. Package includes
clubhouse admission and box seats for 6.

Donor: Arlington Park Racecourse, LLC
Value: $60

804   Plan a Picnic

What could be better than spending a nice summer evening out on the lawn at Ravinia, listening to great
music, and having a picnic? Enjoy 8 lawn passes good together or seperate for concerts all summer long
(passes good except for sold out concerts).

Value: $120

805   A Voi!

Toast up to 20 of your closest friends at Quartino Restaurant & Wine Bar – “where the wine is cheaper
than water and the pizza is the finest!” You’ll spend the cocktail hours (5-7pm) enjoying Quartino house
wines and Italian specialties.

Donor: Quartino
Value: $200

806   Cocktail Time

Kick off your night with a happy hour package for 10 at Lizzie McNeill's Irish Pub. While sipping Harp and
Guinness, you and your guests will enjoy listening to the jukebox and relaxing in front of the fireplace at
this awesome River North Irish Pub.

Donor: Lizzie McNeill's Irish Pub
Value: priceless

807   Happy Hour(s)!

Choose any Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night to host the happiest 2-hour happy hour at Duffy's in
Lakeview (6:30 - 8:30 p.m.). Enjoy the sounds of awesome DJs, watch the big game on one of the many
TVs, and invite as many friends as you like!

Donor: Duffy's Tavern
Value: priceless

808   In the Loop with iVillage!

Always wanted your 5 mins of fame? With 4 VIP tickets to "In the loop with iVillage" you'll be inches
from celebrities, but more importantly, part of the live action. You and your friends may just get your
claim to fame. Package also includes autographed flyer from celebrities Bill Rancic, Ereka Vetrini, and
Kim Coles. Finish off this star-like experience with lunch at The Gage ($75 gift card) where you can
decompress from what is sure to be a high packed experience.

Donor: iVillage
Value: priceless

900   Instant CD Collection

Thought you had a CD Collection? Add these 60 eclectic CDs into the mix and you will never run out of
reasons to have a jam fest, relax, work out, or entertain.

Donor: Chrysalis Music Group USA
Value: $600
901   Tatoo You

Want to make a lasting impression? Head to Tatu Tattoo (1754 W North Ave) with this $50 gift
certificate good for a tattoo or body piercing.

Donor: Tatu Tattoo Inc.
Value: $50

902 Wax on Wax Off

Tired of driving around with the remains of all the construction pollution, salt deposits, and brake dirt on
your car? With 5 Turtle Wax Car Washes you will no longer have to. It's time to get your car spic and

Donor: Turtle Wax Car Wash
Value: $65

903   Bag it

Bag up your beauty with a sassy Abigail handbag and Sara cosmetic case.

Donor: Claire V
Value: $85

904   Old Town School of Folk Music

This new family/household membership will entitle you to discounts on classes, concert tickets and Old
Town logo merchandise, as well as the opportunity to have the first chance to buy tickets for most
concerts. You and your family will benefit from the many classes and concerts offered by this non-profit
organization that teaches and celebrates music and cultural expressions rooted in the traditions of
diverse American and global communities. Membership for new members only.

Donor: Old Town School of Folk Music
Value: $95

905   She'll look Maaavelhous!

Give a gift that will make that special little one look maaavelhous. This package includes 2 youth hair
cuts at Kidsnips and 2 adorable Lilbird clothing items: 1 Fuschsia zig zag tank dress and a sunshine
orange heart hoodie (both size 2T).

Donor: Kidsnips (Wilmette), Lilbird Clothing, Kidsnips (Chicago)
Value: $125
907   College Scout

Know a student athlete with a GPA of 3.0 of higher looking to get their foot in the door? This student-
athlete membership package includes evaluations, professional sports video editing and recruiting
sports coach.

Donor: National Collegiate Scouting Association
Value: priceless

908   You CAN Always Get What You Want

The Rolling Stone' s don't have to be just a legend in time -- own a piece of it! Package includes the 40th
anniversary Rolling Stone magazine addition, the 20th anniversary book, the 500 Greatest Albums book,
and a Rolling Stone's Leather Portfolio. You CAN always get what you want!

Donor: Rolling Stone Magazine
Value: $210

909   Handy Man

The holidays will be here before you know it! Time to give that Handy Man in your life EXACTLY what he
needs. Package included 3 saws, a rotary tool, a jigsaw, and an accesory set. Time to get handy…

Donor: Robert Bosch Tool Corporation
Value: $710

910   Top Chef

Wanna be a top chef? Then pick up this autographed copy of Tom Colichio's cookbook. Colichio, of
Gramercy Tavern and Craft fame in New York, is also the head judge on Bravo's "Top Chef" and is winner
of the James Bear's Best Chef New York Award. He's the rage in the cooking world...will you be the rage
in Chicago after you get some of his secrets?

Donor: Ereka Vetrini
Value: $40
911   It's About Time!

It's time for a new workout watch. You know you keep meaning to buy a new one. Now you can get the
latest technology AND support GOTRC with this TIMEX IronMan watch. It's about time!

Donor: TIMEX Corporation
Value: $110
                                SILENT AUCTION CHECKOUT PROCESS - 10 EASY STEPS

STEP 1:       Girls on the Run – Chicago (GOTRC) needs your LAST NAME and the total number of
              items/packages you expect to purchase.

STEP 2:       GOTRC will give you a bid sheet for each item/package where you were the highest bidder.

STEP 3:       GOTRC verifies that each of your final bids meet the minimum bid required.

STEP 4:       GOTRC will add up the total amount of all the items you will be purchasing this evening.

STEP 5:       YOU decide how you want to pay for your auction items and then step to the appropriate line:
              1. Cash
              2. Check (made payable to “Girls on the Run – Chicago”)
              3. Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard only)

STEP 6:       GOTRC collects payment for your auction items and marks PAID on your bid sheet (s).

STEP 7:       GOTRC does one final check to make sure we haven’t missed anything. Then GOTRC keeps the
              white copy of each of your bid sheets and gives you the yellow copy.

STEP 8:       GOTRC will hand you an envelope that corresponds with each item/package you purchased. If
              you were the winning bidder on 3 different items, you should walk away with 3 different

STEP 9:       Please look inside your envelope(s). You will find an “Auction Inventory Sheet” that tells you if:
              A. Everything in your auction package is included inside the envelope.

              B. There are special instructions regarding your item/package (i.e. “Please call Susie Jones at
                 312.555.5555 by June 1 to redeem your item.”)

              C. Some or all of your auction purchase is still (physically) on the auction tables (e.g., football
                 jersey, baseball, I-Pod, etc.). In that case, please take the YELLOW copy of the bid sheet to
                 the auction table and ask a GOTRC volunteer to retrieve your item(s). Please understand
                 they will need to verify that you paid for the item by reviewing your yellow bid sheet.

STEP 10:      THANK YOU! GOTRC hopes you enjoy the item(s) you purchased in the silent auction. We really
              appreciate your support of Girls on the Run – Chicago!

If you are unable to carry your item home tonight, it will be held at the GOTRC Office (1415 N. Dayton Street) until December
                                   7, 2007. If you have not retrieved your item by that date,
                                         GOTRC may offer it to the next highest bidder.

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