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					                       POWER OF ATTORNEY

resident of                                              do hereby make,
constitute, nominate and appoint Askari Bank Limited, (a company
incorporated under the Companies Ordinance, 1984, (hereinafter
referred to as “The Attorney”) to be my true and lawful attorney for me, in
my name and on my behalf to do or cause to be done the following acts,
deeds and things in respect of property consisting of a plot of land/house
bearing number                          situated at
measuring                               along     with    building     and
appurtenances attached thereto, as more fully described in the schedule
hereto, herein after referred to as “the Property”:-

   1. To execute, at my cost and expenses, a mortgage deed in respect
      of the Property in its own favour and if need be to register the
      same in the Office of concerned Register or the Sub-Registrar or
      the Sub-Registrar.
   2. To grant sub-mortgage of the Property to whomsoever and on such
      terms and conditions as the Attorney deems fit.
   3. To take possession of all or any of the properly without notice to
      me and occupy it for Attorney’s own use and to de everything to
      acquire full control, possession and management of the property
      or let out the same on lease or to any other person or persons or
      company on such terms and conditions as the Attorney deems fit
      and proper and to receive rentals thereof and utilize.
   4. To appoint any substitute and delegate all or any of the powers
      hereby conferred other than this power of substitution and to vary
      on revoke any such appointment of substitute as the Attorney may
      consider appropriate.
   5. To execute any deed or sign any document which may be
      considered expedient and to do any other act, matter or thing,
      which the attorney shall consider necessary or expedient fro
      carrying out or doing any of the purposes, act or things hereunder
      authorized in the same manner and as effectively in all respect as
      I myself could have done if personally present.
   6. I agree that the attorney shall not be bund to exercise all or any of
      these powers but may do so as and in the manner as the Attorney
      shall think fit and I accept responsibility and liability for any act
      or commission, of the attorney or any of its substitutes, employees
      or agents and shall not hold any one responsible for any loss harm
      or detriment, occurring in consequence thereof.
   7. I hereby ratify and confirm and agree to ratify and confirm all that
      the attorney or substitute or agent or agents appointed by them
      under the powers in that behalf herein before contained shall do
      or purport to do under and/or by virtue of these present.
   8. I agree that this power of attorney having been given in
      consideration of the attorney provided that financial facility. The
      authority hereby conferred shall be irrevocable until the said
      financial facility shall have been fully and completely satisfied and
      the Attorney issues a No liability certificate to this effect.
   9. I confirm that to this I have not issued any Power of Attorney
      which is presently in force, I further undertake that during tire
      effectiveness of this Attorney, I will not any power of attorney or
      take any action and remain bound if any thing goes contrary to
      my above undertaking.
   10.       The powers hereby conferred to the Attorney, may by
      exercised by the Attorney through any of us two officers jointly.

          DAY OF        200

                          Schedule of Property



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