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					Clearing Hidden Self-Hatred              10-10-10

To some of you, it may seem that these Teachings are centered more on the negative
than the positive, but what we are actually accomplishing here, is a faster way to clear
the stuff that keeps our lives from working well. Yes, there are other modalities that
would accomplish this, like meditation for instance, but if we want the ‘fast track’ to
clearing our shadow, we have ‘EFT-The Emotional Freedom Technique’, ‘The Emotion
Code’, and the ‘ClearSelf Emotional Healing Technique’ to help us. At this time, there
are actually many more modalities out there that would help in accomplishing this also,
but EFT is especially well documented, and you will find many videos that
will help you get the hang of it, or you can check out I personally use all of
the four methods mentioned above, and I allow my intuition to inform me which
modality would be the best in the moment.

Now, let’s get back to our main topic today, clearing our hidden ‘self-hatred’, which will
allow us to really appreciate and truly love who we are and how we look.

We can only imagine the devastation that a conscious or subconscious belief of self-
hatred would bring into our lives. If we have contempt for ourselves, we may bring in
self-punishing events, diseases or negative people into our lives. We may suffer through
a lifetime of untold misfortune and emotional trauma because of it. It really doesn’t
matter where we picked up this negative belief; most probably it came from the
propaganda of corporate religious institutions, family genetics or society in general.

As with many of our shadow patterns, the fact that we have self-hatred programs
running may elude our conscious awareness. We treat ourselves well, so we think. We
eat right, take our supplements, meditate and do our spiritual work. We may wonder
though, why a relative, friend or lover has treated us so viciously. We may have had a
lifelong struggle with failed relationships and patterns of self- sabotage.

Our personal history may include different forms of clearing techniques and some of
them may have proven quite beneficial, but if we have an underlying pattern of self-
hatred running, many of our problems will remain with us.

Self-hatred can manifest in a multitude of ways. Anytime we mistreat ourselves or allow
others to mistreat us, even if it is in seemingly insignificant way, we may be acting out a
hidden pattern of self-contempt.

Now, lets clear our pattern of self-hatred with the following ClearSelf Emotional Healing
Technique, and improve our lives forever.

If you have read some of the recent Ascension Teachings, you will have become familiar
with this technique. This method is by far, one of the fastest and simplest methods of
emotional clearing known at this time. (You can also use EFT, The Emotion Code, or any
other modality that you choose in addition to what is in this Teaching.)
Clearing Exercise:

First, you want to be in a meditative state of consciousness when you are doing the
ClearSelf Technique. If one is in the Theta (brain wave) state, which is associated with
expanded states of consciousness and psychic awareness, one will be able to more easily
amplify the results of any kind of healing work they may be doing. There are many Theta
Metronome CD’s available on the Internet that could potentially help you reach the
Theta state faster.

Use your pendulum:

We will now pendulum each of the following statements to see which ones we need to
clear in ourselves. For instance, you will ask your pendulum, “I hate myelf? Yes, or No?

Checkmark each of the statements you wish to clear, and then move on to clearing them.

Note: Before doing this, or any emotional clearing exercise, ask your pendulum to see
if it is all right for you to do them at this time. Remember to drink some pure spring
water during this exercise.

If you have had serious emotional or physical trauma in this lifetime, it is highly
recommended that you do the following exercises in the presence of a licensed medical
therapist. If you do not remember having serious trauma in this lifetime, but you
become highly agitated doing these exercises, please discontinue them and seek
immediate licensed medical assistance.

Exercise: Emotional Clearing of Negative Beliefs

Call in your Guides, Guardians, Masters, Your Higher Self, The Holy Spirit, etc. and
ask for their assistance, then place a bubble of protective white light around you.

Pendulum the following statements. (Remember that they may have come from your
ancestors, so don’t be hard on yourself for having any of them.)

Statements: Clearing Self-Hatred and Negative Self-Image

I hate myself. (Yes, or No?)
I am worthless.
There is something wrong with me.
I can’t do anything right.
I am a failure.
I am angry with myself.
I am angry about my life.

Clearing the following negative beliefs surrounding our body image is important for
us to finally feel comfortable in our skin. Pendulum to see if you have any of these to

I hate the way I look.
I hate my feet.
I hate my ankles.
I hate my calves.
I hate my knees.
I hate my thighs.
I hate my genitals.
I hate my buttocks.
I hate my belly.
I have my chest.
I hate my breasts.
I hate my back.
I hate my arms.
I hate my hands.
I hate my neck.
I hate my face.
I hate my eyes.
I hate my ears.
I hate my teeth
I hate my hair.
I hate my scar.
I hate the way I walk.
I hate the way I talk.
I hate my _______.

Add your own statements to the above list and pendulum them to see if you have them

Now, you will take your list and clear each one of the statements that was a ‘yes.’

Chakra-Hold Clearing Method:

You simply place one hand (either) on your root chakra (perineum for men, clitoris for
women), and one hand on your heart chakra. Now allow your self to get into a
meditative state.

You will hold both chakras, take the first statement you wish to clear, and hold the
‘intention’ of clearing it in your mind, while you repeat your statement out loud. For
instance, you will say, “Clear my self-hatred.” or simply say, “Self-Hatred.”
Repeat your statement over and over, while holding both of your chakras. Then
pendulum every so often to see if the negative statement has cleared.

Note: It is not unusual to have a belief so embedded in your subconscious, that it might
take several days of doing this exercise in small or large amounts of repetitions for it to

Once you have done this method of emotional clearing for a while, you will begin to
notice subtle changes in your body as you repeat your statements. You will eventually
realize the exact moment that the statement has cleared in you. You might give a big
sigh or you might feel tingling, or muscles rippling in your body, which will indicate for
you that the negative belief has cleared. Use your pendulum to see if it has cleared, and
then continue on to the next statement that you wish to clear.

The next step in this exercise is to drop in positive statements about self-love into our
subconscious. We will use the same chakra hold as above to do this.

Don’t worry, our consciousness knows our intentions and will clear what we intend to
clear, and install what we wish to install. Say each of them out loud 10 times each while
holding your chakras. You can pendulum to see if they are indeed a part of your
subconscious after you do the exercise. For instance, “I love myself.” Yes or No?

Positive Statements:

It’s ok for me to love myself.
I love myself.
I respect myself.
I am safe.
I have value.
I am whole and complete.
I am secure deep within my Being.
It’s ok for me to be myself.
I deserve to love myself.
I accept myself.
I am worthy.
I allow others to accept me.
I allow others to love me.
I allow others to support me when appropriate.
I allow the Universe to support me.
I allow the creative energy of the Universe to flow freely through me.
I am unique, and perfect in every way.
My Presence makes a difference on this planet.
I am loved.
I am appreciated.
I am OK just the way I am.
I treat myself with gentleness and kindness.
Others treat me with kindness.
I trust myself.
I nurture myself.
I am eternal conscious Spirit inhabiting a wonderful body.
It's great to be me.
I allow the energy of my Heart to guide me.
I allow the energy of my Heart to heal all of my wounds.
I like myself.
I accept my body just the way it is.
I love my body just the way it is.
I love my _______ (hands, feet, etc.)
I appreciate myself.
I am faithful to myself.
I am gentle with myself.
I support myself.
I forgive myself.
I am tolerant with myself.
I am calm and serene.
I am happy with who I am.
I am strong and centered.
Regardless of what life brings, I stay balanced.
It's OK to be me.
I am full of gratitude.
I am grateful for my life.
I am grateful for all the healing opportunities I have.
I am grateful for the hard times for they show me where I am stuck.
I am grateful for my loved ones.
I am grateful to myself for my willingness to heal and do this work.
I am grateful for ______ .

Add your own positive statements to this list if you wish. Say each 10 times each while
holding your root chakra and your Heart chakra.

As soon as you have cleared the pattern of self-hatred, you will notice an immediate
difference in yourself. You will feel different, and you will actually look different. Your
eyes will have changed dramatically. They will be softer, and more of your True Self will
be present in them looking back at you in the mirror.

The tension that accompanies this pattern will have dissolved and you will simply feel
really good, perhaps better than you can ever remember feeling. Many positive changes
will now be evident in your life.

Many Blessings,

(Universal Copyright: All of these teachings may be shared if credit is given to Amara
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