Reality Show by wanghonghx


									Reality Show

As teenagers, you probably spend most of your free time in front of the television. You have
heard about TV "Reality" Shows, now it is your turn to produce one!

What is a reality show?

What does it represent?

Who is the target audience?

Does it really represent our society or your reality?

What are the producer's goals?

How does the director organise everyone and everything on the set?

What are the elements that make the show successful?

These are all the questions you have to ask yourself before starting the production.

Types of Reality Shows

With the help of the questions above , students (teams of 5) will brainstorm on different TV
shows (one paper per team)

After finding titles of TV shows, brainstorm (one paper per team) on the types of contestant
needed in a TV Reality show and explain why we need those contestants.

With your teammates, decide what type of show you will produce and write down the best
time slot for your show.

Choose which role will be the most appropriate for you and your teammates (write them

Start planning your show, brainstorm on the set up

Plan the outline of your script

Write the script of your show (you have to divide the tasks) Rough Copy. Make the
corrections (make sure there are no BAD WORDS, there are no unrespectable scenes
everything on the video has to fit in the school rules)
Final copy

Write a brief episode summary for the TV Guide Rough Copy (make the corrections)

Final copy

Tell us why we should watch your show. Rough Copy (make corrections)


Final Copy


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