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Implementation Program                                      September 2005

The Downtown Lincoln Master Plan
hjdgegfelong-term blueprint for
provides a
improving community livability and
strengthening downtown Lincoln. The
implementation plan prescribes a
realistic and timely strategy for positive
It is important to seize the opportunity
to honor the tremendous commitment,
time and energy that citizens, business
people and agency staff have devoted to
the creation of this plan.
This implementation strategy is
founded on the principle that public
and private dollars must be spent over
time to spark widespread and
sustainable reinvestment in the

                                             10th and Lincoln Mall Streetscape

Lincoln Downtown Master Plan
Implementation Program                                                         September 2005

Downtown Potential
ERA Projections                       Development Capacity
A long-term market analysis for       A capacity analysis indicates that the
downtown Lincoln prepared by          ERA projections can be accommodated
Economics Research Associates (ERA)   in the downtown. A long-term capacity
indicated the following additional    analysis indicates that total
demand for space over the next 20     development in the downtown could
years.                                reach the levels shown below.

  Office:      2,200,000 SF             Office:     4,900,000 SF
  Retail:        600,000 SF             Retail:       900,000 SF
  Residential:     2,000 units          Residential:     2,800 units
  Hotel:           1,000 rooms          Hotel:Sites to be determined


                                                                               Capacity Diagram

Lincoln Downtown Master Plan
Implementation Program                                                                               September 2005

Catalyst Projects
Catalyst projects have the ability to:    Priority Catalyst Projects
hjdgegfe new downtown
  Stimulate                               The highest priority must be given to
  development and private investment.     projects that have the potential to
  Maintain and strengthen existing        revitalize the downtown investment
  development.                            environment. These projects are listed
  Draw significant numbers of people      below:
  to the downtown.                        A. Civic Square
  Improve the quality of life for         B. Parking/Mixed-Use
  downtown Lincoln residents.                        Square Office
                                          C. Civic Square Office
                                          (A, B, and C are a coordinated public/
These projects consist of strategically
                                          private civic square development)
located streetscape improvements,
                                          D. P Street Infill Development -
mixed-use parking structures, existing
                                              YMCA,Wells Fargo, Runza Building
building rehab/renovation and civic
                                          E. Arbor Day Foundation Mixed
                                          F. K Street Power Station Complex -
                                              High Density Residential
                                          (NOTE: K Street Power Station
                                          Complex is not visible on the plan
                                          below. It is located at the northwest
                                          corner of K and 9th Streets.)
                                          G. West Haymarket
                                          (NOTE: West Haymarket is not visible
                                          on the plan below. It is located on the
                                          west edge of the Haymarket Landmark






                                             E                     C       A                   D

                          D                                         D


                                                                                               Priority Catalyst Projects

Lincoln Downtown Master Plan
Implementation Program                                               September 2005

Civic Square Development
With a coordinated approach in
dealing with these outdated properties,
their development potential could be
maximized. Creation of a new public
square and adjacent mixed-use
development will require a coordinated
effort by the City of Lincoln,
Downtown Lincoln Association,
property owners, and business owners.
Benefits of developing this project
   Establishment of early momentum –
   a signal that the public is dedicated
   to implementing the Downtown
   Master Plan.                            Redevelopment of Douglas 3 and Twin Cinemas
   Integrating successful retail
   establishments such as Chipotle and
   Coldstone into the design concept.
   Redevelopment of underutilized
   Strategically locating a new parking
   structure to effectively serve retail
   and office employees.
    Providing new ground floor retail
   and restaurant space to activate 13th
   Street along the square and P Street.
   New office development – addition
   of a significant amount of new Class
   A tenant space.
   Possible new hotel and residential
   development – new residents will
   animate downtown and provide
   existing businesses new customers.                            Integrated Into Square

                                                      Redevelopment of Starship Theater

Lincoln Downtown Master Plan
Implementation Program                                                   September 2005

 A Civic Square

                                                     13th St.
Design of the square would include the
  Special brick or concrete pavers                        60’
  Curbless design to expand the usable            Square Area
  space and perceived visual
  dimensions of the assembly area.
  Possible expansion of the primary

  assembly area for special events by                  Assembly
  temporary closure to auto traffic on                 Area

  the adjacent half-block of 13th         P St.           170’
  Visual and pedestrian linkages north-
  south from O Street to the P Street             Square Area
  retail core and beyond to the UNL
  Possible office parking to be
  provided below-grade at the square.

                                                                             Civic Square

                                                                             Civic Square

Lincoln Downtown Master Plan
Implementation Program                                                                        September 2005

  B Parking/Mixed Use
This parking/mixed use project could
                                                      Q St.

                                          12th St.

                                                                                                        14th St.
                                                                         13th St.
  Public parking structure for 400 cars
  15,000 SF of new retail
  80 residential units or hotel                                     X                                   X
  100 residential parking spaces

                                                      P St.

                                                     O St.

                                                                                              Parking/Mixed Use

                                                              Residential Units
                                                                   or Hotel

              Residential Parking
                                                                                          Public Parking

                                                                                    Section X - X - Looking North

Lincoln Downtown Master Plan
Implementation Program                                                                        September 2005

  C Civic Square Office

                                                                  13th St.
This Civic Square office project would
  100,000 SF of new office
  5,000 SF of new retail
  Office parking for 180 cars

                                                         Y                                Y

                                                      P St.

                                                                                              Civic Square Office

                      New Office         New Retail                                  Residential

                                                                             New Retail

  Office Parking

                                                                                     Section Y - Y - Looking North

Lincoln Downtown Master Plan
Implementation Program                                                                                          September 2005

  D P Street Infill Development            YMCA Building – Ground-floor reuse
hjdgegfe                                   of this historic building can provide
P Street should be the center for retail   opportunities for new local, specialty
activity in the downtown. A pedestrian     or similar retail uses.
friendly connection between Civic          Wells-Fargo Lobby Renovation
Square and the Haymarket is essential.     Renovation and reuse of the
P Street Infill Development                underutilized northern portion of
Renovation or redevelopment of             this space could be sensitively
strategically located buildings can        adapted for upscale retailers. Home
strengthen the retail “fabric” along P     furnishing uses such as Crate &
Street. These projects would include:      Barrel or Williams-Sonoma would be
   Runza Building – Located at the         appropriate here.
   eastern end of the primary retail
   street, redevelopment of the ground
   floor should include a pedestrian-
   friendly corner entry and storefront
   improvements that activate the street







                        D                                         D
                     YMCA                                        Wells

                                                                                           Existing/Renovated Retail


                                                                         P Street Demonstration Project and Infill Development

Lincoln Downtown Master Plan
Implementation Program                                                   September 2005

  E Arbor Day Foundation Building
A mixed-use office and retail
renovation and expansion of the Arbor
Day Foundation offices includes:
 Existing office renovation and
 Ground floor retail development of
 former Plaza Four theater
 Green roof development serving as a
                                                            Arbor Day Foundation Building
 model for sustainable practices for
 other reuse, renovation, or new
 construction projects in downtown.








                                                                 Priority Catalyst Project - E

Lincoln Downtown Master Plan
Implementation Program                                                       September 2005

  F K Street Power Station Complex
A high-density residential development
project for the K Street Power Station
Complex provides an opportunity for
establishing market-rate housing in
South Haymarket. The reuse of this
records storage facility would include:
  Relocation of storage facility to a site
  that meets city, county and state
  agencies’ siting and building needs.
  70 condominium units.

                                                                 K Street Power Station Complex






                                                                     Priority Catalyst Project - F

Lincoln Downtown Master Plan
Implementation Program                                                   September 2005

  G West Haymarket
Redevelopment of the Burlington
Northern Santa Fe railyards and
existing post office site will be a catalyst
for new development in Haymarket
and the P Street corridor. New
development should be compatible
with and complement the Haymarket
District in terms of form and materials.

                             Arena Parking

                        New Arterial Road

               12,000-18,000 Seat Arena
                                                          8th Street

                      Headquarters Hotel

                      New Amtrak Station

                   Public Parking Garage

                                                   Harris Overpass

                                                                       West Haymarket Plan

Lincoln Downtown Master Plan
Implementation Program                                                                                      September 2005

Implementation of this plan will             advancing the evolution of downtown.       Other Implementors
require focused, aggressive efforts by       DLA has become one of the most              Local and National Foundations.
the public and private sectors over the      dynamic downtown organizations for          Lincoln Electric System.
coming years. For this plan to be            any mid-sized American city, a role that    Other Governmental Entities.
successful, a comprehensive, consistent      must be supported and continued into
and coordinated effort will be               the future.
necessary.                                     Provides an education curriculum for
                                               downtown businesses in the areas of
Managing Implementation                        advertising, customer service,
The key entities below will be                 marketing and visual merchandising.
responsible for the following:
                                               Provides information on available
City of Lincoln                                small business loan and grant
  Needs to develop an                          programs.
  interdepartmental implementation             Develops information on the
  team to coordinate public sector             downtown area, including specific
  efforts.                                     information on retail buildings and
  Develops and implements Urban                spaces.
  Redevelopment activities, such as            Creates an effective leasing brochure
  attracting developers, assisting in site     for the downtown.
  assembly, and reviewing and                  Participates in retail and office
  approving development plans.                 recruitment outreach and marketing
  Constructs public infrastructure and         programs.
                                               Explore the development of a
  Provides public parking in the               Community Development
  downtown to relieve existing                 Corporation (CDC) to assist in the
  demand or as an incentive to induce          redevelopment process.
  private development.
  Administers loan and grant programs        University of Nebraska - Lincoln
  contributing to downtown                     Participates in a joint design plan
  revitalization.                              study for the Promenade along R
  Participates in retail recruitment,          Street.
  outreach and marketing programs.             Participates in a study for Downtown
                                               Arena in West Haymarket.
Downtown Lincoln Association in                Participates in 12th Street Arts
partnership with Lincoln Chamber               Corridor Design and Development.
   Commerce/Lincoln Partnership
of Commerce/Lincoln Partnership for
                                             Property Owners and Business
Economic Development
The Downtown Lincoln Association
                                               Focus on building renovations and
(DLA) will be downtown’ independent
                                               tenant upgrades by taking advantage
and self-sustaining champion,
                                               of available loan and grant programs.
providing leadership for private sector
interests and strengthening its ongoing        Continue to support the
public/private partnership with the            implementation of the Downtown
City of Lincoln. Similar to other              Master Plan.
successful downtowns in the nation,            Provide the information required to
the DLA provides comprehensive                 create an effective leasing brochure
marketing, maintenance and                     for the downtown.
management services focused solely on          Participate in retail and office
                                               recruitment outreach and marketing

Lincoln Downtown Master Plan
Implementation Program                                                                 September 2005

Policies, Regulations and Guidelines
The City of Lincoln will be responsible      This process may involve a new
hjdgegfe out any relevant changes to
for carrying                                 committee or may incorporate the
policies, regulations and community          range of existing review bodies such as
guidelines.                                  the Urban Design Committee, the
                                             Capitol Environs Commission, and
Master plan recommendations                  Historic Preservation Commission.
generally comply with existing plans,        The new committee could provide
policies and regulations. Where              recommendations to the Planning
recommendations do not comply,               Commission and City Council, using
changes to the existing policies and         the Design Guidelines as an exclusive
regulations will be made to be               evaluation tool. Thresholds are
consistent with the Master Plan.             described within the Design
Plan Adoption                                Guidelines.
The Downtown Master Plan should be           Public Area Requirements
adopted as a subarea plan, or other          Design standards and details should be
policy-guiding city plan. It should be       codified for the entire downtown to
incorporated into the City-County            ensure unified and consistent
Comprehensive Plan.                          development of streets, sidewalks,
Development Review                           intersections and public spaces. While
                                             these standards must address roadway
To ensure that the policies of the
                                             safety requirements for automobiles
Downtown Master Plan are
                                             and trucks, they should be developed
implemented as envisioned by the
                                             with an emphasis on the pedestrian
community, additional updates or
                                             and bicycle.
creation of new regulatory and
discretionary review documents are
needed. These include:
  Development and adoption of
  essential design standards and
  permitted uses. These should be
  highly graphic maps that describe
  street edge conditions and ground
  floor uses for only those critical areas
  in the downtown where the form of
  development must be very
  The Design Guidelines and the
  Design Review Process should be
  adopted as the primary tool for
  review of downtown buildings and
  public areas. A new structured
  process and review committee
  should be determined.

Lincoln Downtown Master Plan
Implementation Program                                                                                          September 2005

Possible Funding Sources
Downtown revitalization is a multi-year      Community Development Block                 leveraged debt program to focus
task, and success is enhanced by a           Grants (CDBG)                               incentives in a “self-funded” project
multi-year commitment of funding             Federally-funded through the                area. For instance, in Portland, Oregon,
and incentive programs. There are            Department of Housing and Urban             a non-profit organization, Portland
many financing tools which will be           Development this grant program              Streetcar, Inc. formed to construct and
available to downtown Lincoln to             primarily has targeted affordable           operate the downtown streetcar; it was
implement the projects identified in the     housing. It is one of the oldest            funded in large part by designating
Downtown Lincoln Master Plan. Some           economic development tools, but its         adjacent properties to an “assessment
of these are described below.                use is diminishing because of recent        district” to contribute funds.
                                             funding cuts by the Bush
Tax Increment Financing (TIF)                                                            Downtown Development
This tool is primarily designed to                                                       Incentives Fund
finance public costs associated with a       New Market Tax Credit Program               Philanthropic support providing a
private development project. In              (NMTC)                                      significant amount of funds over a
Nebraska it was first instituted as          This recent federal program is intended     sufficiently long period of time to
“Community Improvement Financing”            to attract private-sector investment into   capitalize financing for private
in 1978, and has been used with much         qualifying low-income communities to        investment through such means as:
success in Lincoln. In the consultant        help finance community development
team’s experience, it is the most                                                          Revolving loan fund offering interest
                                             projects, stimulate economic
effective tool in revitalizing downtowns                                                   rate write downs .
                                             opportunity and create jobs. The
nationwide.                                  program offers federal tax credits for        Matching funds for contributions to
                                             making private investments in qualified       downtown projects.
Where it has been successful, TIF                                                          Direct                targeted
                                                                                           Direct incentives for targeted
                                             Community Development Entities
programs have designated an urban                                                          retailers - would provide a
redevelopment area or “district” in                                                        “negotiation fund” for target retailers
which the taxes are set at a baseline        These entities are formed specifically to     or categories.
amount above which any future tax            receive and administer the funds. For
increases (generated in the district) are    instance, in Portland, the Portland         Low-Income Housing Tax Credits
used to support project                      Family of Funds was created. Acting         (LIHTC)
implementation.                              essentially as a bank, it has helped        Federal tax credits program created in
                                             finance such downtown projects as the       1986 under Section 42 of the IRS code
Typically, tax increment bonds are sold
                                             reuse of the historic Armory Building       to encourage the development of
against the anticipated flow of this
                                             into a regional theater complex, and        affordable multifamily rental housing.
future tax “increment” – the portion
                                             the renovation of the historic Telegram     For example, in April 2005, a Racine,
above the set baseline that is generated
                                             Building.                                   Wisconsin downtown housing
in the “TIF District.”
                                                                                         development project identified in the
                                             Since 2003 approximately $6 billion in
Business Improvement Districts                                                           recent Racine downtown master plan
                                             federal tax credits have been awarded       was awarded $7.5 million of these
Downtown Lincoln benefits from               to some 60 organizations nationwide.        “section 42” tax credits, through the
business improvement districts that
                                             Transportation Enhancements                 state’s Housing and Economic
provide reliable and consistent funding
                                             Act (TEA-21)                                Development Authority.
for downtown marketing, maintenance
and management activities. The               A federal transportation program which      Federal Rehabilitation Tax
continuation of the BIDs is critical to      has been creatively used to construct       Credits for Certified Historic
the ongoing success of the downtown.         transportation projects; for instance,      Structures
It is the policy of the City of Lincoln to   may be applicable to Amtrak facilities      Federal program in which a portion of
support the continuation of Downtown         and West Haymarket area                     the renovation investment in an
Lincoln’s BIDs as an integral long-term      improvements in Lincoln.                    historic building is credited back
implementation tool for the Lincoln
                                             Special Assessment/Taxing                   against federal income taxes, in
Downtown Master Plan.
                                             Districts                                   exchange for certain federal
                                                                                         (Department of Interior) renovation
                                             Like TIF programs, a privately-oriented
                                                                                         standards being followed.

Lincoln Downtown Master Plan
Implementation Program                                                              September 2005

Other Lincoln Incentive Funding              designation offering enhanced
Types                                        incentives for firms locating within
Another method that may be available         certain boundaries; includes a 16
to Lincoln for implementation of             square mile area in Omaha.
projects is to structure a range of public   Lodging Tax.
and private incentives for downtown          General Funds.
retail development. These “indirect          Sales Tax Increment.
funding” mechanisms might typically          Historic Preservation Tax Deferral
include:                                     Program (State of Nebraska)
  Granting bonus densities under             Community Development Tax.
  the zoning code in exchange for
  provision of a public amenity.
  Provision         uctured
  Provision of structured parking
  Special permitting for uses such as
  sidewalk cafes to animate street life.
  Allowing sponsorships of public
  space programming to encourage
  pedestrian activity.
  Below-market-rate land sales or
  ground leases.
  Below-market-rate public bond
  financing to reduce the cost of
  capital for designated development
Local, State, and Federal
Funding Types
There are other common financing
tools used nationwide and/or in
Lincoln which should be considered as
well, and their use either continued or
expanded. These others include:
  State Highway Funds.
  Commercial Facade Grant Program.
  County or City Economic
  Development Corporation.
  Initiative for Renewal Communities
  and Empowerment Zones - a federal
  program (through HUD) which
  designates special investment areas
  nationally; currently Lincoln is not
  designated, however.
  Enterprise Zones - State of Nebraska

Lincoln Downtown Master Plan