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					MLK 2001 Questions by Ezequiel Berdichevsky

1. After the invention of movable stamps for dating government documents, he moved on to the
manufacture of "gold" powder for use in paints. His most famous discovery was conceived of
concurrently by William Kelly. It was not until 1877, when Sidney Gilchrist Thomas developed a
lining that removed phosphorus, that it became profitable. FTP identify this Englishman who
discovered that excess oxygen in his furnace removed carbon from the iron pigs allowing for the
mass production of steel.
Answer:          Henry Bessemer

2. In the year 1906 an exhibition of pieces influenced by Gothic era woodcuts, African and Pacific
art was held at the Seifert lamp factory in Dresden. These continued for 7 more years and were
displayed under a name given by one of the group’s founders, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff. Other
members included Erich Heckel, Emil Nolde, and a painter known for dark street scenes of Berlin,
Ernst Kirchner. FTP identify these expressionist artists identified by a term meaning the Bridge in
Answer:          Die Brucke accept “the Bridge” before the end

3. Key battles in this conflict included Riachuelo and the bombardment of Humaitá. When the
Colorado party ousted the Blanco Party in 1864, Francisco Solano Lopez believed the regional
balance of power in the region was threatened. Meanwhile, Bartolo Mitre saw an opportunity to
expand Argentina’s borders and called for united front. FTP identify this war fought between
1865-1870 and named for the composite force that nearly destroyed Paraguay.
Answer:          War of the Triple Alliance

4. Act 4 features a cosmic epithalamium sung by a chorus of Spirits, Earth, and the Moon. In Act
3 the Spirit of the Hour is born from the union between the title character and Asia, who along
with Panthea has released Demogorgon to challenge Jupiter’s power. FTP identify this lyrical
drama published in 1820 that begins with the unchaining of the title figure in the Caucasus Mts.
Answer:           Prometheus Unbound (do not prompt or accept on Prometheus, or Prometheus

5. In addition to a well named Hvergelmir, from whence the river Gjoll springs, this last of the 9
worlds contains the shore Nastrond and a castle facing North, wherein Nidhogg resides and
sucks the blood of the tormented. Its primary ruler is served by Ganglati and is usually presented
as a woman half black and half white. FTP identify this “house of mists” the Norse real of death.
Answer:           Niflheim

6. Divided into 3 subdivisions depending on their light absorption spectra, 30 different types have
been identified and are differentiated by letters and/or numbers. They aid the process of energy
transfer within cells by undergoing reduction and oxidation reactions. FTP identify these cell
components whose most studied member is designated C, which are primarily composed of
Answer:          Cytochromes

7. After an extramarital affair late in his life he began a correspondence with Stefan George on
the nature of eroticism,and published his essay “Religious Rejections of the World and Their
Directions.” Studies on the Religions of the Far East followed an indictment of the Junker
aristocracy in his1895 address at Freiburg. But his greatest work correlated the ideas of Calvin
with economic prosperity. FTP identify this sociologist, author of The Protestant Ethic and the
Spirit of Capitalism.
Answer:           Max Weber

8. Formed during the upper tertiary period, a total of 53 square miles is covered by 22 glaciers
which feed the Kuban river and some of the headwaters of the Terek. The city of Mestiya lies to
the Southeast and sulfurous gases are still emitted on the eastern slopes testifying to its former
life as a volcano. FTP, what is the name of this twin coned mountain the highest peak of the
Caucasus range.
Answer:          Mt. Elbrus

9. Now taking a supposedly temporary break from the job that made him famous, he hasn’t given
up the high life, as evidenced by his new relationship with former Miss Universe Cecilia Bolocco.
The paparazzi can’t get enough of the flamboyant antics of this Syrian-descended Peronist. Now
promising to make another run in 2004, this man, FTP, was succeeded by de la Rúa as
Argentina’s president in 1999.
Answer:           Carlos Menem

10. The performance of his Hecyra initially failed due to the rumor that there was a tightrope
walker and a boxer near by. Promoted for many years by Ambivius Turpio, he was the subject of
slander at the hands of Lucius Lanuvinus who accused him of contaminating his Greek sources in
works like Eunuchus, Andria, and Phormio. FTP identify this Carthaginian born playwright whose
name derives from that of his initial master, the senator Terentius Lucanus.
Answer:          Terence

11. Incorporated as Title I of legislation passed nearly a decade later. The only exceptions to its
provisions were agricultural and domestic workers. Named for a New York senator, a board was
set up that could order elections for union representation, and it prohibited employers from
engaging in unfair labour practices such as the formation of company unions or the passing of
yellow dog contracts. FTP identify this 1935 Act also known as the National Labor Relations Act.
Answer:          Wagner Act

12. Girl, if you will only answer this question, I will tell you such things as: “You are the most
beautiful woman in the world” and “Your skin is like the finest Swiss Chocolate,” as well as other
other romantic things to make you tremble. Remember, my back is strong. After a night of
astronomical love-making I will cook breakfast for you featuring all types of eggs and other
delicacies. There will also be cereal. FTP identify the speaker invoked by these amorous lines, a
regular contributor to The Onion.
Answer:           Smoove B

13. His forays into psychology were focused by his reading of Binet’s “Personality Alterations”.
One of his first volumes of verse, Pasqua di Gea, was dedicated to Jenny Lander, a girl he had
left behind while a student in Bonn. The style of his novels stems from verisimo, as evidenced in
The Merry-Go-Round of Love and The Late Mattia Pascal, but he is best known for a play. FTP,
identify this Italian, who wrote, ”Six Characters In Search of An Author.”

Answer:         Luigi Pirandello

14. Under orders from Lord Bentinck, William Sleeman captured 3100 members in the years
between 1831 and 1837, but the earliest authenticated mention of their existence occurs in the
History of Firuz Shah. Speaking a jargon of their own called Ramasi, the sacrifice of sugar was
employed in special religious rites that celebrated the deployment of a handkerchief or a noose
on their victims. FTP identify this confederacy of professional assassins who worshipped Kali and
roamed India for hundreds of years.
Answer:           Thugs or Thuggee

15. The Hammerwood Lodge design was completed 5 years before he came to the United
States. He would eventually die there as well after losing all his money in a failed waterworks
scheme in New Orleans. After designing the Sedgeley house and the Bank of Pennsylvania in
Philadelphia, he was tapped by Jefferson to oversee the task of completing the US Capitol. FTP
identify this architect most famous for his work in Baltimore, the Basilica of the Assumption of the
Blessed Virgin Mary.
Answer:         Benjamin Henry Latrobe

16. In linear algebra, this operation, which is usually defined for matrices, has a definition for
linear transformations that uses the natural transformation induced on dual spaces. For a
symmetric matrix, it is the identity operation. FTP, name the matrix that results from switching the
rows and columns of a given matrix.
Ans:      transpose

17. It ultimately resulted in the signing of the Treaty of Madrid and may have turned after a hasty
attack by the French left them exposed to a counter attack by 1500 arquebusiers that opened fire
on the rear of the German and Swiss mercenary army. Outnumbered by 5000 men the Constable
of Bourbon and the Marquis de Pescara led their forces to victory over the Valois army led by
Francis I. FTP identify this battle fought on Feb. 24, 1525, a victory for the Hapsburg forces.
Answer:            Battle of Pavia

18. The novel ends with a reconciliation on old Fusilier’s death bed. Through his friend Dr. Keene
and his clerk Raoul, Joseph Frowenfeld becomes acquainted with, and later falls in love with
Clotilde, who along with her recently widowed mother Aurora cannot be with the men they love
due to class issues in New Orleans. FTP identify this 1880 novel featuring a feud between the De
Grapions and the title family the most famous work of George Washington Cable.
Answer:          Les Grandissimes

19. He wrote an exhaustive History of Economic Analysis in 1954, and also wrote a treatise
highlighting the importance of business cycles. For a brief time he served as Austrian minister of
finance, and in 1942 his most widely read work was published wherein he broadcasted the death
of Capitalism. FTP identify this noted economist and author of Capitalism, Socialism, and
Answer:           Joseph A. Schumpeter

20. Through his acquaintance with George Du Maurier he began contributing to the periodical
London Society in 1871and also illustrated Washington Irving's Sketch Book , but he is best
known as the illustrator of books for children including Cowper's John Gilpin, and Oliver
Goldsmith's Elegy on a Mad Dog. FTP identify this namesake artist of an award established by
Frederic Melcher in 1938, annually awarded to the most distinguished picture book for children.
Randolph Caldecott

21. With the help of Frederick Abel he developed an explosive named cordite. His early work
dealt with developing structural formulas for benzene and by 1891 he had constructed a machine
for producing liquid oxygen. With the help of his namesake invention he was later able to liquefy
hydrogen gas and solidify it. FTP identify this Scottish born scientist and namesake of a vessel
with double walls that prevents the transfer of heat from the surroundings.
Answer:          James Dewar

22. Later works include A Man in Question and Antidotes. One of them features a couple that
shares their apartment with a corpse, while The Future is in Eggs is about reproduction. Four of
his longer plays such as The Killer feature the character Berenger, but he is most famed for his
early plays such as Jacques or Obedience and The Lesson. FTP identify this Romanian born
author of Rhinoceros and The Bald Soprano.
Answer:          Eugene Ionesco

23. Noah Webster worked at this man’s law office in Hartford with him. In the case United States
v. Isaac Williams he ruled that a U.S. citizen could not expatriate himself without the consent of
the government. But he is better known as the chief author of the Judiciary act of 1789,
establishing the federal court system, as well as the Connecticut Compromise. FTP identify this
man who between the years 1796-1800 served as the third chief justice of the United States.
Answer:         Oliver Ellsworth

24. Orginating from the word for “handful,” its initial value was a handful of arrows. Once used as
far as Afghanistan, it suffered a decline before being revived in the 19 Century. To keep it in line
with its central parity rate, $139.5 million worth was sold on December 29, 2000, the last day it
was traded internationally. FTP what 2,650 year-old currency, Europe’s oldest, was finally
replaced by the euro in 2001, in Greece.
Answer:           drachma

25. He does not allow the royal smith to install windows in his new palace because he fears
retribution from the dragon of the sea. With his two thunderbolts he dispatched Yam earlier, but
this son of El’s primary confrontation occurs after he copulates 88 times with a cow to gain
strength. FTP identify this deity who defeated the God of Death, Mot, and is known as the
Canaanite God of rain and fertility.
Answer:           Baal

26. Deeply influenced by the music of Maurice Ravel early in his career, works include a cello
concerto composed in 1946 as well as a symphonic suite, Masquerade. His second symphony
was written for the 25th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, while his first celebrated his
national heritage. But his best known compositions remain his ballets including Happiness and
Spartacus. FTP identify this composer of Armenian origin whose ballet Gayane features the
famous “Saber Dance.”
Answer:          Aram Khachaturian


1. Identify the composer from clues 30-20-10:
30: After studying in Naples with Zingarelli he produced two works Adelson e Salvani and Bianca
e Fernando
20: His work began to attract great attention when he hooked up with the librettist Felice Romani
on works such as the Romeo and Juliet inspired I Capuleti e I Montecchi
10: This man is best known for his tale of Amina and Count Rodolfo in La Sonnambula as well his
classic Norma
Answer:           Vincenzo Bellini

2. Identify the following about a monarch FTPE:
1.10: After winning a victory at Ashingdon, he had to struggle against Edmund II Ironside to
ascend the throne of England in 1016.
Answer:           Canute I or “the Great”
2.10:This Archbishop of York served as Canute’s advisor and inspired him to reign as a Christian
Answer:           Wulfstan
3.10:Canute made a pilgrimage to Rome in 1027 to meet with this Holy Roman Emperor and
founder of the Salian dynasty.
Answer:           Conrad II

3. Identify these literary characters who practice medicine FTPE:
1.10:He invites Medbourne, Gascoigne, Killigrew, and the widow Wycherly over to test some
water from the fountain of youth.
 Answer:          Dr. Heidegger
2.10:This man marries Leora Tozer, discovers the “X Principle,” and works at the McGurk
Institute with Max Gottlieb in a 1925 novel.
Answer:           Martin Arrowsmith
3.10:This is the family name of the doctor who refuses to allow his daughter Catherine to marry
Morris Townsend in James’ Washington Square.
Answer:           Sloper
4. Identify the following about an anthropologist FTPE:
1.In Race: Science and Politics. She refuted essentialist ideas, but she is famous for works on
Native Americans such as Tales of the Cochiti Indians and Zuni Mythology.
Answer:           Ruth Benedict
2.Ruth Benedict’s major work is this 1934 study of the titular feature among the Zuñi, Dobu, and
Kwakiutl tribes.
Answer:           Patterns of Culture
3.As a member of the Office of War Information she wrote this 1946 work about two features of
Japanese culture.
Answer:           Chrysanthemum and the Sword

5. Answer the following questions about an African conflict for the stated number of points.
1. 5: For nine years, the United Nations has been pushing for a referendum to decide the fate of
this territory annexed by Morocco and the site of a bloody guerilla war from 1976-1991.
Answer:           Western Sahara
2.5: Before the Moroccan takeover, Western Sahara received its independence from this
European country in 1975.
Answer:           Spain
3.10:This rebel group has been at the forefront of the struggle for Western Saharan sovereignty.
Answer:           Polisario Front
4.10:This is the name of the self-proclaimed republic established by the Polisario forces.
Answer:           Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic or SADR

6. Identify the following chemists from a description FTPE:
1.This Swede was noted for, among other things, his electrochemical theory, the discovery and
isolation of several elements, and coinage of the terms isomerism and catalysis.
Answer:           Jons Jacob Berzelius
2.This man worked with Berzelius and achievements include the development of an aluminum
production process as well as the 1828 synthesis of urea.
Answer:           Friedrich Wohler
3. This lifelong partner of Wohler’s established the first laboratory in which methods of chemical
research were taught systematically, at Giessen.
Answer:           Justus Freiherr von Liebig

7. Identify the following about a certain ruler FTSNOP:
1.After ruling the principality of Fergana and several unsuccessful attempts at taking Samarkand,
he established himself as a power in 1526 when he defeated Ibrahim 50 miles north of Dehli at a
certain site. For ten points each identify this future Mughal emperor and the battle.
 Answers:         Babar (or Babur or Zahir Uddin Muhammad) and the battle of Panipat
2.For a final ten points identify Babar’s son whose victory over Sikandar Sur at Sirhind prepared
the kingdom for the arrival of his own more famous son Akbar.
Answer:           Humayun

8. Identify the following works by Gabriel Garcia Marquez FTPE:
1.Garcia Marquez began his writing career as a journalist and this 1996 work sees him return to
this form as he examines the Colombian drug world.
Answer:            News of a Kidnapping
2. This story first appeared in the magazine Mito in 1958 and relates the tale of an aged war
veteran whose service remains unrecognized by the country for which he fought.
Answer:            No One Writes to the Colonel
3.Cayetano Delaura an intellectual and vigorous priest tries to save Sierva Maria cursed by her
ancestry and the possible rabies that a dog bite has inflicted.
Answer:            Of Love and Other Demons

9. Identify the following countries from whence these beers originate 5-5-10-10:
Answer:          Japan
Answer:          India
3.10:Blue Moon White Ale
Answer:          Belgium
4. 10:Pilsner Urquell
Answer:          Czech Republic

10. Identify the following about a legendary vessel: 5-10-15
1.5: According to one legend its captain, Vanderdecken, utters blasphemous oaths and is
condemned to sail the seas until he has been redeemed.
2.10: This is the maiden whose love saves the captain of The Flying Dutchman in Wagner’s
version of the story.
3.15: Sir Walter Scott adapted the tale into this 1813 narrative poem featuring a mutiny and other

11. Identify the following terms from biology FTPE:
1.10: Also known as the Sewall Wright effect it can occur only in small, isolated populations
where the gene pool is small enough that chance events can change its makeup.
Answer:           genetic drift
2.10: Intensively studied in birds by Konrad Lorenz it is a form of learning in which a very young
animal fixes its attention on the first object and thereafter follows that object.
Answer:           Imprinting
3.10: a theoretical model of evolution in which species remain unchanged for long periods of time
and then at times rapidly change as a result of major alterations in the environment.
Answer:           Punctuated equilibrium

12. 30 20 10 Identify the philosopher from works
30: The History of the Reign of King Henry the Seventh, Edification of the Church of England
20: Essays or Councils Moral and Civil, Certain Considerations Touching the Better Pacification
10: Novum Organum, Advancement of Learning
Answer:         Francis Bacon

13. Identify the following about a historical figure FTPE:
1.Born in what is now Belarus, he became a national hero for his exploits at the battle of
Dubienka and his subsequent struggles against the armies of Catherine II in the 1790s.
Answer:           Thaddeus Kosciuszko
2.With his love for Ludwika in the air, Kosciuszko left Poland early in his military career and
served under this man in North Carolina during the Revolutionary War.
Answer:           Nathanel Greene
3.Taken prisoner at the battle of Maciejowice, he was soon released by this son of Catherine and
emperor in 1796.
Answer:           Paul I

14. Identify the following about a certain nation 5-5-10-10
1.This country the home of novelist Jan Carew is bordered by Venezuela to the west, Brazil to the
southwest and south, and Suriname to the east. Name it for 5.
Answer:           Guyana
2. For an additional 5 points name the capital of Guyana:
Answer:           Georgetown
3. Georgetown is the country’s most populous city and its main port and lies on the mouth of this
Answer:           Demerara River
4. Lying along the Berbice River is this city formerly the seat of the Dutch Colonial Government
which is now a major manufacturing center.
Answer:          New Amsterdam

15. Answer the following about a novel published in 1946 FTSNOP:
1.Tiny Duffy, a fat yes man, and Sadie Burke, his secretary and subsequent mistress, help Willie
Stark rise to power in this novel. Name it for 10.
Answer:          All the King’s Men
2.What author of Night Rider and Band of Angels wrote All the King’s Men, for 5.
Answer:          Robert Penn Warren
3.When Jack Burden goes home to pick up dirt on Judge Irwin, he meets his first love, whose
brother Adam eventually kills Stark. Name her for 15 points.
Asnwer:          Anne (prompt on Stanton)

16. Identify these psychologists from a description FTPE:
1.After undergoing analysis in Budapest with Ferenczishe began to study kids at play, developing
an object-relations view of psychoanalysis in works such as Envy and Gratitude and The
Psychoanalysis of Children.
Answer:          Melanie Klein
2.Born with the name Rosenfeld this man developed his key ideas in the 1907 essay “The Artist”
and his 1924 magnum opus The Trauma of Birth.
Answer:          Otto Rank
3.Repression was the key issue affecting children according to this theorist whose works include
War and Children with Burlingham, and The Ego and the Mechanisms of Defense.
Answer:          Anna Freud

17. Answer the following questions about a former Soviet republic for ten points each.
 1.Amnesty International reported that December 23, 2000 saw the release of Nurberdi
Nurmamedov, one of the few opposition leaders still remaining in this country whose capital lies
at Ashgabat
Answer:         Turkmenistan
2.Nurmamedov is still under police surveillance even after he was pardoned by this man,
Turkemenistan’s president and object of Nurmamedov’s criticism.
Answer:                 Saparmyat Niyazov
3.More authoritarian than other new republics in Central Asia, Turkmenistan is governed by this
unicameral legislature.
Answer:         Majil

18. Identify these scientists important in the discovery of nuclear fission FTPE:
1.After studying with Ramsay he teamed up with his partner to isolate protactinium-231, but this
1944 nobel prize winner is most famous for his discovery of nuclear fission.
Answer:          Otto Hahn
2.This man’s mastery of analytic chemistry contributed to Hahn’s recognition of the lighter
elements produced from neutron bombardment, the result of the splitting of the uranium atom.
Answer:          Fritz Strassmann
3. Along with her nephew Otto Frisch, she elucidated the physical characteristics of this division
and in January 1939 proposed the term fission for the process.
Answer:          Lise Meitner

19. Identify the following about a film maker FTPE:
1.He played a small part, directing himself in The White Sheik. He also played a significant part in
the making of Open City with Roberto Rossellini.
Answer:           Frederico Fellini
2.This 1954 Fellini film tells the story of two wandering, scruffy mountebanks, and starred his wife
Giulietta Masina, it won the Oscar for best foreign film two years later.
Answer:         La Strada
3. This famed 1963 film features Guido Anselmi, an Italian director who has lost all inspiration for
his upcoming movie.
Answer:         8 1/2

20. Identify these poems by Robert Browning from lines FTPE:
1.You need not clap your torches to my face/ Zooks, what’s to blame? You think you see a monk.
Asnwer:          Fra Lippo Lippi
2.Here you come with your old music, and here’s all the good it brings/ What, they lived once thus
at Venice where the merchants were the Kings
Answer:          A Toccata of Galuppi’s
3.A thing to do, and all her hair/ In one long yellow string I wound/ Three times her little throat
Answer:          Porphyria’s Lover

21. Identify the following about the Independence of Haiti FTPE:
1.10: After death of L’Ouverture two men took control of the island in quick succession name the
first of these who crowned himself Emperor Jacques I in October 1804.
Answer:           Jean-Jacques Dessalines
2.10: The second of these men who took control in 1806 built a spectacular palace, Sans Souci,
but with mutinous soldiers almost at his door, committed suicide in 1820.
Answer:           Henri Christophe
3.10: During his term as president this man unified the country after the deaths of Dessalines and
Christophe, invaded Santo Domingo, and got France to recognize Haiti as an independent nation
in 1825.
Answer:           Jean-Pierre Boyer

22. Identify these similar sounding mathematical terms FTP each.
1..A function between groups that preserves the group operations.
Ans:     homomorphism
2.A map which specifies a continuous deformation of one continous function into another.
Ans:     homotopy
3.A bijective map between topological spaces which is continuous and has continuous inverse.
Ans:     homeomorphism

23. Identify the following about sponges FTPE:
1. What phylum do these animals belong to?
Answer:           porifera
2.These cells serve as the “skin” of poriferans and line the exterior of the body wall.
Answer:           Pinacocytes
3.Lastly, these are the most distinct of the cells composing the sponge organism and are
responsible for the pumping of water and absorption of nutrients by the organism.
Answer:           Choanocytes

24. Answer the following about American Economic history:
1.In 1895 this case between a Massachusetts farmer and a company made it to the Supreme
Court where they voided portions of a tariff passed just one year earlier thus declaring the federal
income tax unconstitutional. Name it for 15 points.
Answer:            Pollock vs. Farmer’s Loan and Trust
2. Now for 10 points identify the 1894 act, named for two men, that had provided for a tax of 2%
on any income over 4000 dollars.
Answer:            Wilson-Gorman Tariff Act
3. Finally, for 5, identify the amendment passed in 1913 that gave Congress the power to collect
personal income tax.
Answer:            16 amendment

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