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R7 Telecon


									                ASQ Region 7 Teleconference held 3-16-2010
                            Meeting Minutes
                                  Prepared by: E.Monreal

Dial in number: 888-447-7159
Participant code: 9677397
Meeting to be called to order 3 Tuesday of month at 1:00 p.m., Pacific / 2:00 pm AZ

Roll Call

 RD/DRD:                                            Coverage            Present?

 Elías Monreal (RD)                              R7D                        X
                                                 San Gabriel
 Rosemarie Christopher (DRD)
                                                 Inland Empire
 Holly Duckworth (DRD)                                                      X
                                                 Las Vegas
 Cheryl A. Jones (DRD)
                                                 Los Angeles
                                                 San Diego
 Ray Klotz (DRD)                                 Palomar           Emailed with conflict
                                                 San Fernando
 Deborah Koncel (DRD)                                                       X
                                                 Channel Cities
 Gerardo Robledo (DRD)                                                  In Training          #011-52-664-2062670
 Gene Underwood (DRD)                            Orange Empire              X

Leta Thrasher, ASQ Community Development Administrator for Region 7

Section Leaders participating were as follows:
 Section Leader                 Section                     Area                           Present?
 Joseph R. DeSimone               700            LOS ANGELES                           Jim Morrison
 Bhavan V. Mehta                  701            ORANGE EMPIRE                         Vinay Goyal
 Kandi Senthilmaran               702            SAN GABRIEL VALLEY             On Holiday / Dwane Nesser
 Brett Carter                     703            SAN DIEGO                    Steve Babb – Incoming Chair
 Joanne Voordeckers               704            PHOENIX                                      X
 Michael A. Marelli               705            LAS VEGAS
 Deborah L. Koncel                706            SAN FERNANDO VALLEY                          X
 William P. Griffith              707            TUCSON-OLD PUEBLO
 Doreen E. Milford                708            PALOMAR
 James A. Schwartz                709            CHANNEL CITIES                              X
                                                                                      @ CCE Training
 Sheryel M. Eberwein              711            INLAND EMPIRE
                                                                                        Phil Laure
 Javier Garcia                    712            TIJUANA
 Lisa L. Grosskopf                713            TEMECULA VALLEY                              X
 Victor Reyes Cruz                714            AMBOS-NOGALES
Chuck Monroe – On Airplane

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DISCUSSION    Last Meeting Action Item(s)
   ALL COMPLIANT => 2009 Section Operating Agreement(SOA):
    THX to all secretaries/chairs assistance
   Section Treasurers: 2009 QTR 2 Quarterly Financial Report due January 20:
    This is only a friendly reminder…if you have already uploaded report, THX
   Region 7 Minimum Requirements(updated 3-19-20): Minimum Requirement
             Sect    All Financial                                                                                 Memb
Region                                Chair     Treas      Sec      Auditing    Membership       Nominating
              No     Forms Rec'd                                                                                   Count

             0700    08/13/2009                                                                                  688 (+2.8%)
             0701    07/23/2009                                                                                 1169(+2.0%)
             0702    08/10/2009                                                                                  251 (+0.4%)
             0703    08/12/2009                                                                                  807 (+5.1%)
             0704    08/12/2009                                                                                  719 (+0.1%)
             0705    08/13/2009                                                                                  163 (+3.8%)
             0706    08/06/2009                                                                                  487 (-0.8%)
             0707    08/06/2009                                                                                  184 (-0.5%)
             0708    07/22/2009                                                                                  186 (+3.9%)
             0709    08/13/2009                                                                                  129 (+5.7%)
             0711    08/12/2009                                                                                  218 (+1.4%)
             0712    08/18/2009                                                                                   63 (-1.6%)
             0713    08/11/2009                                                                                  122 (-1.6%)
             0714    08/31/2009                                                                                   42 (-2.3%)
   No Member                                                                                                       5228
  Leader Total
                           10           37        6         7          8              7              16
Unpaid Member
  Leader Total
                           16           13                  2          2             12               5
   PAST DUE => 2009-10 Goal/Objectives of 0714:
    REQUIREMENT OF YOUR SOA - 9.2 & 9.3 -
    Victor Reyes Cruz (0714 signed SOA on 3-17-10) has NOT compile Goal/Objectives,
    approved by E-Board, and distribute to their members…of which I(R7D) am a member.
   Chair forward/discussion with your section E-Board:
    New Student Section in San Diego
    QMP Status Report
    RD Report on SAC Training Feb 5 – 7
    Update on Regional Training
    R7 sections “events” on Friday
    R7D February Message: QMP
    Section Publicity Idea
    ASQ Books as Door Prizes Idea
    Engineer’s Week
    Congratulations Newest ASQ-R7 Senior Members
   Peruse through R7 Meeting Minutes:

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   Follow up with past due action items
   Please confirm that these tasks(E-Board Membership /QTR 2 Requirements) are complete so that
    we can ensure the report is updated to reflect the correct status. Your prompt attention to
    this matter will help me to ensure the status of your Section remains in good standing and
    that the ASQ Headquarters reports are correct.
ACTION ITEM(S)                                                            PERSON RESPONSIBLE                 DEADLINE

   E-Board Membership /QTR 2 Requirements                                Section Chair                      4/20/10
   0714: 2009-10 goal/objectives                                         0714- Victor Reyes Cruz            1/11/10

DISCUSSION   Region 7 Training: 4/10/10
   The following website has 2010 Regional Leadership Training: Flyer & upcoming PDF’s
   Four rooms: One main reception, three rooms(two of which will have concurrent sessions)
   Discussed final assignments to R7 Flyer

      2010 Leadership
    Training Flyer + Agenda.doc


   0701 plans to support sections with $600 scholarship. R7D will work with 0701
    Leadership in defining criteria.
   Please note, Leta, Holly, Ray will not be attending training. They will be presenting
    presentation via webinar.
   Those presenting, your presentation should be following template and include; SOA
    requirements(if any), QMP due dates(if any), ASQ-position description, best practices,
    general discussion of position.

    2010 R7Training Call      2010 ASQ
     for Volunteers.doc      Template.ppt

ACTION ITEM(S)                                                            PERSON RESPONSIBLE                 DEADLINE

   A/V equipment needs during Training:
                                                                          Section Chair please
    Need laptop with internet card for main room with
                                                                          contact R7D if we can
    webinar/telecom presentation                                                                             4/9/10
                                                                          use your sections A/V
    0706(), 0704(projector/screen), 0713(),
    0707(projector in main room)
   Have seven(7) scholarships seats from 0701.
                                                                          Section Chair                      4/20/10
    Email R7D with your section needs
   RSVP hotel
    Palm Springs Hilton
                                                                          Section Chair                      ASAP
    Phone (760)320-6868
    Toll-free 800-522-6900
   RSVP list to Phil Laure(                             Section Chair                      4/3/10

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   Voice of the Customer
    Welcome to the Voice of the Customer (VoC) Community of Practice. The VoC
    Committee is in the process of developing additional resources and links to materials to
    assist Division and Section VoC Chairs. We thank you for taking on this responsibility and
    hope you can find and utilize the resources here to make your role worthwhile for your
    Frank Murdock, VoC Committee Chair
   Responsibilities
   Training
    Voice of the Customer Chair Orientation
    Voice of the Customer Introduction (PPT, 2.5 MB)
    Survey Questionnaire Checklist (PDF, 283 KB)
    Survey Design (PPT, 1.2 MB)
    Survey Analysis (PPT, 422 KB)
    VoC Community of Practice (PPT, 581 KB)
    How to Conduct Customer Surveys (PDF, 1.6 MB)
    Amy Ballweg of ASQ to schedule trainings for all. We would love to set up training for you and for
    anyone else who may be using the tool. Our trainings are web based and are a great way to be
    sure that you are able to use Qualtrics as effectively as possible. We hold basic trainings every day
    of the work week at the following times:
    ·      Monday: 11:00 a.m. Eastern
    ·      Tuesday: 12:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Eastern
    ·      Wednesday: 10:00 a.m. (and our weekly webinar at 1:00 p.m.) Eastern
    ·      Thursday: 2:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Eastern
    ·      Friday: 11:00 a.m. Eastern
    To register for one of these trainings, just visit our Training webpage, where you can click on the
    Basic Training Calendar link and choose the training that is most convenient for you.
   Qualtrics — ASQ’s Survey Software
    Return to Summary/Key Tasks
    ASQ Divisions and Sections have access to a Qualtrics survey account through headquarters. In
    order to receive account access, please appoint a Division and Section leader to serve as Voice of
    the Customer Chair and report the name and member number of this individual to Community
    Development when other committee chairs are appointed, or at anytime throughout the year.
    Account information will be sent to this individual upon appointment.
    Helpful Hints (DOC, 1.2 MB)
    Sending Surveys through Qualtrics — For those who utilize the survey distribution feature through
    Qualtrics, please be advised that the email messages must still follow ASQ Member Unit
    eGuidelines (DOC)
    To request a Qualtrics account, please appoint a Voice of the Customer Chair and contact
    Community Development.
    Survey Software
   Collaborative Surveys
    VoC Recommended Annual Timeline (XLS, 27 KB)
    Proposed Collaborative Surveys – based on member leader feedback, the VoC Committee survey
    development are focused on the topics identified in these documents.
    Member Leader Feedback (XLS, 24 KB)
    Operational Definitions (DOC, 28 KB)
    Training – conducted Spring 2009 Results report (PPT, 3.57 MB)
    Section Operations – conducted Fall 2009 Member invitation letter (DOC, 32 KB)

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           ion.doc                 c


    General discussion of VOC/Membership Chair and activities performed by VOC
    Links/Contacts:
    FYI…email VOC/Membership colleagues across region for assistance and best practices
    Committee        VOC Chair                         Membership Chair
       9000700                                         James A. Morrison
       9000701       Dale T. Leuer                     Vinay Goyal
       9000702                                         Ravichandran Rathinam
       9000703                                         Donna J. Skille
       9000704       Gabriel Guzman                    Charles M. Monroe
       9000705                                         Marianthi Barney
       9000706       Cheryl A. Jones                   Ana M. McManama
       9000707       Elias Monreal                     Beverly M. Synovetz
       9000708                                         Glen V. Kliskey
       9000709                                         R. Thomas Myers
       9000711                                         Ronald J. Villanueva
       9000712       Jenomelin Gonzalez                Gerardo A. Robledo Garcia
       9000713       Ric M. Van Der Linden             Patrick C. Spink
       9000714                                         Ricardo Villagrana
ACTION ITEM(S)                                                    PERSON RESPONSIBLE   DEADLINE

    Review Materials for VOC                                     Section Chair        4/20/10

DISCUSSION    Email Communication:
    This guide addresses required and recommended email practices; anyone with access to
     member email contact information must follow required practices.

     member-unit-eguideli membership-lists-rep
          nes.doc         orts-download-guide.doc

    Jim tries to limit to two(2) emails in month but is concerned on plethora of ASQ emails.
    0713 – adheres to emails guidelines Re: section info, Places receipts in Bcc:, has process
     for paper mail, makes certain database “current” from membership list
    0706 – adheres to two(2) emails per month, lumps emails where it makes sense, limits E-
     Board members to Reply All.

    Very interesting discussion on what/how sections across region use email
    Leta discussed email guideline when communicating to members; opt out list at bottom of

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    email, place distribution list in Bcc:, review distribution list and download most current
    membership list, safeguard membership list, as nonprofit shouldn’t make profit on
    membership list, limit emails and don’t overload section, place embedded links in email to
    lessen verbiage.
ACTION ITEM(S)                                                          PERSON RESPONSIBLE               DEADLINE

   Review Email Guidelines within your section                         Section Chair                    4/20/10

DISCUSSION   SharePoint:
   Region 7 SharePoint:
   SAC SharePoint:
   How does your section use SharePoint???

   Please peruse through above links and/or place in member communication(newsletter,
    website, embedded messages, etc)
ACTION ITEM(S)                                                          PERSON RESPONSIBLE               DEADLINE

   Assist in promoting link to R7/SAC SharePoint to
                                                                        Section Chair                    4/20/10
    increase communication

   FYI – Memorandum of Understanding(MOU):
    a. How does your section use MOU
    b. How can R7D or DR7D assist you to draft MOU for SAC funds($103K)
    c. Looking to Pursue a Co-Sponsorship or Joint Venture?
        If your section or division is interested in pursuing a co-sponsorship or joint venture, you will need to complete
        a memorandum of understanding (MOU). The MOU is a good way to outline responsibilities and obligations, and
        should align with ASQ Policy G41: Society Involvement With Other Organizations and the Use of ASQ's Name
        and Logo. All completed MOUs must be submitted to your Community Development administrator for review
        and approval prior to the event or start of a project. To review the policy and instructions for preparing an
        MOU, click here.

   FYI – Update on Loyalty Survey:
    b. Time Is Running Out - Remind Your Members to Participate in Loyalty Study
        ASQ member leaders are asked to promote this membership and loyalty survey to their member units. Your
        members' input provides guidance for creating opportunities focused on your needs, and allows ASQ
        headquarters to provide the products and services that are beneficial to you and your member units. The study
        will be open through February 28
   FYI – Alaska Quality Cruise
    a. I am John Breckline, Past Chair of the Ft Worth TX Section and current Regional Director for
        AR, OK and N. TX. I have been coordinator, with the Ft Worth Section as co-host, for ASQ
        ―Seminar at Sea‖ Cruise/Conference since 2003. In 2008, we had 100 members and guest
        participated in a 7-day cruise from Galveston.
    b. If you have space available, please paste info into your newsletter…THX


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   Review items with your board
ACTION ITEM(S)                                                            PERSON RESPONSIBLE                DEADLINE

   Review items with your board                                          Section Chair                     4/20/10

DISCUSSION   Agenda for April Telecon:
   Debriefing of R7 Training
   Final Discussion of fiscal year

     Fiscal Year Section

   April 30: Friendly Reminder: 2010 QTR 3 [Jan-Mar] Financial Report complete a financial
   May 7: Deadline to Request Member Leader World Conference Registration Rate
   May 7: Deadline to pre-register for Member Leader Events at World Conference
    Critical Training for Member Leaders
    Join us Saturday, May 22, in St. Louis, Mo., for networking, learning, and leadership development by attending the
    Community Leadership Institute, a complimentary member leader conference preceding the World Conference on Quality
    and Improvement. The conference provides many benefits such as:
     Engagement in strategic dialogue.
     Educational opportunities related to member unit operations, including member retention.
     Recognition of member units for performance excellence.
     Special World Conference registration rate (Two member leaders from each division, forum, section, or Society committee
    who attend the Community Leadership Institute are eligible. Chairs have been contacted to submit names). For more
    information and to register, visit the member leader events page.
   LETA, when will Loyalty Survey Results be available to member leaders???

   Review upcoming agenda
ACTION ITEM(S)                                                            PERSON RESPONSIBLE                DEADLINE

   Review upcoming agenda                                                Section Chair                     4/20/10

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               ASQ Region 7 Teleconference held 3-16-2010
                           Meeting Minutes
                                  Prepared by: E.Monreal

2010 R7 Telecon     2010 ASQ-R7 Dates to Remember

Jan 19, 2010        Jan 20          2009 QTR 2 [Oct-Dec] Financial Report                                   Treasurer
Feb 16, 2010        Feb             Announce: ASQ National Survey + Nominations                             Chair
Mar 16, 2010        March           Ask Nominations / Vetting Candidate                                     Nominating
Apr 20, 2010        April           Section Elections                                                       E-Board
May 18, 2010        April 10        Region 7 Training in Palm Springs                                       E-Board
Jun 15, 2010        April 30        2010 QTR 3 [Jan-Mar] Financial Report                                   Treasurer
                                    Deadline to Request Member Leader World Conference Registration Rate
Jul 20, 2010        May 7           Deadline to pre-register for Member Leader Events at World Conference   E-Board
                                    2010-11 Officer List Due: Chair, Treasurer, Secretary
Aug 17, 2010        May 15                                                                                  E-Board
                                    2010-11 Committee List Due: Audit, Membership, Nominating
Sept 21, 2010       May 22 - 23     Leadership Institute @ St.Louis                                         E-Board
Oct 19, 2010        May 24 - 26     WCQI @ St.Louis                                                         E-Board
Nov 16, 2010        July 31         2010 QTR 4 [Apr-June] Financial Report                                  Treasurer
Dec 21, 2010        Aug 15          2009-10 Financial Report + Audit                                        Treasurer

R7 Meeting
                     Mon          Tues       Wed         Thurs          Fri
1st Wk
 nd                               0703       0700
2 Wk                                                     0704
                                  0707       0708

 rd                                          0705
3 Wk                              0706                   0713
4th Wk                            0714

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