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Sprint PCS LEA User Guide


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									11/13/2002 1:21 PM   Page 1 of 1
                               Table of Contents

1. Introduction – Purpose of the manual & brief overview of our group.
2. Contacts - Phone numbers for Corporate Security (LEA use only)
       2.1 Emergency Hotline / When to use
               2.1.1 Emergency Request Form sample
               2.1.2 911 Request for Information Form sample
3. Legal Demands
   3.1 Court Order requirements
   3.2 CALEA cover sheet
   3.3 Fee schedule- Billing
4. CALEA delivery path, diagram, cell site sector map
   4.1 J-STD-025 Delivery Options
       4.1.1 Secure Virtual Private Network (VPN)
       4.1.2 Private Line Circuit
       4.1.3 SINS
     4.2 LAES messages and IAP list
     4.3 Audio Delivery Options
     4.4 Cell Site Sectors
5. Viador explanation (0,1,2,3)
6. Hotline information & account takeover information
7. Voice mailbox options
8. PCS New and Future capabilities

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1.0 Introduction

       The goal of Sprint’s Electronic Surveillance Group is to comply with the laws governing
access to private information entrusted to Sprint PCS by its customers. The Electronic
Surveillance Group also understands the importance of assisting law enforcement during
emergency situations. This manual clarifies many issues surrounding electronic surveillance
and exigent circumstances as they pertain to Sprint PCS and it’s policies.

2.0 Contacts –          Contact numbers for all departments are being updated. Please refer
       to page 4.

       2.1 Emergency Hotline and when to use it
              The Emergency Hotline was established by Sprint to assist Law Enforcement in
       exigent situations such as kidnappings, hostage situations, suicide attempts, etc.
       where someone’s life is in immediate danger. It can also be used for exigent-life or
       death conspiratorial activities that threaten national security, or involve organized
       crime. It is not intended to supply subscriber information in other types of situations
       such as prior to a controlled drug buy.

               2.1.1 Emergency Exigent Circumstance Request Form
               An exigent circumstance is one that involves an immediate life or death
               situation. A sample of our exigent form is located on page 5. You must call
               the Hotline to get a true copy of this form for every emergency situation. The
               form must be filled out entirely and faxed to 913-315-0736. This must be
               followed by the proper legal documentation within the allotted time as attested
               by your signature.
               This option is only to be used in the event of a true exigent circumstance.

                       Exigent = An immediate life or death situation.

               2.1.2 Emergency 911 Request for Information Form
               This form is used by 911 operators to identify Sprint PCS customers who call
               for emergency assistance. A sample of this form is located on page 6. This is
               only a sample and cannot be used in future requests. At the request of law
               enforcement personnel, a true copy will be faxed. Although this true form can
               be copied by law enforcement personnel, a call to the Emergency Hotline must
               be made prior to faxing in the completed form.

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Corporate Security Menu Options

Main Number(s):       800-877-7330
Local Number:         913-315-0699
Fax Number:           913-315-0736

We are currently in the process of updating the decision tree associated with the corporate security
main number. When calling in, please listen carefully as the menu may have changed.

11/13/2002 1:21 PM                      Page 4 of 4
                      Pursuant to Title 18 United States Code, § 3125 and § 2518
           FAX all requests to Sprint PCS – 913-315-0736 – ATTN: _____________
               Sprint Corporate Security Emergency Contact: 1-888-877-7330 Option 1
                Please be sure to fax in agency coversheet along with this form

                                            ***PLEASE PRINT***
LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY (LEA) _____________________________________________
ADDRESS OF LEA ______________________________________________________________
PHONE NUMBER OF LEA ______________________________FAX #_____________________
AGENT’S NAME ______________________________________________________
AGENT’S TITLE ____________________________________________BADGE #_______________
SUPERVISOR’S NAME __________________________SUPERVISOR’S PHONE #_____________

   I hereby certify that I have been granted authority by the above-mentioned LEA to determine and declare an
   Exigent Emergency involving
        (1) immediate danger of death (i.e., murder, hostage situation or kidnapping)
        (2) conspiratorial activities threatening the national security interest (i.e., a terrorist
            bomb or plot), or
        (3) immediate life or death conspiratorial activities characteristic of organized crime.

Below is my description of the Exigent Emergency that requires Sprint PCS to respond immediately
(please include the Sprint PCS phone number or any other known relevant information):


   I am requesting that Sprint PCS provide the following service(s) (mark all that apply):
        ____ Subscriber Information (Subpoena Required)
        ____ Call Detail Records (within the past week) (Subpoena Required)
        ____ Live audio interception (wiretap) (Title III Court Order Required)
        ____ Live Pen Register/Trap & Trace (Court Order Required)
        _____ Call Detail Records with cell site information (Search warrant or court order required)
        ____ Real Time Cell Site Information (Court Order Required)

I further certify that the required Legal Demand documents will be provided to Sprint within the
following time frames: Subpoena (within 48 hours), Pen Register/Trap & Trace Court Order (within 24
hours), Title III Court Order (within 48 hours) after Sprint PCS has installed electronic surveillance or
has provided other requested service(s). The Legal Demand should be addressed to SPRINT PCS ,
6480 Sprint Parkway, Overland Park, KS 66251, and may be faxed to the above-listed number as soon as it
is officially signed.

Please note that all Pen Register/Trap & Trace Surveillance will terminate in 24-hours and all Wiretap
Surveillance will terminate in 48 hours if the appropriate Legal Demand is not received by that time.

__________________________________________________                                   _________________
                     SIGNATURE                                                        DATE
11/13/2002 1:21 PM                        Page 5 of 5
                                                Sprint PCS

                                     Sprint Corporate Security
                                       6480 Sprint Parkway
                                     Overland Park, KS 66251
                        EMERGENCY CONTACT NUMBER: 1-888-877-7330
                                 Attention: ______________
                        1) CONTACT SPRINT PCS: 1-888-877-7330
            2) FAX COMPLETED EMERGENCY REQUEST FORM TO: 913-315-0736

AGENCY ADDRESS (City, State, Zip Code):
EMPLOYEE TITLE:                         BADGE #:

EMPLOYEE SIGNATURE:                                                     DATE:

RE: Emergency Request for Information on Sprint PCS Wireless Number:
              –           –              .

This agency received a 9-1-1 emergency call for assistance from the above
Sprint PCS telephone number:
Date of Call:                   Time of Call:           a.m./p.m.
Dispatch Log #:

Nature of call:

   Based on that telephone call, we believe a situation exists that requires emergency assistance from
   Sprint PCS. We request that you promptly provide the following information necessary to initiate
   the appropriate response.

___ subscriber name, billing address, home/business phone numbers for the
above Sprint PCS telephone number

___ cell site or location information for the 9 -1-1 call from this Sprint PCS phone

11/13/2002 1:21 PM                         Page 6 of 6
3.0 Legal Demands

       Below are the minimum legal demand requirements for information requested from Sprint
       PCS. As noted below cell site addresses can only be retrieved via a Search Warrant or Court
       Order and that is because they are considered to be locations of Sprint PCS real property.

       Subscriber information ……………………….Subpoena required
       Call detail information without cell site…. Subpoena required
       Stored voice mail retrieval …………………...Search Warrant required
       Call detail information with cell site………….Search Warrant required
       Real time cell site information ……………….Court Order required
       Pen Register Trap and Trace………………..Court Order required
       Contemporaneous Billing…………………….Court Order required
       Ghost Voice Mail Box…………………………Title III Court Order required
       Wiretap (Audio interception)………………….Title III Court Order required

       3.1 Court Order Requirements –Our requirements are specified below. In
       certain situations, the requirements may be slightly different. Also, each specific judge
       may have his or her own legal requirements.

        Title III Order requirements                   Pen Register/Trap and Trace Orders

   1) The order must be timely.                       1) The order unambiguously identifies the
                                                         communication facilities to be tracked.
   2) The requesting agent is authorized.
                                                      2) The order provides a permissible
   3) The order unambiguously identifies                 duration (60 days).
      the communications facilities to be
      intercepted.                                    3) The order provides the geographical
                                                         limits of the order.
   4) The order must provide a
      permissible duration for the                    4) Sprint specific information is provided
      interception. (i.e. 30 days)                          (target phone number).

       3.2 CALEA Coversheet –                A printable sheet is located on page 8. To ensure
       timely implementation, the CALEA coversheet as well as your agency coversheet
       needs to be filled out completely and faxed in with every Court Order request.

       3.3 Fee Schedule / Billing –                 Please see page 9 for a description of our

11/13/2002 1:21 PM                    Page 7 of 7
                                         CALEA Coversheet
                   ALL LEGAL DEMANDS SHOULD BE FAXED TO : 913-315-0736
                               MAIN NUMBER : 1-888-877-7330
                                       Sprint PCS
                                          Sprint Corporate Security
                           KSOPHM0206, 6480 Sprint Parkway, Overland Park, KS 66251

                           PLEASE INCLUDE AGENCY COVER SHEET
                   (Failure to include cover sheet may result in delay of implementation)

Please complete this form and include with your agency coversheet and all Court

Target #:                                          Court Order #:
County of Order:                                   Judge’s name:

LEA Tech. Agent name:
LEA Agency: _______________________________________ ______________
Contact phone #:
Contact fax #:
Agency “SINS” Login ___________________________
Billing contact name:
Billing contact phone #:

Billing address (if purchase order is required, please submit with Order):

Surveillance Start date:                                Termination date:
   **Note: If you are implementing a T3 we will need a DN or you will not receive audio **

Audio Delivery:            Combined        Separated

Dialed Number(s):

CDC Delivery:
o CDS (Calea Delivery System)

    Public Routable IP Address:                                          Port: 13131

11/13/2002 1:21 PM                            Page 8 of 8
3.2 Fees
Sprint’s fee schedule reflects the cost of switch application software, infrastructure, personnel, and required CALEA
software, hardware and upgrades.
•   Initial charge for Pen Register/ Trap and Trace or Title III Wiretap - $250 per target per MTA
    This $250 charge covers the cost of installation of the MIN (mobile identification number) or target number in the
    switches of its home market area. In the event that the law enforcement agency requests that the MIN be implemented
    in a switch outside of that market (i.e. target is traveling), Sprint will charge an additional $250 install fee per target -
    per market area outside of their home market area. It is a CALEA requirement that the target at least be built in the
    home market for call processing purposes. In the event a Court Order is extended and the Extension order is sent in
    on time - no installation fees will be billed for the Extension order. If the Extension order is sent in after the expiration
    of the original Court Order, installation fees will be billed for the Extension order.
•   Daily maintenance fee for Pen Register/ Trap and Trace or Title III Wiretap - $25 per day per target
    This $25 fee applies for each day the Court Order is in effect, and call detail and/or call content is being intercepted on
    the MIN (Mobile Identification Number).
•   Ghost Voice Mailbox setup on a Subscriber’s Voice Mail or Stored Voicemail Access- $150
    A flat fee of $150 per Ghost Voice mailbox applies to the duplication of a subscriber’s voicemail. This flat fee applies
    to each (60) day period or per Court Order. A flat fee of $150.00 applies per subscriber per request for stored
•   Court Ordered Telecommunications Records and/or Contemporaneous Billing Records (USC 2703) - $300.00
    per target
    The records will be provided on a reasonable schedule and the flat fee will cover each (60) day period or per Court
•   Account Takeover Fees $300.00 per target

         ◊    If account is already “HOTLINED” or suspended
         ◊    (Please refer to pg. 21 for the definition of Hotline)
              Although it can be done, we do not recommend an account takeover at this point because it could impede your
              investigation. The subscriber knows the service is suspended for non-payment and could become suspicious
              when it becomes operational when no payment has been made. The fee for this is $300.00 plus the difference
              in the account balance between the start of surveillance period and the time of takedown.

         ◊    If account is not currently “HOTLINED”
              Due to the automated system features and the number of individuals involved in collections, finance and
              fraud, Sprint PCS cannot guarantee that an account will remain active once this procedure has taken place.
              The fee for this is $300.00 plus the difference in the account balance between the start of surveillance period
              and the time of takedown.
•   Billing

         ◊    Billing Period
              The billing period is on a per court order basis. For example, when your original PTT Order is extended, you
              will receive an invoice for the original 60 days, and later, after the extension terminates, you will receive a
              second invoice for the 60 days of the extension Order.
         ◊    Invoice Information
              The information on the invoice will include all of the following: The type of service provided, the length of
              time that service was provided for, and the last four digits of the target number for your reference. If you need
              more information on a specific invoice, please contact either the analyst who worked the case or the
              Electronic Surveillance group at 913-315-0661.
         ◊    Who is billed
              If two agencies are monitoring one target, both agencies will be billed. The invoices will be sent to the billing
              addresses specified on the CALEA cover sheet.
11/13/2002 1:21 PM                                Page 9 of 9
 With the proper legal documentation, Sprint Corporate Security can provide law enforcement
J-STD-025 messages as mandated by CALEA. In accordance with CALEA, Sprint worked
aggressively to deliver surveillance data from its network to local, state and federal law
enforcement agencies in an efficient manner. To accommodate this need, Sprint has
developed the Sprint CALEA Delivery System (CDS). Located in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, the
CDS was developed to permit access to all Sprint internal wireless and wireline networks. It’s
sole purpose is to provide law enforcement a single point of access to their surveillance data
regardless of the Sprint product or target’s geographic location.

4.1 J-STD-025 Delivery Options

Sprint allows for two methods of obtaining surveillance data from the Sprint CALEA Delivery
System: Secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Private Line Circuit

11/13/2002 1:21 PM                  Page 10 of 10
Sprint CALEA Delivery System

4.1.1 Secure Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Sprint CALEA IP VPN product suite offers law enforcement a cost-effective and flexible access solution that
matches the security of a private line. Please allow a minimum of 30 days for VPN Delivery
        • Fully Managed VPN connectivity
        • Customer Managed IP VPN service

Fully Managed CALEA IP VPN Service
Sprint provides an industry leading, comprehensive IP VPN Solution using innovative technology and
expert support. We implement your IP VPN solution and deliver real results:
     •    IP VPN technology provides you with a high quality, secure data networking solution.
     •    Sprint provides everything you need with industry-best connectivity options and
     •    Sprint delivers the highest levels of security experience and management services.

11/13/2002 1:21 PM                         Page 11 of 11
Sprint's Managed IP VPN solution is designed to meet the needs of any law enforcement agency,
whether or not they have any existing network infrastructure or expertise. Sprint will provide,
configure, and manage a complete solution.

The standard IP VPN implementation will have the following components:
    •   Nortel Networks Contivity 600 IP VPN hardware to purchase or lease.
    •   Optional V.35 (T1) WAN Interface on Contivity for a direct Internet connection
    •   Hardware installation, configuration, and maintenance
    •   24x365 Contivity device monitoring and management

Sprint can also provide dedicated internet access.

 Internet access must be dedicated. No dial-up access allowed.
 The Contivity 600 must have 2 public routable IP addresses.
 The Collection Device must have a public routable IP address.

 Fully managed by Sprint on a proactive basis.
 A single point of contact for all troubleshooting issues.
 Immediate response and customer support.
 Available security expertise.
 Top grade connection reliability.
 Sprint can also manage any other tunnels on that Contivity device if desired.
 Fully secure connection. Undetectable from any outside snooping.
 More expensive than the Customer Managed IP VPN Service.

Customer Managed IP VPN Service
Many law enforcement agencies may already own a Nortel Contivity device for their CALEA access
and have the technical expertise available to provide local management. Sprint offers support of a
“co-managed” environment where Sprint will maintain and operate the Sprint CDS environment while
law enforcement will own and maintain it’s equipment.

 Law Enforcement must own a Nortel Contivity VPN device.
 Internet access must be dedicated. No dial-up access allowed.
 The Collection Device must have a public routable IP address.

 Less expensive
 Full customer control of their network and VPN environment.
 Fully secure connection.
 Higher risk of outage due to configuration errors of other law enforcement VPN devices.
 Sprint troubleshooting capabilities restricted to one-half of the VPN tunnel.

To ORDER Sprint CALEA IP VPN:                                              Ask for CALEA IP VPN

             NOTE: Please allow a minimum of 30 Days for Sprint VPN Delivery

                            Call Stephen Grimm at 913-315-7682

11/13/2002 1:21 PM                         Page 12 of 12
4.1.2 Private Line Circuit

Sprint recognizes that some law enforcement agencies will want their own dedicated circuit for their surveillance
activities. As a result, Sprint will allow the following circuits to be terminated at the Lee’s Summit Data Center
          Maximum:        T1
          Minimum:        Frame Relay (56k minimum. It is recommended for 128K or higher)
**Note: No ISDN circuits allowed.

Terminating Circuit Equipment
Due to space and management limitations, Sprint can only allow the following equipment in the Lee’s Summit
Data Center circuit room:
       • A rack-mountable Cisco 26xx router that is no more than 1 unit high with an internal CSU/DSU
            modem card.

Please Note: Space at the Lee’s Summit Data Center is limited. As a result, rack space is at a first-come-first-
serve basis. Prior to ordering a circuit, please contact Corporate Security.

Equipment Management
Since the Sprint CALEA Delivery System is located at the very core of Sprint’s network, law enforcement will not
be allowed access to any of their terminating circuit equipment (router).     As a result, Sprint will allow two
environments for managing the law enforcement routers:

Law Enforcement Managed
• All law enforcement owned equipment must be pre-configured and shipped to the Lee’s Summit Data
• Sprint will only be responsible for providing power, rack mounting and plugging in network cables to the
• Sprint will not manage this equipment or the corresponding circuit. In the event of a failure, it is strictly the
   responsibility of law enforcement to provide a response.
• In the event of a failure, Sprint will only provide troubleshooting capabilities to the last element of the shared
   Sprint network.
• It is the responsibility of law enforcement to take the necessary security precautions for their own
• For hands-on management, Sprint will ship the equipment in law enforcement provided boxes to whatever
   location law enforcement determines.
• Law enforcement must use only publicly routable IP addressing. No private addresses will be used.

Vendor Managed
Many law enforcement agencies may find it difficult to manage their own equipment at the Lee’s Summit Data
Center. Sprint offers the services of three long and trusted vendors that have assisted Sprint in many critical
network projects. A Sprint-approved vendor will have the ability to:
• Get escorted access to the law enforcement equipment at the Lee’s Summit Data Center.
• Provide 7x24 response to all access failure events.
• Pro-actively monitor the end-to-end health of the law enforcement connection.
• Assist in any other networking or security needs.

Please review the attached pamphlets provided by the approved vendors:
        Tri-Tek                314-275-7900
        Getronics              978-858-6083
        Netcadence             913-451-6999

Note: Sprint does not have any business arrangements with any of t e approved vendors for this CALEA
project. Any services, pricing or other agreements are strictly between the law enforcement agency and their
selected vendor.
11/13/2002 1:21 PM                         Page 13 of 13
4.1.3 SINS

The Sprint Integrated Network Surveillance (SINS) solution will continue until December 2, 2002 to provide
those law enforcement agencies that have yet to install a CALEA solution. Data from a CALEA compliant Sprint
switch may look a bit different, but it will still be available for a limited time via a dial-up or Internet connection.

Please note: The SINS website will be retired on December 2, 2002. All law enforcement agencies requiring
surveillance from Sprint must convert to the CALEA compliant equipment to receive electronic surveillance data.

4.2 LAES messages and Serving System list

      The table below explains the CALEA messages you will see from our CALEA Delivery

Answer                        Acknowledges a call attempt associated with the target has been
CC Close                      Reports end of call content delivery
CC Open                       Triggers when circuit mode call content delivery begins
Change                        Reports a change in circuit mode call identities, especially when
                              merging or splitting calls
Origination                   Reports a call origination attempt (outgoing)
Packet Envelope               Conveys data packets over the CDC as they are detected
Redirection                   Reports a target termination attempt has been redirected
Release                       Reports the release of the resources used for a circuit mode call
Serving System                Identifies the TSP authorizing and/or providing service
Termination Attempt           Reports a call termination attempt
Connection Test               A manually triggered message intended for link validation

J-STD Message Example

Message Type:               Originate

CaseIdentity:         Example4838
IAPSystemIdentity:         4139-10-0 (See next page for reference list)
Date Stamp:            20021025
Time Stamp:            101510.285-0600
 sequenceNumber:          131086
 esn:            fe643ad7
 min:            9131234838
 dn:            9131233796
userInput:          9135434251
Location:           10
TransitCarrierIdentity: 0177
BearerCapability:       speech

11/13/2002 1:21 PM                           Page 14 of 14
       CALEA IAP (Intercept Access Point) Switch Reference List for J-STD messages

           Switch Name               MSCID               ESID     Vendor
           Hor-Waynesboro 1            04379-03        0-3-4379    Nortel
           Hor-Charleston 1             1760-01        0-1-1760   Lucent
           Global Roam                31103-200       0-8-31103   Tekelec
           LAU-Montgomery 1             4103-01        0-1-4103    Nortel
           Brm-Birmingham 1             4103-21        0-5-4103    Nortel
           Bos-Wapole 1                 4106-01        0-1-4106   Lucent
           Bos-Woburn 1                 4106-02        0-2-4106   Lucent
           Bos-Woburn 2                 4106-03        0-3-4106   Lucent
           IWO-Albany 2                 4106-04        0-4-4106   Lucent
           IWO-Londonderry 1            4106-06        0-6-4106   Lucent
           Con-Wallingford 3            4106-07        0-7-4106   Lucent
           Bos-Walpole 2                4106-08        0-8-4106   Lucent
           NY-Manhattan T1              4106-10       0-10-4106   Lucent
           Roc-Rochester 1              4107-01        0-1-4107   Lucent
           Buf-Cheektowaga 1            4107-02        0-2-4107   Lucent
           NY-Westbury T1               4107-10       0-10-4107   Lucent
           Dal-Fort Worth 2             4120-06        0-6-4120    Nortel
           Dal-Dallas 1                 4120-61       0-13-4120    Nortel
           Aus-Austin 1                 4120-62       0-14-4120    Nortel
           Dal-Fort Worth 1             4120-63       0-15-4120    Nortel
           Dal-Dallas 2                 4120-64        0-0-4120    Nortel
           Ala-Lubbock 1                4120-66        0-2-4120    Nortel
           Aus-Austin 2                 4120-68        0-4-4120    Nortel
           Den-Englewood 1              4121-01        0-1-4121   Lucent
           Den-Englewood 2              4121-04        0-4-4121   Lucent
           Ala-Colorado Springs 1       4121-60       0-12-4121    Nortel
           Dsm-Urbandale 1              4124-31       0-15-4124    Nortel
           Det-Detroit 1                4126-01        0-1-4126   Lucent
           Det-Detroit 2                4126-02        0-2-4126   Lucent
           Lan-Lansing 1                4126-05        0-5-4126   Lucent
           Hon-Moanalua 1               4132-69        0-5-4132    Nortel
           Ubq-Evansville 1             4135-01        0-1-4135   Lucent
           Ind-Indianapolis 1           4135-31       0-15-4135    Nortel
           KC-Lenexa 1                  4139-41        0-9-4139    Nortel
           KC-Lenexa 2                  4139-42       0-10-4139    Nortel
           KC-Independence 1            4139-43       0-11-4139    Nortel
           Lit-North Little Rock 1      4144-41        0-9-4144    Nortel
           SD-San Diego 1               4145-01        0-1-4145   Lucent
           LA-Irvine 1                  4145-02        0-2-4145   Lucent
           LA-Irvine 2                  4145-03        0-3-4145   Lucent
           LA-Burbank 1                 4145-04        0-4-4145   Lucent
           LA-Ontario 1                 4145-05        0-5-4145   Lucent
           LV-Las Vegas                 4145-06        0-6-4145   Lucent
           SD-Carlsbad 1                4145-07        0-7-4145   Lucent
11/13/2002 1:21 PM                    Page 15 of 15
           LA-Burbank 2            4145-08          0-8-4145   Lucent
           Ubq-Reno 1              4145-12         0-12-4145   Lucent
           LA-Ontario 2            4145-13         0-13-4145   Lucent
           LA-Sante Fe Springs 1   4145-15         0-15-4145   Lucent
           Lou-Louisville 1        4148-21          0-5-4148   Nortel
           Mia-Miami 1             4151-21          0-5-4151   Nortel
           Mia-Deerfield Beach 1   4151-22          0-6-4151   Nortel
           Mia-Miami 2             4151-25          0-9-4151   Nortel
           Mil-New Berlin 1        4153-01          0-1-4153   Lucent
           Ala-Appleton 1          4153-02          0-2-4153   Nortel
           Nor-St. Cloud 1         4155-05          0-5-4155   Nortel
           Min-Minneapolis 1       4155-31         0-15-4155   Nortel
           Min-Minneapolis 2       4155-32          0-0-4155   Nortel
           Swf-Brookings 1         4155-34          0-2-4155   Nortel
           Nas-Nashville 1         4157-21          0-5-4157   Nortel
           NO-Kenner 1             4159-41          0-9-4159   Nortel
           NY-Teterboro 1          4162-01          0-1-4162   Lucent
           NY-Westbury 1           4162-02          0-2-4162   Lucent
           NY-Westbury 2           4162-03          0-3-4162   Lucent
           Con-Wallingford 1       4162-04          0-4-4162   Lucent
           IWO-Albany 1            4162-05          0-5-4162   Lucent
           NY-Teterboro 2          4162-08          0-8-4162   Lucent
           NY-Manhattan 2          4162-10         0-10-4162   Lucent
           NY-Manhattan 1          4162-12         0-12-4162   Lucent
           Con-Wallingford 2       4162-14         0-14-4162   Lucent
           NY-Branchburg 1         4162-15         0-15-4162   Lucent
           OKC-Oklahoma City 1     4164-41          0-9-4164   Nortel
           SW-Oklahoma City 1      4164-43         0-11-4164   Nortel
           Oma-Omaha 1             4166-51          0-3-4166   Nortel
           Phl-Philadelphia 1      4168-01          0-1-4168   Lucent
           Phl-Philadelphia 2      4168-04          0-4-4168   Lucent
           Phl-Pennsauken 1        4168-08          0-8-4168   Lucent
           Phx-Phoenix 1           4170-01          0-1-4170   Lucent
           Phx-Phoenix 2           4170-02          0-2-4170   Lucent
           Ala-Phoenix 1           4170-04          0-4-4170   Nortel
           Pit-Pittsburgh 1        4171-01          0-1-4171   Lucent
           Pit-Pittsburgh 2        4171-02          0-2-4171   Lucent
           Prt-Tigard 1            4174-01          0-1-4174   Lucent
           Prt-Tigard 2            4174-02          0-2-4174   Lucent
           SLC-Salt Lake City 1    4180-01          0-1-4180   Lucent
           RGV - McAllen 1         4181-44         0-12-4181   Nortel
           SA-San Antonio 1        4181-61         0-13-4181   Nortel
           SA-San Antonio 2        4181-62         0-14-4181   Nortel
           Ala-Laredo 1            4181-69          0-5-4181   Nortel
           SF-Brisbane 1           4183-02          0-2-4183   Lucent
           SF-Brisbane 2           4183-03          0-3-4183   Lucent
           SF-Oakland 1            4183-04          0-4-4183   Lucent
           Sac-Sacramento 1        4183-05          0-5-4183   Lucent
11/13/2002 1:21 PM                 Page 16 of 16
           SF-Santa Clara 1         4183-08          0-8-4183   Lucent
           SF-Santa Rosa 1          4183-09          0-9-4183   Lucent
           CWP-Fresno 1             4183-14         0-14-4183   Lucent
           SD-Carlsbad 2            4183-15         0-15-4183   Lucent
           Sea-Redmond 1            4186-01          0-1-4186   Lucent
           Sea-Redmond 2            4186-02          0-2-4186   Lucent
           WOW-Beaver Creek 1       4186-08          0-8-4186   Lucent
           Ubi-Spokane 1            4188-01          0-1-4188   Lucent
           Ubq-Boise 1              4188-02          0-2-4188   Lucent
           RW-Jefferson City 1      4190-12         0-12-4190   Lucent
           Stl-Maryland Heights 1   4190-41          0-9-4190    Nortel
           Stl-Maryland Heights 2   4190-42         0-10-4190    Nortel
           DC-Hanover 1             4195-01          0-1-4195   Lucent
           DC-Beltsville 1          4195-02          0-2-4195   Lucent
           DC-Beltsville 2          4195-03          0-3-4195   Lucent
           DC-Beltsville 3          4195-06          0-6-4195   Lucent
           She-Edinburgh 1          4195-08          0-8-4195   Lucent
           Geo-Macon 1              4274-01          0-1-4274   Lucent
           Ent-Columbus 1           4274-18          0-2-4274   Lucent
           Atl-Roswell 1            4274-21          0-5-4274    Nortel
           Atl-Roswell 2            4274-22          0-6-4274    Nortel
           Atl-Norcross 1           4274-23          0-7-4274    Nortel
           Ala-Albuquerque 1        4274-60         0-12-4274    Nortel
           Ala-El Paso 1            4274-68          0-4-4274    Nortel
           GLF-Baton Rouge 1        4304-01          0-1-4304   Lucent
           Air-Greenville 1         4376-01          0-1-4376   Lucent
           Air-Columbia 1           4376-02          0-2-4376   Lucent
           Air-Columbia 2           4376-03          0-3-4376   Lucent
           Air-Greenville 2         4376-08          0-8-4376   Lucent
           Ral-Morrisville 1        4376-22          0-6-4376    Nortel
           Chr-Charlotte 1          4376-26         0-10-4376    Nortel
           Chi-Bridgview 2          4384-01          0-1-4384    Nortel
           Ill-Kentwood 1           4384-06          0-6-4384   Lucent
           Ill-Davenport 1          4384-08          0-8-4384    Nortel
           Chi-Aurora 1             4384-12         0-12-4384    Nortel
           Chi-Arlington 1          4384-32          0-0-4384    Nortel
           Ill-Gridley 1            4384-34          0-2-4384    Nortel
           Chi-Bridgeview 1         4384-36          0-4-4384    Nortel
           Chi-Arlington 2          4384-39          0-7-4384    Nortel
           Hor-Ft. Wayne 1          4389-03          0-3-4389    Nortel
           Hor-Erie 1               4389-04          0-4-4389    Nortel
           Hor-Johnson City 1       4389-06          0-6-4389    Nortel
           Hor-Chillicothe 1        4389-10         0-10-4389   Motorola
           Cin-Sharonville 1        4390-37          0-5-4390    Nortel
           Clv-Cleveland 1          4396-38          0-6-4396    Nortel
           Col-Worthington 1        4418-39          0-7-4418    Nortel
           Hou-Fallstone 2          4622-04          0-4-4622    Nortel
           Hou-Vantage 1            4622-65          0-1-4622    Nortel
11/13/2002 1:21 PM                  Page 17 of 17
           Hou-Vantage 2        4622-66          0-2-4622   Nortel
           Hou-Fallstone 1      4622-67          0-3-4622   Nortel
           Jax-Jacksonville 1   4654-21          0-5-4654   Nortel
           Knx-Knoxville 1      4694-24          0-8-4694   Nortel
           LAU-Jackson 1        4812-01          0-1-4812   Lucent
           Mem-Memphis 1        4812-41          0-9-4812   Nortel
           Ric-Richmond 1       4982-23          0-7-4982   Nortel
           FM-Ft. Myers 1       5116-02          0-2-5116   Nortel
           Orl-Orlando 2        5116-20          0-4-5116   Nortel
           Orl-Orlando 1        5116-27         0-11-5116   Nortel
           Tam-Tampa 1          5116-28         0-12-5116   Nortel
           PR-Bayamon 1         5142-20          0-4-5142   Nortel
           SM-Santa Maria 1     5186-01          0-1-5186   Lucent
           LAU Shreveport 1     6082-01          0-1-6082   Lucent
           LAU Shreveport 2     6082-02          0-2-6082   Lucent

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    4.3 Audio Delivery Options

    Sprint will not allow dedicated lines to any of its switching facilities. For ease of use and a true cost
    reduction solution, Sprint will automatically dial any validated law enforcement phone number in the
    North American dial plan for each Title III surveillance.

    In anticipation, each Title III demand must come with a dialed number to send the audio and a request
    for either a combined or separated calling party audio channel delivery. This information is requested
    on the CALEA fax coversheet. Failure to provide such information can only result in delayed
    surveillance provisioning.

    4.4 Cell Site Sectors
                                                                                The face of the cell appears
                                                                                as an X, Y, or Z in Nortel
                                                                                CALEA records. It does not
                                                                                appear in Lucent CALEA
                  Alpha 0 degrees
                                                                                Records. In the Call Detail
                                                                                Report, the face of the cell
                  Nortel X
                                                                                is designated as 1,2,or 3 in
                                                                                the Nortel market and
                                                                                2,3,and 4 for the Lucent
                                                                                Market for Alpha, Beta, and
                                                                                Gamma respectively.

                                                  Beta 120
Gamma 240
                                                  Nortel Y
Nortel Z

    11/13/2002 1:21 PM                         Page 19 of 19
5. Call Detail Report explanation (0,1,2,3) & *codes
       Call Detail or Viador reports are sent only in Emergency situations or in
instances when Pen Register data was not sent to Law Enforcement due to a problem
on the Sprint Network. They are not sent for the convenience of Law Enforcement.
                          Key to Understanding Viador Reports

Column A:      Calling number. This column reflects the number placing the call. If the
               call is outgoing, this will be the Sprint PCS number.

Column B:      Called number. This column reflects the number actually sent. In most
               cases this number will be the same as the number in Column C. If the
               number has been forwarded, or if there is a routing number, then this
               will be reflected.

Column C:      Dialed digits. This column reflects the number that the caller enters into
               the keypad of the phone. If the call is incoming, this will be the Sprint
               PCS phone.

Column D:      M R# -Mobile Role (Type of Call). See key in lower left-hand corner of

Column E:      Start date and time.

Column F:      End date and time.

Column G:      Duration of call in seconds.

Column H:      Repoll number. This reflects which switch is being used. In cities such
               as New York, Boston, and St. Louis, where there are multiple switches,
               this is very important. In the header of the cell site listings the
               correlating repoll numbers are listed.

Column I:      Specific cell site in which the call was initiated. The last 3 digits
               represents the cell site number. The first digit reflects the sector. (See
               attached “Three Sector Layout” page for sector orientation) For
               example, if the number in the column reads 2083, the cell site is 083
               and the sector is 2.

Column J:      Specific cell site in which the call was terminated

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                                          Star Codes

                     (The Star key (*) shows up as the letter B on all Viador reports)

*18- ping the nearest tower, call delivery activate
*180-Call delivery deactivate
*2- Customer Care
*3- Payment Center
*31- Three Way Calling
*4- Account information
*5- Spanish Customer care
*67- Caller ID block
*68- Override caller ID block
*70- Cancel call waiting for that call
*711-Customer Care
*72- call forwarding
*720- clears call forwarding
*73-Call forwarding no answer
*74-Call forward busy
*811-Customer Care
*82- Override caller ID block- for that call
*911- 911
*073- Cancel call forward no answer
*074- Cancel call forward busy

411-Directory assistance
611-Customer Care
711-Telecommunications Relay Service(hearing impaired)
911 (can also dial 911,0911,1911)
C777-Web Browsing

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6. Hotline info
       When a subscriber has gone over his minutes, failed to make a payment, or is past
due, Sprint will “hotline” the phone and it will temporarily be shut off due to lack of payment.
Corporate Security has no control over this. The phone will be shut off until the subscriber
makes a payment. The Sprint Fraud Department also reserves the right to Hotline a phone at
any time for reasons of suspected fraud. If Law Enforcement wants to takeover the account
to avoid a future shut off then charges will apply and a “takeover” processing fee will apply
(see fee schedule for charges).

7. Voicemail
Stored Voicemail: Sprint PCS subscriber voicemail capacity is: a maximum of 30 voicemail
messages with a maximum length per message of 4 minutes. The maximum total mailbox
length of 2 hours. If the voicemail has reached capacity, no new messages can be added.
Saved messages are deleted after 30 days and unsaved messages are deleted after 20 days
from the date they are received. In order to access stored voicemail, the subscriber’s
password must be reset/changed by Sprint. When the password is changed, the subscriber
will not be able to access his/her voicemail and this procedure is not transparent to the
subscriber. The fee for Sprint to reset/change the subscriber’s password in order for LEA to
access the subscriber’s voicemail and download the stored communications is $150.00 per
target per request. A stored voicemail authorization form, available upon request, as well as a
court order or search warrant is required for stored voicemail.

Ghost Voice mailbox: A ghost voice mailbox is used to capture future messages and will
capture voicemail from implementation forward. A ghost voice mailbox does not capture
stored voicemails prior to implementation. The fee for this service is $150 per target per
court order. LEA will assign their own password to the ghost voice mailbox and Sprint will not
have access to the LEA password. A Title III Court Order is required for a Ghost Voice
mailbox setup.

8. PCS capabilities
Push to Talk – Much like a walkie-talkie, Push to Talk will allow the user to instantly connect
to another individual or group

2G data - Sprint is currently working on capturing 2G data. All traffic originating from or
terminating to the target will be duplicated by the processing Inter-Working Function (IWF).
The content of these packets will not be altered by the IWF in any fashion. The IWF will
forward the data to the CDCManager via IP. (CDCManager is a data collection server
provided by SS8, Inc. that receives the data from multiple IWFs.) Packets under surveillance
will be “encapsulated” in a J-STD-025A packet envelope record by CDCManager. The act of
surveillance will be invisible to the target and all other participating parties engaged in the
communication. No service degradation (from the customers point of view) will be detected.
All target communications will have two additional messages provided by IWF to
CDCManager signifying begin and ending dates/times of the communication. These
additional messages will act as “bookends” to the packets involved in the actual
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communication sessions. The CDCManager will format these additional messages into the
approved J-STD-025A format. All data will be sent from the CDCManager to Sprint’s CALEA
Delivery System (CDS) via streaming IP. The CDS will forward the data to law enforcement.

3G data - Sprint is currently evaluating methods on how to best capture 3G data.
More information will be forthcoming.

Wireless Local Number Portability (WLNP)
FCC mandate of 11/24/02
Wireless Local Number Portability is defined in the Telecommunications Act of 1996 as “the
ability of users of telecommunications services to retain, at the same location, existing
telecommunications numbers without impairment of quality, reliability, or convenience when
switching from one telecommunications carrier to another”

Number portability provides end-users the capability to change service providers, location,
and/or service type without having to change their phone number.

                     Call Sprint Corporate Security at 800-877-7330 Option 2, Option 2, Option 4
                                    Or email us at
                                   (request to be on our email announcement list)

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