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					  1.    Chaudary Rehmat Ali issue th pamphlet “ Now or never”
  2.    Simla Conference 1945
  3.    In 1946 Election muslim Leag Swept all 30 seats in conteral
  4.    16 August 1946 as a “Direct Action Day.”
  5.    Partition plan june 3 1947.
  6.    Ayub Khan imposed first martial law 7 october 1958
  7.    Ghulam Ishaq Khan dismissed two elect Govt. “Banzir Bhattho, Nawaz
  8.    Voice President of Pakistan Nur-ul-Amin, 1971 to 1972
  9.    Khawaja Nazmdin Governer General- 1948 to 1951 Priminister
        1951 to 53.
  10.   Shorty Time P.M Ayub Khan Remaind priminister “Just 1 day”
  11.   Punjab First governer “Sir Robert Francis Moody”
  12.   Punjab fist muslim Governer Sardar Abdul Rab Nishter
  13.   Saparat Province of Punjab was abolished October 1955
  14.   First Speaker of Pakistan” M Tamiz udin khan”
  15.   17 Deputy Speaker “Faisal Karim Kundi” First Punjab CM Khan
        Iftikhar Hussain
  16.      First female Dupty Speaker “Mrs. Ashraf Abdali” 1973 to 1977
  17.      First Chief Justice. “Justice Sir Abul Rashid”
  18.      First Chief Justice Iftikhar Chudhary
  19.      21 Chief Justice iftikhar Chudhary
  20.      First Commander in chief ( Army) “General Sir Frank Messary”
  21.      First Chief of Army staff General Tikka Khan
  22.      First Pakistani awarded Lenin prize “Faiz Ahmad Faiz “1960
  23.      Book Writter Name
       i.      Discovery of Pakistan A Aziz
       ii.     Jinnah of Pakistan         Stanley wolpert
       iii. India wins freedom                   Abdul Kalam Azad
       iv.     Jinnah Great of Pakistan Hector Bolitho
   24. 10 President of Pakistan “General Musharaf”
   25. First Foreign Minister of Pakistan “Zafar Ullah Khan”
   26. Nawab Salimullah First Muslim leag president
   27. First President Azad Kashmir              “Sardar Ibrahim Khan”
   28. Frist Pakistan Jet Pilot” Mrs Ayesha Naveed Nizami”
   29. Chief Editors: The News “ Shakilur Rehman” The Post ( Rahmet
           Shah) The News Majeed Nizami
   30. National Assambley speaker longest time ( Sh. Ameer Hussain)
   31. Capitals.
       Bahrain,      Al- Manama           Denmark, Copenhagen
       Bhutan        Timpu                       Egyet       Cairo
       Canada        Ottawa
   32.      Pakistan 6th populous coutry in the world
   33. Mumbai Biggest Populous City in the world
   34. Top Corrupt Country Bangladesh
   35. World Corrupt leader .             Muhammad Suharto ( Indonesia)
   36. Imprtant sea port in the world
       Abadan        Iran           San Francisco      U.S.A
       Alexandria Egypt             Tripoli                  Libya
       Liver Pool U.K
37. Famous River, Amazon                  Brazil
38. Geofrephical Epoithets
       1.      Afganstan Buffer           State of Asia
       2.     Bangladesh Land of Golden fiber
       3.     Egypt               Gift of Nile
       4.     Finland       Land of thousand lake
       5.     Indoshia      Land of thousand islands
       6.     Pakistan Land of Pure People
       7.     Thailand      land of white elephant
39.    Famous Street
       1.     Baldwin Street             England
       2.     Dowing Street10 England Resident of England P.M
       3.     Fleet Street        London
       4.     Yonge Street               world largest street. ( Tarronto Canda)
40.    Nobal Prized First Give 1901.
       Give in six profession
       1.     Chemistory 2.       Medicine 3.         Physiics 4. Literature
       5.     Peace         6.    Ecnomics
41.    Total Vicary of India 21
42.    First President of USA “George Wahsington”
43.    Obama 44 President of USA
44.    Famous Book of Urdu
       1.     Ab-i- Hayat.        M. Hussan Azad
       2.     Shahb Nama Islam Hafeez Jaladri
       3.     Shahb Nama          Shahb Ud Din
       4.     Hayat Javid         Altaf Hali
       5.     Yadgar Galb         Altaf Hali
       6.     A short history of Pakistan      I.H. Qurashi
       7.     Creation of Pakistan             Syed Shamim Hussain
       8.     Jinna of Pakistan          Stalan wolpert
       9.     Quaid-Azam- Jinna                G. Allona
       10. Change Geographical Names of Coutnry
                     Older Name          New Name
              1.     Abyssina            Ethiopia
              2.     Burma                     Myanmar
              3.     Ceylon                    Srilanka
              4.     Nippon              Japan
              5.     Persia                           Iran
              6.     Uniled Arab Republic             Egypet
              7.     Mesopotamia                      Iraq
45.    Invention
       1.     Airplane            Orrille      Wright                      1903
       2.     Bicycle             Kart D.Von Sauebronn. German 1916
       3.     Camera              Joseph N Niepce France 1822
       4.     Computer            J. Presper Eckert                 1946
       5.     Diesel Engine              Ruddf C.K Diesel Germen
       6.     Microscope          Vladimir K.Zworykin        U.S           1939
       7.     Pen                 Lewis E Waterman           U.S           1884
       8.     Helicopter          Igor Sikorsky England             1948
46.    The secretary General of united nation is Ban ki moon ( South Korea)
47.    The Security council has 15 member
48.    IMF.        International Monetary Fund
49.    I.L.O       Internation labour Organization
50.    WTO         World trade organization
51    APEC          Asia Pacific Economies cooperation
52.   ASEAN         Association of South East Asian Nations
53.   EU.           European Union 27 member
54.   ECO.          Economic Cooperation organization
55.   IEA           International Energy Agency
56.   NAM           Non Aliged Moment 1961
57.   OPEC                 Orgnization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
58.   OIC           Orgnization of Islamic Conference 1969
59.   SAARC.        South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation 1985
             (Saark was establish 8 Dec 1985 Dhaka Saarak has seven
60. NATO                   North Atlantic Treaty Organization 1949
   61.Earth is third planet in sular system
   62.Largest Planet Jupiter 142,800 KM Smallest Planet Mercury
   63.Brightest planet venus Hotest planet Venus Coldest planet Neptune
   64.Largest Continent Asia Smallest continent Austrailia
   65.Largest Ocean in the world Pacific smallest ocean Indian ocean
   66.largest desert in the world Sahara in North Africe
   67.Largest Country in area Russian Federation Smallest Vatican City
   68.Most Populous Country China Smallest Pupilous Country Vaticen
      City (Itally)
   69.Largest Islamic Country in area Kazakhstan Smallest Maldives
   70.Most Pupulous Islamic Countrey ( Indonesia) Smallest Maldives
   71.Largest island       Greenland
   72.Commonwealth is the Biggest Political Division (54. Country in it )
   73.Most Populous City Shanghai
   74.Most Active Volcano            “ Kilauea (Hawaii)” ( Aatish Fishan
   75.Largest Matural Lake “Caspian Sea”
   76.Largest Artifical lake “ Volta lake of Ghana”
   77.Largest salt water( Namkeen Water) lake Caspian Lake
   78.Highest lake “Panch pokhri lake” ( Hamalaya)
   79.Deepest lake “Baikal” ( Russia)
   80.Longest rive .       “Nile”, ( North Africa)
   81.Largest sea , South China sea
   82.Greatest Mountain Range“Himalaya”
   83.Highest mountain peak “Mount Everest:8850 M” .Nipal 29035Ft.
      Scaled 29th may 1953 “Edmund Hillary”
   84. K2 ( Goodwin Austen) 2nd Highest: 8611.M.          28250ft.
   85.Largest River Gorge Grand Canyon( USA)
   86.Most Popular waterfall Niggrafall
   87.Highest Waterfall “Salto angel” (Venezuela)
   88.Largest Dam by volume “New cornelia” (10 mile)
   89.Longest dam “kiew dam” (25.6 Miles)
   90.Tallest Building “Petronas Tower” (kuala Lumpur Malashia)
   91.Longest wall Great wall of China 3460 Km(2150miles)
   92.Largest Railway station “Central Terminal” (New York)
   93.Biggest national park: Yellow stone National Park(USA)
   94.Biggest University California (USA)
   95.Tallest Statute “Liberty” (NewYork) 152 Feet.
   96.Largest Airport (king khalid)
   97.Largest Mosque Shah Faisal Mosque: 46.87 Acres Design Maker
      Turkish (Vedat dallokey)
98.Largest Seaport Newyork and new jersey (USA)
99.Largest Church “Catholic Basilica” (Vatican City)
100.      Language most Alphabets “Cambodian language” 74 words
   (Largest Alphabets)
101.      Largest Bird Ostrich (2.7 Metter) 9 feet
102.      Smallest Bird       Humminbird
103.      Country of most island Indonesia
104.      Greatest Poet shakes peare
105.      Oldest capital city “Damascus “
106.       Which country largest whool producer in world ( Australia)
107.      Coldest place on Earth is “Vostok”
108.      Punjab 8 Division and 35 district
109.      Captain Sarwar Shaheed award first Nishan Haider (1959)
110.      National Anthem written by Hafeez Jalandri 1954 , 50 words
   15 lines
          Musician .A.K. Chhagla 90 second
11.Largest Barrage of Pakistan “Sukkur Barrage”          Canal “Lolyd
Barrage” Largest Dam “Tarbela Dam” “Largest River” Indus River”,
Largest Building in Pakistan. HBL Plaza. 345 Feet, Minraret Fasil
Mosque 286 feet.

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