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									                   Christmas Order Form 2010                                                                            Christmas Catalogue 2010
To avoid disappointment, please place orders before Monday 6th December 2010
Honey glazed, steam roasted, Saddleback, dry-cure ham                       Size              Total
                                                                                                           W     elcome to the Brockleby’s Christmas brochure, designed to guide
                                                                                                                 you through our range of fantastic festive foods. Whatever you
                                                                                                           choose to grace your table this Christmas and New Year, you can rest
Ham:                            Price per kilo: £19.95 1.5kg - 8kg                                         assured that it comes with impeccable provenance. We know exactly
                                                                                                           where our food originates – we know our local suppliers personally,
FRESH MEAT Please consult our butcher before completing this section                                       from the farmer who raised our free-range turkeys, to “Debbie” who
                                          Joint Type     Approx Size     Price per kg      Approx Price    produces our “Saddleback pork” to the miller who grinds the flour for
Longhorn Beef:
                                                                                                           our pastry.
Saddleback Pork:                                                                                           We handpick them for quality and taste, so, as well as the satisfaction
Hebridean Lamb:                                                                                            of knowing you are “buying local”, you can be sure you’re getting
Gammon:                                                                                                    something really special this Christmas.
Bacon:                                                                                                     Please find our order form attached – you’ll need to return it by Monday,
Wild Game*                                                                                                 6th December this year. If all the weights and measures send your head
Chipolatas:                                                                                                spinning, just pick up the phone and call. We’re always happy to help
Sausage Meat:                                                                                              with advice on orders and how best to prepare and cook your choice.
Other:                                                                                                     As a rough guide, you’ll need to order 500g of meat per person at your
              Notes: * including duck, pheasant, partridge, rabbit, venison, guinea fowl                   Christmas dinner. So you’ll need a 4 kilo bird to feed eight people, a
                                                                                                           little bigger if you want some left over for Boxing Day.
COLD CUTTING PIES                                                           Size              Total
                                                                                                           Happy Ordering!
Brockleby’s Melton Mowbray Pork Pie 1lb:                                    £4.95
Brockleby’s Melton Mowbray Pork Pie 2lb:                                  £12.95                                        For queries and special requests, please contact the team at :
Brockleby’s Wild Game Pie 1lb:                                              £5.95                         Brockleby’s Farm Shop, Melton Road, Asfordby Hill, Melton Mowbray, LE14 3QU
Brockleby’s Wild Game Pie 2lb:                                            £12.95                                             Tel: 01664 813200
Brockleby’s Chicken and Ham Pie 1lb:                                        £5.95

                   For queries and special requests, please contact the team at :
Brockleby’s Farm Shop, Melton Road, Asfordby Hill, Melton Mowbray, LE14 3QU
                   Tel: 01664 813200

                Christmas Catalogue 2010                                                                            Christmas Order Form 2010
                                                                                                To avoid disappointment, please place orders before Monday 6th December 2010
FREE-RANGE BRONZE TURKEYS and GEESE: Our Bronze turkeys, famous for their
excellent taste and generous meaty breast, and superb free-range geese come from Richard         Name:                                                                  Tel No:
Botterill of W.E. Botterill & Son of Lings View Farm, Croxton Kerrial. WE Botterill is one of
                                                                                                Address:                                                                Mobile:
Rick Stein’s food heroes because of the enormous care taken with the rearing of their free-
range poultry.                                                                                                                                                          Work:

FREE-RANGE COCKERELS: Farmer Andrew Sutcliffe, of Highwood Farm, Misson,                        Email address:                                                          Date order placed:
Notts, is another believer in providing a natural free-ranging environment for his poultry.
                                                                                                Collection Date:                                           AM/PM        10% Deposit (£10 min): £
He’ll be rearing our free-range cockerels and chickens.
                                                                                                Before 1pm on Friday 24th December or between 27th-31st December or 2nd-3rd January)
FREE-RANGE MULTI-BIRDS: Our skilled butchers here at Brockleby’s will use a com-
bination of any three birds to create a multi-bird—a bone-free delicacy that’s as spectacular   Credit Card No:                                            Expiry:                CCV
as it is easy to serve.
MELTON MOWBRAY PORK PIE: The only Melton Mowbray Pork Pie made with Free
Range Meat. The finest pork, encased in crunchy, hot-water pastry made with organic,            FREE RANGE BRONZE TURKEYS from Botterills, Croxton Kerrial, Leicestershire
unbleached flour milled at Whissendine Windmill.                                                                                                                                  Size        Total

BROCKLEBY’S WILD GAME PIE: Our cold-cutting pie, perfect for Boxing Day buffets,                Free Range Bronze Turkeys         Price per kilo: £9.95 4.5kg - 8kg
New Year parties, or just as a treat any day of the year. We’ve taken pheasant and venison
                                                                                                Crowns                            Price per kilo: £17.95 2.5kg - 4kg
and blended it with Free Range Chicken raised by Andrew Sutcliffe. For extra flavour, we’ve
added thyme and dried apricots.                                                                 Boned & Rolled Joints             Price per kilo: £19.95 2.5kg - 4kg
BROCKLEBY’S CHICKEN AND HAM PIE: A cold-cutting pie made with the best cuts                                                       Total: £
of meat and infused with sage. We use free-range Sasso chicken from Highwood Farm, Mis-
son, Notts, the gourmet’s choice for flavour, and our own free-range dry cured ham.
BROCKLEBY’S HONEY-ROAST HAM: Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and New Year
wouldn’t be the same without one of our amazing hams. Honey-glazed, steam roasted, Sad-                  OTHER FREE RANGE POULTRY from Highwood Farm, Misson, Notts
dleback hams, dry cured with demerera sugar for amazing flavour and raised in a free-ranging                                                                                      Size        Total
environment. The dry-cure method gives the finished product an intense flavour and dense,
continental style texture.                                                                      Chickens:                         Price per kilo: £5.95 1.5kg - 2.5kg
LONGHORN BEEF: Our traditionally-reared rare-breed beef comes from Longhorn cattle              Cockerels:                        Price per kilo: £5.95 2kg to 4kg
raised by Paul Robinson of Stathern in the Vale of Belvoir. Longhorn beef is incredibly tasty
                                                                                                Geese:                            Price per kilo: £13.95 3kg to 5kg
– delicious enough to make your Christmas dinner something special.
                                                                                                Wild Duck:                        £5.95 each feeds one
SADDLEBACK PORK: Rare-breed, pork raised in a free-ranging environment at Debbie
Green’s farm in Scalford, Leicestershire. Ask our butchers how to make the perfect crackling    Multi-birds: Ask for details      Price per kilo: £19.95 (min 3kg)
– and don’t forget the apple sauce!                                                             Total: £
HEBRIDEAN LAMB: Rare-breed lamb from Brockleby’s own flock of Hebridean sheep,                  Notes:
raised at our own Goosenest Farm, in Wymeswold, Leicestershire. The Hebridean breed
takes longer to mature resulting in a rich, fuller flavour and succulent, tender texture.
                                                                                                                     Please turn over to order your other meats and pies

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