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  “We defend your
    right to defend
 second Amendment neWs for the stAte of illinois And beyond                   Published monthly by guns sAve life                          volume 15, number 6           June 2009

                  LOBBY THE NRA
                         AffiliAted With the illinois federAtion for outdoor resources, the civiliAn mArksmAnshiP ProgrAm, the nAtionAl rifle AssociAtion And others

                Ask NRA to change its legislative focus in Illinois
NRA Lobbied Against License to Carry                         and they came back in just a few short years and suc-
Bill in Illinois -, 5-8-09                 cessfully expanded the law to include everyone. Ne-
                                                             braska, just two years after passing their license-to-carry
                                                             bill now has statewide preemption according to their
Background                                                   state’s Attorney General and are now working to amend
For the past decade and a half license-to-carry bills        their law.
introduced in the IL General Assembly have become
routine and hold little to no expectation of passing due     HB 2257 - Only a simple majority required
to opposition from the Chicago/Cook Co. legislators.         With those recent successes in mind many license-
That opposition means every year the same old bills          to-carry supporters in Illinois were very excited when
calling for statewide preemption which would force the       downstate Representative Brandon Phelps courageously
carry law into Chicago guarantees the bill is dead on        decided it was time to try the same strategy in Illinois.
arrival. A bill or two may make the headlines but never
to the floor for a vote largely due to the opposition of
                                                                                  See “Lobby the NRA” on page 5
Mayor Daley and Cook County legislators. The likeli-
hood of a statewide preemption bill being passed is
greatly reduced by the fact that bills preempting home
rule status require 71 votes for passage rather than a           What NOT to do
simple majority of 60. Double or triple that reduction           Don’t call and threaten to tear up your NRA
by the fact that in Chicago it is illegal to even own a          membership card. NRA needs members,and
handgun let alone carry one for self-defense purposes.           we need the NRA. Simply politely and firmly
                                                                 tell them that we’ve been using the “preemp-                  The seated firing position, being taught at last year’s
We find it somewhat ludicrous to even consider a
                                                                 tion first” strategy for years in Illinois, and it’s          GSL-sponsored Appleseed event. Appleseed, the
statewide preemptive bill passing in the state of Illinois
                                                                 time to try a different tactic.                               American heritage program with a really good marks-
given those circumstances.
                                                                                                                               manship instruction element thrown in, is coming to
                                                                 Don’t get on the case of the Illinois NRA lob-                Darnall’s in Bloomington on May 30-31. This Appleseed
Other states have tried a different approach
                                                                 byist. He takes the position the Fairfax, VA.                 event is sponsored by Guns Save Life, which is spring-
States like Pennsylvania and Nebraska faced years of
                                                                 Headquarters folks direct him to take.                        ing for the range fees. Many more shooting events,
major opposition like this. They finally won their battle
                                                                                                                               including the Myron Deckard match at Danville Rifle
by passing a carry law which we in Illinois would call
                                                                 Don’t put this off, and say someone else will                 and Pistol Club set for June 14, are coming up. Look
“subject to home rule”. An imperfect bill that allowed
                                                                 do it. If YOU are an Illinois member of NRA,                  through pages 22-23 of this issue, and make your plans
major cities to opt out but did provide a means for
                                                                 it’s up to YOU to tell NRA what YOU want done                 now to attend one that appeals to you.
license-to-carry to get a foothold in the state. Pro-Sec-
ond Amendment groups in Pennsylvania were then                   in Illinois.
able to prove carrying firearms for self-defense works

 Dr. David Pike, President
                                                                 PRE-SORT STD.                      June 2009 Meeting
                                                                 U.S. POSTAGE                                                                     In this issue:
 Guns Save                                              PAID                               TUESDAY, June 9th
 P.O. Box 51                                                     PERMIT NO. 999                                                                   May Meeting Business            2
 Savoy, IL 61874                                                 CHAMPAIGN, IL                   NOW MEETING AT                                   Home Defense 101                3
                                                                                                 Knights of Columbus Hall                         Jobs that need Doing            4
                                                                                                 1001 N. Ohio St.                                 Sangamon Co. Rifle Assn.       6-9
                                                                                                 RANTOUL, IL                                      Carbine Operator’s Course       10
                                                                                                 (Route 45 N. through Rantoul, turn               News from North of I-80         12
                                                                                                 west on Campbell and north on Ohio)              ARMED AMERICAN                  14
                                                                                                 Dinner, conversation, come early as              2nd Amend. Coaltion Building    15
                                                                                                 5 p.m. if you wish. Exhibits at 6 p.m.           Freedom’s Forum                 16
                                                                                                 Meeting at 7 p.m.                                News Shorts                  18-19
                                                                                                         C’mon out and join us!                   Upcoming Events              22-23
                                                                                                  The public is encouraged to attend!             Contact Info for CCRA / GSL     23
                                                                                                     Good food and good friends.                  JOIN GUNS SAVE LIFE             24
                                                                                                               It’s fun too!
 Burma-style sign count: 33 sets, 14 counties, two states.                                                                 Check out our newly refurbished website, and our new
                                                                            GUNS SAVE
 559,400 sightings per day, 204.2 million per year                                                                              BLOG. and
    Champaign County Rifle Association Monthly Meeting Report for May 2009                                                                 flap, the foot in the door we need to con-
Attendance: We counted 104; here are                                                                                        Mike and       vince the rest of the state what downstate
                                              He started off by encouraging members
those who signed the attendance list:                                                                                       Valinda        already knows - permit to carry reduces
                                              to bring in their scrap metal for magical
John Naese, Pete Wheeler, Matthew                                                                                           Rowe           crime and saves lives.
                                              conversion into gold, thanks to the do-
Skaj, Dennis Stott, Mike Miller, Francis      gooders up in Chicago. Even rusty, non-                                       address
Smith, John Boch, John Grubb, Sallly                                                                                        the May        As to the “patchwork quilt” argument
                                              function junk will be cheerfully exchanged
Grubb, Tim Kinder, Glen Kinder, Ken                                                                                         GSL            made by NRA, we already have a “patch-
                                              for $100 bills for the club. With that
Kinder, Shawn Russell, Dan burwash,                                                                                         meeting        work quilt” of local ordinances that restrict
                                              money, we will sponsor the NRA Youth
Ann Burwash, Jim Whitmore, Jack Aud,                                                                                                       certain guns, or their transportation.
                                              Shooting Camp at Darnall’s in Bloom-
Wayne Johnson, Carroll Kreis, Betty           ington. Yes, Mayor Daley is paying for
Kreis, Matt Thomas, Valinda Rowe, Mike                                                                                                     Paul Vallandigham contributed the com-
                                              ammunition for young people to learn the
Rowe, Norman Paul, Earl Buenting, Matt                                                      If you are a member of organizer of a          ment that, of the 180 or more home rule
                                              fun of shooting and for guns for us to give
Marcinkowski, Mavis Marcinkowski, Susie                                                     shooting event at your club, and you want      entities in Illinois, only a half-dozen or so,
                                              away to children.
Lies, Terry Lies, Kenneth Halbrooke,                                                        to generate some new attendees, be sure        including Chicago, are likely to opt-out in
Gene Nelsen, James Quinlan, illeg-                                                          to let us know here at GunNews! See            a subject to home rule scenario. Politi-
                                              The board approved a $000 sponsor-
ible, Jim Harmon, Bob Treach, illegible,                                                    page 3 for contact info.                      cians in the rest would probably not want
                                              ship of the Darnall Youth Camp at the
Bill Greeenwood, Mike Terstriep, Carol                                                                                                     to explain to their constituents why those
                                              last board meeting so that if Ron Darnall
Terstriep, Dave Kinde, Carolyn Kinde,                                                       Special Guests                                 constituents deserve fewer civil rights
                                              found a bargain on ammo, he could go
Jim Bickers, Duane Ryherd, Steve                                                            Valinda and Mike Rowe                          than the citizens in the rest of the state.
                                              ahead and make the purchase. Then
Cushman, Paul Beherns, Dan Kulwiee,           Boch corrected himself and noted that it      Illinois Carry and the NRA
Chad Benner, Paul Messman, Charles                                                                                                         The Rowes noted that NRA has moved
                                              might be good to order it now so that it
Benner, Kevin Baker, Dave Garth, Matt                                                                                                      somewhat on this issue since they started
                                              could arrive before the end of the sum-       Valinda and Mike made the long trek up
Kieser, Dave Martin, Harry Querry (sp?)                                                                                                    lobbying the leadership, changing the
                                              mer, given the shortage of ammunition in      to Rantoul from Carmi to give us the story
Mike Holden, Sammy Becker, Walter                                                                                                          NRA’s position on HB 57, the current
                                              the market currently.                         behind the front-page story in this issue,
Rothermel, Lawrence Mamest, Sr. (sp?)                                                                                                      iteration of the “subject to home rule” bill,
                                                                                            about the NRA’s initial position against a     from “oppose” to “neutral”. That’s prog-
Paul Vallandigham, Art Freiberger, Marty      Boch also noted training opportunities        “subject to home rule” permit to carry bill.
Poling, Frank Wright, Doug Rokke, Curt                                                                                                     ress, but it’s not enough.
                                              the next three weekends, to include an
Moore, Hohn McNeely, Ronald Beatty,           instructor class, an NRA Personal Protec-     The Alert that resulted
Mykal Anstrom, donald Zarker, Cody Cun-                                                                                                    Mike and Valinda urged all in attendance,
                                              tion Course and the Appleseed event on        in that front-page story did not come
diff, Larry Shurbet, Lou McClellan, Rob                                                                                                    and the readers of GunNews, to read
                                              the last weekend of the month.                about lightly or with little thought. The
Eft, Dan Sadler, Dean Rothermel, Larry                                                                                                     carefully the Alert, and make the calls,
                                                                                            leadership of has been       send the letters and emails, and change
Pasquale, Cory Garrett, Bonnie Garrett,       Events, Events, Events                        lobbying the NRA leadership in Fairfax,
Larry Nixon, Kevin Lowe, Roger Curtis,                                                                                                     some minds in Fairfax, so we can make
                                              Francis Smith of Leroy Rifle and Pistol       Va., since shortly after IGOLD about this
bill Hutchins, Art Berry, Alan Watts, Dan                                                                                                  some progress on permit to carry here in
                                              Club talked about their own, home-grown       bill and this issue.
Francis, Robert Crump, James Gabbard,                                                                                                      Illinois.
                                              version of three-gun matches.
David Laker, Dan Worthey, Scott Craw-                                                       Mike and Valinda went as far as suburban
ford, Bill Harrison, John Hamilton, Clyde     Larry Pasquale of Danville Rifle and Pis-     Chicago to attend a town-hall type meet-
Martin, Ray Leisure, Frank Wrestler,          tol Club gave details of the Myron Deck-      ing on right to carry with, among others,
illegible, David Pike, Ken Selby. (My         ard match, coming up in June. This is a       Todd Vandermyde, the NRA’s contract
apologies on some of the names that are       fun event, even for novices, and a chance     lobbyist in Illinois. They then accom-
missspelled, or I couldn’t read them from     to have a good time, remember a dear          panied Todd on a round of lobbying in
the list.)                                    departed friend, and help some young          Springfield.
                                              people attend Danville Area Community
Report of the general members meet-           College. Sounds like a win, win, win.         Mike and Valinda reported that Todd is an
ing, GunsSaveLife, Inc.                                                                     excellent lobbyist, a credit to the pro-gun
May 12, 2009 @ 7:00pm;                        Dan Burwash, also of Danville Rifle and       cause, and very, very effective in killing
Knights of Columbus Hall, Rantoul, IL         Pistol Club, gave us the details of the       bad legislation in Springfield.
Conducted by David Pike.                      Bullseye pistol matches held there, now
                                              and every Wednesday through the end           However, his position on “subject to home
Greetings                                     of the summer. Starting at 5 p.m. at the      rule” permit to carry is what the NRA, his
President David Pike brought the meet-        club’s range 5 miles north of Oakwood,        employer, tells him it is. That is why, in
ing to order and led the audience in the      for a paltry $ donation to help with tar-    the Alert published in this issue, Illinois-
Pledge of Allegiance. As is our custom,       gets, you can get in some bullseye pistol has stressed that the minds
he recognized the new attendees and           shooting, .22 or centerfire, slow, timed,     that need to be changed regarding this
invited them to return. You’re family after                                                                                                Another Happy Attendee! Carol Kreis
                                              and rapid fire. It’s fun, and you can even    issue are in Fairfax, not in Springfield or
your second visit!                                                                                                                         came all the way from Springfield to win
                                              show up late - they go until about 7:30       Chicago.                                       our “one gun a month”, a Ruger Special
                                              p.m. Many of the attendees then adjourn
Vice President’s Report – John Boch                                                                                                        Edition 50th Anniversary Blackhawk.
                                              to the truck stop in Oakwood for dinner       Valinda made the point that getting a
VP John Boch delivered his report after                                                                                                    He’s all smiles, as you can see. Come to
                                              and conversation, making it a great social    “subject to home rule” carry law passed
thanking everyone for coming out.                                                                                                          a meeting, buy a ticket, and maybe you
                                              evening.                                      would be the beginning, not the end. This      can be all smiles too!
                                                                                            would be the camel’s nose under the tent
Main Speakers:                                 to have enough
Home Defense 101                               penetration for a                                                                                 “Get one of these...”
                                               less than optimal
Three long-time firearm instructors dis-
                                               hit “because you
cussed their recommendations for home
                                               might not get
defense tools at the May 009 meeting.
                                               another chance to
Given the upswing in interest from non-
                                               get another hit in
gun owners, we thought this would be a
                                               before he takes a
timely discussion of some solid funda-
                                               shot at you. You
mentals that our newer members could
                                               want any hit to be
share with people they know when ap-
                                               a good one.” He
proached with questions about “what gun
                                               showed an old
should I get for home defense”. After all,
                                               Mossberg 500 that
it is gun owners that everyday Americans
                                               had one foot in the
seek out when they suddenly appreci-                                  Paul Vallandigham demonstrated the importance of getting a
                                               scrapyard before
ate the safety and security that firearm                              handgun that “fits” your hand.
                                               getting sawed off
ownership provides.
                                               to riot length,
                                               and having parts replaced and rust care-                                                          Frank Wright, during his presentation,
John Boch was first up. He recommend-                                                          Paul noted that single-action, cow-
                                               fully removed. Adding a 4-round side                                                              explained why his primary home de-
ed a revolver for new firearm owners or                                                        boy-style revolvers do make capable
                                               saddle from Midway USA, and about                                                                 fense gun is a Remington 870.
anyone who’s not going to practice much                                                        home-defense guns, particularly if you’re
                                               $00 and some TLC, it’s a very capable
and who wants a handgun for whatever                                                           familiar with the gun and practice. Like
                                               and respectable looking home-defense
reason. He mentioned that police trade-                                                        John, Paul noted that the shotgun makes          now’, there will be a stampede of feet
in revolvers can be purchased for about                                                        an excellent home-defense gun to protect         because the first one in gets first choice
half the price of new ones and ones like                                                       an entire family but disagreed with John         of the guns!”
                                               Those wanting greater magazine capac-
the K-frame Smith and Wesson make                                                              on using buckshot or slugs, particularly
                                               ity or less recoil could choose an M1
great personal defense and home de-                                                            in a crowded apartment or similar loca-          Have your cellphone and charger in the
                                               Carbine which makes an excellent home
fense guns. For those wanting a semi-                                                          tion. Birdshot, he said, will offer sufficient   saferoom (usually a master bedroom),
                                               and neighborhood defense gun. “It’s
automatic, he also recommended police                                                          stopping power under ten feet as the shot        along with a good flashlight or two, your
                                               kind of like a grown-up 10/,” Boch
trade in guns, such as a Beretta 9 as                                                         doesn’t really begin to spread out until         home defense tools and any “gear” you
                                               noted. These are a good deal of fun to
bargains in the handgun world.                                                                 after three yards and it is safer because        might have. “If you’ve got body armor,
                                               take to the range as well. He showed
                                                                                               of its reduced penetration.                      put it in the saferoom. It doesn’t do you
                                               off a tricked out M1 Carbine (see story
And while the handgun is “good”, a shot-                                                                                                        any good in the car or closet downstairs.”
                                               elsewhere in this issue of GunNews) with
gun is far better. A pump shotgun, even                                                        Vallandigham also reminded the audience
                                               a red-dot scope mounted on a picatinny
an old, beat-up bird gun, loaded with                                                          that any gun, even a . (such as a 10/        Frank also covered the importance of
                                               rail - a rarity on an M1 carbine but easy
reduced recoil 00-buckshot or rifled slugs                                                     or even a revolver) will really hurt a home      good lighting, good locks and keeping
                                               to install.
offers incredible stopping power against                                                       intruder, especially when loaded with CCI        your landscape trimmed. “The casual
any bad guy. They also provide good                                                            Stingers or other hollow-point ammo. “A          burglar will look for the easy score. Lock
                                               John also showed a Kel-Tec folding
service for those who can’t manipulate                                                         10/22 can put out a lot of fire with almost      your doors and windows.”
                                               carbine in .40 S&W. “This one is not at
a handgun because of arthritis or other                                                        no recoil,” he said.
                                               all enjoyable to shoot, but would make
issues. “Save your birdshot for little birds                                                                                                    Wright echoed the earlier speakers in rec-
                                               a more-than-adequate home defense
though,” he said, explaining that you want                                                     Like Boch, Vallandigham stressed the             ommending a shotgun for home defense
                                                                                               importance of a good, bright flashlight.         duty. “It’s easily the most powerful shoul-
                                                                                               He explained how when someone is hit             der-fired weapon you can get,” he said.
                                               Lastly, “when trouble lurks,” Boch showed
                                                                                               with a strong beam in the dark, they will        He added, “I have yet to see anyone walk
                                               his go-to tool, the AR-15. Controllability,
                                                                                               naturally turn away from the bright light        away from a load of buckshot or a slug to
                                               ammunition capacity, stopping power,
                                                                                               - “and where the head goes, the hands            the chest.”
                                               rapid reloads - the AR has it all, so long
                                                                                               will follow,” so our good guy can either
                                               as you’re wearing hearing protection es-
                                                                                               engage with greater safety or retreat to         Wright closed with a plug for electronic
                                               pecially when firing indoors with one.
                                                                                               cover while the bad guy has momentarily          ear muffs which, for those with less than
                                                                                               turned away “from the bright light.”             perfect hearing, can wear when they sus-
                                               Boch also explained the importance of
                                               having a nice, bright flashlight in the                                                          pect an intruder to help them hear better
                                                                                               Paul discussed the importance of light           while protecting their hearing in event of
                                               nightstand near your home defense gun.
                                                                                               outside the home to prevent the intru-           gunfire.
                                               “You must be able to identify your target!”
                                                                                               sion to begin with. Motion sensor inserts
                                                                                               can be purchased for negligible cost to          Ron Beatty, also a longtime instructor,
                                               Paul Vallandigham was up next and
                                                                                               surprise any prowlers.                           raised his hand at the end and empha-
                                               he turned to a large case filled with
                                               handguns of all shapes and sizes. He                                                             sized the importance of practice and
                                                                                               Frank Wright was last up and he dis-             familiarity with your home defense gun.
                                               explained that shooting a handgun isn’t
                                                                                               cussed a little bit of the law when it           “And get some training. Get some train-
                                               exactly natural and that proper fit will go a
                                                                                               comes to using deadly force in the home          ing. Get some training,” he said.
                                               long way to helping a shooter be safe and
                                                                                               and when not to shoot as well! He dis-
                                               effective with their gun. “Many husbands
                                                                                               cussed having a saferoom and a standing
                                               just give their wives one of their guns,
                                                                                               code-word or command to get to the safe
                                               which are often a poor fit for smaller
                                                                                               room. “At my house, if I say ‘saferoom
                                                                                                                                                                               GunNews 3
                       SOMETHING TO HELP THE CAUSE
  Tired of sending in your money to XYZ organization and hoping for the best? Volunteer a couple of hours of your valuable time
                        each month, and take up one of these jobs that needs doing here at Guns Save Life.
  GunNews Newspaper             North of I-80 - send candidate sto-   Burma-style signs               Independence Day
I’ve had one person contact me since         ries and suggestions for this page.
last month. I welcome the help, but more                                                     We need:
                                                                                                                                          Many hands make light work! Our floats
is needed. Here are the jobs that need       Club Liasions - each club needs                 - someone to coordinate,
                                                                                                                                          in the Champaign-Urbana Freedom Cel-
doing.                                       to keep me and the Upcoming Events              - someone to store materials,
                                                                                                                                          ebration Parade have been well-received
                                             person apprised of what’s coming up and         - someone with a truck or trailer to
If you can help with any of these, contact                                                                                                in the past, and this is a chance to get
                                             what the news is.                                       transport materials, and
GunNews Editor John Naese by emailing                                                                                                     our name, our smiling faces, and a good
                                                                                             - several people to actually climb
him at, or                                                                                                     Burma-type slogan out in front of thou-
                                             Event reports - if you go to an                         ladders and run electric
calling him at 17-684-60.                                                                                                              sands of people who may not have seen
                                             event, write up a few paragraphs about it.              screwdrivers.
                                                                                                                                          our messages.
                                             Send in a picture if you’ve got one.
Advertising - someone to keep track                                                          Contact David Pike, or any of the mem-
                                                                                                                                          We need:
of who has paid what, send out letters                                                       bers of the Board of Directors listed on
asking for renewals, and maybe try to get               Gun Shows                            page 3, if you would be willing to help
                                                                                                                                          - people to help plan and gather
                                             We need one coordinator, and several                                                         materials,
some new advertisers.                                                                        in this area. This program is one of our
                                             folks who might be able to cover a                                                           - people to assemble the floats in the
                                                                                             most important and public faces. Take
                                             show maybe once a month.                                                                     days preceeding the Fourth of July,
                                                                                             pride in your organization by helping with
Upcoming Events - someone to                                                                 the signs.
                                                                                                                                          - people to help with final assembly
combine paper schedules, internet-avail-                                                                                                  on the day of the parade, and...
                                             Contact David Pike, or any of the mem-
able schedules, and word of mouth to put                                                                                                  - RIDERS on the floats, to wave at the
                                             bers of the Board of Directors listed on
the calendar together each month.                                                                                                         public, smile, and show them we’re the
                                             page 3, if you would be willing to help in
                                             this area. By the way, it’s a lot of fun!                                                    good guys.

                                                                                                                                          If you can help, contact Warren Drake
                                                                                           More Meeting Notes                             (see page 3). Thanks!
                                                                   Word of mouth has it that the food at the Knights of Columbus
                                                                   was very good (an all you can eat buffet, including tea or lem-
                                                                   onade, and dessert, for $10), and people liked the large meet-
                                                                   ing space, with room to spread out, and the sound system.
                                                                                                                                            RE: Reloading Commitee
                                                                   Lighting could have been a bit better, and we will rearrange the         Training Manual
                                                                   room next month so we have an actual head table / speaker’s
                                                                   podium.                                                                  The Instruction Manual that will be
                                                                                                                                            used for training new reloaders needs
                                                                   Door Prizes                                                              to be purchased by all those partica-
                                                                   With the move to a bigger and better meeting space, the door             pating at their best source. The cost
                                                                   prizes returned, and more than a dozen attendees walked                  is around $19.95 for the soft cover
                                                                   away with something tangible for their attendance.                       version.

                                                                   See you on June 9 in Rantoul!                                            What to buy?
The door prize table this month included ammo, a 30-round                                                                                   Lyman Reloading Handbook
AR magazine, a Western cartridge belt, T-shirts, hats, and                 Guns Save Life is a hands-on                                     49th Edition, December 008
other assorted goodies. Show up and you too could win!                                                                                      Soft Cover
                                                                            club whose heart and soul is                                    IBM 9816052
                                                                          PARTICIPATION of the members.                                     UPC 011516996058

                                                                                                                                            Those who want to participate in the
                                                                           If you can’t help any other way                                  reloading program must have this
                                                                                                                                            book to start the program and learn
                                                                           (see above), you can still get a                                 how to reload. No Book, No Training.
                                                                         new member to join. Ask someone                                    David A. Acklin
                                                                         to join, or bring them to a meeting.                     
                                                                             You’ll be doing them a favor.

GunNews 4
LOBBY THE NRA                                  and vowed to kill it. The reason given
                                               for the opposition was that the bill did
                                                                                               passage.                                           and tell them you want their support for
                                                                                                                                                  subject to home rule license-to-carry in
continued from page 1                          not include statewide preemption, that it
                                                                                               Our NRA lobbyist is good; it’s the                 Illinois. If you are a resident of Chicago or
                                               would create a patchwork of ordinances                                                             any other municipality that might exercise
How about a bill that would require only                                                       leadership in Virginia that’s calling the
                                               all across the state which could be det-                                                           the right to “opt out” of concealed carry,
a simple majority of 60 votes, would pro-                                                      tune
                                               rimental to license holders, and it would                                                          assure the NRA-ILA that you know the
vide an opportunity for license-to-carry to                                                    We need the NRA-ILA and their hard-
                                               ultimately be vetoed by Gov. Quinn and                                                             most effective and expeditious way to get
get a foot in the door, something similar                                                      working lobbyists on the IL Second
                                               still need 71 votes for a veto override.                                                           concealed carry into your area is to get it
to what has been so successful in Ohio                                                         Amendment team. But we differ greatly
                                               NRA says we should continue to wait                                                                into the rest of the state first. Do not let
and Nebraska . . . how about a “subject                                                        on this issue of denying an opportunity
                                               and work toward a change in the political                                                          them get caught up in HB 2257 specifical-
to home rule” bill which would allow                                                           for a subject to home rule bill to come to
                                               makeup of the IL legislature.                                                                      ly - bills can be amended, it’s the issue
home rule municipalities to opt out if they                                                    a vote. The NRA-ILA lobbyist for Illinois
                                                                                               is one of the best in the country and has          of subject to home rule we want them
so chose but citizens in the vast major-       IllinoisCarry says “Why wait?”
                                                                                               been invaluable in the battle to curtail           to support.
ity of the state would be free to exercise     IllinoisCarry maintains that statewide
their constitutional right to keep and bear                                                    bad gun bills in the state of Illinois. We
                                               preemption didn’t pass even when we
arms? The Citizens Self-Defense Act,                                                           recognize a lobbyist must follow the bid-
                                               did have a more favorable party in office
HB 57, was born.                                                                             ding of the organization they represent.                    Contact the following NRA-ILA
                                               and continuing to wait for countless more
                                                                                               We have been assured by him that if the                           leadership team:
                                               years will only result in more defense-
Keeping in mind a statewide preemp-                                                            NRA-ILA changes its stance on the issue
                                               less victims being violently assaulted
tive law is the ultimate goal, IllinoisCarry                                                   to one of support then he will support the               Chris Cox
                                               and murdered. Citizens in the rest of
members, including members residing in                                                         issue also.                                              Executive Director
                                               the state where license to carry is being
municipalities sure to ban the practice,                                                                                                                NRA-ILA
                                               welcomed should not be denied the right
have given their full support to the idea                                                      Now after weeks of conversation with                     1-800-39-8683
                                               to defend themselves just because other
of subject to home rule carry and believe                                                      the NRA-ILA, their leadership team has                   1-703-67-3973 fax
                                               municipalities choose to infringe on their
the premise behind it is the best hope of                                                      temporarily changed their position from        
                                               citizens’ rights.
getting any kind of license-to-carry bill                                                      “opposition” to “neutral” while they claim
passed in the state of Illinois.                                                               to study the issue. It is our opinion a sub-             Scott Christman
                                               It’s already a “patchwork quilt” of laws
                                                                                               ject to home rule license-to-carry bill will             Assist. Ex. Dir.
                                               IllinoisCarry is confident that a “subject
HB 57 started off with good promise,                                                         not advance in Illinois without the support              NRA-ILA
                                               to home rule” bill like HB 57 will lead
the sponsor reported he felt sure he                                                           of the NRA-ILA. We need the NRA to                       703-67-1140
                                               to statewide preemption as it has in Ohio
could garner the 60 votes needed to pass                                                       SUPPORT subject to home rule carry             
                                               and Nebraska. IL firearm owners already
it out of the House. So it came as a huge                                                      in Illinois.
                                               have to work within a patchwork of city
shock and disappointment to learn from                                                                                                                  Randy Kozuch
                                               ordinances concerning firearms and a
legislators that the NRA was actually lob-                                                     WHAT CAN YOU DO? LOBBY THE                               Director
                                               look at the listing of city ordinances on
bying against it.                                                                              NRA!                                                     ILA-State and Local Affairs
                                               the Illinois State Police website would
                                                                                               If you are an NRA member, resident of                    703-67-10
                                               verify that fact. Although Gov. Quinn
The NRA’s position                                                                             Illinois, visit Illinois, or even travel through         703-67-3976 fax
                                               may very well veto the bill, we will never
When contacted by lllinoisCarry the                                                            Illinois please call the numbers below         
                                               know that if every such bill is killed by the
NRA-ILA lobbyist confirmed the NRA-                                                            - REMEMBER BE POLITE BUT FIRM-
                                               NRA-ILA without a good hard push for
ILA was indeed lobbying against the bill

We support recycling!

No sense in throwing out a perfectly good rifle! One of our members brought in an
M1 Carbine rifle that appeared to be “re-milled”. It looked as though the receiver
had been torch-cut then nicely welded and machined back into serviceable condi-
tion. Thanks to our member for bringing this piece in, and it fit right in with our “Home
Defense” theme of the evening.

                                                                                                                                                                                  GunNews 5
                                                         Right Reason on Second Amendment Rights
                          Sangamon County and the Second Amendment Resolution
Henderson and Douglas Counties are                                                                                                               are passed upward to ever-larger units of
                                                                                                  form of infringement they choose. That
the latest counties to pass the Second          Herein I argue                                                                                   government. Counties inform state sena-
                                                                                                  means that Illinois citizen’s “right” to own
Amendment Resolution. This makes 90             that a resolu-                                                                                   tors and representatives, who in turn, in-
                                                                                                  firearms is empty and meaningless, and
counties sending a strong message to leg-       tion affirming                                                                                   form the state legislature as a whole. That
                                                                                                  indefensible in an Illinois court of law!
islators in Illinois that these counties, gun   protection of                                                                                    Illinois counties pass resolutions is indeed
owners and supporters have had enough           the right of                                                                                     their business, because with such resolu-
                                                                                                  Precisely due to the facts outlined above,
of the anti-gun legislation in Illinois. Only   individual citi-                                                                                 tions, they inform the state legislature on
                                                                                                  it is anything but redundant that Illinois
12 counties out of 102 have failed to pass      zens to keep                                                                                     crucial matters concerning the rights and
                                                                                                  counties discuss and pass Pro-Second
the Second Amendment Resolution.                and bear arms                                                                                    wishes of their citizens.
                                                                                                  Amendment Resolutions. This issue is in-
                                                is anything but         Commentary by             deed county business; counties are among
Unfortunately, Sangamon County is one of        redundant, and            JIM BUTLER                                                             Indeed, the Sangamon County Board
                                                                                                  the most local governmental units and as
the very few counties that has refused to                                                                                                        should stop dragging their feet on this
                                                that it is indeed within the scope of Illinois    such, counties can best understand and
pass the Second Amendment Resolution.                                                                                                            matter, and join the other 90 Illinois coun-
                                                county governments.                               represent the wishes of their citizens. If
Some of the reasons they stated were if                                                                                                          ties that have already passed the Pro-
                                                                                                  government is “by the people and for the
they passed this resolution they would                                                                                                           Second Amendment Resolution.
                                                The Second Amendment to the US Con-               people”, the political wishes of the people
then be asked to support resolutions such
                                                stitution states two things - that militias are
as supporting or opposing the war in Iraq;
                                                necessary for the security of a free state,
supporting or opposing abortion and other
                                                and that the right of the people to keep and
similar resolutions. We have pointed out
                                                bear arms shall not be infringed. However,
to them the clear difference in that this
resolution supported the citizens consti-
                                                the Second Amendment is one of the few                            Fun Shoot and Potluck Dinner
                                                Bill of Rights provisions that has not yet
tutional right which they took an oath of
                                                been incorporated against state and lo-                          Monday June 8, 2009 Starting at 5PM
office to protect and that none of these
examples of issues which they had given
                                                cal infringement via the 14th Amendment.                       Siddens Gunshop Indoor Shooting Range
                                                The Illinois constitution (Section 22) like-                            10775 Buckhart Road
was a constitutional right.
                                                wise mentions the right to keep and bear
                                                arms, but is more explicit than the federal                               Rochester, Illinois
During Illinois county board discussions
regarding the Pro-Second Amendment
                                                guarantee because it omits prefatory ref-                             Telephone: 217/498-6988
                                                erence to militias: “...the right of the indi-
Resolution, it has come to my attention
                                                vidual citizen to keep and bear arms shall
that some board members argue that this
                                                not be infringed.” However, as passed at               Brats and hot dogs furnished. Bring a covered dish.
issue is (1) redundant, because the right
to keep and bear arms is already consti-
                                                the 1970 Illinois Constitutional Conven-                   Bring your own ammo, range fee: $8.00 hr.
                                                tion, the guarantee reads in full: “Subject
tutionally protected, and (2) beyond the
                                                only to the police power, the right of the
scope of county governments, because
                                                individual citizen to keep and bear arms             Directions
issues regarding constitutional rights ulti-                                                         Exit I-55 at the Rochester (Rt 29 South) exit 9.
                                                shall not be infringed.” Yes you heard it
mately fall on the state and federal gov-
                                                right. “Subject only to the police power”.           Proceed south on Rt. 29 to the second stop light in Rochester, then turn
ernments. Now that this resolution has
been discussed and passed in 90 Illinois                                                             left (east) onto Main Street, follow Main Street out of town going east
                                                Joseph Stalin would have been proud of               which turns into Buckhart Rd. The range is 4.5 miles east of Rochester
counties, that question has been raised,
                                                this one!                                            on the north side of the road. We look forward to seeing you there.
and subsequently answered.
                                                The prefatory statement “subject to police
Sangamon County                                 power” clause not surprisingly was man-
                                                dated by a strong Chicago contingent,
Rifle Association                               generally favorable to gun control mea-
                                                sures then, as they are now. What the
  James Butler, President richardson.           preface really means, for Illinois citizens, (217) 528-093              is that they have absolutely no constitu-
    Regular monthly meetings take               tional protection from state government
 place the first Monday of each month           infringement on their right to keep and
   at :30 p.m. at Diamond’s Buffet,            bear arms. “Subject only to police power”
  Town & Country Shopping Center,               effectively means that the state legislature
  2441 S. MacArthur, Springfield, IL.           can enact, and the state police can en-
  The next meeting of the Sangamon              force, any and all laws that would regulate
  County Rifle Association will be on           or prohibit outright the possession of fire-
                                                arms by individual citizens. Moreover, the
  Monday, June 1, 2009                          “home rule” provision enacted at the 1970
  Come out and join us! The public is           Convention likewise empowers local gov-
    encouraged to attend. It’s fun.             ernments, such as Chicago, to enact any

                                                                                              licensed dealer’s shop with the weapon.       Carry legislation, HB-1389, sponsored
                    SCRA Meeting Notes - May 4, 2009                                                                                        by state Rep. Karen Karls (R-35th Dist.).
Chairman Butler opened the meeting by           Richard Pearson, executive director of        ID governor signs firearms purchase           The new law will now allow concealed
inviting Ron Steward to lead members in         the Illinois State Rifle Association, said    bill                                          carry permit holders to carry a firearm in
the Pledge of Allegiance.                       that, “It’s hard to believe that Rep. Tha-    On April 8, House Bill 5A was signed by      state parks.
                                                pedi would be attacking members of his        Idaho Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter (R). The
Website                                         own ethic community and trying to take        bill that enables Idahoans to purchase        North Dakota law had previously promib-
Betty Richardson spoke briefly about            their rights away from them.”                 firearms in non-contiguous sates will go      ited permit holders from carrying in state
the SCRA website. People at home and                                                          into effect on July 1.                        parks.
abroad never seem to tire of reading Phil       The six zip codes specifically targeted by
Davis’ technical presentations.                 Thapedi’s legislation are 019, 020,       The measure will also permit non-resi-                       Memorials
                                                021, 029, 03 and 037, the            dents to purchase long guns in Idaho.
Fun Shoot and Potluck                           neighborhood bordered on the north by         As the old law currently stands, residents    Bonnie B. Davis
Brent Harney reminded everyone that on          Garfield and on the south by 95th Street,     of Idaho can only purchase firearms from      Bonnie B. Davis 93, of Springfield
June 8, 2009, from 5PM on into the eve-         on the west by Cicero and on the east by      immediately surrounding states. With          passed away on Saturday, April 4, 2009,
ning, everyone will be getting together for     Stony Island and Lake Michigan.               the enactment of this bill, a resident of     at Heritage Manor Nursing Home.
a good time at Sonny Siddens Range.                                                           Idaho would now be allowed to purchase
Brats and hot dogs will be furnished by         Support for Gun Control at all-time           a firearm in most of the 49 other states.     She was born March 29, 191, the
SCRA and people can bring a potluck             Low                                           This bill affects only rifles and shotguns,   daughter of Riley and Neoma Brooks.
dish. There will be a map in the paper for      Gun control law support in the United         as federal law prohibits interstate hand-
anyone who isn’t familiar with the loca-        States is at an all time low, a Gallup        gun sales.                                    Bonnie and her husband Dr. Gilbert Da-
tion of Sonny’s Siddens Range. Bring            Poll survey taken last October, before                                                      vis were some of the earliest members of
your own ammo. The shooting will be             the elections and well before the recent      N.D. governor signs carry in parks bill       the Sangamon County Rifle Association.
on your own dime but it’s reasonable at         spate of mass murders, according to           North Dakota Gov. John Hoeven (R) on          They helped make our early meetings
eight dollars an hour.                          United Press International.                   April 9 signed North Dakota’s State Park      very interesting and educational.

Chairman Butler talked about the                Twenty-nine percent of Americans asked
following:                                      said they favored banning possession of                                                                    TW
                                                handguns by private citizens, the small-                                                                 LOC O
Two More Illinois Counties Voting on            est approval percentage since Gallup                                                                        ATIO
Concealed Carry                                 first asked the question nearly 50 years                                                                                  NS
Two more Southern Illinois counties,            ago, the Princeton, N.J., polling agency
Johnson and Pope, have included con-
cealed carry advisory referendums on
                                                said on April 8 in releasing the results.
                                                                                                                                            GET CASH
their April ballots that proponents say will    Kerry pitches for AK import ban                  JEWELRY UNDER                              PAYING TOP
help convince state lawmakers that laws         During a recent Senate hearing, commit-
need to be passed to allow for it. Illinois     tee Chairman Sen. John Kerry (D-MA)             WHOLESALE PRICES!
citizens would then have the same right         called for a ban on the import of so-called
to carry arms to protect themselves and         assault rifles, such as the AK-47, into the
their families that 48 other states already
allow. Forty-eight other states can’t be
                                                United States.                                                                              FOR YOUR GOLD
                                                                                                                                                     •    Scrap Gold
wrong! None of them have repealed               At the same hearing, Sen. John Barrasso

                                                                                                                Sell,                                •    Dental Gold
their carry laws since they were enacted.       (R-WY) and Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS)
                                                                                                       We B GUNS! ry
                                                opposed the idea.
Illinois Gun Bill Targeting African-
                                                                                                                                                     •    Broken Jewelry
                                                                                                            on          nto                          •    Diamond & Gold
                                                                                                      Loan Our Inve
American and Hispanic Neighbor-                 S.D. Gunowners See End of Waiting
hoods in Chicago                                Period                                                                                                    Jewelry
                                                                                                     eck O
An Amendment to an Illinois gun bill that       South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds has
would raise the penalty for possession
of a so-called “assault weapon” or a
                                                signed a bill that eliminates the state’s
                                                post-purchase 48-hour waiting period to
.50 caliber rifle in a specific South Side      buy a handgun.
Chicago neighborhood, predominately                                                               Also a fine selection of:
African-American and Hispanic, has              The House passed the bill 7-1 on Mar.              Electronics - Games
raised eyebrows.                                2 which the state Senate had passed
                                                unanimously in January.                            - Instruments - Tools
The amendment, sponsored by state
Rep. Andre Thapedi (D-32nd District),           However, federal law still requires an
was added to House Bill 19. It singles        instant computer check of gun buyers.
out six specific zip code areas of the
Edgewood neighborhood in Chicago                                                              DECATUR                                                        SPRINGFIELD
                                                Currently, only those with a valid permit
                                                                                              1550 E. Eldorado St.                                                 107 W. Cook St.
where possession of the described               to carry a concealed weapon in South
firearms would be a felony. Thapedi’s           Dakota are exempt from the waiting pe-
                                                                                              217-425-1000                                               217 544-7322
legislative district runs through all six zip   riod. The new law will mean that anyone
code areas. Thapedi is black.                   who wants to buy a handgun and passes         Mon-Fri 10- Sat 10-5                              Mon-Fri 10- Sat 10-5
                                                the federal check can walk out of a

                                                                                                                                                                         GunNews 7
                                                  Training Rifles for Appleseed - .22 rifles for 25-meter training
Brent Harney technical presentation            this little thing and pull it out and it
SCRA meeting 5/4/09                            feeds fourteen rounds of long rifle up                                                              These things are ridiculous how light they
                                               through here.                                                                                       are. The stocks are made in two pieces
Harney and his son are going to the                                                                                                                glued together. That one too, you cannot
Appleseed Shoot at the end of May.             There were variations in Mohawk                                                                     put a sling on that. If you put a sling on
They are taking extra weapons just in          brown, Apache black, and diamond                                                                    it or you set it on something solid on the
case. Harney is going to take an M4            black. This one was only made one                                                                   front, you can actually change the point
with a .22 adapter kit in it and shoot         year for K-Mart. This is a clip fed                                                                 of impact because the receiver is nylon,
that.                                          or magazine fed and its called an                                                                   it bends.
                                               Apache 77. They also had some
Harney bought this new in the box at           green ones made before then that                                                                    They use a different style stock which
K-Mart on Clearlake and they hadn’t            had five-round clips. This one is a                                                                 you usually don’t see.
made it at that time for almost ten            ten.
years. He told the salesman he was                                                                                                                 This one is the Ruger 10-22. Harney
looking for a .22. The salesman said,          The receiver and everything is nylon                                                                bought this one for $125 for is son to
“We have one sitting back there still          with a metal cover in the steel barrel.                                                             use as an Appleseed rifle. This one is
in the box we’ll sell you real cheap           These are self-lubricating because                                                                  lightweight as well. It is an all weather
but it’s missing the magazine.” So             of the nylon. There’s also a lever         Brent Harney with a .22 Remington                        carbine. They don’t make this style stock
Harney bought it -- for thirty-five dol-       action called the 7. There’s a 10C,                                                                anymore, its a stiffer stock now. The
                                                                                          Harney has seen these things sitting in boats, in        sling is a US GI sling which is what they
lars in 1998.                                  a 12C and there’s one of these that’s      behind seats in trucks out west that haven’t been
                                               a smooth bore that they invented for                                                                want you to use at the Appleseed. Har-
                                                                                          taken apart. If you take one of these apart you’ll       ney drilled the back and found the piece
When he got it home and opened up              a game called Mosquito. You could          probably come see Harney and ask him to put it
the Styrofoam box, two magazines               shoot shot cartridges at little clay                                                                that goes on the barrel band. This one
                                                                                          back together because he’s had several come in           is also made of stainless steel. The new
were underneath it.                            targets about yeah big.                    in pieces. They’re really hard to find the thing on      ones have a plastic trigger guard and
                                                                                          how to put it back together.                             trigger. You can go on Ruger’s web site,
Normally what you see in the                   These things set reliability standards
Remington nylon series that were               back then that were ungodly. They                                                                   put in the serial number and it will tell you
                                                                                          They’re very light. This one doesn’t lock back at        when it was made. This one was made
made from the fifties up to about              shot little wooden blocks and Harney       all. It isn’t built for that. The safety is up here.
ten years ago, Then you saw them               believes the guy shot five or ten thou-                                                             in 1998 and bought at K’s Merchandise
                                                                                          These are very, very light. They have a really           Mart with one box of 550 rounds of
made by FIE, Mag Tec, and CBC in               sand of them in the air with only miss-    good reputation for reliability. A lot of collectors
Brazil. Usually you see them fed               ing four or five. He was a Remington                                                                Remington bullets. When they opened
                                                                                          are starting to do these now.                            up the box that came with it, there were
with a fourteen-round tube that feeds          demonstration shooter.
in through the butt stock. You twist                                                                                                               probably 540 still in it.
                                                                                          This is the one Harney is going to take as a
                                                                                          backup. Harney has had an offer of up to five            They use a ten-round rotary magazine.
                                                                                          hundred for it. He’s seen offers for some of the         Each one is an individual pocket for the
                  SCRA Meeting notes continued                                            smooth bores and the Inter-made One in short             round. They’re almost impossible to jam.
George T. Preckwinkle                                                                     only that was called a Gallery Special. They             You can also buy bigger magazines for
                                                  Michael C. Lascody                      were for the State Fair to shoot the star out.
George Thomas Preckwinkle of Spring-              Michael C. Lascody, 88, of                                                                       them. There is even one called the Brick
field died peacefully at his home in early                                                They actually shot .22’s out of it. It’s for .22 short   that holds 500.
                                                  Springfield died on April 15, 2009,     and it’s called a Gallery Special. Most of those
April surrounded by his family.                   at Villa Health Care East.              are in black. You see some with the receiver             If you get on the internet and look on
He was born in Beardstown, Illinois on                                                    cover and the barrel chrome plated in black and          YouTube, they have these with auto-
                                                  Mike was born July 14, 1920 in          where the Diamond here is black, its white on
March 8, 1917, the son of George C. and           Springfield, the son of Michael C.                                                               sears.
Anna England Preckwinkle.                                                                 those. Its a really a sharp looking little gun.
                                                  and Emma Dolack Lascody.

George had an active career in the                Mike was a veteran of the U.S.
military, starting in the calvary during the      Marine Corps and served in the
1930’s and retiring as a Major in the Air         Pacific Theater of Operations
Force Reserves on March 8, 1977.                  during World War II. He was very
                                                  proud to have served his country
He was the Chairman of the Board of               and even donated sixteen and
Bishop Hardware and Supply, D.B.A.                a half acres of his land to Camp
Ace Hardware, and a founding member               Butler National Cemetery.
of the Ace Hardware Corporation Board
in 1972. He was involved in numerous              He was a true patriot. Many of us
community and civic affairs.                      were lucky to have known him.
                                                  Our condolences to his family
George was also a Life Member of the              and friends.
National Rifle Association.

Our condolences to his family and

GunNews 8
                                                                                                                                         and Harney believes his 12-year old is
Training Rifles for Appleseed                                                                                                            going to have a ball with it.
                                                                                                                                         The Appleseed is a two-day thing.
The newer ones are also drill tapped for                                                                                                 Champaign is sponsoring this one at
scope mounts. This one is waiting on                                                                                                     Darnalls. There’s a lot of interesting
a new set of sights. A company called                                                                                                    information on the internet with that. It’s
Tech Sights, you see them called Liberty                                                                                                 a Revolutionary War group that started it
training rifles and they’re pretty much set                                                                                              and they teach the both the kids and the
up for this Appleseed thing where they                                                                                                   adults a little bit about the history of Lex-
teach people how to use this twenty-five                                                                                                 ington and Concord and what started the
meters and, everything you learn here                                                                                                    country and what started the war. They
translates out to longer ranges and big-                                                                                                 teach them the rifle at the same time.
ger calibers. The front sight on it and                                                                                                  In two-days you’ll shoot about 400-450
the rear sight goes way back here which                                                                                                  rounds. This is why most people have
                                              The scoped rifle on top is the Remington. The stock on that gun is two-piece molded        converted to shooting a .22 at it.
moves your sight back another eight           plastic, and not conducive to mounting a sling. The bottom rifle, a Ruger 10-22, also
inches. The peep sight gives you the          has a synthetic stock, but it will take a sling. The one above is fitted with a military
same sight picture as the Garand. So                                                                                                     Harney then gave a brief demonstration
                                              sling, and sling usage is taught and encouraged at Appleseed rifle marksmanship            on how easy it is to take the Ruger 10-22
whatever you learn here at twenty-five        training programs.
meters translates out to about 500 yards                                                                                                 apart with a regular screwdriver and then
with the Garand. Same sight picture,                                                                                                     talked about all the different things you
same using the sling to steady everything                                                                                                can change out on this rifle.

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                                                                                                                                                                        GunNews 9
                                                                                               the Aimpoints which were very light and         Our primary instructor Pat Rogers was an
                                                                                               unobtrusive on the rifle. He wasn’t so          interesting and colorful Irish fellow. He
                                                                                               fond of EOTechs for a host of reasons his       worked for a couple decades for NYPD,
                                                                                               assistant Mike (also a great instructor)        seeing his share of gunfights while work-
                                                                                               explained in detail.                            ing in the Robbery Division back in the
                                                                                                                                               70s and 80s when robberies occurred ev-
                                                                                               Suprisingly, the only AK in the class had       ery few minutes in NYC. He also served
                                                                                               more malfunctions that the rest of the          in the Marine Corps Reserves for even
                                                                                               guns combined it seemed. These seri-            longer. In short, he’s “been there, done
                                                                                               ous stoppages often brought the entire          that” and offers a lot of great training.
                                                                                               class to a halt as Rogers and others tried      Today, he trains soldiers quite often in ad-
                                                                                               to figure them out to no avail. The AR          dition to police and occasionally civilians.
                                                                                               malfunctions were primarily a result of
                                                                                               either dry guns or mud finding its way into     In talking with him one-on-one, he made
                                                                                               receivers.                                      it clear that he enjoys teaching a great
                                      GunNews photos by John Boch and Ken Campbell                                                             deal and it’s what keeps him going. “The
                                                                                                                                               travel sucks, but I love meeting good
by John Boch                                                                                       Bottom line: “... Good                      people and teaching,” he said.
Lebanon, IN (CCRA/GSL) - Pat Rogers,
                                                                                                 training like this will pay a
                                                                                                                                               He’s not one for political correctness
and his company EAG Tactical, offered a                                                            lifetime of dividends.”                     and he’s always got a good joke or three
Carbine Operator’s Course at the Boone
                                                                                                                                               to tell during breaks. His manner often
County Sheriff’s Dept. range in Leba-
                                                                                               Personally, my Rock River M4gery with           reminded me of a drill sergeant and the
non, IN April 29-May 1. The operator’s
                                                                                               an EOTech ran like a champ, running             class had a “military” flavor, unlike earlier
class taught students how to fight with a
                                                                                               1200 plus rounds without a cleaning other       carbine classes I’ve been to.
carbine rifle using techniques proven ef-
fective by the military and police.                                                            than destroying a hotel towel cleaning a
                                                                                               good deal of mud off the exterior after day     The class tuition is spendy at $575 for
                                                                                               two. Each morning I hosed down the bolt         this three-day class and students will
Sheriff Ken Campbell was the host for the
                                                                                               assembly like a freshly glazed donut with       need about 1200 rounds of carbine ammo
event, graciously opening his training fa-
                                                                                               G96 oil. I had four ammo failures, includ-      and about 200 rounds of pistol ammuni-
cility for non-law enforcement good guys
                                                                                               ing two reloaded rounds that weren’t            tion (also not cheap in today’s world).
to get solid instruction in fighting with the
                                                                                               properly resized that failed to go fully into   Despite the cost, good training like this
carbine rifle. The Sheriff and his Chief
                                                                                               battery (and which locked up the action         will pay a lifetime of dividends. Rogers
Deputy, Major Mike Nielson treated all of
                                                                                               right after we had the discussion on han-       will be back at the Boone County Range
us like family.                                 Pat Rogers                                     dling this particular type of malfunction).     in July for both a pistol and a carbine
                                                                                               I ditched the magazine with the reloads         class. See his website,
The facilities there would make almost          Rogers started out with a discussion of        and stuck with the old Israeli surplus 5.56     for more information.
any county envious. The entire complex          basic safety rules, what works and what
was well-maintained like a high-end state                                                      I bought a few years ago.
                                                doesn’t in gear selection and tactics,                                                         The “swag” he passed out to students
park and the range was plenty close             followed by a quick verification of sight      My Beretta 92 ran fine, even after tum-         was easily the best of any class I’ve been
enough to the county jail for the inmates       zeros. Shooting was done in two relays         bling into a mud patch. I was running an        to. High end magazines (thanks Magpul
to easily hear the crack of our rifleshots      so there was always plenty of time to uri-     Eagle thigh rig that gave me problems           & Bravo Co.), spare parts (Bravo), and a
inside. They’ve never had an escape from        nate, hydrate, load mags and watch and         when securing the retention snap. At one        bag of stuff from LaRue Tactical. Roughly
that jail, by the way.                          learn from other students.                     point, the pistola and I separated without      $200 worth of useful goodies.
There were about a dozen students, split                                                       my knowledge. I’m not sure if it was an
                                                We moved on to basic positions, offsets        idiot user (me) who completely missed           I recommend the Drury Inn on Michigan
almost equally between cops, active duty        (point of impact vs. point of aim), and        the holster while trying to multi-task or       Ave. in Indianapolis for accommodations.
military and civilians. One of the students     other fundamentals that the following two      if it fell out of an unsnapped/unsecured        With coupon, you can
was an author researching a novel about         days would build upon, things like transi-     holster. In any event, Rogers and others        get a room for under $60 a night with hot
the Marines that fought in Fallujah. A          tioning between positions, transitioning       had a good chuckle a few minutes later          breakfasts, complimentary happy hour
number of those Marines in that unit re-        from rifle to pistol, reloading and malfunc-   when I discovered, in an “Aw shucks”            drinks with snacks and soft, luxurious
ceived similar training from Rogers before      tion clearing among many topics.               moment (to put it nicely), the absence of       towels for cleaning your gear after each
going to Iraq.
                                                                                               my pistol. Lesson learned: that thigh rig       day’s training. It’s less than 15 minutes
                                                On the second day, we added multiple           is getting an early retirement.                 from the range even in busy traffic.
Murphy’s cousin was busy in the weather         targets, turning and a significant amount
department giving us chilly, rainy and          of time shooting on the move.                  I was training with a light load, with a        If you’ve never had a course to teach
windy weather and lots of mud. Nothing
                                                                                               chest rig from Eagle carrying three mags        you how to fight with your carbine rifle, I
a little polypropylene long underwear and       The author was shooting a full-size Colt       (worked great) and a pair of spare pistol       strongly encourage you to take a course
soap afterwards couldn’t handle. The            AR with irons (to replicate what most of       magazines on my belt (needed a tension          like this. That big pile of ammunition in
soldiers in the class just laughed off the      the Marines in Fallujah carried). Another      adjustment). The soldiers and LEOs              your ammo fort won’t do you any good if
inclement conditions, calling it “great         student brought an Arizona Response            brought their combat rigs with lots of gear     you don’t know how to use your service-
training weather.” God bless our troops.        Systems folding AK and everyone else           in impressive, well-thought-out set-ups.        or carbine-rifle when the brown stuff hits
If the rest of the United States military is    had some variation of an AR carbine            Train as you fight, they say. I learned the     those rotating fan blades.
half the men these guys are, our enemies        with optics ranging from Aimpoint T1s
are worm food.                                                                                 hard way I need Goretex raingear.
                                                (very popular) to EOTechs. Rogers liked
GunNews 10
                  Boone County Sheriff’s Dept. Range:                                          Turning an old warhorse into a modern racehorse
                  Open for training. Public welcome.                                           by John Boch
Lebanon, IN (Champaign Co. Rifle               He described a very vigorous shooting           How do you help turn an old
Association / Guns Save Life) -- Boone         program done at the range where young           M1 Carbine into a modern
County Sheriff Ken Campbell has a very         people shoot handguns, rifles, shotguns,        self-defense carbine that’s
liberal policy when it comes to the use        muzzle loaders and more, all under the          even more fun to shoot than
of “his” range: all good guys, including       watchful eyes of experienced instructors        the original? Add a rail and a
kids, are welcome.                             through the local 4-H program. They             modern red-dot optic!
                                               even have their own building to store
For adults, the Boone County Sheriff’s         their equipment and space inside the            Ultimak makes scout rail
Department range hosts a variety of            range building as well.                         mount (about $100) specifi-
world-class instructors (like Pat Rogers).                                                     cally for the old M1 Car-
Sheriff Ken, a well-trained and quite          I thought I’d died and gone to shoot-           bine. Users can then mount
skilled shooter himself, also teaches a        ing heaven. I told the Sheriff that             a low-profile optic and/or
number of training classes for civilians       Illinois residents were lucky if the police     other accessories (light, laser,
including an introduction to right-to-carry    opened their ranges for a day a year for        etc.) On this rifle, I mounted
class, specifically for civilians seeking a    hunters to sight in for deer season. Just       a Vortex Strikefire red dot
license to carry.                              another reason why Indiana looks like a         riflescope. It has a 4 MOA
                                               nice place to emigrate to should Illinois       dot with adustable brightness
Of course, there are no state laws             get any sillier with its gun laws.              that can be changed from
requiring training as a pre-requisite to                                                       red to green and also a night
issuance of a carry license, but Camp-                                                         vision compatible setting as
bell says he offers the class as a public                                                      well, along with a 2x magni-      A typical sight-in group from 50 yards from this M1
service and the classes are full. The                                                          fier. More importantly, it fit my Carbine with the Vortex Strikefire scope mounted on
class gives perspective gun carriers a                                                         budget ($100ish) as this rifle    an Ultimak rail.
good foundation in shooting skill sets as                                                      would be lightly used and then
well as the law.                                                                               almost exclusively for fun yet have social
                                                                                               use capabilities.
I asked the sheriff why all the bleachers
on the range during a break.                                                                   Of course optics run the gamut from air-
                                                                                               soft junk to high-end Aimpoints for military
“Every Saturday morning we have about                                                          professionals. Frankly, I’d characterize
three hundred fifty kids out here in the       Sheriff Ken Campbell. He’s a great              this scope as high-end Chinese “knockoff”
4-H shooting program and we need a             shooter and very happy to help train            product that received positive comments
place for parents to sit.”                     non-LEOs at his range, including kids.          from users in various shooting forums.
                                                                                               These are big sellers and I waited over          and aiming much faster than irons, espe-
                                                                                               four months for it to arrive after ordering.     cially in low-light environments.
                                                                                               Today, it sells for $150 (from opticsplanet.
                                                                                               com), up from $100 in December.                  This rifle is ideally suited to home defense
                                                                                                                                                or neighborhood defense, especially for
                                                                                               Installation of the rail was fairly straight-    less experienced or recoil sensitive shoot-
                                                                                               forward, but did require a tiny bit of           ers as it handles like a “grown up” 10/22.
                                                                                               dremel tool work to remove about half a
                                                                                               pencil eraser worth of wood on each side         While some criticize M1 Carbine stopping
                                                                                               on the inside surface. Installation of the       power as anemic, it’s all relative. The 30
                                                                                               sight on the rail was simple and easy.           Carbine generates about 900 foot-pounds
                                                                                                                                                of energy at room-length distances, easily
                                                                                               I took it out to the Danville Rifle and Pistol   twice the energy of a .40 S&W with much
                                                                                               club one beautiful morning in early May,         greater controllability for follow-up shots.
                                                                                               and before my shooting was truncated by          Soft-point loads, or the new Corbon DPX
                                                                                               workers making range improvements, I             load offer good expansion and stopping
                                                                                               was able to get it sighted in.                   power.

             Concealed Weapons License Service                                                 With the surplus ammo I was firing,              Recoil and muzzle blast are both mild.
              Want to travel the country, yet be as safe as possible? I can help.              pinpoint accuracy wasn’t “our” forte. I          The rifle is light and manipulation simple
                          Send a cashiers check or money order to:                             struggled to get 3 MOA using a sling and         and easy. Ammunition isn’t too expensive
                       Conceal Carry Service                                                   sandbags at 50 yards. From the sitting           and magazines in 15- and 30-round vari-
                                                                                               position with a sling, it would easily deliv-    eties are available both new and used.
             P.O. Box 5786, Bloomington, IL 61702-5786
  You’ll receive your choice of a CD or Hard Copy Packet with Applications, Fees and Contact   er 8 MOA (4” at 50 yards), which is plenty
                                                                                               accurate enough for a soft-recoiling,            In short, $200 in improvements to an old
                Information for 48 states on how to get concealed carry licenses.
                                                                                               short-range personal defense carbine.            warhorse have made me a proud and
            The CD is $25 + $5 S&H. Hardcopy Packet is $50 + $8 S&H.
                                                                                                                                                happy owner of my first wooden-stock
                            Do not send cash or personal checks.
                                                                                               The optic helped make target acquisition         “urban defense” rifle.

                                                                                                                                                                              GunNews 11
                                                                                         Welcome to Chicago                            Welcome to Chicago
 North of I-80 NEWS                                                                      A stick-up a day on the CTA
                                                                                         Chicago (Sun-Times) - Robbery has
                                                                                                                                       Even the cops tell you not to live there
                                                                                                                                       Turning a Life Around?
 News and information from North of I-80.
                                                                                         soared 77 percent on CTA trains, plat-        Here’s how not to do it:
                                                                                         forms and buses in the past three years,      Chicago (Chicago Breaking News)
                                                                                         from 246 incidents in 2006 to 436 in          - Christina Campos had a turbulent teen-
Gun control? Yes. Ethics laws? No.                                                       2008, according to the Chicago Police         age life, moving from home to home on
Mayor Daley “leading” by example                                                         Department.                                   her own accord, friends say. But she was
                                                                                                                                       trying to turn things around.
Chicago (Tribune) - Mayor Richard           31.
Daley says he’s ‘leading by example’                                                                                                   The 18-year-old
As Springfield debates new ethics laws,     Asked why not, Daley said he is “lead-                                                     Chicago girl was
Mayor Richard Daley refuses to weigh        ing by example” in Chicago.                                                                taking courses
in, contending, ‘We’re more transparent                                                                                                to earn a high
than any other government’                  “We’ve done everything here. We’re                                                         school diploma
                                            leading the way with our inspector gen-                                                    before she was
Mayor Richard Daley on Thursday [May        eral, office of compliance, all the things                                                 killed early today
14] spelled out what he wants from          we’ve done,” Daley said. “We’re more                                                       on a Chicago
Springfield as lawmakers head into the      transparent than any other government.                                                     street.
homestretch: more money for schools,        Look at it.”
better gun-control laws and protection                                                                                                 Campos was leaving a home on the city’s
for property-tax payers.                    [Second City Cop adds: Sorich. Huels.        Theft -- when no force is involved -- is up   Far Southeast Side about 1:15 a.m. with
                                            His son’s sewer contract. His nephew’s       6 percent, from 1,173 reported crimes in      at least two male friends - a 17-year-old
But the mayor notably did not stake out     pension grab. The HDO. Al Sanchez.           2006 to 1,238 in 2008.                        and 27-year-old - when shots were fired
a position on the push to improve eth-      Over a dozen and a half aldercreatures                                                     from a blue minivan. She was fatally
ics laws in a state awash in corruption     on his watch. “Whatever drugs the            “We see a lot more robberies, pick-           struck in the back, police said.
scandals, one of the key issues in the      mayor is on, we want some.”]                 pockets, snatch and grab,” said Michael
spring session scheduled to end May                                                      Fuentes, Chicago chapter head for the         Though police previously said the shoot-
                                                                                         Guardian Angels, a volunteer crime-fight-     ing may be gang-related because at least
                                                                                         ing group. He thinks the worst spot is the
       GUNS SAVE LIFE                                                                    subway at Jackson -- both at the Red
                                                                                                                                       one of her companions is a known gang
                                                                                                                                       member, News Affairs Sgt. Antoinette
                                                                                         and Blue Line platforms and in the tunnel     Ursitti said that the motive is unknown
                                                                                         that connects them. “You see a lot there      and police are still investigating.
                                                                                         because you have everyone switching
                                                                                         trains.”                                      A few clues for all you guys and gals try-
                                                                                                                                       ing to turn it all around:

                                          We want your rusty clunker guns - ones                                                          * Be in at a reasonable hour. 1:15
                                          that wouldn’t, couldn’t or shouldn’t be                                                      a.m. isn’t reasonable. 10:30 p.m. is the
                                          fired! Donate them to Guns Save Life                                                         latest you should be out. Ever. Decent
                                          and we will sell them to the do-gooders                                                      people don’t usually get in trouble be-
                                          in Chicago for $100 or more apiece and                                                       cause decent people are in bed. They
                                          use the money to further civil rights and                                                    have jobs and need sleep.
                                          the pro-gun cause, for things like buying
                                          ammunition to teach kids safe shoot-                                                            * Don’t hang out with gangbangers.
                                          ing and to buy guns to give away to                                                          Again, you lay down with dogs, you’re
                                          children! <gasp!> See the back cover of                                                      going to get fleas. Or bullets in the back.
                                          GunNews for more information on how                                                          Gangbangers seem to attract a lot of
   Wants your junk                        you can donate your orphan clunkers for                                                      fleas and bullets. It’s an occupational
                                          a brighter tomorrow.                                                                         hazard.
    scrap metal!
                                                                                                                                          * Don’t hang out in Daley’s Chicago.
                                                                                                                                       The Olympics take precedence over po-
                                                                                                                                       lice hiring. We try to do our best with what
                                                                                                                                       we’ve got, but it isn’t enough to be every-

                 CHUCK’S GUN SHOP
                                                                                                                                       where all the time. Daley needs money
                                                                                                                                       and if a bunch of people die because of
                             14310 S Indiana Ave                                                                                       his half assed priorities, well he’ll get their
                        (between 143rd St & 144th St)                                                                                  votes anyway.
                              Riverdale, IL 60827                                                                                      Anyone else have advice on turning it all
                                (708) 849-4455                                                                                         around?

GunNews 12
GunNews 13
                                                                                              Tough-guy thugs pick wrong                  Burglar expires from lead
  The                                                                                         Spartanburg, SC (Herald-Journal) - Spar-    overdose
  Armed American
                                                                                              tanburg County deputies determined          Pascagoula, FL (Gulfport, MS Sun-Her-
                                                                                              that a man who shot two people Monday       ald) - A woman, awakened by the sound
  True stories of firearms used by law abiding Americans                                      night outside his residence was acting in   of someone removing the screen from her
  to save innocent life.                                                                      self-defense and charged the two men on     bedroom window, got out of her bed at 1
                                                                                              Tuesday.                                    a.m. Friday, walked to her son’s room and
                                                                                                                                          quietly woke him.

Intruders believed to be potential rapists       Detroit homeowner perfo-                                                                 “She said, ‘Snigg get up,’” the son said in
College student repels                           rates late-night window artist                                                           an interview later Friday morning.
armed home invaders                              Detroit (Free Press) - A resident of
                                                                                                                                          “I got up, grabbed my gun and went to
College Park, GA (WSB) -- A group of             Detroit’s east side shot and killed a sus-
                                                 pected intruder early this morning as the                                                the corner there by her room,” he said,
college students said they are lucky to
                                                 19-year-old climbed in the window of his                                                 standing at the door of the apartment, on
be alive and they’re thanking the quick-
                                                 home, Detroit Police said.                                                               the bottomsw floor of the last in a row of
thinking of one of their own. Police said a
                                                 Advertisement                                                                            Spanish-style buildings in the Granada
fellow student shot and killed one of two
                                                                                              Daniel Scott Byrd (above, right), 22, of    Apartments on Chicot Road.
masked me who burst into an apartment.
                                                 The teen suspect ran from the home in        115 Keith Street, Greer and Josh Duncan
                                                 the 11300 block of Whitehill after be-       (left), 24, of 207 Church St., Wellford     It was dark in the apartment, but the win-
Channel 2 Action News reporter Tom
                                                 ing shot in the head and chest with the      were each charged with one count of as-     dow was backlit, Snigg said. He heard the
Jones met with one of the students to talk
                                                 resident’s handgun. He collapsed in front    sault and battery.                          window go up and saw a man coming in.
about the incident.
                                                 of his own house and died at about 3:30
                                                 a.m., according to police.                   Byrd’s stomach was grazed by a bullet       “He stuck his hand under and pulled the
“Apparently, his intent was to rape and
                                                                                              and Duncan was struck in the buttocks       blinds back, the blinds and the curtain,”
murder us all,” said student Charles Bai-
                                                 A 38-year-old professional who’s lived       during a fight Monday night outside a       he said. “And he eased in like he was at-
ley. Bailey said he thought it was the end
                                                 on the other side of the street from the     Keith Street residence.                     tempting to come in.
of his life and the lives of the 10 people
inside his apartment for a birthday party        shooting location for three years said
                                                 she’s “glad” that her neighbor shot the      Larry James Pruitt Jr., 41, told deputies   “I fired two shots, then he ran off,” Snigg
after two masked men with guns burst in
                                                 suspected intruder.                          that a group of people were causing “a      said.
through a patio door.
                                                                                              bad ruckus” outside his home and he
“They just came in and separated the             “Not good that he’s dead, but good that it   asked them to keep it down. Pruitt said
men from the women and said, ‘Give               sends a message,” said the woman, who        Byrd and Duncan then came into his yard
me your wallets and cell phones,’” said          asked not to be identified out of fear. “I   and began choking and assaulting him.
George Williams of the College Park              can bet you everyone on this block has
Police Department.                               a weapon, and they’re going to defend        Pruitt said he pulled a revolver from his
                                                 themselves.”                                 pocket and fired several times, then ran
Bailey said the gunmen started counting                                                       into his home, reloaded his gun and
bullets. “The other guy asked how many                                                        waited for deputies.
(bullets) he had. He said he had enough,”        Hey rocket surgeon: Don’t
said Bailey.                                     bring BB-gun to a gunfight
                                                 Augusta, GA (WRDW) - An 18-year-old          Thelma & Louise meet carry
That’s when one student grabbed a gun            was shot after investigators say he tried    license holder in carjacking
out of a backpack and shot at the invader        to rob a pizza deliveryman at an empty       Tucson (Arizona Daily Star) - A woman
who was watching the men. The gunman             house.                                       who tried to carjack a man at gunpoint
ran out of the apartment.                                                                     outside a North Side Walgreens early
                                                 A delivery in Augusta turned into a crime    Thursday was shot and wounded by the
The student then ran to the room where           scene Sunday for Papa Johns Driver           man, police said.
the second gunman, identified by police          Tavarius Lewis. When he tried to deliver
as 23-year-old Calvin Lavant, was holding        a pizza to this house on Dent Street Sun-    The man called police around 12:30          Police say they won’t identify the woman
the women.                                       day night, investigators say Kevin Martin    a.m. to report he had just shot one of      or her son, who offered the nickname
                                                 pulled a BB gun and tried to rob Lewis.      two women who tried to take his car as      Snigg, for fear of retribution.
“Apparently the guy was getting ready                                                         he waited in the pharmacy drive-through
to rape his girlfriend. So he told the girls     “[Lewis] started backing up, reached in      near East Grant and North Swan roads,       Javorous Darnell Tims, 20, ran about 80
to get down and he started shooting.             his pocket and pulled out a .40 caliber      said Sgt. Fabian Pacheco, a Tucson          feet from the window, fell to the sidewalk
The guy jumped out of the window,” said          handgun and shot the suspect,” said Sgt.     Police Department spokesman.                and died of a single gunshot wound,
Bailey.                                          Blaise Dresser, of the Richmond County                                                   police said Friday.
                                                 Sheriff’s Office.
Bailey said he is just thankful one student                                                                                               Pascagoula police said Snigg and his
risked his life to keep others alive. “I think   Dresser says Lewis shot in self-defense,                                                 mother acted appropriately, “taking the
all of us are really cognizant of the fact       not realizing Martin’s weapon was only a                                                 actions they felt necessary to protect
that we could have all been killed,” said        BB gun.                                                                                  themselves.”

GunNews 14
                        2nd Amendment Coalition Building                                                       We will need all the support we      think are unlikely to agree with
         Political Committee report by E. Wayne Johnson Urbana, IL                      can get in this struggle for the     us and maybe even cause us
                                                                                                               integrity of the second amend-       harm. We have to do it whether
Will Rogers is famous for many clever and pithy         perhaps one of the greatest current threats to 2nd     ment. It ain’t much use just sing-   we want to or not. We are in
aphorisms. One of my favorites is “It isn’t what        amendment rights, as it would give Attorney Gen-       ing to the choir. Like Jonah of      possession of the truth, and it is
we don’t know that gives us trouble; it’s what we       eral Janet Napolitano the right to seize firearms      old, we need to boldly carry the     our duty to unashamedly share it
know that ain’t so.” There has been a tendency          from virtually anyone on the flimsiest allegation of   message of truth everywhere,         with everyone, everywhere.
to think about second amendment and gun con-            “home-grown terrorism”. Peter King is consider-        even among those whom we
trol issues as dividing the political spectrum into     ing a run for Hillary Clinton’s Senate Seat. He
right and left, with gun owners on the right and        has an anti-gun voting record similar to HC.
gun-grabbers on the left. It is time to recognize
just how misleading this concept can be. There          Most of us imagine that military veterans are
are those who consider themselves left of center
who strongly believe in the 2nd amendment in ex-
                                                        reliably pro-gun, but even that is not so. Kirk,
                                                        McCain, and King, among many others, are gun-
                                                                                                                  Hugh Evans Refrigeration
actly the same way that the forefathers intended,
and fully subscribe to the entire bill of rights.
                                                        grabbing veterans with honorable military service
                                                        records. We can’t just go by the brand name, we
                                                                                                                     1701 S. Easy Street
On the other hand, the traditional bastions of pro-
                                                        have to read the label. While the formerly con-
                                                        servative GOP can no longer be counted on to
                                                                                                                    Bloomington, IL 61701
gun support are failing to hold up in today’s politi-   deliver a candidate supportive of our fundamental
cal milieu. At one time one could pretty well count
on Republicans to be pro-gun. That is definitely
                                                        liberties, we ought not be dismissing the “progres-
                                                        sive” left, because we do have allies among that
                                                                                                                         Phone 309-820-9736
no longer the case. The 2008 GOP Presidential           group when it comes to supporting the rights of                            Fax 309-821-8092
nominee John Sidney McCain has been a notori-           gun owners. We have many potential colleagues
ous gun-grabber with an F-minus rating from Gun         on the progressive and anti-war left who are just
Owners of America (now “improved” to a C-minus          as concerned about the loss of our personal
because of a few post-election pro-gun votes in         liberties guaranteed by the Bill of Rights as those
2009). Republican members of Congress from              of us who generally consider ourselves politically
Illinois Timothy Johnson, John Shimkus, Aaron           conservative.
Schock, and Judy Biggert do indeed score an “A”
from GOA, but so does Democrat Deb Halvorson.           I am actually of the opinion that the old left-right                       HELP WANTED
But Republican Peter Roskam gets only a “B” and         paradigm is failing miserably. The pro-gun, pro-             Altamont Company makes stocks and
Republican Mark Steven Kirk joins company with          freedom message easily crosses party lines. Gun              grips for the shooting sports industry.
Nancy Pelosi and Rahm Emanuel with a honking            rights groups need to be reaching out to all sec-
big F-minus.                                            tors of their communities, well-off and struggling,              We are looking for someone
                                                        white and black, Asian and Latino, native and
Kirk, 10th district Congressman from Highland           immigrant, with particular emphasis on an educa-             knowledgeable about handguns for an
Park, who is considered by some to be a favored         tional program clearly expressing the benefits of                 account manager position.
candidate for either Senator or Governor in Illinois    gun ownership in the promotion of Public Safety.
for 2010, was the featured speaker at the 2009          Gun advocacy groups have been somewhat                         Apply in person from 2:00-4:00pm Monday
Champaign County Lincoln Day dinner. Mark Kirk          reluctant to go totally full-bore with promoting the                       through Friday at:
is a co-sponsor of H.R. 2159, the Denying Fire-         2nd amendment message, but really it is time to             Altamont Company, 901 N. Church
arms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act         realize that we have no choice if we want to suc-
of 2009 along with sponsor Rep. Peter King, R-          ceed.
                                                                                                                         Street, Thomasboro, IL.
N.Y, who also gets an “F” from GOA. HR2159 is

  6125 East 1175 North Road
                                                                                                                                               Firearm Training and
                                                                                                                                                 Education Center
                                                                                       Proud host & sponsor of the longest-running
  Bloomington, IL 61704                            Open to the public!                NRA Youth Shooting Camp in the United States            All kinds of courses and events are
                                                                                                                                               being held this spring at Darnall’s.
                                               •   Indoor pistol range                                                                         There’s the NRA Instructor Certifi-
  309-379-4331                                 •   Outdoor ranges to 300 yards                                                                 cation Course on May 16-17, the                             •   Trap                                                                                        NRA Personal Protection Course
                                               •   Skeet                                                                                       on May 23-24, and the Appleseed
   Directions:                                 •   International Skeet                                                                         Rifle Marksmanship and Heritage
   West of Bloomington, Illinois, take         •   Sporting Clays                                                                              course, sponsored by Guns Save
   Route 9 West 5 miles from I-55/74 to        •   Classroom                                                                        , on May 30-31. Come on
   road marked 750E. Turn left and go          •   Full service gun shop                                                                      our and see what all the excitement
   south for 2.3 miles to road marked          •   Class III                                                                                                is about!
   1175N. Turn right and go west for           •   NRA Firearm Courses
   1.3 miles. Darnall’s Gun Works and          •    Youth shooting programs
   Shooting Ranges is on the right.            •   Advanced firearm training

                                                                                                                                                                        GunNews 15
  Freedom’s Forum                                                                                                                                 As a Good Guy sees it
                                                                                               sired effect, as long as they instill guilt
From One Extremist to                           liberal media, or from politicians in Wash-
                                                                                               or fear in gun owners and keep them           Dear Diane Sawyer:
                                                ington or Springfield, is not to promote
Another                                         our welfare or safety, but to engender         from expressing their outrage. And            by John Boch
by David Pike                                   guilt in the guiltless and fear in the in-     we can expect much more invective
                                                                                               and verbal abuse from the ‘do-gooder’         Missed your slanted hit-piece on how
                                                nocent. Why? Because the guilty are
I don’t always make a contribution to                                                          liberals as well.                             incompetant and ineffective “untrained”
                                                easily intimidated and as a result can be
GunNews as I typically don’t feel it nec-                                                                                                    civilians are with legally carried guns dur-
                                                more easily governed and enslaved.
essary to repeat issues or arguments that                                                      So what can we do? We can be the              ing a recent episode of 20/20 as I’m one
you have heard before or to say things                                                         victim or we can do something about           of those millions of former viewers who
                                                Innocent men and women, those who
that others are probably saying better                                                         it. I offer the following four recommen-      no longer watches the major networks.
                                                stand free from the tarnish of infractions
than I. However, this month there is an         of common law will speak their minds           dations for your consideration:
issue that I think needs to be addressed                                                                                                     I heard from plenty of folks all about it
                                                without restraint and act with impunity
and brought to the attention of my fellow                                                      1. Refuse the Label - Do not permit           though, including the segment on campus
                                                in all that they do. But when the taint of
gun owners and Second Amendment                                                                anyone to call you something you are          carry that claimed to show how ineffec-
                                                guilt is present, whether real or induced
rights advocates.                                                                              not. Do not be drawn into guilt. Let it       tive a good guy with a gun would be in a
                                                through an atmosphere created by
                                                                                               bounce off and continue to voice your         crowded room against a violent predator.
                                                corrupt authority figures, the self-doubt
There has been much in the news re-             that is spawned creates hesitation and         opinion and fight for what you know
cently about labeling and characterizing                                                       is right. Do not let their interpretation     I can’t help but wonder if you asked any
                                                uncertainty in the best of us.
gun owners as ‘extremists’. Apparently it                                                      of a word dictate how you live or what        of those students in College Park, GA
doesn’t take much of a conservative bent                                                       you say.                                      what their thoughts on the matter would
                                                This then, is how our agency and free-
to get yourself put on “the list”. If you                                                                                                    be after their real-life participation in just
                                                doms are taken from us. We permit our
are a veteran you could be an extremist.                                                       2. Redefine the Label - Words have            such a terrifying scenario.
                                                elected representatives to enact laws that
If you are a conservative Christian you         are impossible to observe (i.e. income         different meanings so give it your
could be an extremist. If you voted for                                                        own. When called an extremist bear it         So, did the thugs wrest the gun away
                                                tax laws), and that criminalize thought
someone other than Obama or McCain                                                             with pride and flaunt the title. Use it to    from the incompetent, untrained, terri-
                                                (i.e.: the recent Hate (speech) Crimes
you could be an extremist. If you have                                                         your advantage, own it and take con-          fied good guy after a big shootout where
                                                Prevention Act S909 HR1913), thereby
anti-abortion or pro-gun bumper stickers                                                       trol of how the word is used. Throw it        many of the innocents were killed or
                                                creating whole groups of people who are
on your vehicle you could be an extrem-                                                        back in the face of those who would           wounded as your hit piece suggested
                                                guilty of unjust laws and open to intimida-
ist. If you participated in one of the recent                                                  insinuate your guilt.                         could happen?
                                                tion should they ‘step out of line’. Our
Tea-Parties you could be an extremist.          agency is further threatened when we
                                                                                               3. Reject the Offer - Work conscien-          Uh, no, not exactly. Bad guy number
                                                accept labels that insinuate guilt (extrem-
Take note, if you fall into more than one                                                      tiously against laws that have little or      one took a dirt nap after getting venti-
                                                ists) and we hide our opinions lest they
of the above categories, you too can be                                                        no purpose or that are unenforceable.         lated. (Diane, in case you’re unfamiliar
                                                expose our shame. Either way there is
a ‘certified’ extremist (according to the                                                      They only seek to create guilt, not           with the expression “dirt nap”, it means
                                                fear and guilt.
Director of Homeland Security). Does                                                           justice.                                      he died.) Our hero, just a college student
that thought bother you? It should. That                                                                                                     with strong morals, common sense and
                                                The current administration, and the
is because the labeling of law-abiding                                                         4. Return the Favor - Where appro-            some cojones - but without training, fired
                                                previous one to a great extent, has been
citizens with words carrying a nega-                                                           priate, foul words may be fair play.          straight and true. He then proceeded to
                                                chipping away at your innocence. We
tive connotation is one big step toward                                                        Give them a dose of their own medi-           the next room where bad guy number two
                                                can expect to see more irrational laws
the loss of your freedoms. The specific                                                        cine by finding and using effective           was just about to begin raping coeds.
                                                enacted with the sole purpose of instilling
purpose of such labels, whether from the        fear and guilt. Those ludicrous laws don’t     labels against those who would use
pseudo-know-it-all Hollywood types, the                                                        them against you.                             Bad guy number two saw our good guy
                                                have to be anti-gun laws to have their de-
                                                                                                                                             with determination in his eyes and a pistol
                                                                                                                      The next time          in his hands and suddenly remembered
                                                                               GunNews Magazine                       you feel guilt,        he was needed elsewhere. He was in
                                                                               Published monthly by                   make sure it is        such a hurry to egress that he jumped
                                                                            Champaign County Rifle Assn.              justifiable and        through a second floor window to escape
                                                                                                                      not a perverted        - his plans of raping sexy young coeds
                                                                                                                      attempt by those       dashed in flash of gunfire. Sadly, the sec-
                                                                                                                      who seek to in-        ond thug wasn’t killed. Happily, the sole
                                                                                  John Naese, Editor
                                                                                                                      timidate you into      coed shot will make a full recovery.
                                                                                                                      inaction. Let us
                                                                            Letters, including complaints or          keep an eye out        Hopefully Ohio’s legislature will restore
                                                                            commendations, to the Editor are wel-     for unjust laws        licensed persons the right to carry their
                                                                            come. Please, limit your letter to 200    and act accord-        personal protection tools on campus.
                                                                            words. We reserve the right to edit or    ingly.                 Thankfully, this incident happened on
                                                                            refuse publication of any submission.                            private property where our good guy
                                                                            Anonymous letters are discouraged.                               could have his pistol, for without it, it’s
                                                                            Letters and guest columns may be                                 likely those students would have been
                                                                            sent electronically to the address
                                                                                                                                             killed after being raped and sodomized by
                                                                            above, or you can mail your letter
                                                                                                                                             those savage thugs.
                                                                            to: Guns Save Life, Post Office
                                                                            Box 51, Savoy, Illinois 61874

GunNews 16
   Commentary from around the nation

Wisconsin on similar path to concealed carry that Ohio took
(Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner) - Yes-         (Article I, Section 4).                      legal, the anti-gunners have a choice:            with a gun, dispatchers will be instructed
terday, Wisconsin Attorney General J.B.                                                     stop opposing open carry and allow those          to ask other questions such as: Is the
Van Hollen issued a memo stating “that         The OSC ruled that the total ban on          who choose to carry a firearm for self de-        person agitated, quarreling, or in a place
openly wearing a holstered gun is not          carrying concealed firearms was not un-      fense to carry their handguns out of sight        posted against guns? And so on.
grounds for a disorderly conduct charge.”      constitutional because there was another and out of mind, or be confronted daily
The result of this ruling is that open carry   option for exercising the Right to Keep      by their own fears by seeing those guns           I want to avoid any kind of visceral leap
is confirmed to be legal in Wisconsin,         and Bear Arms. The minority opinion clari- carried openly.                                     toward making an arrest purely on the
while concealed carry remains prohibited.      fied that this confirmed that open carry is                                                    basis of carrying a firearm,” Carlson said.
                                               legal in Ohio.                               The sight of a firearm on someone else’s
This is similar to the path Ohio took be-                                                   hip may be nerve-wracking for some                Law abiding citizens have the right to
fore our concealed carry law was passed        Soon after, grassroots activists in Ohio     people, and state Rep. Robin Vos, R-              carry arms for personal defense. The
in 2004. Instead of an attorney general        held a series of Open Carry Self-Defense Caledonia commented, “That’s exactly                  U.S. Supreme Court confirmed this in the
ruling, here it was the Ohio Supreme           Walks to demonstrate in favor of con-        why Wisconsin should allow concealed              Heller decision, and that decision was
Court case Klein v Leis that set the prec-     cealed carry reform, culminating in Walks carry, like 48 other states.”                        recently incorporated to state and local
edent.                                         held at the Ohio Statehouse and in front                                                       governments confirming that they are
                                               of the Governor’s mansion. These Walks       Also like Ohio, Wisconsin law enforce-            prohibited from denying this right. It is
In the Klein case, Chuck Klein filed suit      were widely credited with playing a signifi- ment has to make adjustments. They can            time for Wisconsin, and Illinois as well, to
against the State of Ohio alleging that        cant role in ending Ohio’s 145 year ban      no longer consider everyone a bad guy             end their draconian bans and stop forcing
the then ban on concealed carry was            on carrying concealed firearms.              just because they’re carrying a firearm.          victimization upon their citizens. Ohio did
unconstitutional. Ohio’s Constitution guar-                                                                                                   it, and they can do it too.
antees that “The people have the right to      Wisconsin gun rights activists can now        Racine County Sheriff Bob Carlson said
bear arms for their defense and security”      follow Ohio’s lead. Since open carry is       from now on, if a caller reports someone

                                                                                               Behind the news:
States pushing back against stronger gun laws                                                  Why National Park carry may pass overwhelmingly
By Bob McNitt                                  between the federal government and the
                                                                                               by Bob Fuss                                     change for voting rights in Congress.
(Chenango County Evening Sun) - We             State of Montana. The voters of that state
                                                                                               (CBS New) - New legislation cur-
should all realize the common attitudes        feel that the federal government appar-
                                                                                               rently winding its way through Con-             The bill is now on hold because House
and views of the various states’ resi-         ently fears its citizens owning guns since
                                                                                               gress is forcing Democratic lead-               leaders can’t figure out a way to get
dents and voters can differ, and this is       it tries to curtail what types of guns they
                                                                                               ers to face the serious problem the             it passed without the gun provision.
becoming apparent as more states worry         can own and some feel the gun control
                                                                                               party has when it comes to guns.                That is the crux of the Democrats’
over the federal government’s attempts         and mandatory registration laws all have
                                                                                                                                               gun problem – those who oppose
to place increasingly more restrictive         one common eventual goal – confiscation
                                                                                               At the heart of the matter is the ques-         strict gun laws now have a clear ma-
laws on firearm ownership by law-abid-         of all privately owned firearms. Addition-
                                                                                               tion of packing heat in Yellowstone.            jority in both the House and Senate.
ing citizens. On the heels of the historic     ally, now the states of Arizona, Idaho,
Supreme Court ruling last year that the        Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Utah,
                                                                                               The Senate voted overwhelmingly to at-          Though battles over guns are often
Second Amendment meant U.S. citizens           Washington and Wyoming are consider-
                                                                                               tach an amendment to unrelated credit           seen as a fight between liberals and
of sound mind and clean records had the        ing passing the same Tenth Amendment
                                                                                               card legislation allowing people to car-        conservatives, they actually break
right to own firearms, governments, both       firearms law as Montana has enacted.
                                                                                               ry guns in National Parks, something            along geographic lines. People in cities
at state and federal levels, are attempting
                                                                                               more liberal House Democratic leaders           and close-in suburbs, where guns are
to creatively circumvent that ruling. But      Montana has gone beyond drawing a
                                                                                               are determined to yank out of the bill.         more likely to be used to rob a house
in doing so, they have seemingly opened        line in the sand. They have challenged
                                                                                                                                               then kill a wayward coyote, want more
a Pandora’s Box of challenges and op-          the federal government by passing the
                                                                                               A similar thing happened with the DC            regulation. Those who live in rural ar-
posite effects.                                “Montana Firearms Freedom Act”. The
                                                                                               Voting Rights Bill passed earlier this          eas and small towns oppose anything
                                               state law, in part, states that “The Tenth
                                                                                               year by the House and Senate. The               that might limit their right to carry a gun.
Recent polls say that a majority of            amendment to the United States Con-
                                                                                               measure, a priority of Democratic
Americans no longer believe that stricter      stitution guarantees to the states and
                                                                                               leaders and President Obama, would              As Democrats have dramatically ex-
gun laws actually accomplish anything to       their people all powers not granted to
                                                                                               give voters in the District of Colum-           panded their majority in the last two
diminish crime. Daily newspapers across        the federal government elsewhere in the
                                                                                               bia a voting member of Congress for             elections, they have been successful in
the country are polling readership and         constitution and reserves to the state and
                                                                                               the first time since the federal district       areas where people like to hunt - which
finding, in the words of editor-in-chief of    people of Montana certain powers as they
                                                                                               was created more than 200 years ago.            means that many new Democrats op-
the Gallup Poll, Frank Newport “every          were understood at the time that Montana
                                                                                                                                               pose strict gun laws. The trade-off for
piece of data is showing us Americans          was admitted to statehood in 1889. The
                                                                                               The Senate attached a provision to the          winning elections in places like Colo-
are getting more conservative about gun        guaranty of those powers is a matter of
                                                                                               bill wiping out virtually all local gun laws    rado, Idaho and Alaska is a party that
control.”                                      contract between the state and people
                                                                                               in the District. Outraged leaders in a city     cannot muster a majority against the po-
                                               of Montana and the United States as of
                                                                                               long plagued by violent crime were put          sitions of the National Rifle Association.
The State of Montana has now defied the        the time that the compact with the United
                                                                                               in the position of having to give up the
federal government and their gun laws.         States was agreed upon and adopted by
                                                                                               right to pass their own gun laws in ex-
This will no doubt prompt a showdown           Montana and the United States in 1889.
                                                                                                                                                                            GunNews 17
CULLERTON / DALEY SEEK TO GUT                   could happen to you:                          Pike County becomes #14 to pass LTC
PRO-GUN BILL                                                                                  Resolution                                     The county was one of the first to adopt
from an ISRA Alert, 5-13-09                     Let’s say your Aunt Betty is throwing your                                                   a resolution opposing legislation some
                                                Uncle Joe a 50th birthday party. You go       PITTSFIELD, Ill. -- (Herald-Whig, 4-29-        contend infringes on the right to keep and
As many of you may know, House Bill             over to Uncle Joe’s house for cake and        09) Pike County hopes to build support         bear arms. That effort, dubbed Pro 2A,
182 easily passed the House recently            ice cream. Uncle Joe begins opening           statewide for a concealed-carry gun            now has won support in 90 of the state’s
with 72 votes. HB182 is designed to             his birthday gifts – one of which is a        provision.                                     102 counties, and county officials hope
clarify the unlawful use of weapon              nifty .45. Uncle Joe asks if you’d like to                                                   the concealed-carry resolution generates
statutes to avoid cases where innocent          see the pistol and hands it over to you.      Board members Tuesday adopted a                a similar response.
gun owners are arrested and charged for         Bad move! Under the Cullerton/Harmon          resolution supporting passage of a right-
handling firearms in homes other than           hostile amendments to HB182, you could        to-carry law allowing “law-abiding citizens    Copies of the resolution will be sent to
their own. As we’re sure you’d agree, this      now be arrested, tried and convicted          to possess and carry a concealed firearm       legislators and all counties in Illinois.
is an entirely sensible piece of legislation.   of unlawful use of a weapon. It doesn’t       for the purpose of protecting their life and
Apparently, 72 members of the Illinois          matter if you have a FOID card, or that       families.” (emphasis mine)
House, on both sides of the aisle, agree        you are not committing any other crime.
with you as well.                               The mere fact that you touch a firearm in
                                                Uncle Joe’s house could get you arrested      Minutes of the Board of Directors
Well, once the HB182 passed the House,          and tried. Does that sound reasonable to      meeting, GunsSaveLife, Inc.                    PAC should to focus on the message,
it moved over to the Senate for consid-         you?                                                                                         membership, money, and the media. GN
eration. Now, Senate President John                                                           April 28, 2009 @ 6:00pm; Colonial Vil-         is a great asset and needs to be more
Cullerton and his gun grabbing pal, Sen.        HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO                lage Meeting Center, Urbana                    fully utilized. Suggested that we promote
Don Harmon (D- Oak Park) have latched           PROTECT YOUR GUN RIGHTS:                                                                     the idea of public safety; have a series of
on to HB182 and are attempting to                                                             Present: David Pike, president; John           outreach events for anti-gunners. There
destroy the bill by adding hostile amend-       Call your Illinois senator IMMEDIATELY        Boch, vice president; William Cotter, trea-    is talk of having a “Midwest Liberty Fest,”
ments.                                          and politely tell him/her that you are a      surer; Bonnie Holland, secretary; Frank        but no tea parties planned in the area
                                                law-abiding Illinois firearm owner and that   Wright, immediate past president; John         for now. Suggested having a Meet the
HERE’S THE PROBLEM . . .                        you would like your senator to vote “NO”      Naese, director; Dan Sadler, director;         Candidates forum & encourage people to
                                                to any amendments to HB182.                   Paul Vallandigham, director; Matt Skaj,        run for office. Wayne will take action at
If Cullerton gets his way, this is what                                                       director; Jim Bickers, director; Dean Ro-      the next meeting to form a committee.
                                                                                              thermel, Wayne Johnson, Warren Drake,
                                                                                              and guest                                      The theme for the 4th of July parade has
                                                                                                                                             to do with the heritage of Abe Lincoln.
                                                                                              Absent: Marc Roderick, director; Gene          Need sign ideas for the float. Talk of a
                                                                                              Martin, director                               tea party on that day?

                                                                                              Chaired by David Pike.                         Need people to take over the Burma
                                                                                                                                             signs, or the individual sets of signs. I-80
                                                                                              The May meeting will feature Frank,            set is problematic; needs attention or to
                                                                                              John B., and Paul speaking on personal         be taken down. Pontiac & Mansfield also
                                                                                              protection in the home, equipment and          need maintenance. Suggested that we
                                                                                              tactics. Will include tech time.               print fill-in-the-blank signs in GN and on
                                                                                                                                             web, for people to submit their slogan
                                                                                              The June meeting will feature Frank            ideas. Need a Burma sign on the web
                                                                                              and Paul speaking on legal aspects of          site, so people know they are indeed
                                                                                              personal protection.                           related to us. Need to re-visit master list
                                                                                                                                             of slogans and weed some out.
                                                                                              Motion to buy about $2,000 worth of
                                                                                              ammo for the youth camp; seconded and          Bill and Bonnie will work together to
                                                                                              passed. Will encourage people to bring         get thank-you notes out to people who
                                                                                              in junk guns to take to Chicago’s buy-         donate.
                                                                                              back; money goes toward that ammo.
                                                                                                                                             Denny Rogers’ group in B-N met with
                                                                                              Dan did not make it to the Kankakee            Senators Black & Brady about CCW
                                                                                              gun show, but one-gun-a-month tickets          legislation; mixing FL’s and TX’s laws to
                                                                                              were sold at the April personal protection     meet IL’s needs. If Brady becomes gov-
                                                                                              class. Will continue to sell there. Can        ernor, is willing to have a CCW advisory
                                                                                              start giving tickets to Board members to       committee.
                                                                                              sell before the general meeting. Stay
                                                                                              on the look-out for possible handguns          Next meeting, at the Knights of Colum-
                                                                                              to use, under $400, especially a good          bus, 1001 North Ohio, Rantoul, will have
                                                                                              personal protection gun.                       a buffet meal with the works for about
                                                                                              Suggested that we contact those who
                                                                                              advertise in GN, see if they would like to     Meeting adjourned @ 7:15pm.
                                                                                              also advertise on the website.

GunNews 18
                                  News Shorts                                                  Florida’s legislature tries carry license trust fund “sweep”
                                                                                              Tallahassee, FL (Guns Save Life /             backlogged applications and renewals.
WI AG says open carry OK                      Bill empowers attorney                          Champaign Co. Rifle Assn.) - The
Madison, WI (Badger Herald) - Wiscon-         general to forbid firearms for                  NRA is reporting that the Florida state       Currently, it is taking almost four months
sin citizens are legally allowed to carry
firearms openly, Attorney General J.B.
                                              those ‘suspected dangerous’                     legislature is moving to sweep $6 million     to process a “perfect” application,
                                              Washington, D.C. (World Net Daily)              from the carry license trust fund, monies     despite Florida state law which allows
Van Hollen said in a memo to the state’s                                                      which, by law, are to be used only to ad-     a maximum of 90-days to process ap-
                                              - A new gun law being considered in
district attorneys Monday.                                                                    minister Florida’s very successful carry      plications. Currently, crates of mail sit
                                              Congress, if aligned with Department of
                                              Homeland Security memos labeling ev-            license program.                              unopened for weeks as workers process
The Department (of Justice) believes that                                                                                                   earlier applications.
                                              eryday Americans as potential “threats,”
mere open carry of a firearm absent addi-                                                     Adding insult to injury, the legislature
                                              could potentially deny firearms to pro-lif-
tional facts and circumstances — should                                                       there reportedly is dragging its feet on      The NRA is urging members nationwide
                                              ers, gun-rights advocates, tax protesters,
not result in a disorderly conduct charge,”                                                   allowing the licensing department inside      to contact Florida Gov. Charlie Christ to
                                              animal rights activists, and a host of oth-
Van Hollen wrote.                                                                             Florida’s Department of Agriculture, to       urge him to veto this trust fund sweep.
                                              ers – any already on the expansive DHS
                                              watch list for potential “extremism.”           spend trust fund money to hire addition- or call
In the memo, the attorney general cited                                                       al staff and make equipment upgrades          (850) 488-4441 or (850) 488-7146. For
a West Allis case in February, where a                                                        to help process a growing mountain of         more information, visit
                                              Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., has sponsored
citizen wearing a holstered handgun on
                                              H.R. 2159, the Denying Firearms and
his property while doing lawn work was
                                              Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of
charged with disorderly conduct. Accord-
                                              2009, which permits the attorney gen-            Ruger introduces their entry into the AR-15 market
ing to Van Hollen, the man should not
                                              eral to deny transfer of a firearm to any
have faced a disorderly conduct charge.
                                              “known or suspected dangerous terrorist.”
                                              The bill requires only that the potential
                                              firearm transferee is “appropriately sus-
Milwaukee chief to officers:                  pected” of preparing for a terrorist act and
Ignore the law, violate rights                that the attorney general “has a reason-
Madison, WI (AP) — Milwaukee’s police         able belief” that the gun might be used in
chief said Tuesday he’ll go on telling        connection with terrorism.
his officers to take down anyone with a
firearm despite Attorney General J.B.
Van Hollen’s finding that people can carry    Get your favorite guns                           (CCRA/GSL) - Ruger had hyped a               30-round Magpul P-mags (Bill Ruger
guns openly if they do it peacefully.         while you can!                                   top secret project on their website for      must be rolling in his grave), Troy
                                                                                               some time, fueling speculation about         Industries fold-down sights and quad
                                              White House press briefing:                      what the new product was going to be.        rail, collapsable stock, Hogue grips, a
Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said,
                                              May 13, 2009                                     Cynnical observers suggested it would        chrome-plated bolt carrier group and
... “My message to my troops is if you
                                               from                             be choke tubes for the Mini-14. Others       more.
see anybody carrying a gun on the
streets of Milwaukee, we’ll put them on                                                        suggested the new product would be
                                               Q: ...Senator Feinstein has committed           “recalled”.                                  Suggested retail is a pricey $1995, but
the ground, take the gun away and then
                                               publicly to bringing the assault weapons                                                     rumor has it that the dealer price will be
decide whether you have a right to carry
                                               ban to the floor of the Senate and pur-         Well, it turns out that Ruger is entering    about $1350 and the street price will
it,” Flynn said. “Maybe I’ll end up with
                                               suing that legislatively this year. If that     the AR-15 marketplace with its own pis-      likely be $1600 or so initially.
a protest of cowboys. In the meantime,
                                               were to pass through Congress, would            ton-driven model that comes with three
I’ve got serious offenders with access
                                               the President sign or veto that?
to handguns. It’s irresponsible to send a
message to them that if they just carry it
openly no one can bother them.”
                                               Mr. Gibbs: I think the President’s views      No charges for open-carry bicyclist
                                               on the support of an assault weapons          Racine, WI (Journal Times) — The               riding his bicycle in the 1100 block of
                                               ban, as he said in the campaign, are          armed bicyclist who scared off a group of      Grand Avenue on May 1 when he was
                                               known.                                        teens he believed were trying to rob him       knocked from his bicycle by four teens.
Study: “Green” training
                                                                                             earlier this month will not be charged, the    The man told police he thought the group
ammo carries cancer risk                                                                     Racine County District Attorney’s Office       was trying to rob him, so he pulled out
( - In the 1990’s the U.S. Army                                                    said Friday.                                   the revolver he was openly carrying in a
introduced a new set of “green” training                                                                                                    side holster. Reports said he pointed the
ammunition designed to be less toxic and
more environmentally friendly than the                 Mainstream                            In a letter to the 42-year-old Racine man,
                                                                                             who has asked not to be identified, Dis-
                                                                                                                                            gun at the sky and yelled, “Gun!”

lead-filled rounds used before. But these             media reporter.                        trict Attorney Mike Nieskes wrote, “After      The group of teens fled and the man
new bullets may have left firing ranges                                                      speaking with the investigating officer on     flagged down a Racine police officer.
contaminated and exposed soldiers to a                    Tree.                              this matter, I have decided it would not       During the assault, the man suffered a
new health hazard. Soon-to-be-released
research suggests that a key element in
                                                          Rope.                              be in the greater interest of justice in the   wrist injury. He was treated at the scene
                                                                                             community to charge you with violation         by Racine rescue.
the new ammo, once thought to be safe,                                                       of Wisconsin Statute regarding gun free
                                                    Some assembly required.
may in fact be carcinogenic. The Army                                                        zones.”                                        Police did not arrest the man. They
has stopped production of the bullets.                                                                                                      escorted him home and returned his gun
                                                                                             According to police reports, the man was       to him.
                                                                                                                                                                         GunNews 19
                                                                                  Firearms Training Classes
   Reloading supplies and
       ammo for sale                                                                                                            Intermediate Personal Protection
 The following items are what I have on
 hand, supplies remain extremely hard                                                                                        Training to Live and Win
  to find, ammo is almost non existent.
                                                                                                                             Dates: October 10 & 11
                                                                                                                             Location: Darnall’s GunWorks and Ranges,
                                                                                                                             Bloomington, IL
 Lil’ Gun 4# -- $91.,
                                                                                                                             Advance Registration: $175
 Accurate Arms brands 3100-- $27.50,
                                                                                                                             Class size is limited – ENROLL TODAY
 2495-- $27.50,
 2230-- $24.75,
                                                                                                                             Primary instructors: John Boch, John Naese,
                                                                                                                             Frank Wright & Jeff Schwarm.
 No. 5-- $23.50,
 Ramshot Silhouette-- $24.00,
                                                                                                                             Registration covers lunch, range fees, safety
 Ramshot Tac.-- $24.75,
                                                                                                                             equipment as needed, course materials and
 Ramshot Exterminator-- $24.75,
 Hodgdon Titegroup-- $19.50
                                          GSL Defense Training is pleased to offer the following classes in                  Geared towards the carry license holder or
               Primers                    2009. For additional information, along with useful links to licensing             anyone serious about prudently approaching
 Federal 209A $5.00 per 100,              applications, forms and registration materials, call John Boch at 217              the use of deadly force in self-defense, Training
 $48.00 per 1000
                                          356-7027 or at home 217 351-3575. visit                                            to Win will continue training received in NRA
                                                                                         basic classes relating to the judicious use of
                                                                                                                             deadly force against both armed and “unarmed”
 Speer-- .224/ 62gr. FMJBT $23.00,
                                                                                                                             adversaries. Students will learn decision-
 Nosler-- .22/ 55gr.B/T
  250 varmint pk. $56.00,                          NRA Personal Protection Class                                             making skills in high-stress situations and how
                                                                                                                             to articulate danger in explaining their reactions
 .22/ 60gr. B/T $27.25,                   Satisfies the training requirement for a Florida non-resident Permit-to-Carry
                                                                                                                             to threats in post-shooting interrogations.
 .22/ 69gr. HP-BT $20.68,
                                                                                                                             This training will include “shoot - don’t shoot”
 Winchester 30 cal. 147gr.
                                          Dates: September 12 & 13.               safety, basic firearm handling skills,     scenarios on a shooting simulator, speed skills
  FMJBT $20.80,
                                          Location: Darnall’s GunWorks and        use of cover/concealment, malfunc-         drawing and reloading, engaging close-range
 Sierra .224-- 60gr. HPHV $17.75, .
                                          Ranges, Bloomington, IL                 tion clearing for semi-automatic pistol    threats (instinct shooting), low-light shooting
 224-- 55gr. Blitz HV $17.75
                                          Advance Registration: $175              users, the judicious use of deadly         skills with tactical lights, malfunction clearing,
                                          Class size is limited – Enroll today!   force (including against unarmed           shooting around barricades/cover and more.
                                                                                  aggressors), how to avoid becoming
 Russian 5.45x39, 53gr. FMJ-BT,
                                          Primary instructors: John Boch, John    a victim, interaction with potential as-
 2160rnds $350.00,
 Hornady 223 Rem. 55gr. V-Max,
                                          Naese, Frank Wright & Jeff Schwarm.     sailants, and post-shooting interven-                 Registration form
                                                                                  tions. Students will spend several         Please indicate which course dates:
 20rnd. box $18.50,
                                          Registration covers lunch, range        hours on the range with live-fire both
 Romanian 8mm 150gr. FMJ. 680 rnds.
                                          time, safety equipment as needed,       days. A low-light indoor shooting sce-     Personal Protection Sept. 12 & 13: _____
 corrosive $198.00
                                          NRA class materials including           nario is typically included on Sunday      Urban Rifle 101: Oct. 3 & 4: ______
 Bulgarian 7.62x54R FMJ LT-Ball
                                          textbook, a Florida Non-Resident        afternoon.                                 Training to Win: Oct. 10 & 11: _____
 (150gr.) 880rnds, $194.00,
                                          Permit-to-Carry application (and PA),
 Aguila 38 Super 130gr. $19.50
                                          and more.                               No shooting experience necessary! A        _________________________________
 Checz. 308 Win. Berdan Primed
                                                                                  Firearms Owners ID Card is recom-          Name
 1980’s manufacture, 1060 rds $525.00
                                          This class covers basic firearm         mended, but NOT REQUIRED.
 Golden Tiger 223 FMJ
 20 rnd box $9.50.                                                                                                           _________________________________
 Wolf Classic124gr. 7.62x39                                                                                                  Address
 20 rnd box $7.50.                                                  Urban Rifle 101
 Various Aguila 22 lr. ammo                                                                                                  _________________________________
                                          Date: October 3 & 4                     Students will learn proper mainte-         City, State, ZIP
                                          Location: Darnall’s GunWorks and        nance and malfunction prevention,
 Dean Rothermel                           Ranges, Bloomington, IL                 rifleman fundamentals, sling usage,        _________________________________
 drothermel@gunssavelife.                 Advance Registration: $175              shooting stances, grips and firearm        Phone (res.)
                                          Class size is limited – Enroll today!   manipulation. This course will hone        _________________________________
 com (217) 834-3093                                                               basic fundamentals while teaching          Phone (cell)
                                          Primary instructors: John Boch, John    basic individual tactics and tech-         _________________________________
   Have YOU decided...                    Naese, Frank Wright & Jeff Schwarm.     niques, including shooting on the          Email
                                                                                  move, as well as from cover and            Mail this form and a check or money order for
  which shooting event                    Registration covers lunch, range        concealment in various positions           $175 per person per class (made out to “John
  you’re going to attend                  fees, safety equipment as needed,       and transitioning from carbine rifle to    Boch”) to: John Boch, 19 Evergreen Square,
         in June?                         course materials and more.              sidearm.                                   Savoy, Illinois 61874

GunNews 20
5 Real-life soldiers who make Rambo look like a sally pants
By Marc Russel
Part 1 of 2                                      White Death had finally been stopped...           For his gallantry and sheer ballsiness,        sword into battle. In WWII. And not one of
( - We all understand that                                                             he was awarded the Param Vir Chakra,           those sissy ceremonial things the Marines
action movies are cheesy escapism. After         ...for about a week. In spite of having           India’s highest military award. Unlike the     have. No, Jack carried a real claymore.
all, could one commando really take out a        come down with a nasty case of shot-              Medal of Honor, the Param Vir Chakra is        And he used it, too. He is credited with
whole compound full of bad guys?                 in-the-face syndrome, he was still very           only given for “rarest of the rare gallantry   capturing a total of 42 Germans and a
                                                 much alive, and regained consciousness            which is beyond the call of duty and           mortar squad in the middle of the night,
Actually, yes. It turns out the history          on March 13, the very day the war ended.          which in normal life is considered impos-      using only his sword.
books are full of stories of soldiers doing                                                        sible to do.” That’s right, you actually
things so badass they’d hesitate to put                                                            have to break the laws of reality just to be   Churchill and his team were tasked with
them into a film for fear of killing the real-   #4. Yogendra Singh Yadav                          eligible.                                      capturing a German fortification creatively
ism. Like these five, for example.                                                                                                                called “Point 622.” Churchill took the lead,
                                                                                                   It has only been awarded 21 times, and         charging ahead of the group into the dark
#5. Simo Hayha                                                                                     two thirds of the people who earned it         through the barbed wire and mines, pitch-
                                                                                                   died in the process. It was initially re-      ing grenades as he went. Although his
                                                                                                   ported that Yadav had as well, but it turns    unit did their best to catch up, all but six
                                                                                                   out that they just mistook him for some-       of them were lost to silly things like death.
                                                                                                   one less badass. Or they just figured no       Of those six, half were wounded and all
                                                                                                   real human being could survive a broken        any of them had left were pistols. Then
                                                                                                   leg, shattered arm and 10-15 fresh bullet      a mortar shell swung in and killed/mor-
                                                                                                   holes in one sitting.                          tally wounded everyone who wasn’t Jack
                                                 Yogendra Singh Yadav was a member
Simo Hayha had a fairly boring life in Fin-
                                                 of an Indian grenadier battalion during           #3. Jack Churchill                             When the Germans found him, he was
land. He served his one mandatory year
                                                 a conflict with Pakistan in 1999. Their                                                          playing “Will Ye No Come Back Again?”
in the military, and then became a farmer.
                                                 mission was to climb “Tiger Hill” (actu-                                                         on his bagpipes. Oh, we didn’t mention
But when the Soviet Union invaded his
                                                 ally a mountain), and neutralize the three                                                       that? He carried them right next to his big
homeland in 1939, he decided he wanted
                                                 enemy bunkers at the top. Unfortunately,                                                         f’in sword.
to help his country.
                                                 this meant climbing up a sheer hundred-
                                                 foot cliff-face of solid ice. Since they didn’t                                                  After being sent to a concentration camp,
Since the majority of fighting took place in
                                                 want to all climb up one at a time with ice-                                                     he got bored and left. Just walked out.
the forest, he figured the best way to stop
                                                 axes, they decided they’d send one guy                                                           They caught him again, and sent him to a
the invasion was to grab his trusty rifle, a
                                                 up, and he’d fasten the ropes to the cliff                                                       new camp. So he left again. After walking
couple of cans of food and hide in a tree
                                                 as he went, so everyone else could climb          An allied commander in WWII, and an            150 miles with only a rusty can of onions
all day shooting Russians. In six feet of
                                                 up the sissy way. Yadav, being awesome,           avid fan of surfing, Captain Jack Malcolm      for food, he was picked up by the Ameri-
snow. And 20-40 degrees below zero.
                                                 volunteered with a few others.                    Thorpe Fleming Churchill aka “Fight-           cans and sent back to Britain, where he
Of course when the Russians heard that                                                             ing Jack Churchill” aka “Mad Jack” was         demanded to be sent back into the field,
                                                 Half way up the icy cliff-o’-doom, en-            basically the craziest mother in the whole     only to find out (with great disappoint-
dozens of their men were going down and
                                                 emies stationed on an adjacent mountain           damn war.                                      ment) the war had ended while he was
that it was all one dude with a rifle, they
                                                 opened fire, shooting them with an RPG,                                                          on his way there. As he later said to his
got [really] scared. He became known
                                                 then spraying assault-rifle fire all over the     He volunteered for commando duty, not          friends, “If it wasn’t for those damn Yanks,
as “The White Death” because of his
                                                 cliff. Half his squad was killed, including       actually knowing what it entailed, but         we could have kept the war going another
white camouflage outfit, and they actually
                                                 the commander, and the rest were scat-            knowing that it sounded dangerous, and         10 years!”
mounted whole missions just to kill that
                                                 tered and disorganized. Yadav, in spite of        therefore fun. He is best known for say-
one guy. ...He killed them all.
                                                 being shot three times, kept climbing.            ing that “any officer who goes into action     See GunNews next month for part two of
Then they tried getting together a team                                                            without his sword is improperly dressed”       this story
                                                 When he reached the top, one of the               and, in following with this, for carrying a
of counter-snipers (which are basically
                                                 target bunkers opened fire on him with
snipers that kill snipers) and sent them in
                                                 machine guns. Yadav ran toward the
to eliminate Hayha. He killed all of them,
                                                 hail of bullets, pitched a grenade in the
                                                 window and killed everyone inside. By
                                                 this point the second bunker had a clear
Over the course of 100 days, Hayha killed
                                                 shot and opened fire, so he ran at them,
542 people with his rifle. He took out an-
                                                 taking bullets while he did, and killed the
other 150 or so with his sub-machine gun,
                                                 four heavily-armed men inside with his
sending his credited kill-count up to 705.
                                                 bare hands.
Since everyone they had was either too
                                                 Meanwhile, the remainder of his squad
dead or too scared to go anywhere near
                                                 was standing at the top of the cliff staring
him, the Russians just carpet-bombed
                                                 at him saying, “dude, holy crap!” They
everywhere they thought he might be.
                                                 then all went and took the third bunker
                                                 with little trouble.
Finally on March 6th, 1940, some lucky
bastard shot Hayha in the head. The
                                                                                                                                                                                 GunNews 21
Introductory Pistol Shooters Event            Myron Deckard Memorial Match to                THE 2009 MARVIN VANCE SHOOT,
to be held at Darnall’s Ranges in             be held at Danville Rifle and Pistol           a three-day black powder event at
                                                                                                                                                 Appleseed Events
                                                                                                                                                    In and Around Illinois
Bloomington on June 28th                      Club on June 14.                               Leroy Rifle and Pistol Club
                                                                                                                                         What is Appleseed?
Experienced shooters, we are having a         DANVILLE - The Danville Rifle and Pistol       The event will run from Friday June 26th    We are an all-volunteer, non-profit 501.
2nd Amendment event at Darnall’s on           Club will host a fund-raising shoot in         to Sun. the 28th.                           c.3 organization that teaches rifle marks-
Sunday, June 28, 2009. Bring a first-         memory of Vermilion County sheriff’s Sgt.                                                  manship clinics nationwide. You can
timer for $15, and shoot steel plates         Myron Deckard.                                 All are welcome and the public is invited   come for one or two days on a weekend.
for free! Fee covers firearms, ammo,                                                         to the event. Primitive camping is avail-
instruction, and targets for new shooters.    The event is 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on June         able, with some firewood at the site        If you’re a novice, you’ll learn to shoot
Experienced shooters must bring their         14 at the club, County Roads 8523 East         bring your own water.                       a rifle. If you already know how to
own firearms in a case, along with LEAD       and 2250 North, Danville (four miles                                                       shoot, we’ll sharpen your skills. If you’re
ammo for shooting plates. Free 1-year         north of Interstate 74-Oakwood exit). The      As Sunday June 28th will be the regular     already an excellent shot, you can still
NRA membership signups. NRA, ISRA,            cost is $5 per stage. Participants have a      June shoot day for the Club , Black pow-    benefit from the practice, the refresher of
and Guns Save Lives leadership have           chance to win door prizes. The club will       der shooters are encouraged to come out     basics, and the chance to learn how to
been invited to attend. Great opportunity     award two grand prizes, Springfield Ar-        and bring a friend, (if you have any) to    teach others.
for regular citizens to start making a dif-   mory XD 45 ACPs. They also will hold a         enjoy the day and compete in many en-
ference. Desserts and drinks provided in      50-50 drawing, and serve refreshments.         joyable events, including a woods walk,     Most of the shooting is done at 25 me-
picnic area out front, bring your own sack                                                   silhouette targets, paper targets and       ters. You can use your centerfire rifle if
lunch. Limited eye and ear protection, so     Those who plan to participate should           much more. A Primitive archery shoot        you like (and if full distance is available,
please bring your own just in case. You       bring centerfire pistols, a minimum of 50      will be added this year so bring your       you may get the chance to shoot at full
also may want to bring your own lawn          rounds of ammunition and eye and ear           bow and arrows. There will be a nominal     distance later in the weekend). But for
chair. Must pre-register new shooters         protection. Holsters are not required.         fee for the events and participants are     the 25 meter shooting, a .22 rifle can
by going to and           One stage of the competition will be done      encouraged to bring a blanket prize to      teach you just as much, for a lot less
clicking on “2nd Amendment Event at           with a pump shotgun, and the club will         be be distributed on Sunday afternoon.      expense in ammo.
Darnall’s” (on the right, half way down       provide the shotgun and shells. Range          Traveling trophies are awarded to the
the page). New shooters must sign up          officers will be present so that it’s a safe   high scoring club members in the woods      What’s this cost? Women, “kids” (under
for one of three time slots: 10-12, 12-2,     event.                                         walk and Marvin Vance competitions          21), and active military, guard, or reserve
or 2-4.”                                                                                     Rules will be posted on site and safe       with ID - FREE. Everyone else: $45 for
For more information, you can contact:        All proceeds will support the Myron            range and firearm rules will be strictly    one day or $70 for two, if you pre-reg-
Robert Moon                                   Deckard Memorial Scholarship that’s            enforced. Round ball only, no shades        ister. Ranges may have an additional
217-875-7020                                  awarded to a Danville Area Community           or straps allowed for competition. Youth    range fee not included; check the web-
Illinois Regional Tea Party                   College student. Sgt. Deckard was killed       shooters are encouraged to come with        site for that information.
Coordinator                                   in the line of duty in June 2001 while         the attendance and supervision of an
                                              transporting a prisoner to Vermilion           adult.                                      You can register for any of these events
                                              County.                                                                                    at or you can
                                                                                             There will be a camp mulligan provided      contact John Naese at 217-684-
                                              Other upcoming events at Danville              on Saturday nite and all are welcome to     2602 or johnnaese@gunssavelife.
 SECOND AMENDMENT                             Rifle and Pistol Club                          join and throw in to the pot.               com for more information or to
 FREEDOM RALLY                                                                                                                           get a paper mail-in registration
                                              Wednesday (and every Wednesday for             For more information contact Roger Knoy     form.
 The U.S. Supreme court issued a rul-         the rest of the spring and summer)             (Booshway) at mongojones65@ yahoo.
 ing recognizing the Second Amend-            Bullseye pistol shooting, 5 p.m.,              com or ph. 217-433-0679                          Chillicothe, IL—May 23-25
 ment is an INDIVIDUAL right of the           Dan Burwash 217-759-7654.                                                                         (special 3 day event)
 PEOPLE on June 26, 2008.                                                                    Other Leroy RPC Events:
                                                                             Thanks to
                                                                                                                                                Ottawa, IL—May 23 - 25
 In light of that, The Illinois State Rifle                                  Oleg Volk       May 31 - Blackpowder shoot, 1 p.m.,
                                                                                             Susie Hulvey, 217-935-6804,
                                                                                                                                                 (special 3 day event)
 Association and                                           (pictured)
 are sponsoring a Second Amend-                                             for ongoing
 ment Freedom Rally in the heart of                                                                                                         Bloomington, IL—May 30 & 31
                                                                            permission                                                          (Sponsored by CCRA/GSL
 downtown Chicago to celebrate the                                                           June 6 - Rimfire Rifle, 9 a.m., Tom Morr,
                                                                             to use his                                                          No additional range fee!)
 one year anniversary of this historic                                                       309-473-2052,
 decision. Please share this informa-
 tion with all your friends, family, and                                   works in our      June 14 - Bullseye Pistol (Rimfire), 8:45          Bonfield, IL - June 6-7
 associates that support the Second                                         newsletter.      a.m., Francis Smith, 309-962-9275,              (ISRA Range near Kankakee)
 Amendment.                                                                You can see
                                                                          his superlative                                                     Puryear, TN—May 30 & 31
     June 26th, 2009                                                        website at:      June 21 - Action Pistol match, 9 a.m.,            Wayland, IA - May 30-31
                                                                                             Gordon Beck, 309-275-5618,
       11am-1pm                                                                                                                                     Female only
                                                                                                                                               Fremont, MO - June 6-7
          at the                                  Large-format photo prints of his                                                             Shiocton, WI - June 6-7
James R. Thompson Center                        posters and other art are available at                                                        Searsboro, Iowa - June 6-7
   100 W. Randolph St.                                                                                                                        Evansville, IN - June 13-14
    Chicago, IL 60601                       
GunNews 22
           Champaign County Rifle Association
                                                                   Coming Events -             to get your event listed here, contact the GunNews Editor
   GUNS SAVE LIFE .COM                                                                                            Regular Events - Weekly
   If you have questions or want to                                               June                            Every Wednesday: trap and skeet shooting, 6 PM,
                                                                                                                  St. Joseph Sportsman’s Club, St. Joseph, IL
volunteer ideas or your efforts to help                        1 - Sangamon County Rifle Association meet-
                                                               ing, 6:30 PM, Diamond’s Buffet, Town & Country
 our cause, these are the names you                            Shopping Center, 2441 S. MacArthur, Springfield, IL;   Every Thursday, 4PM to 9PM, 50 bird trap derby,
need to know. Even if you can only do                          James Butler, (217) 528-0963; www.sangamoncori-        Leroy Rifle and Pistol Club, Dick Miller, (309) 962-
         a little, do something.                     ; email richardson.betty@comcast.
    Officers and                                                                                                      Every Saturday: trap and skeet shooting, 12 Noon,
                                     Committee                 Jun 6 - Southern Illinois NRA Youth Sportsfest Camp,
                                                                                                                      St. Joseph Sportsman’s Club, St. Joseph, IL
     Directors                         Chairs                  9:00am to 4:00 pm, Williamson County Gun Club,
                                                               Carterville, IL Larry Morse, 618-995-9586
                                                               Jun 6 Southern Illinois NRA Youth Sportsfest Camp      Every Saturday, 1 PM, Trap Shooting, Lake Fork
Officers                         Political relations                                                                  Sportsmen’s Club, Atwood. Gary Appleby at 217-
David Pike, President            committee                     Carmi Rifle Club, Carmi, IL Valinda Rowe 618-963-
                                                               2788                                                   578-3298.
(also Burma Signs for now;       Wayne Johnson
looking for help in this area) or               Jun 6 - South Suburban Police Pistol League 14300                                         S. Kedzie, Midlothian, IL Norm Pestlin 708-532-4743    Every Sunday, Noon – 4 PM - Trap and Skeet; Loda
(217) 352-6405                                                 30 round bullseye matches                              Sportsmen’s Club; Vernon Shedd, 217-396-5621
                                  com or website
                                  www.liberty4urbana.          Jun 6 & 7 - Basic Pistol Class, Darnall’s Range
John Boch, Vice President
                                                               Bloomington, IL Jon Maier 309-825-7716                 Regular Events - Monthly            com
                                                               Jun 6 & 7 Pecatonica Gun Show, Winnebago County        First Monday, 7 PM – Pheasants Forever meeting,
(217) 351-3575                                                                                                        Farm Bureau Building, Country Fair Drive,
                                 Range Development             Fairgrounds, Pecatonica, IL 815-964-6134
                                 committee                     Jun 6 & 7 Decatur Gun Show, Decatur Civic Center,      Champaign; call Tim Brenner, 217-351-5002, ext. 229
William Cotter, Treasurer            Dean Rothermel                Bob Leckrone, 618-495-2572
(217) 359-2703                   drothermel@gunssavelife.      9 - Guns Save Life / Champaign Co. Rifle As-           Second Friday, 6 PM – Trap shoot, Foosland
                                 com (217) 834-3093
                                                               sociation Meeting, 6 PM dinner and exhibits, 7 PM      Sportsmen’s Club; Dave Masko at 217-897-1671
Secretary                                                      meeting, Knights of Columbus Hall, 1001 N. Ohio St.,
Bonnie Holland                   Reloading Committee                                                                  Third Friday, 6 PM – Trap Shoot, Sadorus Sportsman
                                 David Acklin                  Rantoul, IL. David Pike,,                                                                                             Club; Robert Rogers 217-598-2279, or Earl Welch
(309) 275-4600                   (217) 359-3328                (217) 352-6405
                                                               Jun 14 - ISRA Bullseye League, 8:00 am, ISRA           217-863-2006
Treasurer                        GunNews Distribution          Range, Bonfield, IL Jeff Battaglia 708-614-1628,
(also Dues and Memberships)      Gun ENews email update        30 rd. National Match Course                           Fourth Saturday
Bill Cotter                      Mailing list                                                                         9 AM - Trap Shoot – Beginners and Practice            Warren Drake                                                                         – Sadorus Sportsman Club; Robert Rogers 217-598-
217-359-2703                                                                         2279, or Earl Welch 217-863-2006
Immediate Past President                                                                                              We’ve got room for more. Let us know about
(also Meeting Committee)         GunNews Editor
                                 (Submit ideas, articles,                                                             your events, and we’ll see if we can’t get more
Frank Wright
                                 pictures, shoot schedules,                                                           shooters out to them!
(217) 384-0432
                                 letters to the editor)
Directors                        John Naese
Paul Vallandigham                217-684-2602       505 S. Cleveland,
(217) 378-4239                   Philo, IL 61864
Dan Sadler                       com
(also head of gun shows for
now - looking for help here)     Website
(217) 582-2445         

Jim Bickers                      email the webmaster:
217-344-3038                     webmaster@gunssavelife.
John Naese
(also GunNews Editor)            Champaign County Rifle       Association /
 (217) 684-2602                  Guns Save Life .com
                                 Mailing Address
Marc Roderick                    (for general correspondence                and memberships)
(217) 356-4437
Matt Skaj                        PO Box 51        Savoy, IL 61874

                                                                                                                                                                 GunNews 23
                                                                       GREAT GUNS II
 Champaign County Rifle Association /       First Prize                                                                           Special thanks to Rock River Arms
 Guns Save Life is proud to announce        Rock River Arms Entry Tactical AR-15 rifle, new in box compliments of Rock            for their support of our Great Guns II
 our Second Annual Great Guns draw-         River Arms, Inc. with a Dominator 2 EOTech sight mount.                               Drawing!
 ing. Tickets are just $5 each! The
 winners will be drawn at the October 13,
 2009 CCRA meeting.

 Tickets can be purchased at the regular
 monthly meeting or by mailing a check
 or money order (with a SASE if you
 would like us to send the ticket stubs
 back to you) to PO Box155, Broad-
 lands, IL 61816
                                            Second Prize
 Entries received on or before October      M1 Garand made by Springfield Armory.
 13, 2009 will be accepted for the draw-    This gun is in very good condition+, pos-
 ing.                                       sibly unissued.

                                                                                                  Clip this application and mail it along with your check to
                                                                                        , PO Box 51, Savoy, IL 61874. Thanks!

                                                                                             Become a Member of CCRA / Guns Save Life

                                            We want your rusty clunker guns
                                            - ones that wouldn’t, couldn’t or
                                            shouldn’t be fired! Donate them to            City                          County                        State          ZIP
                                            Guns Save Life and we will sell them
                                            to the do-gooders in Chicago for $100
                                            or more apiece and use the money
                                                                                          Telephone (for urgent alerts only)                    E-mail
                                            to further civil rights and the pro-gun
                                            cause, for things like buying ammuni-
                                            tion to teach kids safe shooting and
                                            to buy guns to give away to children!         Are you an NRA member (if so, it may help us secure low-cost insurance)
                                                                                          Yes __________       If so, member number _________________________
                                            Bring them to any GSL meeting or              Dues:                            _______ $30 - Annual membership
                                            contact any board member with your
                                            donation. We will be collecting them in                                        _______ $90 - Three-year membership
                                            anticipation of Mayor Daley’s 5th An-
                                            nual Gun “Turn-in”. Thanks for your                                            _______ Legal Defense Fund donation
  Wants your junk                           support! Remember, we only want
                                            rusty, blown up and/or broken down
                                                                                                                           _______ Range Acquisition Fund donation
   scrap metal!                             junk, not shootable guns that could be
                                            given to a good home.                                                          _______ Burma-style Sign Fund donation

                                                                                                                           _______ Total Enclosed

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