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                                                                  Jackson Residence
                                                                  Karen Butera Inc.


Step 1: planning your layout                                      Basic example 1:
Examine your floor plan to determine where you want your          13ft FLIGHT TRACK
lights to be and how many you need. Using a sheet of grid
paper will help you in defining your system’s shape. Mark         Bill of Materials
the locations on the grid where you want a light with a
circle. Connect all the circles with one continuous line to       part number         description                   qty
designate how your track will flow.
                                                                  225008mc            Track                         2
                                                                  225050mc            End cap                       2
Step 2: layout the track                                          225040mc            Track connector               1
From your drawing, determine the length of track you need.        225010mc            Flush mount support           5
Hand bendable track is available in a 78” length. In between      225030mc            Power feed                    1
each track segment a track connector is required.                 150118              10 gauge cable                15
                                                                  240202mc            2” surface mount canopy
                                                                                      for power feed                1
Step 3: mounting the track                                        T-150/120v          T-transformer, 150W           1
Specify the desired drop from the ceiling you want your
track to be. Ceiling suspensions, ceiling supports and wall
supports are all available options. A mounting element is
required approximately every 3 ft. A simple rule of thumb         Basic example 2:
for straight track runs is to divide the total length of track    26ft CURVED FLIGHT TRACK WITH 4 FIXTURES
by three and add one extra mounting element. Shapes with
irregular angles or closed circuit systems (ring, square, etc.)   Bill of Materials
may require more mounting elements for increased system
balance or for better system symmetry.                            part number         description                   qty

                                                                  225008mc            Track                         4
Step 4: choosing your fixtures                                    225050mc            End cap                       2
Select High-Line specific fixtures can be used on the Flight      225040mc            Track connector               2
track (see pg. 22-116). Uni-plug fixtures require a High-Line     225045mc            Track connector iso           1
adaptor to connect to the track. Specify the lamp and             225020mc            Suspension support            9
wattage for each fixture.                                         150400mc            High-Line calo spot II MR16   4
                                                                  EXZ/FG              MR16 lamp, 50W                4
                                                                  225030mc            Power feed                    2
Step 5: creating circuits and powering the system                 150118              10 gauge cable                30
Flight is a 300W single circuit system; an isolating              240100mc            Power feed cover I            1
connector is required to electrically isolate your track into     T-600/120v          T-transformer, 300W           1
multiple 300W sections. Each 78” track segment includes
39 festoon lamps that draw a total 50W. Add the lamp
wattage of the fixtures together with the festoon lamp totals
to determine the total load requirement of your system;
divide the total by 300 to determine the number of isolators
needed. The isolating connector can replace the use of
the track connector if its placement does not conflict with
the desired placement of fixtures. Each 300W section will
require a power feed, power supply cable, and transformer.

                                                                                                    www.brucklighting.com 201

  The FLIGHT track system is made with pliable aluminum
  so that custom shapes may be created in the field. Bending
  should be done with a template of appropriate radius (fig. 1).
  To avoid kinking the track, radii smaller than 2 ft. should be
  bent on a bending machine either by the installer or the
  manufacturer prior to shipping.                                                              fig. 1

                                                                                fig. 1

                                                                                fig. 1

  CONNECTORS                                        fig. 2a - track connector                     fig. 2b - iso track connector

  End caps must be placed at both ends of the Flight track
  system. The track ends have pre-drilled holes where a
  connector can be installed (fig. 2a). Flight track must be
  isolated when the circuit exceeds 300W. Heat shrink plastic
  insulators are provided to isolate track sections at the
  connection points (fig. 2b).                                                                                                                   heat shrink
                                                                                                                                                 plastic insulator

                                     fig. 2a - track connector                     fig. 2b - iso track connector

                                     fig. 2a - track connector                     fig. 2b - iso track connector

                                                                                                                                  heat shrink
                                                                                                                                  plastic insulator

                                                                                                                                  heat shrink
                                                    horizontal mounts                             vertical mounts                 plastic insulator

  Flight track may be mounted in a variety of vertical or
  horizontal positions. Supports should be spaced
  approximately every three feet along the track.
  Supports must be attached to a firm base (solid backing or
  wood beam) for optimal system strength.
                                     horizontal mounts                             vertical mounts

                                     horizontal mounts                             vertical mounts

                                                                                                            POWER SUPPLY
                                                                   All Connections Must Be Tight and Clean to prevent arcing
                                                                   and overheating; DAMAGE TO THE SYSTEM will result if
                                                                   ignored! Transformer should be mounted no more than 15 ft.
                                                                   from the Flight power feeds for optimal performance*.

                                                                   When turning on the system for the first time, turn off the
                                                                   system after 15 minutes and check ALL track and power
                                                                   connections for any heat. A proper connection will NOT
                                                                   feel significantly higher than body temperature. If
                                                                   connection feels warmer, re-tighten and re-check until
                                                                   remedied. CAUTION - lamps will be hot!
                                                                   *TQ transformers may increase the optimal distance at
                                                                   which transformers can be placed; please see the
                                                                   documentation included with your transformer for details.

                               transformer      power feed cable

                                                          power feed cable


                     power feed set

 heat shrink
 plastic insulator

                               power feed set                                                                        ADAPTOR
                                                                   WARNING! Turn off power prior to any work on the
                                                                   systems. Each 6’ 6” track section draws 50W of power.
                                                                   The festoon lamps are held to the track with two springs. To
                                                                   replace the lamp unhook the festoon from the springs.

                                                                                                       www.brucklighting.com 203
                                MAX SINGLE
  TRACK                  12V   300W CIRCUIT
  requires end caps, consult factory for            TRACK                                     WITH AMBER                                     WITH BLUE                WITH CLEAR
  custom configurations                                                                    SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS                            SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS        SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS
   5 1/8"

   5 1/8"

                                            6’ 6” track section with                       6’ 6” track section with 20 x 1.2W festoon lamps and 19 crystal strands included with track,
                                            39 x 1.2W festoon lamps                        two crystals per strand
     clear lamps                      CL          225001mc                         CL      N    225001mc/A                          CL   N   225001mc/B       CL   N   225001mc/C
     frosted lamps                    FR          225002mc                         FR      N    225002mc/A                          FR   N   225002mc/B       FR   N   225002mc/C
     violet lamps                      VI         225003mc                                                                                                    VI   N   225003mc/C
     blue lamps                       BL          225004mc                                                                          BL   N   225004mc/B       BL   N   225004mc/C
     green lamps                      GR          225005mc                                                                                                    GR   N   225005mc/C
     yellow lamps                     YL          225006mc                         YL      N    225006mc/A                                                    YL   N   225006mc/C
     orange lamps                     OR          225007mc                         OR      N    225007mc/A                                                    OR   N   225007mc/C
     red lamps                        RD          225008mc                                                                                                    RD   N   225008mc/C
     multi-color lamps                        N   225009mc                                                                               N   225009mc/B            N   225009mc/C

                                                                         END CAP
                                                                                                5 1/8"

                                                                                                                                              MC   225050mc


                                                                         CONNECTOR / CONNECTOR ISO
                                                                                                5 1/8"

                                                                                                                                              MC   225040mc         conductive
                                                                                                                                              MC   225045mc         isolator

                                                                         FLUSH MOUNT SUPPORT V/H

                                                                                                                                              MC   225010mc         vertical,1 3/4”
                                                                                                         1 3/4"
                                                                                1 3/4"

                                                                                                                                              MC   225015mc         horizontal, 1 3/4”
                                                                                         5/8"                        5/8"

                                                                         SUSPENSION SUPPORT V/H
                                                                                5/8"                                 11/16"

                                                                                                                                              MC   225020mc         vertical, 40”
                                                                                                          1 13/16"
                                                                       1 3/8"

                                                                                                                                              MC   225025mc         horizontal, 40”



                                                                                   FLIGHT POWER SUPPLY

                      25A    300W CIRCUIT                                         POWER FEED

    225030mc                                       MC

        EXTENSION RING                             4” SURFACE MOUNT CANOPY FOR POWER FEED
                                                                                                                        4 1/2"
        see pg. 225                                          for mounting to standard j-box,
                                                              power feeds and power supply
    240202mc                                       MC
                                                                        cables not included,
                                                            for use with 8 or 10 gauge cable

        EXTENSION RING                                                   POWER FEED COVER I                             4 1/2"
        see pg. 225                         for mounting to standard j-box, may be field cut,
                                                          consult factory for custom lengths,
    240100mc                11”                    MC
                                                                     accommodates 2 sets of

                                                                        power supply cables,
                                                                   power feeds not included

        EXTENSION RING                                             SLOPED CEILING FEED COVER                             4 1/2"

        see pg. 213                           for sloped ceiling mounting to standard j-box,
                                                                           may be field cut,
    240120mc                9 1/4”                  MC
                                                                                                              9 1/4"

                                                                    accommodates 2 sets of
                                                                      power supply cables,

                                                                  power feeds not included

                                                   2” SURFACE MOUNT CANOPY FOR POWER FEED                              1 3/4"

                                                                       with integral 2” j-box,
                                                                   for 8 and 10 gauge cable,
                                                                                                                                  4 1/2"

    240203mc                                       MC
                                                                    power supply cables and
                                                                   power feeds not included
                                                                                                                                  1 5/16"

                                                                                                                       2 1/2"

                                                                         POWER SUPPLY CABLE
                                               tin-plated, transparent insulated power cable

                                                                                                  FLIGHT ADAPTOR
                                                   The High-Line Adaptor II and many High-Line specific fixtures
                                                   with a variable length adaptor may be used on the Flight track

                                                                                     ADAPTOR II
                                                             may be used on track mounted
                                                                  horizontally or vertically
N   150390mc                                       MC
                                                                                3 1/8" - 5 7/8"
                                                                                                     1 3/4"

                                                                                    7 5/8"

                                                                                                                                            www.brucklighting.com 205
                                                                                                                    Calo Spot fixtures shown
                                                                                                                    not included

                 3'            FLIGHT SPIRAL
                               single 300W circuit,
                               includes 6 track sections, suspension mounting, lamps,
                               and power feed, 300W transformer included
                      1' 11"

                                                   FLIGHT SPIRAL                         12V        300W CIRCUIT

                                                   3 ft. diameter minimum,

                                                   consult factory for other diameters
                                                                                               MC    N   225301mc    3 ft. diameter


                                                                                       FLIGHT RING
                                                                                  single 300W circuit,
                                                 includes suspension mounting, lamps, and power feed,
                                                                             transformer not included
                            12V   300W CIRCUIT                           FLIGHT RING
                                                           2 ft. diameter minimum,
                                                 consult factory for other diameters
225090mc   4 ft. diameter                 MC
                                                                                                         5 1/8"

225093mc   6 ft. diameter                 MC

225095mc   8 ft. diameter                 MC                                                                            4' / 6' / 8'

                                                                                                                  www.brucklighting.com 207

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