Clinical Theriogenology Cases

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					                                 82nd Western Veterinary Conference

Clinical Theriogenology Cases
Walter R. Threlfall, DVM, MS, PhD, Diplomate, The American College of
College of Veterinary Medicine, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA

    18 month old female intact Plott hound, “Donna”
    Bloody discharge that started approximately 4 1/2 weeks ago
    Discharge has increased and decreased during this time
    This is the first heat, and the owner would like to breed her

Clinical findings:
     HR, RR, temperature normal
     Weight: 57 pounds
     Bloody vulvar discharge

     Proestrus
     Estrus
     Endocrine producing ovarian tumor
     Cystic ovaries
     Exogenous estrogens

Possible diagnostics:
    Vaginal cytology
            o Is the reproductive tract normal?
    Progesterone assay
            o Has progesterone started to elevate?
    LH concentration: No value!
    Estradiol
            o No more value than a cytology!
    Ultrasound of the reproductive tract
            o Rarely of value, except to locate follicular like structures or tumors on the ovaries
    Karyotyping: Not indicated
    CBC, profile, urinalysis
            o May be performed if indicated
    Thyroid panel
    Radiographs
            o Unnecessary
    Laparoscopic examination or exploratory laparotomy may be considered
            o Rarely of value in a bitch with these signs!

Diagnostic test findings:
    Vaginal cytology
            o Normal proestrous/estrous cytology

Differential diagnoses:
     Proestrus: Too long for normal proestrus
     Estrus: Not typical of normal estrus
    Endocrine producing ovarian tumor: Rare
    Exogenous estrogens: Watch the clover and birth control pills!

    Cystic ovaries
            o Diagnosis based on history (proestrus should not last over 18 days), and vaginal cytology
            o History must rule out exogenous estrogens!

    Miberolone
           o 18 mcg/lb for 5 to 10 days
    Testosterone
           o 2 mg/kg up to 30 mg?
    Ovaban: Megestrol acetate
    hCG—500 to 1000 units/animal
           o Preferred
    GnRH

Expected results:
    Our treatment with hCG is 95% successful
    Signs decrease within 5 days and should be gone by 14 days
    Two treatments are 100% successful

    20 month old female intact Chinese Crested, “Tina”
    Tina was mated to a male Beagle by accident
    One previous litter, no problems
    Owner wishes to terminate pregnancy

Clinical findings:
     HR, RR, and temperature is normal
     Weight: 6 pounds
     Slight serous discharge from the vulva

Differential diagnoses:
     Proestrus
     Estrus
     Pregnant from mismating
     Non pregnant from mismating

Possible diagnostic tests:
    CBC, profile, U/A: No value
    Vaginal cytology
            o Look for presence of sperm and evidence of estrus
    LH assay: No value
    Ultrasound: Little to no value
    Radiograph: No value
    Progesterone assay
Diagnostic test findings:
    Vaginal cytology
            o Sperm present on cytology
            o Signs of estrus present
    Progesterone assay
            o 11 ng/ml

Differential diagnoses:
     Proestrus
             o Progesterone indicates estrus
     Estrus
             o In estrus and had ovulated when bred!
     Pregnant
             o Wait and see
     Non Pregnant
             o Wait and see

    Mismated

    Recommended ultrasound exam of Tina at 25 to 30 days from suspected time of ovulation based on
     progesterone concentrations
    If pregnant
            o ECP?
            o NO, NO, NO
    Prostaglandin F2Alpha
            o Excellent, inexpensive
    Ovariohysterectomy
            o Best for nonbreeders
    Ergots (??????????)

Expected results:
    100% effective
    Just continue treatment until fetuses disappear!

    4 ½ month old intact Yellow Labrador Retriever, “Lady”
    Vulvar discharge with duration of one month
    Dog licks the vulvar area
    Appears to go outside to urinate more often
    Discharge is mucoid

Clinical findings:
     HR, RR, temperature are all normal
     Weight: 35 pounds
     Physical exam within normal limits except slight vulvar discharge

Differential diagnosis:
     Metritis
    Pyometra
    Vaginitis
    Cervicitis
    Vaginal tumors

Possible diagnostic tests:
    Vaginal cytology
            o Determine if inflammatory or infectious process is present
    Vaginal culture
            o Only if cytology deems it is warranted
    CBC/profile
            o Limited value
    Brucella screening test?
    Ultrasound
            o Limited value
    Radiographs
            o Limited value

Diagnostic test findings:
    Cytology
            o Numerous WBC
    Culture
            o Streptococcus sp. sensitive to ampicillin

     Metritis
             o Too young
     Pyometra
             o Has not had a heat
     Vaginitis
             o Possible and common
     Cervicitis
             o Rare in the bitch and rarer in the young non-bred bitch
     Vaginal tumors
             o Rare in a dog this young

    Vaginitis: Prepubertal

    Local antibiotic therapy
    Premarin: Weak estrogen
           o 20ug/kg
           o 0.625 mg tab/60 lbs twice a week

Expected results:
    Recovery is approximately 95%
    Stubborn cases may require retreatment or reculturing and using a different antibiotic
    May disappear after a normal estrus
    9 ½ year old coon hound, “Seeker”
    Blood in urine and ejaculate
    Used for breeding since he was 2 and up until he was 8
    Few other health problems
    Owners wish to use him again

Clinical findings:
     HR, RR, temperature were all normal
     Weight: 48 pounds
     Prostate is enlarged and normal division between lobes is absent
     No pain on palpation
     Blood in ejaculate appears during the middle portion of collection

     Prostatitis
             o Hypertrophy of the prostate
             o Acute infectious prostatitis
             o Chronic infectious prostatitis
             o Prostatic cancer (?)

Possible diagnostic tests:
    Examination of ejaculate
            o Possible testicular degeneration
    CBC/Profile
            o Little value since little systemic signs
    Brucella
            o Always a good idea since he is a breeder
    Testosterone concentration: Little value
    Culture of prostate: Limited value initially
    Urine culture: Probably no value
    Ultrasound of prostate: May be of value

Diagnostic findings:
    Examination of the ejaculate
            o 12% primary abnormalities
            o 35% secondary abnormalities
            o Total number of cells within normal limits

     Hypertrophy of the prostate
             o Fits the history of blood without systemic signs or pain
     Acute infections prostatitis
             o No increased temperature or pain
     Chronic infectious prostatitis
             o No recurrent episodes of pain, or other indications of a chronic infectious condition

    Benign prostatic hypertrophy
    Castration: Only true treatment
    Ovaban (megestrol acetate)
           o 0.25 mg/lb/day for at least 45 days
    Proscar
           o 1 mg/kg/day for at least 4 months
    Estrogens