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					                               REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS


                                     GAVI ALLIANCE

Post Title: Consultant
Duty Station: Brussels
Date issued: 13 February 2009
Closing date: 6 March 2009

Terms of Reference: EC Government Affairs / Media Consultant for the Programme
Funding Team


The GAVI Alliance is a global public-private partnership committed to bringing new and under-
used vaccines to developing countries. Partners in the alliance include WHO, UNICEF the
World Bank, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, vaccine manufacturers, recipient countries
and government donors. They contribute through participation in strategy and policy-setting,
advocacy, fundraising, vaccine development and procurement, country support and
immunisation delivery. While implementation of GAVI programmes (i.e. vaccine procurement,
shipment and delivery) is largely done by partners such as UNICEF, the GAVI Secretariat in
Geneva is primarily responsible for managing the partnership with fundraising being one of its
core functions.

GAVI is funded by 17 national governments, the European Commission (EC), the Bill and
Melinda Gates Foundation and other smaller private donors. Governments and the EC contribute
to GAVI by making direct donations, or by contributing funds through the innovative financing
mechanisms that GAVI has piloted (the International Finance Facility for Immunisation or
IFFIm and the Advance Market Commitment or AMC).

From 2004 – 2009, GAVI has received 4 reimbursable grants from the DCI and EDF budgets for
a total amount of €43 million.



Under the supervision of the Programme Manager for relations with the EU, and in collaboration
with members of the GAVI External Relations Team, the consultant will provide strategic advice
and implement public affairs and communications functions in view of GAVI’s strategic
objectives in Brussels. The consultant will develop and implement a strategy that incorporates
strategic monitoring, network and coalition building, direct lobbying, and strategic
communications to raise GAVI’s profile in Brussels, obtain broad support for GAVI’s mission
among EU institutions and ultimately, maximise the amount of EU funding committed to The
GAVI Alliance.

    -      To provide all help and assistance deemed necessary to increase GAVI’s profile and
           build a broad support base in Brussels including in the EU political institutions, civil
           society organisations (particularly those influential on development cooperation and
           global health issues) and academia, including through the implementation of a media
           strategy in cooperation with GAVI’s media and information team

    -      To provide all help and assistance deemed necessary to ensure that funding levels
           from the DCI and EDF budget instruments are at least maintained and ideally
           increased from 2010

    -      In addition to providing reliable information on a timely basis, to submit monthly
           written reports in relation to the duties and responsibilities described below.


Strategic Monitoring

The consultant will
 Provide GAVI with a regularly updated database of key contacts and decision-makers in
   Brussels within (but not limited to):
       o The European Commission (DG Development, AIDCO, DG Research), including
           consultative committees, scientific committees and high-level expert groups that interact with
           the relevant departments in the EC
        o The European Parliament
        o EU presidency offices
        o The ACP Secretariat / Group
        o Civil society organisations, including NGOs, think tanks, and academia
   Provide strategic monitoring functions and report back to the Programme Manager on
    political developments, institutional agendas, policy and legislative developments, important
    events, etc.
   Identify and analyze publications relevant to global health and development cooperation
    policies of the EC, including EC legislative documents, parliamentary resolutions and
    reports, articles in the media, etc.

Meeting and Event Planning

   Organise meetings and briefing opportunities with Members of the European Parliament (in
    particular following the parliamentary elections in 2009), officials from the EC, ACP
    Ambassadors, EU donor missions holding the EU presidency and other key contacts
   Provide support for the organisation of events, such as parliamentary hearings, lunches with
    ACP Ambassadors, joint events with NGOs, press conferences, etc.
   Other activities identified by the Head of Programme Funding requiring support

Media Relations
In collaboration with the GAVI Media and Information team, the consultant will
 Identify and provide strategic advice on opportunities to raise awareness about GAVI
    through media outreach, such as publications of articles about GAVI (for example in the
    Parliament Magazine, E-Voice and E-Courier, The Action for Global Health Newsletter,
    etc.), press conferences and interviews with GAVI officials
 Build good working relationships with key journalists in the EU environment
 Other activities identified by the Head of Programme Funding requiring support


The consultant(s) will have the following skills and experience:

       Good understanding of development cooperation issues
       Excellent knowledge of EU institutions and legislative procedures
       At least 15 years experience of lobbying and institutional relationship work with the EU
       Good network in EU / Brussels development cooperation constituency
       Fluency in English and French
       Experience of working both with public and private client organisations
       Good understanding of GAVI and GAVI strategic objectives


– 31 December 2009


Proposals and any requests for information must be sent by email to the attention of Susanne
Hojberg, Please include the following information in your proposal:

    -     Resume / CV (of the individual consultant or those who will be assigned to our account in
          case of a consulting firm) and company profile if applicable (# years in business, # of
          employees, geographic regions served, core competencies, etc.)
    -     At least 2 client references of similar type as GAVI (including company name, contact
          name, title, address, telephone number, and client relationship synopsis)
    -     Value proposition summary (in Word), i.e. please describe / recommend the strategy and
          methodology your consultancy will use to perform the scope of work outlined
          successfully. In consideration of your overall (unique) value, what distinguishes your
          consultancy’s capabilities (external relationships, technology, expertise, etc.) to deliver the
          scope of work and services requested
    -     Financial proposal, i.e. fees and fee structure (in Excel)


6 March 2009

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