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					                                                                                                   Vol. I, No. 1 • Autumn 2010

Nourish the Body and the Spirit!                                                                       An Artistic
                                                                                                       Director Looks
With Thanks and HOPE!                                                                                  Back
Y     ou, our faithful Handel Week Family members, come into a space like Handel would
      have encountered, and, excited by the important place art holds in each of our lives,
gather to hear truly radiant music making!
                                                                                                       Twelve years! Impossible!
                                                                                                       Recently the Oak Park Area Arts
    Thank you for the generosity of spirit and funds that have carried us into our12th season          Council congratulated us for
of transcendent musical experiences. This space, this sublime music, is a refuge and beacon            being a central and important part
of hope in our uncertain times.                                                                        of the artistic community of the
    At the close of his rave review of “Rodelinda” the Tribune Critic, Dr. John von Rhein              Oak Park/River Forest/Forest Park
stated, “I can’t wait to find our what [Artistic Director] Northway has planned for the 12th           area and the entire metropolitan
Handel Week Festival next year.”                                                                       community. The Chicago Tribune
    In this new newsletter, you will find out about our offerings, exciting new programs and           reviewer Dr. John Von Rhein
information about volunteering. We hope to greet each you this year again as well!                     provided a glowing review of our
    We also truly need your support. As you may know, your ticket accounts for some 18%                production of Rodelinda.
of the cost of your seat.                                                                                   People tell me all the time
We at Handel Week are                                                                                  what an important part of their
committed to offering                                                                                  wintertime the Handel Week
you the very best for                                                                                  concerts are. Little would I
your mind, your ear, and,                                                                              suspect when our we were
your taste buds! We need                                                                               visioning Handel Festival in
your continued excellent                                                                               1998-99, we would prosper so!
support to move forward.                                                                                    Three people stand out:
Handel and his music are                                                                               To my compadre and first board
truly important and so                                                                                 president, Charles Chauncey
please support us as                                                                                   Wells who guided the organization
generously as you can.                                                                                 in its infancy and never gave up
                                                                                                       the dream, and who continues to
To Handel and his music!                                                                               lead and support the organization.
Dennis Northway                                                                                        Second, to my dear, dear friend
                                                                                                       and second Handel Festival Board
                                                                                                       President, Nancy Hawk Smiley
CARL GRAPENTINE TO PRESENT...                                                                          who moved the organization from
                                                                                                       its infancy to a solid, functioning
                “Magnificent Mr. Handel”                                                               not-for-profit, thank you. Third,
                                                                                                       we have thrived with the support

                           C   arl Grapentine, nationally-known WFMT-FM radio host, will present
                               the “Magnificent Mr. Handel” at 3 p.m., Sunday, Jan. 9, 2011
                           at the Veterans Room of the Oak Park Public Library, 834 Lake St.,
                                                                                                       of Helen Pinnell who has
                                                                                                       generously given large grants for
                                                                                                       productions and seasons for more
                           Oak Park, l block west of Oak Park Avenue.                                  than five years.
                               Grapentine hosts the “–5:58 Club,” heard by thousands each                   Finally, you, my Handel Week
                           weekday between 5:58 and 10 a.m. He also well know for being the            Festival family, thank you for your
                           stadium voice for University of Michigan football games in Ann Arbor.       kind trust of me to offer you what
                           He has been a Handel Week board member since 2000 when we                   I hope have been interesting and
                           began as a festival concert organization.                                   excellent musical presentations.
                               On-street parking is available as is free parking at the Grace          It is a great, great honor of my life
                           Episcopal Church lot, 924 Lake St., two blocks west of Oak Park Ave.        to serve you.
A Grand & Glorious 12th Festival Season
 The Grand Handel, February 5
 O     ur festival 12th season for New Year 2011 begins at
       7:30 p.m. Sat. Feb, 5 with The Grand Handel - Orchestra
 Alive! As is our tradition, this concert features our remarkable
 Handel Week Festival Orchestra and orchestral soloists in
 compositions every bit as virtuosic and demanding as Bach’s
 Brandenburg Concerti, namely the famous Handel Concerti
     It will combine a virtuoso organ concerto, a demanding
 cantata for alto and string orchestra, and two concerto grossi. This
 year we will present two master works the HWV 315 concerto
 grosso in F major, and the HWV 316 in d minor. Long-time
 Handel Week favorite Sarah Gartshore will be the featured soloist.
     Our audiences have always loved, as Handel’s audiences
 loved, the thrill of an organ concerto, so this year we are
 presenting the Organ Concerto 307 in A. In his early period, he
 wrote a significant number of secular cantatas, and though most
 are simply for soprano, cello and harpsichord, some are more
 elaborate. We are pleased this year to present the Cantata Carco
 sempre di Gloria HWV 87 for alto, strings and basso continuo.

 February 11 & 12
 T     here will be TWO performances of our long-anticipated
       chamber cantata concert. At 7:30 p.m. Fri., Feb.11 and
 Sat., Feb.,12, we will present Ah, Cruel Love! Ah, Cruel
 Fate!, or Chamber Rejoicings and Laments on Love and Life
 featuring the soprano soloists Roz Lee and Nicci Krebasch
 singing cantatas Del bel idolo mio HWV 104, Notte placida
 e cheta HWV 142, Tu fedel? Tu costante? HWV 171, and
 Poichè giuraro amore. Two of these cantatas feature our superb
 concertmaster Thomas Yang and Handel Week Festival favorite
 Jeri Lou Zike. Rounding out the program is Handel family
 treasure Erik Liefrinck playing one suite and one partita!

 Israel in Egypt, February 20
 I    f there was a classification called “Artistic Director’s
      Favorites,” the work we will present on Sunday, Feb. 20,
 2011 at 3:00 p.m. BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! The
 oratorio Israel in Egypt HWV 54 would certainly fill the bill.
      Here in one monumental work, set in the hands of an
 eight-part chorus, is the panoramic story of the plagues of Egypt
 and the adventure of the children of Israel and their difficulties
 with the Pharoah. Under the magical genius of Handel’s
 compositional pen, we hear plagues of locusts, hailstones and
 blood. We hear sighing, battle, dancing and triumph. Handel
 treats us to frogs, man-of-wars, and supple duets of passion. This
 is a master composer at his very highest level of achievement!
 For your delectation, we are thrilled to present this spectacular,
 wonderful, and amazing work!
Our Artists About Town and
Around the Country
Sarah Gartshore Opens 12th Season                                    sang the role of Annina in Music
                                                                     by the Lake’s production of
S     oprano Sarah Gartshore is
      featured soloist for our Grand
Handel Concert I opener.
                                                                     Verdi's La Traviata in Williams
                                                                     Bay, WI.
                                                                         This spring she will appear
Highlights from previous Handel
                                                                     with the Chicago Symphony
Week festivals include Handel’s
                                                                     Chorus in concerts of Verdi’s
Gloria, Israel in Egypt and the opera
                                                                     Otello and then Berlioz’s Lelio at
Ezio. Also in 2011, she will make
                                                                     Carnegie Hall in New York City.
her Symphony Center debut
                                                                     She received her master of music
performing Brahms’ Requiem with
                                                                     in vocal performance from North
Chicago’s Apollo Chorus.
                                                                     Park University last May.
    This summer she performed
First Lady as an apprentice artist
with Santa Fe Opera opposite Natalie D'essay’s Pamina. She also      Kimberly McCord Busy at Lyric
became a mother Feb. 25 to Busby Gartshore, a baby boy, and
continues to be a regular on the Chicago concert and opera scene.
    Past performances have been with Music of the Baroque,
                                                                                                   S      inging in the chorus at Lyric
                                                                                                          Opera of Chicago keeps
                                                                                                    soprano Kimberly McCord busy
Chicago Opera Theater, Chamber Opera Chicago and the                                                most of the year. This fall she is also
Chicago Chamber Musicians. Also the Richmond,Va.,                                                   understudying the role of Frasquita in
Jacksonville, Fla., Muncie, Ind., and Kingston, Ontario                                             Lyric’s production of Carmen. Lyric’s
Symphonies. On CD, she performs “O Holy Night” on “Merry A                                          2010-2011 season is an exciting one
Holiday Journey,” Christmas selections by acclaimed violinist                                       with six new productions.
Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg.                                                                                Kimberly also gives private voice
                                                                                                    lessons to students of Kelly High
                                                                                                    School (CPS) as a part of the
                                Philip Kraus Is                                                     outreach teaching program of Music
                                Very Busy                            of the Baroque. She teaches these young singers the basics of
                                                                     technique and prepares solos with them for the CPS music
                                P    hilip Kraus, who will sing
                                     in Israel in Egypt, also will
                               appear as Pish Tush in the Lyric
                                                                     contest. This year the Cantantes choir at Kelly will be attending a
                                                                     dress rehearsal for Music of the Baroque’s “Glorious Chorus”
                               Opera production of the Mikado        concert in which Kimberly will be appearing as the soprano
                               as well as Sid in La Fanciulla del    soloist. The students are preparing the opening movement of
                               West. Summers he has taught in        Vivaldi’s Gloria and will sing it along with the Music of the
                               Italy at the Music in the Marche      Baroque performers during the rehearsal.
                               program. In May, he will appear
with the Northbrook Symphony singing selections from Mahler’s
Des Kaben Wunderhorn. He also continues his teaching duties at
                                                                     Susan Ross Does
Northwestern University and joins the faculty of North Park          Research
University in January.
                                                                     S     usan Ross, Handel Week
                                                                           board member and featured
                                                                     cellist, had a lovely time at the
Roz Lee Returns in Concert II                                        Library of Congress in June,
                                                                     during which she found currently
S   ince her appearance in 2010 in Concert II’s, “Music of
    Handel, Scarlatti and Bach,” Rosalind Lee has performed
“Ah! perfido,” Beethoven’s concert aria for soprano and
                                                                     unpublished trio sonatas by
                                                                     Boismortier, and a set of cello
orchestra, with the Chicago Civic Orchestra in an all–               duos by Duport. She has plans to
Beethoven concert at the South Shore Cultural Center. She also       publish both.
                                                 Handel “Hands” Needs You!
                          we need                 When you come to Handel concerts, you enjoy a glass of sherry, a pre-

                          YOU!                    concert talk, a glass of water at intermission, a lavish post-concert buffet
                                                 of chocolates, treats and wine, and all the time are seated by smiling
                                                ushers and pleasant box-office staff.
                                            A miracle, right? No!
                                     These are our volunteer “Handel Hands” who help you, feed you, seat you and greet
                                     you. Might this be a way you can join our Handel family? We hope you might! We are
                                     always looking for people who love Handel and want to help people. Join us and be in
                                     on the behind-the-scenes activity that brings together great art and great people!
                                     Contact Sarah Hunt at 708-383-2261 to join up!

     Handel Week Festival 2011                                                                                      Nonprofit Org.
                                                                                                                    U.S POSTAGE
     HELP US WITH OUR 12TH SEASON                                                                                       PAID
                                                                                                                    PERMIT #426
     924 Lake Street                                                                                                OAK PARK, IL
     Oak Park, IL 60301

“Nourish the
   Body and the Spirit”
     February 5, 11 & 12, 20, 2011

         or 2011, there will be two
         performances of our very
         popular chamber concert. Our
 Handel Family enjoys cabaret-style
 intimacy in this chamber concert with
 its immediacy and closeness between
 performers and audience. We will
 offer soprano cantatas by two different
 artists in the same concert–Roz Lee
 and Nicci Krebasch–surrounded by
 music for solo harpsichord. To be so
 up-close and personal with the music,        Why We Are
 you may choose Fri., Feb. 11 or Sat.,
 Feb. 12. We hope you enjoy this and
 we are very interested in your opinion.
                                                     Handel Week Festival 2011
 Dennis E. Northway, Artistic Director               JOIN US FOR OUR 12TH SEASON

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