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The following TV Brands and TV Shows are all members of The
Environmental Community. Earth Media Network (EMN)
represents the entire platform for all media and advertising.

With over 85 environmental, health and people oriented
websites The Environmental Community is launching a
comprehensive environmental movement. All parties that
support environmental change please join us today so together
we can protect our limited and natural resources on Earth.

Without access to clean water and air life as we know it will
change. Today these resources have been placed at risk from
man’s heavy handed use of toxic chemicals.

Our platform provides green pathways that will help create
social change. The Environmental Education Center will deliver
eco-education classes to schools and businesses alike.

If your company, school or organization would like to join or
support a progressive solution for creating environmental
change then we urge you to—join us now!

Andrew Tait             Virginia DeSouza
Founder/CEO             Operations Manager
The Driving Force

 LaDonna Stachura        Angus Fraser
 VP Corp Affairs         General Manager,
 Corporate Co-Pilot      European Region

Dr Stephen Hudson        Hans Lak
Director of Education    V.P. Strategic
Deb Mumm                Dan Baxley
Environmental           V.P. Environmental
Solutions Manager       Investments

 Jim Windwalker         Janet Privett
 Director of Wildlife   Director of Media
 Preservation           Production

Nancy Pearlman          Gary E. Ireland
Communications          Legal Advisor
1.   Earth Media Network (plus .mobi)
2.   Environmental Business Network
3.   Global Environmental News (plus .mobi)
4.   Go Environmental
5.   Students For Ecological Change
6.   One World Generation
7. The Environmental Community
   • Animal Rights Network
   • Earth Defense Network
   • Earth Saving Networks
   • Environmental Networking
   • Fair Trade Coalition
   • Peoples Action Network
   • Rainforest Defense Network
Advocacy Channel
Action Advocacy
   • Activists Wanted
   • Boycott For Change
   • Operation Dragonfly
   • Support Family Farms
   • The Environmentalist
Advocacy Channel (cont)
American Seniors Demanding Change
Earth Warrior
Go Club Eco
Save Earth Now

Eco-Education Channel
The Environmental Education Center
Companies For Ecological Change
Environmental Think Tank

Empowerment Channel
Good Life Portal
  • Advance My Life
  • Beam Me Up
  • EM-Power Me
  • Get Me Out Of The Rat Race
  • Your Work Solution

Empowerment Channel (cont)
Excellent Nature
Power To Save The World
Employment Channel
Eco Job Corps
Entertainment Channel
Earth Concerts
Environmental Vacation Club
The Environmental Community Magazine

Environmental Business Network Channel
Earth Saving Solutions
   • Artistic Floor Designs
   • Incredible Pool Surfaces
   • NaturGard

Environmental Business Network Channel(cont)
Lungs Of Earth
My Natural Pool
My Natural Spa
Natural On Tap
Vista Blu’
Green Investments Channel
One Earth Financial

Green Shopping Channel
Go Natural Products
One Earth Café
    • Eco-Points
    • Earth Saving Angels

Health Channel
Global Health Central
   • Energize Your Body
   • Life Saving Oxygen
   • Life Saving Ozone
Worldwide Cure
Legal Channel
(Environmental & Rights Issues)
Environmental Bar Association

Romance Channel
My Love Profile

Social Change Channel
Earth Saving Music
Global Peace For Me (
Reduce Reuse Recycle America For Free

Students Channel
Students For Ecological Change
Tag For Earth
Technology Channel
Worldwide Pure Water
  • BioPenta Labs

Web Services Channel
Accelerate Content
   • A to Z Content (
Environmental Domains
Fair Ads Network

Wildlife Channel
Ants To Elephants

Thank You for supporting
The Environmental Community and our efforts that benefit Race To Save Earth


                               - confidential -

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