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Gabriel Preston


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Gabriel Preston
SPST 425 – senior seminar
Reflective Statement

1.)   My Statement of Rationale learning goals are to learn more about communication

      through the written and spoken word and to advance my knowledge of marketing.

      I wanted to know more about working with small groups and public speaking. I

      also wanted to gain a better understanding of concise writing, fiction and non-


2.)   The courses that helped me in obtaining these goals were the communication

      classes I took, including public speaking, interviewing, and political campaigning.

      In the direction of writing, I have taken several workshops. For example, I have

      taken (and am taking currently) short story writing, non-fiction writing, and

      women and writing. For marketing instruction, I have taken advertising

      principles, public relations, and advertising strategies.

3.)   The means to measure my achievement of these goals lies in my understanding of

      the material that was taught in the aforementioned courses. To demonstrate that

      understanding, I can show my grades in the courses in addition to my ability in

      utilizing this knowledge in everyday work-related situations.

4.)   I feel that I have achieved my learning goals in the sense that I am able to speak in

      public more effectively, I am able to write and communicate my thoughts and
                                                                                 Preston 2

      ideas in a more succinct manner, and I have enjoyed the marketing classes I have

      taken tremendously.

5.)   My learning goals have changed in the sense that my desire to work for a

      marketing firm or advertising agency has lessened and my desire to work for a

      non-profit organization has increased quite a bit. For the first few years after

      college, my preference is to work for a large church or magazine. I would really

      enjoy working for one of these two organizations because of the large need for

      marketing in non-profit organizations. However, I would also like to consider the

      possibility of working in a managerial position at a marketing firm down the road.

6.)   The learning goals that I still need to achieve are learning how to work and

      brainstorm in small group environments effectively. I also need to learn efficient

      ways of management and leadership. I feel this will help me in future attempts in

      applying for managerial positions. I would like to be able to be more proficient

      with computer software and hardware as well. Knowing how to work with the

      web and computer soft/hardware is always a plus in the advertising business.

7.)   My general education courses have prepared me in many ways. For one, they

      taught me how to study properly and prepare for projects and working in small

      groups. They also helped me narrow my areas of preference when it came to

      choosing a major and digging in to specific course work.
                                                                                    Preston 3

8.)    My career goals have changed slightly, but they are the same in the sense that I

       want to work in marketing and advertising. The direction of my efforts has

       changed somewhat, but I still am working towards that specific field and hope to

       work for a large firm someday. The experiences that I received in my courses

       allowed me to get a small sample of what it would be like to work for an

       advertising firm, so I was able to get some early feedback from professors on how

       I was performing in those situations.

9.)    I feel that my education has prepared me somewhat. I have a lot to learn about

       actually working in a position in marketing and writing. I also need a lot of

       experience before I am able to feel comfortable working and producing for a

       company. I think that the courses I took helped me to gain valuable knowledge in

       writing, advertisement work, and marketing skills. I also think that college as a

       whole helped me to mature academically and to realize what it takes to succeed in

       a real-life career.

10.)   The most significant parts of my college career here at Ohio University were the

       class experience and the knowledge that came with it, dorm life and the social

       connections I was able to make early, the diverse education I was fortunate

       enough to receive, and the chance to make use of Ohio University’s solid

       reputation as a starting block for my career.

               The things that contributed most to my development as a student and as a

       future professional were the professors that went the extra mile for me in
                                                                        Preston 4

demonstrating necessary skills in the workplace. I was also able to learn from

other students and faculty about career-applicable information and work-related


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