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									      Kingdom of Bahrain
     Ministry of Education
 Jidhafs Secondary Girls School
      English Department

iEARN                                        Bahrain

            Learning Circles

      "Changing the World"
                 Sep – Dec 2007-2008

                     Sponsored by:
            Jidhafs Secondary Girls School

                   Participating Students:

   Afaf Sayed Shubar               Fatima Habib Ahmed
   Ameera .A. Ameer                Janat Mansoor Qamber
   Hawra’a Yousif Hassan           Sawsan Hussain Sultan
   Zainab Abdulla Taraif           Fatima Mohammed
   Zainab Hussain Alkhonaiz       Zainab Ali Almuwali
   Zahra'a Radhi Alzaimoor        Huda Mohammed Alkhunaizi

                     Miss Masooma Khalil

                           Participating Schools:

            School name               Location             Project Idea
       Jidhafs Secondary Girls          Jidhafs/
1.                                                      Kids and the Media
                School                  Bahrain
      Essa Town Secondary Girls       Essa Town /       Towards Creating a
                School                  Bahrain          better generation
                                                         Set Your Mind on
      Foreign Language School        Athens/Greece        the World You

            Greece:                            1- Jidhafs Secondary
                                                    Girls School
        Foreign Language                           2-Essa Town
             School                           Secondary Girls School

               Kids and the media writing prompts:

Goals Of The Project:

1. to promote critical viewing of the media
2. Investigate parents' awareness regarding the influence of TV on their kids.
3. Investigate students' use of the Internet and how it can negatively affect them.
4. Investigate students' television viewing habits.
5. Getting to know about the effect of celebrities on kids.

Writing prompts:

1 Who is your ideal celebrity? Why? Would you like to look like your favourite
celebrity? Why?
2. What's your favorite TV program/show?
3. How are teenagers stereotyped in the media?
4. How aware are parents of the impact of the media (e.g TV & the Internet) on
their kids?
5. What are the students' TV viewing habits?
6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of television?
7. What adverts attract your attention? Why?
8. What are good adverts and bad adverts?
9. What are the students' online habits?


Part 1: Kids and Celebrities:
Who is your ideal celebrity? Why? Would you
like to look like your favourite celebrity? Why?

 I don't really have an ideal celebrity in my        As for my ideal celebrity, he is one person
 mind. I believe that no one is perfect              (Prophet Mohammed) because he taught
 except God. Nevertheless, I like some               us about human rights, justice and
 brilliant celebrities. J-LO, Beyonce and JT         cooperation. I want to be like him and
 are famous and successful celebrities.              behave like him whether in helping people
 However, I would never think about                  or doing charity.
 looking like someone else. I love the way
 I look.                                             Sawsan Sultan
 Ameera .A. Ameer                                    5Sci 3
 5Sci 3

 Ameera: who is your favourite celebrity? Why?
 Afaf: Beyonce , because she's really tactful , has a great taste . and looks so beautiful . and
 although she accomplished so much and reached the top she's way too humble .

 Ameerar: Would you like to look like her? If Yes, why? If not, why?
 Afaf: Well , she' gorgeous .. but I'm pretty happy with the way I look , so I will pass .

 Ameera: Is the way you dress or behave affected by your favourite celebrity?
 Afaf: The way I behave is not affected by her , but the way I dress and choose my
 accessories are maybe affected because the way she dresses is great and I look up at her
 when it comes to fashion .

 Ameera:: Do you think she is a role model for kids? Why? Does she have any problems
 like drinking, eating disorders, divorce problems....etc.
 Afaf: She could be a role model for kids because she can be called perfect on every level and
 as far as I know she does not have any problems of any kind.

                              Jidhafs Secondary Girls School

                                          Afaf: Who is your favourite celebrity? Why?
                                          Hawra’a: Although he’s a footballer, he’s one of the
                                          most popular celebrities. David Beckham is my
                                          favourite, He’s really successful at almost everything and
                                          I just can’t resist his charm.

                                          Afaf: Would you like to look like him? If Yes, why? If
                                          not, why not?
                                          Hawra’a: If I was a guy, I would definitely like to look
                                          like him as he’s the cutest human being ever.

                                          Afaf: Is the way you dress or behave affected by your
                                          favourite celebrity?
                                          Hawra’a: Not really, as I live in my own world and I
                                          wouldn’t let a stranger affects my personality even if he
                                          was my favourite celebrity.

Actually I don't have a favourite
celebrity, but if you would ask me, I
would say that I love to watch Hilary
Duff films because I love her acting
and she sings very well. Also, she has
her own fashion style and collection.
So she is a perfect actress. However, I
don't want to be like her because I
love who I am and I wouldn't change
anything a bout me.

Zainab Hussain
1 Uni 9
                                             I am one of those who strongly admire
                                             Arnold for his perfect good acting and
                                             roles. In addition, his appearance was
                                             always outstanding and suits his roles. It
                                             strongly suggests his character.

                                              I like his outstanding creativity.
                                             However, I feel that he leaves a bad
                                             influence on the children in many of his
                                             movies because they have scenes of

                                             Zainab Almuwali
                                             5 Sci 2
My favorite celebrity ever is Oprah. I
defiantly want to be anything like her. She's a
successful achiever and ambitious women.
She's absolutely hard-working person, she
changes her life and others as well. She was
very poor and had a hard life, but she turned
into a gorgeous well-known celebrity and a
great role model too. I think Oprah is a good
example fore teenagers and adults as well for
both male and female, shows that no matter
how big your dreams are, they always come
true with little ambition and hard
work….you're there, and no matter who you
are now as long as you believe in your self,
you could do something and be a better
person and change even the world to be a
better place.

Huda Alkhunaizi

   A contribution from Greece:

   Pantelis – 13 years old

   I think that most of the people want to be celebrities. People are attracted to money,
   fame and the life of celebrities. Personally, I don’t want to be a celebrity, because I
   don’t find something important about this, but I have some celebrities that I admire.

   Nowadays, kids have role models and they want to become like them. Kids find in the
   life of their role models what they wish for their lives, and most of the kids are sheep
   followers of celebrities.
   A contribution from Essa Town Secondary Girls School / Bahrain.
   I don’t want to be a sheep follower of my favorite celebrities. I think that when I
   copycat a celebrity, I lose my identity and confidence. So my ways of dressing and
   behavior aren’t affected by my favorite celebrity.

   Every person is different and unique.

              A contribution from Essa Town Secondary Girls School

Q: Would you like to be a celebrity in the future? Why?
A : Yes, so people love me and know who I am

Q: Is there a celebrity that you think is a role model for kids? Why?
A : Yes, because there are some good celebrities who teaches children many useful and
clever things

Q: Are you a "sheep follower" of celebrities?
A : No

Q: Is the way you dress or behave affected by your favorite celebrity?
A : No

Q: Have you ever thought of changing your appearance in the future to look like your
favorite celebrity? Why?
A : No, Television
Part 2:because I think that am beautiful from the inside and that is what really matters
to me
               What’s you copycat a celebrity, program? identity
Q: Do you think that whenyour favourite T.V you lose your Why? and
A : No

                Part 2: Kids and television
      1. What’s your favourite TV programme/show?

My favorite Tv program is                         I, like any other person, watch
CSI, because it shows you how                     T.V programs and my favorite
to find a criminal who had                        is E.R. I enjoy watching it,
done a crime. It helps you to                     because it adds some positive
think and link everything                         points and motivate me to do
together to catch the criminal.                   my best and reach the target
                                                  which I have chosen in the
    Ameera .A. Ameer                              past.
                                                          Sawsan Sultan

                     My favourite TV program is Oprah
                     Winfery Show. It's a talk show and a
                     very popular one. I like this show
                     because Oprah is a talented interviewer
                     and there are a lot of topics she talks
                     about in her show such as conversional
                     problems like racism and crimes. Last
                     but not least, she is persuasive and
                     that's why millions of people watch her
                                Zainab Hussain

                   Monk, C.S.I, N.C.I.S, anything related
                   to solving crimes and detective stories
                   impress me. Perhaps because it's
                   mysterious, exciting and I really enjoy
                   predicting and putting everything
                   together to figure out who's the one
                   who committed the crime.
                                 Afaf Shubar

   2. The impact of television on kids

                                 The impact of television on kids

      Television has been a main entertainment as a home theater for adults as well as for
      kids. Children keep themselves busy in front of the T.V instead of running outside
      with friends giving troubles, so it's better to watch a movie or cartoons.

      On the other hand, television has a lot of negative effects on kids. It spoils their
      minds by watching bad and inappropriate movies which give them violence and
      sometimes they try to imitate what they see. In my opinion, parents should manage
      their kid's life and make rules, so they do not get addicted to TV. They can encourage
      their kids to do other activities like sports, music, art, or other activities that require
      practice to become skillful.

      Fatima Mohammed
      5Sci 5
      Jidhafs Secondary Girls School

                             Two Contributions from Greece

I think the television doesn’t have more                     As we all know television has
advantages. But one of these advantages                  advantages and disadvantages. Some
 is the knowledge which you are given                    advantages are: the television informs
            by documentaries.                            us about the events all over the world
                                                       and entertains us. These things are good
   In my opinion the disadvantages of                   for us, but we can do other things with
television is the false perception which                the same results. We can play with our
 people acquire for life, because of the                 friends and have fun and we can read
series which show perfect heroes. One                   newspapers and books or magazines to
 more disadvantage of television is the                              be informed.
 false news which is communicated by
              the channels.                            The disadvantages of television are: the
                                                       bad effects on the children because they
                Marilia                                  learn every bad thing shown on TV.
              12 years old                             And TV limits our time. We watch TV
                Greece                                  for hours every day and then we don’t
                                                             have time to do other things.

                                                                Nefelie – 16 years old.

3. How are teenagers stereotyped in TV shows?

                         A TV show that stereotypes teenagers

               An example of a TV show that stereotypes teenagers is “8
               simple rules”. It is a popular series which is shown on
               channel MBC 4 . It starts at 12 a.m. and lasts for 30
               minutes. It basically talks about the problems that teen
               girls face when it comes to dating, while their parents try
               so hard to resolve this problem by making strict rules that
               their daughters have to stick to or they will be grounded. In
               spite of the rules, their daughters are still determined to do
               what they want, and we think that this is the way all teens
               act. Perhaps it's because they think they are mature enough
               to make their own decisions.

               We think that teenagers are stereotyped in the show, which
               shows two typical kinds of girls: “Kerry” the smart one
               who doesn’t look that nice and “Bridget” the dumb beauty
               who cares about nothing but her appearance. On the other
               hand, their brother “Rory” is the stupid kid who middles
               himself in everything which gets him in many troubles. As
               for the parents, “ Kate” is the kind responsible mum who
               understands her daughters better than anyone else and
               would do anything for the sake of her family, while “Paul”
               is the sarcastic dad , his worst enemies are his daughter’s

                We think all teens may behave this way, but maybe the
               way they deal with their problems are different. Kerry’s
               character is supposed to be the good disciplined smart girl
               who doesn’t make troubles at all , while Bridget is the bad
               naughty girl who is extraordinary dumb and she’s always
               grounded because of her behavior.

               We would like to have Bridget's appearance, Kerry's mind
               , Rory's innocence, Kate’s kindness and Paul's sense of
               humor so we would be perfect , after all everyone has his
               own thing.
                Ameera .A. Ameer      Afafa Shubar      Hawra'a Yousif
                                        5 Sci 3
                            Jidhafs Secondary Girls School

We watch a lot of TV shows talking about the teenagers; one of the shows that I like is
“The Bernie Mac Show".

We all know that very teenager has the teenagers’ problems. We can say that these
problems grow up with us. In this show Vanessa takes the teenager part. Vanessa is not
an ideal teenager. I don't want to be like her. For example, I don't want to fight with my
family to have or to be with my boyfriend. I want to be friendly and except the advice
with a smiling face. As a teenager I want everyone to be proud of me, not to talk about
me with bad things!! I want to do important thing in my community and I want to build
my future. I don’t want anyone to blame me about any thing like Vanessa. If I have a
secret, I’m going to tell it to my family. I want them to make them happy; I don’t want to
make any mistakes.

                                     Fatima Habib
                                        5 Sci 3


A contribution from Greece

A                                         TV                                          series

One Tree Hilll is supposed to be a teen-drama series. Tree Hill is a small American town
where we observe the lives of a number of teenagers. In most of the episodes these
characters face major problems like death, loss of family, mistrust, friendship, love and
such                                                                                 like.

But I must say that they face them with style. These kinds of programs are produced for
one reason: promotion of products. In every single episode these are these so called
actors who by the way are all extremely beautiful, a thing I wonder whether this
imaginary town has normal, different people like the real world promote. And through
lots of industries from clothes, furniture, mobile phones, hairstyles, cars, music records
etc. Tell me, is it possible for an average teenager to have his own house without his
parents to supervise him. Can he buy one of the most expensive cars?
All these impossible things are made possible by the characters of this TV series. That is
extremely influential for the real teens who may think that all this luxury is normal.

These series are made to increase consumerism and is another trick of American
government to keep the illusion of a peaceful and dreamy America. To return to the
subject, all the characters face many problems and dilemmas which, most of the times,
are being solved by the revelation of the truth. The script-writer wants to show us a
world with justice where people are divided into two categories, the good and the bad.

This is not the portrayal of the real world. The main characters of the series are Peyton,
Nathan, Haley, Lucas and Brook. The first one, Peyton, is a cheerleader with a talent in
painting and a tendency to be depressed. She was adopted, her foster – mother died when
she was young and her foster – father works at sea with the result or growing up on her
own but without lacking in any comfort. Her real mother is a junky and an artist as well.

Peyton, also, is the manager of a night-club, kind of weird because she is not an adult.
Similarly, the rest of the characters have a tragic story. They all are troubled kids with
hidden              talents            and             psychological             problems.

In the end, whatever they do there are no consequences for them. But that does not work
the same for the real teenagers. Everything in this series is beautified and absolutely fake.

Nefelie – 16 years old.

                  Students' television viewing habits survey
                        A contribution from Greece

Survey Results:

Students that took part in this survey: 26
Ages: 9 – 12

1.Do you like watching television?
Yes: 25 No: 1

2.How many hours of TV do you watch every day?
- one hour: 8
- 2-3 hours: 8
- more than 3 hours: 9
- no reply: 1

3.What’s your favorite channel? (some students had more than one favorites –
most of them are Greek channels)
- Animal Planet: 1      - Antenna: 2           - Channel 9: 3
- Galatsi TV: 1         - Mad: 1              - Mega: 14
- Net: 1                - Skai: 3              - Star: 4

4. What are your favorite TV programs?

- cartoons: 19         - movies: 18             - talk shows: 1
- series: 17           -soap operas: 11         - game shows: 15
- reality shows: 2    - news programs: 8        - documentaries: 18
- educational programs: 7             sports programs: 19
- musical programs: 17

5.Do you stay up late at night watching TV?
Yes: 5        No: 21

6.Does watching television negatively affect your school work?
Yes: 1        No: 25

7.Would you say that you are a “couch potato”?
Yes: 1        No: 25

8.Does television limit the amount of time you spend doing other activities?
Yes: 7         No: 19

9.Have you ever tried to imitate what you see on TV?
Yes: 17      No: 7            No reply: 2

10.Does watching television prevent you from spending enough time with your
family and friends?
Yes: 8         No: 18                                                          13
26 Greek students, aged 9 to 12, took part in a survey on TV. The findings showed that
the majority (Yes: 25 No: 1) like watching TV, which is quite a big number.

Most of them spend from 1 to more than 3 hours a day watching TV programs.

Almost all Greek channels (Antenna, Channel, Galatsi TV, Mad, Mega, Net, Skai and
Star) feature in their preferences, which can show that children just watch TV for the sake
of                                                                               watching.

As for their favorite TV programs we can say that cartoons and sports programs (with 19
children), movies and documentaries (with 18 children), musical programs, movies and
series or soap operas (with 17 children) and game shows (with 15 children) are the ones
which                       are                    mostly                     watched.

With less viewing rates follow talk shows, reality shows, news and educational programs.

Only 5 out of these 26 children stay up late at night watching TV, while just 1 of them
admits that watching television negatively affects school work. As a result they cannot
say           that            they            are           “couch            potatoes”

They also do not think that television limits the amount of time they spend doing other
activities or with friends and family (with 19 of them saying “no” and 7 saying “yes”)

On the other hand 17 out of the 26 children have tried to imitate what they saw on TV, 7
said clearly “no” and 2 refused to reply.

                                     Parents' survey
                             Jidhafs Secondary Girls School
Kingdom of Bahrain
Ministry of education
Jidhafs Secondary Girls School
English Department

Dear parents,
Please answer these questions to help us know how aware you are of the impact of
the media on your kids.

            1- Do you restrict the type of programs that your kids watch?
                                Yes___           No___
    2- Do you restrict the amount of time your kids spend in front of TV or online?
                                Yes___           No___
                          3- Do you watch TV with your kids?
                                Yes___           No___
                      4- Do you watch your kids' online activity?
                                Yes___           No___
5- Would you like the Ministry of Information to choose more suitable TV programs for
                                     kids to watch?
                                Yes___           No___
           6-Does the fact that kids imitate celebrities make you feel bad??
                                Yes___           No___
               7- Do you prevent your kids from buying video games?
                                Yes___           No___
        8- Do you hear your kids saying bad words that they have heard on TV
                                or from video games??
                                 Yes___          No___
              9- Do you worry when you think about your kids' future?
                                 Yes___          No___
 10- Do you encourage your kids to do other activities than watching or playing video
                                 Yes____         No___
                11- Are you aware of the impact of the media on kids?
                                 Yes____         No___

                                 Thank you for your corporation
                                  Janat Qamber & Fatima Habib


                    Question No                         YES   %     NO
1- Do you restrict the programs that your kids watch?
                                                        41    %37   41   %73
   2-Do you restrict the time that your kids spend
        watching TV or using the Internet?              41    %37   41   %73

        3-Do you watch TV with your kids?
                                                        32    %41   3    %43
     4-Do you watch your kids' online activity?
                                                        44    %31   41   %43
  5-Wuold you like the Ministry of Information to
choose more suitable TV programs for kids to watch?     77    %43   5    %47

 6-Does the fact that kids imitating celebrities make
                    you feel bad?                       45    %33   5    %41

      7-Do you prevent your kids from buying
                  videogames?                            3    %43   74   %41

8- Do you want to protest to the Ministry of Trade to
       prevent the import bad videogames?               43    %34   44   %45

 9- Do you hear your kids say bad words they might
           have learned from the media?                 45    %33   47   %71

 10-Do you worry when you think about your kids'
                   future?                              75    %54   7    %8

  11- Do you encourage your children to do other
     activities other than watching television?         71    %45   1    %44

  12-Are you aware of the impact of the media on
                      kids?                             43    %34   44   %74


As we can see from the table, 63% of the parents restrict the programs that their kid's
watch, which was expected from the parents because they are educated and aware of the
disadvantages of the media like teaching the kids to be violent and making them say bad
words. It also prevents them from having high grades if they become addicted to the
media such as the Internet.

63% of the informants restrict the time that their kids spend watching TV or using the
Internet. We all know that the Internet can have a bad influence on kids’ health. For
example, they may have a back pain; they may put on weight because of lack of exercise
or have eyes problems.

84% of the respondents watch TV with their kids because as we mentioned earlier,
parents are aware enough of the impact of T.V on their kids.

74% of the parents watch their kids' activity online. Obviously the parents want their kids
to spend valuable time doing important activities. They want them to have fun and learn,
but they also don’t want them to be in trouble.

87% of those who participated in the study would like the people in charge at the
Ministry of Information to choose more suitable TV programs for you kids to watch
because there are a lot of bad programs and most of them show violence.

76% of the participants feel bad about the fact that their kids imitate celebrities. May be
they believe that imitating celebrities makes the kids to drift away from the right way.
Also, parents are aware of the consequences of imitating bad role models of celebrities.

The minority of the informants (16%) prevents the kids from buying videogames. This is
a bit shocking. Perhaps these parents spoil their kids and cannot say "NO" to them, or
they simply want them to play and have fun just like other kids.

71% of the parents who took part in this study want to protest at the Ministry of Trade to
prevent the import of bad videogames. We can say that these parents are very aware to
the consequences of video games and how they teach them violence and bad attitude.

66% of the informants hear their kids say bad words they might have learned from the
media which was expected. In fact, this is one of the very bad sides of the media.

The majority of the parents (92%) feel worried when thinking about their kids' future.
This is common among parents because of the fast development of the media and it is
drifting from the right way and taking an opposite way.

89% of the parents encourage their children to do other activities instead of watching
television because parents know the best way to organize their kids time and to guide and
lead them to the light instead of choosing the dark way.

It is disappointing that only 68% of the parents say that they are aware to the impact of
media on kids considering the fact that they are all educated, familiar with the media bad
side and they want to protect their kids and their future.


The findings were normal as we had expected .This shows that the informants have good
awareness of the impact of media on their kids and they are trying to help them to pass
this teenage critical stage.

Advice to parents:

Parents have to spend more time with their kids and watch their activities when they are
online, playing video games or watching T.V. They also have to listen to their kids' ideas
and discuss what they see with them, show them the good things, encourage good
behavior and discourage bad attitude or behavior they may have imitated from the media.
Finally, they should encourage them to do other useful activities like sports.


We would like to thank our teacher, Miss Masooma, the parents who took part in this
study and the rest of the iEARN group for their help and support.

                       Parents’ Survey Results
(A contribution from Essa Town Secondary GirlsSchool/ Bahrain)

                              Question                               Yes          No
1.    Do you restrict the amount of programs your children          100%          0%
 2.   Do you restrict the type of programs your children
                                                                    411 %         0%
 3.   Do you watch television with your children?
 4.   Do you think your children are negatively influenced by
                                                                     50%         50%
 5.   Has your child tried to imitate what he/she sees on
                                                                     50%         50%
 6.   Do you encourage /discourage any behavior you see your
                                                                     37%         12%
      child imitating from TV?
 7.   Do you discuss what your children see on television with
                                                                     87%         12%
 8.   Do you encourage your children to watch educational
                                                                     87%         12%
 9.   Do you encourage your children to do other activities
                                                                    100%          0%
      than watching TV?

      Comments on the results from Jidhafs Secondary Girls School:
As we can see from the table, all of the parents who have participated in this study
(100%) restrict not only the amount of TV their children watch, but also the type of
shows they see. They also encourage them to do other activities. It seems that they are
educated and are aware of the bad influence of television on their kids.

 Half of those parents (50%) think that their children are negatively influenced by
television. The majority of the parents (87%) discusses with their children what they see
on TV. and encourages them to watch educational programs. 62% of the parents watch
children with their children. Only 37% of the parents who answered the questionnaires
encourage/discourage any behavior they see their children imitating from television.

                    Part 3: Advertysing

                   Most adverts are commercial pictures/ photos with
                   sounds or movement. Others are without that. They are
                   plans to attract and draw people’s attention at some
                   products and stuff to be bought and of course the
                   owners will win the deal and they could invest the
                   money in personal or public business. Business
commercials or personal one’s are kinds of advertising.

There are two different kinds of advertisements:

   1. Good adverts:
   These have some basic and logical ideas or plans to be
   achieved and are done to help people or educate them
   about something and let them buy it with a peace of
   mind. Examples are food adverts, clothes, school, work,
   jobs, and other needs.

   2. Bad adverts:
   These are purposed to attack and draw all the attention of people to buy
   them in force or are not good in manners and morals. Some kinds are for
   children and are 24/7 on TV so that adults go and buy them or else their
   kids won’t stop fighting and winning about them. Examples are toy
   adverts, Pepsi or other soft drinks, McDonalds and similar restaurants.

These are all kinds of advertisements, only smart people who could choose
wisely and do not fall in the media’s traps.

Sawsan Sultan and Fatima Mohammed
Jidhafs Secondary Girls School

A contribution from Greece:

I am giving you my opinion and thoughts as a 12 year-old-girl from Greece. I am like all
the other children on Earth and I would like to grow up and be a good person. The world
around me, though, gives me a lot of images to think about and choose what to keep and
what not.

                                       Bad advert:
                      Last Friday I was looking at two advertisements
                           in a magazine whose name is “Katerina”.
                      Between the two advertisements just one of them
                           was good and the other one was offensive,
                       according to my opinion. The offensive advert I
                       saw, was this: a woman was wearing a fur coat
                         and I felt very sad because the first thing that
                        came to my mind was the image of those poor
                      animals that are hunted down for their fur. I was
                          also very upset with the broad smile on that
                      woman’s face and thought “how can people be so
                            indifferent and cruel towards our animal

                                      Good advert:
I also saw an ad that left me with positive feelings: there was an image of a boy whose
teeth were poorly cleaned and he was using an amazing brand of toothpaste. Next to that
was another image where you could see the boy smiling and having perfectly white teeth.

As in everything else, there are good advertisements and there are bad ones. Some of them
are useful and actually informative, promoting health and good habits, others of no
apparent      use       and      even      quite     embarrassing       and       offensive.
So it’s up to us to choose what we want to see and what we don’t and use our power to
leave out products that are harmful for our health and the planet and are also offensive for
our way of thinking.

Here are some girls talking about different kinds of advertisements
                     that attract their attention:
                         Jidhafs secondary Girls School

Sawsan Hussain                                  Manal Aqeel
17 years old                                    16 years old
I love to watch advertisements                  Advertisements with unusual
with a sense of humor, but are                  messages attract my attention,
realistic in the same way.                      because I can think about what are
                                                they are and I have fun trying to
                                                figure out what they mean.

Mariam                                           Fatima Mohamed
15 years old                                     16 years old

I watch advertisements every                     I find shocking and unfamiliar
day everywhere I prefer to see                   advertisements the most what I
advertisements with images                       like to watch on TV, because I
more than words.                                 laugh at the end.

As we could see people have different opinions about this subject. We all know there are
two kinds of adverts:

1. Good adverts.
2. Bad or offensive adverts.

Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of media:


 Newspapers are one of the traditional mediums used by businesses, both big and small, to advertise
their businesses.


       Allow you to reach a huge number of people in a given geographic area
       You have the flexibility in deciding the ad size and placement within the newspaper
       Free help in creating and producing ad copy is usually available


       Ad space can be expensive
       You may be paying to send your message to a lot of people who will probably never be in
        the market to buy from you.
       With the increasing popularity of the Internet, A growing number of readers skip the print
        version of the newspaper.

Magazines. Magazines are a more focused, more expensive, and alternative to newspaper
advertising. This medium allows you to reach highly targeted audiences.


       Allows for better targeting of audience, as you can choose magazine publications that care
        about the advert.
       More attention will be paid to your advertisement.
       Better quality paper permits better color reproduction and full-color ads.


       Long lead times mean that you have to make plans weeks or months in advance
       Space and ad layout costs are higher
       There is limited flexibility in terms of ad placement and format.


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